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2015  Defining Influent Scenarios: Application of Cluster Analysis to a Water Reclamation Plant

2014  Decreasing Excess Biomass from Municipal Wastewater Using an Artificial Food Web System

2014  Study of HRT, CRT, and Biomass Renovation in Fungal Sequencing Batch Aerobic Reactor for Decolorization of Distillery Spentwash

2013  Aerobic Granulation in a Sequencing Batch Reactor Using Real Domestic Wastewater

2013  Case Study of Controlled Air Addition into Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste: Design, Operation, and Control

2013  Semicontinuous Operation of One-Stage Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge: Effects of Retention Time

2013  Thermophilic Aerobic Treatment of Mycelia Sludge and Antibiotic Wastewater

2011  Biodegradation of Substrates with and without Aeration

2009  Estimation of Sequential Degradation Rate Coefficients for Chlorinated Ethenes

2009  Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from High-Strength Industrial Wastewater Using Aerobic Granular Sludge

2009  Storm-Water Filter Media Pollutant Retention under Aerobic versus Anaerobic Conditions

2008  Towards the Development of Sustainable Landfills

2007  Combined Anaerobic/Aerobic Secondary Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Pilot-Plant Demonstration of the UASB/Aerobic Solids Contact System

2007  Electrical Conductivity and Chloride Reduction in Leachate Treatment Systems

2007  Energy Audit, Solids Reduction, and Pathogen Inactivation in Secondary Sludges during Batch Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Process

2007  Modeling the Aeration Efficiency of a Passively Aerated Vertical-Flow Biological Filter

2007  Strategy for Complete Nitrogen Removal in Bioreactor Landfills

2006  Development of a Settlement Profiling System to Assess MSW Compression Characteristics

2006  Formation of Aerobic Granules with Domestic Sewage

2006  Potential of a Combination of UASB and DHS Reactor as a Novel Sewage Treatment System for Developing Countries: Long-Term Evaluation

2006  Simulating Activated Sludge System by Simple-to-Advanced Models

2006  Thermophilic Aerobic Solid Waste Processing for Long-Term Crewed Missions

2006  Treatment of High-Strength Pharmaceutical Wastewater and Removal of Antibiotics in Anaerobic and Aerobic Biological Treatment Processes

2005  Biodegradability of 2,4-Dichlorophenol under Different Redox Conditions

2005  Design Considerations for Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion

2005  Effect of Substrate Nitrogen/Chemical Oxygen Demand Ratio on the Formation of Aerobic Granules

2005  Laboratory-Scale Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor: A Precursor to Modeling and Full-Scale Investigation

2005  Oxygen Demand by a Sediment Bed of Finite Length

2005  Process Optimization of an Aerobic Upflow Sludge Blanket Reactor System

2005  Using Polyphosphate Buffering to Treat Phosphorus-Deficient Wastewater

2004  Effect of Organic Loading Rate on Aerobic Granulation. II: Characteristics of Aerobic Granules

2004  Fuzzy Controller for Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Using Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Fluorescence

2003  Aerobic Biodegradation of Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether in Gasoline-Contaminated Aquifer Sediments

2003  Anaerobic Treatment of Synthetic Textile Wastewater Containing a Reactive Azo Dye

2003  Review of Anoxic/Oxic Digester Performance

2002  Aerobic and Cometabolic MTBE Biodegradation at Novato and Port Hueneme

2002  Biodegradation Kinetics of MTBE in Laboratory Batch and Continuous Flow Reactors

2002  Use of Membrane Bioreactor for Biodegradation of MTBE in Contaminated Water

2001  Effect of Microaerophilic Conditions on Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Process

2000  Aerobic Thermophilic and Anaerobic Mesophilic Treatment of Sludge

2000  Anaerobic Thermophilic/Mesophilic Dual-Stage Sludge Treatment

2000  Chlorinated Solvent Cometabolism by Butane-Grown Mixed Culture

2000  Intracellular Polymers in Aerobic Sludge of Sequencing Batch Reactors

2000  Modeling Natural Attenuation of Fuels with BIOPLUME III

2000  New Treatment Plant Evaluated

2000  Sorption Isotherms and Kinetics of Sediment Phosphorus in a Tropical Reservoir

2000  Thermophilic Aerobic Wastewater Treatment in Continuous-Flow Bioreactors

2000  VFA Production in Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Municipal Sludges

1999  Atrazine Removal through Biofiltration

1999  Effect of Acidogenic Stage on Aerobic Toxic Organic Removal

1999  Effect of Sole Nitrogen Sources and Temperature on Activated Sludge

1999  Feasibility of Land Application of Aerobically Digested Phosphorus-Laden Sludge: A Case Study

1999  Sludge Minimization Using Aerobic/Anoxic Treatment Technology

1999  Temperature and SRT Effects on Aerobic Thermophilic Sludge Treatment

1998  Deicing Fluid Treatment in Batch-Loaded Aerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor

1998  Fecal-Coliform Bacteria in Extended-Aeration Plant Sludge

1998  Limited Aeration of Methanogenic Systems for Treatment of Sulfate-Containing Wastewater

1998  Optimum Conditions for Aerobic Thermophilic Pretreatment of Municipal Sludge

1998  Pretreatment to Enhance Nutrient Removal with Constructed Wetlands

1997  Comparison between Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic and Anoxic-Oxic Systems for Coke Plant Wastewater Treatment

1996  Model for Effective Diffusivities in Aerobic Biofilms

1996  Modeling Bacterial Decay Coefficient During SSDML Process

1996  Oxygen Transfer Efficiency in Small Diffusers

1996  Parametric Sensitivity of Comprehensive Model of Aerobic Fluidized-Bed Biofilm Process

1996  Titusville Cleans Up

1995  Biological Treatment of Hazardous Waste Landfill Leachate: A Comparative Study of Fixed Film Reactors

1995  Effectiveness of the Membrane Bioreactor in the Biodegradation of High Molecular Compounds

1995  Use of pH as Control Parameter for Aerobic/Anoxic Sludge Digestion

1994  Automated ORP Control for Aerobic/Anoxic Cycling in Oxidation Ditch Treatment

1994  Biotransformation of Pesticides in Simulated Groundwater Columns

1994  Oxygen Utilization of Trickling Filter Biofilms

1993  Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment of Chlorinated Aliphatic Compounds

1993  Microbiological Stabilization of Sludge by Aerobic Digestion and Storage

1993  Real-Time Control of Aerobic-Anoxic Sludge Digestion Using ORP

1992  Comparison of Dispersion Models for Wastewater Treatment Emissions

1992  Treatability Study on the Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachate and Gas Condensate

1991  Aerobic Denitrification in Activated Sludge

1991  Anoxic-Aerobic Activated Sludge Treatment

1991  Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion: A Two-Year Appraisal of Canadian Facilities

1991  Degradation of Ortochlorophenol in Aerobic and Anoxic-Aerobic Processes

1991  Microbiological Stabilization Through Aerobic Digestion and Storage

1991  Modeling Emissions from Aerobic Treatment Systems

1991  Oxygen Mass Transfer to Flowing Ground Water Using Oxygen Microbubbles

1991  The Potential Use of Genetically Engineered Microorganisms in the Remediation of Environmental Pollution

1991  Preliminary Investigation into Using Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) for Real-Time Control of Aerobic-Anoxic Sludge Digesters

1991  Slurry Bioremediation of Petrochemical Waste Sludges

1990  Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment of Chlorinated Toxic Organics

1990  Biofilm Reactors for Treatment of Gas Streams Containing Chlorinated Solvents

1990  Continuous Pre-Anoxic and Aerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge

1990  Effects of Electron Acceptor and Electron Donor on Biodegradation of CC14 by Biofilms

1990  Separate Stage Denitrification -- Key to Achieving a 3-3-2-0.6 AWT Effluent

1989  Aerobic Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Unsaturated Soils

1989  Aerobic Thermophilic Digestion or Liquid Composting of Municipal Sludges

1989  Composting Works for Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

1987  Rational Design of Aerobic Digestion Systems

1981  Aerobic Bacterial Metabolic Processes

1981  The Deep-Shaft Process: Bright Future for Treating High-Strength Wastewaters

1981  Industrial Wastewater Sludge Management

1981  Temperature Effects on Biostabilization of Leachate

1981  Wind Aeration in Model Waste Treatment System