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2015  Aerodynamic Interference Issues in Aircraft Directional Control

2015  Aerodynamic Stabilization Mechanism of a Twin Box Girder with Various Slot Widths

2015  Analysis of Multimode Coupled Buffeting Response of Long-Span Bridges to Nonstationary Winds with Force Parameters from Stationary Wind

2015  Effects of Overfire Air Ratio on the Aerodynamic Flow Fields of a 350-Megawatt Supercritical Boiler Incorporating Multi-Injection and Multistage Combustion Technology

2015  Flutter of Maneuvering Aircraft

2015  Modeling and Approximation of STOL Aircraft Longitudinal Aerodynamic Characteristics

2015  Numerical Simulation of the Orion CEV Reentry Vehicle

2015  Robust Adaptive Approximate Backstepping Control Design for a Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle

2014  Aerodynamic Damping and Seismic Response of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Towers

2014  Bullet Turning at Trajectory Apex

2014  Comparisons of Two Wind Tunnel Pressure Databases and Partial Validation against Full-Scale Measurements

2014  Conceptual Study on Control-Integrated Design Based on Multidisciplinary Tradeoff Needs for Morphing Waveriders

2014  Effect of Fuel Sloshing in the External Tank on the Flutter of Subsonic Wings

2014  Exact Enforcement of the Causality Condition on the Aerodynamic Impulse Response Function Using a Truncated Fourier Series

2014  Influence of Solid Area Distribution on the Drag of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Frame

2014  Investigation of the Aerodynamic Analysis of Super Long-Span Bridges by Using ERA-Based Reduced-Order Models

2014  Misconceptions and Generalizations of the Den Hartog Galloping Criterion

2014  New Unified Approach for Aeroelastic Analyses Using Approximate Transfer Functions of Aerodynamic Forces

2014  Nonlinear Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Analysis of Bridges: Frequency Domain Approach

2014  Position Estimation for Projectiles Using Low-Cost Sensors and Flight Dynamics

2014  Revisiting Convolution Scheme in Bridge Aerodynamics: Comparison of Step and Impulse Response Functions

2014  Stability of Flexible Orthotropic Rectangular Plates in Supersonic Flow: Amplitude-Speed Dependency in Precritical and Postcritical Flight Conditions

2014  Static Stall Model in Aeroelastic Analysis of a Flexible Wing with Geometrical Nonlinearity

2014  Three-Degree-of-Freedom Coupled Numerical Technique for Extracting 18 Aerodynamic Derivatives of Bridge Decks

2014  Unified Analysis of Internal Flowfield in an Integrated Rocket Ramjet Engine. I: Transition from Rocket Booster to Ramjet Sustainer

2014  Unified Analysis of Internal Flowfield in an Integrated Rocket Ramjet Engine. II: Ramjet Sustainer

2013  Aerodynamic Loads on Solar Panels

2013  Aerodynamic Mitigation of Roof and Wall Corner Suctions Using Simple Architectural Elements

2013  Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity of Cable-Supported Bridges: Identification of Nonlinear Features

2013  Efficient Approach for Reliability Assessments on Aeroinstability of Long-Span Bridges

2013  Influence Analysis of Crosswind on Handling Stability of Tractor Semi-Trailer in Double Lane Change Situation

2013  Numerically Simulating the Aerodynamic Interference Effect of Mean Aerodynamic Force Coefficients on Configurations of Bluff Bodies in Tandem

2013  Parameter Estimation from Flight Data of Hansa-3 Aircraft Using Quasi-Steady Stall Modeling

2013  Reducing Impact of Wind on Tall Buildings through Design and Aerodynamic Modifications (Architectural and Structural Concepts to Mitigate Wind Effect on Tall Buildings)

2013  Simplified Reference Evapotranspiration Formula Using an Empirical Impact Factor for Penman’s Aerodynamic Term

2013  Simulation of the Influence of Aspect Ratio on the Aerodynamics of Rectangular Prisms

2013  Wind Tunnel Study of a Sudden Change of Train Wind Loads due to the Wind Shielding Effects of Bridge Towers and Passing Trains

2013  Wind-Induced Internal Pressures of Buildings with Multiple Openings

2013  Wind-Loading Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2012  Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Swept Wing in Close Ground Proximity at High Subsonic Mach Numbers

2012  Aerodynamic Design and Characterization of a Quad Tilt-Wing UAV via Wind Tunnel Tests

2012  Boundary-Layer Flow Effects on Aerodynamic Performance of Forward-Swept Wings

2012  The Design of Cruciform Test Specimens for Planar Biaxial Testing of Fabrics for Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators

2012  Determination of 18 Flutter Derivatives of Bridge Decks by an Improved Stochastic Search Algorithm

2012  Evaluation of Impulse Response Functions for Convolution Integrals of Aerodynamic Forces by Optimization with a Penalty Function

2012  Heave-Pitch Motions of a Platform Flying in Extreme Ground Effect

2012  Influence of Geometric Coupling on the Whirl Flutter Stability in Tiltrotor Aircraft with Unsteady Aerodynamics

2012  Performance Analysis of a Flapping-Wing Vehicle Based on Experimental Aerodynamic Data

2012  Reduced-Order Modeling of Three-Dimensional External Aerodynamic Flows

2012  Sensitivity Analysis of the Eigenvalue Problem for General Dynamic Systems with Application to Bridge Deck Flutter

2012  Shape and Topology Sculpting of Tall Buildings under Aerodynamic Loads

2012  Shear Effects on Flow past a Square Cylinder at Moderate Reynolds Numbers

2012  Structures Subjected to Low-Level Blast Loads: Analysis of Aerodynamic Damping and Fluid-Structure Interaction

2012  Unsteady Wake Characteristics of a Flapping Wing through 3D TR-PIV

2012  Wind Issues in the Design of Buildings

2012  Wind Tunnel Model Studies of Aerodynamic Lifting of Roof Pavers

2011  Adaptive Control of Aircraft Wing Flutter by Stress-Induced Stiffness Modification

2011  Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains under Complex Terrains in Strong Wind Regions

2011  Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains with Wind Fence

2011  Aerodynamic Stability Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Orthotropic Membrane Structure with Hyperbolic Paraboloid

2011  Aerodynamics Effect of Train Passing through Subway Station with Ventilation Shaft

2011  Improvement of the Parameterized Identification Model Using Quasi-Steady and Nonuniform Inflow Aerodynamic Model

2011  Indicial Functions for Bridge Aeroelastic Forces and Time-Domain Flutter Analysis

2011  New Center Will Study the Effects of Wind on Structures

2011  New Structure for an Aerodynamic Fin Control System for Tail Fin-Controlled STT Missiles

2011  Numerical Computation of Aerodynamic Noise Reduction by Using Ultra-Light Porous Metals

2011  Testing of Residential Homes under Wind Loads

2011  Triaxial Load Testing of Metal and FRP Roof-to-Wall Connectors

2011  Urban Aerodynamics, Wind Engineering for Urban Planners and Designers

2011  The Use of Aerodynamic and Wind Climatological Databases for High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structure Design

2011  Wind Tunnel Test of Aerodynamic Optimization Measures for Flutter Stability of Super Long-span Bridge with Truss Girder

2010  3-D Aerodynamic Analysis of Long-Span Bridge Deck Sections Using DES and Block-Iterative Coupling

2010  Aerodynamic Characteristics of Tall Building Models with Various Unconventional Configurations

2010  Aerodynamic Damping in the Along-Wind Response of Tall Buildings

2010  Aerodynamic Effects Caused by Trains Entering Tunnels

2010  Analysis of Wind-Induced Clip Loads on Standing Seam Metal Roofs

2010  Coherent Structure of Surface Pressures on 2-D Rectangular Cylinders in Turbulent Flow

2010  Effects of a Construction Tower Crane on the Wind Loading of a High-Rise Building

2010  Estimation of Probabilistic Extreme Wind Load Effects: Combination of Aerodynamic and Wind Climate Data

2010  Flutter of a Swept Aircraft Wing with a Powered Engine

2010  Horizontal Wind Loads on Open-Frame, Low-Rise Buildings

2010  Low-Dimensional Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Modeling as a Fast Approach of Aerodynamic Data Estimation

2010  Planform and Flexibility on Lift Characteristics for Flow over Low-Aspect Ratio Wings

2010  Stability Characteristics for Transport Aircraft Response to Clear-Air Turbulence

2010  Surface Aerodynamic Temperature Derived from Wind/Temperature Profile Measurements over Cotton and Alfalfa in a Semi-Arid Environment

2010  Time-Domain Model for Predicting Aerodynamic Loads on a Slender Support Structure for Fatigue Design

2010  Tornado-Induced Wind Loads on a Low-Rise Building

2010  Wind Effects on Low-Rise Metal Buildings: Database-Assisted Design versus ASCE 7-05 Standard Estimates

2009  Aerodynamic Characteristics of Evacuated Tube High-Speed Train

2009  Aerodynamic Forces Acting on High-Speed Train inside Tunnels

2009  Anatomy of Turbulence Effects on the Aerodynamics of an Oscillating Prism

2009  Design of a Static Thruster for Microair Vehicle Rotorcraft

2009  Effects of Structural and Aerodynamic Couplings on the Dynamic Response of Tall Twin Buildings with a Skybridge

2009  Evaluation of Quasi-Steady Theory Applied to Windborne Flat Plates in Uniform Flow

2009  Membrane Micro Air Vehicles with Adaptive Aerodynamic Twist: Numerical Modeling

2009  Oscillation Susceptibility Analysis along the Path of the Longitudinal Flight Equilibriums in ADMIRE Model

2008  e-Analysis of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

2008  Relevance of Eighteen Flutter Derivatives in Wind Response of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge

2008  Wind-Induced Internal Pressures in Houses

2007  Continuum Aeroelastic Model for Inviscid Subsonic Bending-Torsion Wing Flutter