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2015  Defining Influent Scenarios: Application of Cluster Analysis to a Water Reclamation Plant

2014  Analysis of Design Factors Influencing the Oxygen Transfer of a Pilot-Scale Speece Cone Hypolimnetic Aerator

2014  Effects of Step Pool Porosity upon Flow Aeration and Energy Dissipation on Pooled Stepped Spillways

2014  Numerical Simulation of the Spreading of Aerated and Nonaerated Turbulent Water Jet in a Tank with Finite Water Depth

2014  Trajectories of Air-Water Bubbly Jets in Crossflows

2013  Evaluation of Aeration Efficiency over Broad-Crested Stepped Spillways Using an Intelligent Computational Approach

2013  Inception Point for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways

2013  Methodology for In Situ Column Testing to Improve Accuracy during Design and Specification of Aeration Systems

2012  Orifice Spillway Aerator: Hydraulic Design

2012  Oxygen Transfer Parameter Estimation: Impact of Methodology

2012  Reaction Behavior of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Sodium Aluminate at Mild Alkaline and Acid Hydrothermal Conditions: Model for AAC Recycling

2011  Aeration, Media, and Flow Rate Effects on the Ammonia Removal Performance of a Pilot Scale Continuous Up-Flow Filter

2011  Biodegradation of Substrates with and without Aeration

2011  Chute Aerators: Preaerated Approach Flow

2011  Chute Aerators: Steep Deflectors and Cavity Subpressure

2011  Effect of Aeration on the Quality of Effluent from UASB Reactor Treating Sewage

2011  Inception Point Relationship for Flat-Sloped Stepped Spillways

2011  Water-Circulating Aerator: Optimizing Structure and Predicting Water Flow Rate and Oxygen Transfer

2010  Benthal Solids Properties Influencing ASB Design and Operating Practices

2010  Chute Aerators. I: Air Transport Characteristics

2010  Chute Aerators. II: Hydraulic Design

2010  Modeling VOC Emissions in the High-Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2010  Self-Aeration and Friction over Rock Chutes in Uniform Flow Conditions

2009  Energy Concept for Predicting Hydraulic Jump Aeration Efficiency

2009  Influence of Selected Operating Parameters on Fungal Biomass Production in Corn-Ethanol Wastewater

2009  Kinetic Energy Approach to Dissolving Axisymmetric Multiphase Plumes

2009  Oxygen Transfer in High-Speed Surface Aeration Tank for Wastewater Treatment: Full-Scale Test and Numerical Modeling

2009  Performance Evaluation of Double-Hub Paddle Wheel Aerator

2009  Resistance Characteristics of Surface Aerators

2008  Aeration Characteristics of Ski Jump Jets

2008  Air Injection in Water with Different Nozzles

2008  Effects of Sand Depth of Domestic Wastewater Renovation in Intermittently Aerated Leachfield Mesocosms

2008  Horizontal Injection of Gas – Liquid Mixtures in a Water Tank

2008  Hydraulic Performance of Step Aerator

2008  Low-Strength Wastewater Treatment with Combined Granular Anaerobic and Suspended Aerobic Cultures in Upflow Sludge Blanket Reactors

2007  Energy Audit, Solids Reduction, and Pathogen Inactivation in Secondary Sludges during Batch Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Process

2007  Neural Modeling of Square Surface Aerators

2006  Aerated Rock Filters for Enhanced Ammonia and Fecal Coliform Removal from Facultative Pond Effluents

2006  Aeration Performance of a Hydraulic Jump

2006  Bottom Aeration of Stepped Spillways

2006  Iron-Mediated Aeration: Evaluation of Energy-Assisted Enhancement for In Situ Subsurface Remediation

2005  Air – Water Mass Transfer on a Stepped Waterway

2005  Design Characteristics of Single Hub Paddle Wheel Aerator

2005  Estimating Seasonal and Diurnal Variations in Influent Characteristics for Optimization of Aeration Operations: A Case Study for Applicability of Respirometric Techniques at Fairbanks, Alaska

2005  Influence of Included Angle and Sill Slope on Air Entrainment of Triangular Planform Labyrinth Weirs

2005  Parameters Affecting Hydraulic Behavior of Aerated Lagoons

2005  Stimulating Biological Nitrification via Electrolytic Oxygenation

2004  Experimental Investigation on Influence of Aeration on Plane Jet Scour

2004  Flow Characteristics of Skimming Flows in Stepped Channels

2004  Study of Aeration in the Water Flow over Stepped Spillway

2003  Effect of Lateral Deflector on Outlet Cavity Lengths

2003  Evaluation of Oxygen Transfer at Stepped Cascade Aerators

2003  Hydraulic Design of Stepped Spillways

2003  Introduction to Architectural Aspects and Developments in Research on Structural Performance of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Products

2003  Modeling and Control of Oxygen Transfer in High Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2002  Air Stripping and Aeration

2002  A Brief History of Aeration of Wastewater

2002  Case Study of Aeration Performance under Changing Process Conditions

2002  Case Study on Hydraulic Performance of Brent Reservoir Siphon Spillway

2002  Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Installed Fine-Pore Aeration Equipment

2001  Field Experiments to Determine Gas Transfer at Gated Sills

2001  Nitrification/Denitrification in Intermittent Aeration Process for Swine Wastewater Treatment

2001  Oxygen Transfer at Low Drop Weirs

2001  SBR System for Phosphorus Removal: Linear Model Based Optimization

2000  Aeration Performance of Rectangular Planform Labyrinth Weirs

2000  Air Concentration and Velocity Measurements on Self-Aerated Flow Down Stepped Chutes

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Effects of Aeration on the Performance of an ADV

2000  Full-Scale Demonstration of Improvement in Aeration Efficiency

2000  Mechanical Aerators’ Power and Aeration Control in Bioreactors

2000  Modeling Artificial Aeration Kinetics in Ice-Covered Lakes

2000  Water Quality Deterioration in Distribution Systems

1999  Biological Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal Utilizing Submerged RBCs and Intermittent Aeration

1999  Characteristics of Skimming Flow over Stepped Spillways

1999  Evaluation of a Biosolids Minimization System

1999  In-Well Aeration: An Alternative to Pump and Treat

1999  Performance Evaluation of Aerated Lagoon in Summer and Winter Conditions

1999  Prediction of Reaeration Rates in Square, Stirred Tanks

1999  Thermal Inertia Properties of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

1998  Aeration Performance of Low Drop Weirs

1998  Aeration Performance of Triangular Planform Labyrinth Weirs

1998  Aeration Systems—Responsibilities of Manufacturer, Designer, and Owner

1998  Fecal-Coliform Bacteria in Extended-Aeration Plant Sludge

1998  In-Stream Hollow-Fiber Membrane Aeration

1998  Limited Aeration of Methanogenic Systems for Treatment of Sulfate-Containing Wastewater

1998  Nitrogen Removal in Intermittently Aerated Biofilm Airlift Reactor

1998  Performance Evaluation of an Aerated Lagoon Under Summer and Winter Conditions

1998  Predictive Capabilities in Oxygen Transfer at Hydraulic Structures

1998  Re-engineering the Design Criteria for Sidestream Elevated Pool Aeration

1998  Research and Design Activities in Support of the Chicago Underflow Plan McCook Reservoir Aeration System

1998  Turbulent Open-Channel Flows: Drop-Generation and Self-Aeration

1998  Wastewater Treatment with Zero Dissolved Oxygen

1998  Wave Impact Pressures and Aeration at a Breakwater

1997  Air Concentration Measurements in Highly Turbulent Aerated Flow

1997  Biopulsing: An In Situ Aeration Remediation Strategy

1997  Cost Comparison of Dissolved Oxygen Enhancement Systems at the El Vado Dam

1997  Cross-Flow Versus Counterflow Air-Stripping Towers

1997  EDF Experience in Improving Reservoir Releases for Ecological Purposes

1997  The Effect of Nappe Impact Angle on Aerator Performance