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2015  Defining Influent Scenarios: Application of Cluster Analysis to a Water Reclamation Plant

2014  Accumulation of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Membrane Bioreactors at Pilot-Scale and Full-Scale Conditions

2014  Biodegradation of Sulfamethazine by Activated Sludge: Lab-Scale Study

2014  Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis: Elusive Bacterium Responsible for Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal

2013  Assessment of Waste-Activated-Sludge Pretreatment by Ultrasound and Applicability of Biodegradability Indicators

2013  Optimization of the Activated Sludge Process

2012  Evaluation of Process Uncertainty in Activated Sludge Treatment by Probabilistic Modeling

2012  Oxygen Transfer Parameter Estimation: Impact of Methodology

2012  Role of Changing Biomass Density in Process Disruptions Affecting Biomass Settling at a Full-Scale Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant

2012  Soil Stabilization with Calcined Paper Sludge: Laboratory and Field Tests

2012  Start-Up Performance Evaluation of Submerged Membrane Bioreactors Using Conventional Activated Sludge Process and Modified Luzack-Ettinger Process

2011  Adsorption of Perfluorinated Compounds onto Activated Carbon and Activated Sludge

2011  Influence of COD/N Ratios on Simultaneous Removal of C and N Compounds in Biological Wastewater Treatment in Sequencing Fed-Batch Reactor and Kinetic Analysis

2010  Application of Two-Directional Time Series Models to Replace Missing Data

2010  Contribution of the Estrogen-Degrading Bacterium Novosphingobium sp. Strain JEM-1 to Estrogen Removal in Wastewater Treatment

2010  Evidence and Long-Term Feasibility of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal in Oxidation-Ditch Type of Aerated-Anoxic Activated Sludge Systems

2010  In Situ Microscale Analyses of Activated Sludge Flocs in the Enhanced Biological Phosphate Removal Process by the Use of Microelectrodes and Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization

2010  Modeling VOC Emissions in the High-Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2010  SSPRSD Using a Filamentous Fungal Strain Penicillium expansum BS30 Isolated from Wastewater Sludge

2009  Application of Enhanced Methods of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater

2009  Modeling Risk of Failure in Nitrification: Simple Model Incorporating Abundance and Diversity

2009  Research and Application of Activated Sludge Models

2008  Bench-Scale Ozonation of Waste Activated Sludge

2008  Bioplastics from Waste Activated Sludge-Batch Process

2008  An Innovative Approach to Handle Shock Loading to Wastewater Treatment Process through Reusing Waste Activated Sludge

2008  Solids Loading Limitations of Rectangular Secondary Clarifiers

2007  Energy Audit, Solids Reduction, and Pathogen Inactivation in Secondary Sludges during Batch Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Process

2007  Isolation, Characterization, and Identification of Bacteria from Activated Sludge and Soluble Microbial Products in Wastewater Treatment Systems

2007  Kinetics of Phosphorus Release and Uptake in a Membrane-Assisted Biological Phosphorus Removal Process

2007  Replacing Outliers and Missing Values from Activated Sludge Data Using Kohonen Self-Organizing Map

2007  Robust Optimal Design of Activated Sludge Bioreactors

2007  Using the Kinetics of Biological Flocculation and the Limiting Flux Theory for the Preliminary Design of Activated Sludge Systems. I: Model Development

2007  Using the Kinetics of Biological Flocculation and the Limiting Flux Theory for the Preliminary Design of Activated Sludge Systems. II: Experimental Verification

2006  Activated Sludge Process Modification for Sludge Yield Reduction using Pulp and Paper Wastewater

2006  Comparison of Two Model Concepts for Simulation of Nitrogen Removal at a Full-Scale Biological Nutrient Removal Pilot Plant

2006  Density and Activity Characterization of Activated Sludge Flocs

2006  Effect of Cd(II) on Different Bacterial Species Present in a Single Sludge Activated Sludge Process for Carbon and Nutrient Removal

2006  Effect of Ozone on Filamentous Bulking in a Laboratory Scale Activated Sludge Reactor using Respirometry and INT-Dehydrogenase Activity

2006  Evaluation of a Sludge Yield and Phosphorus Removal in a Cannibal Solids Reduction Process

2006  Simulating Activated Sludge System by Simple-to-Advanced Models

2006  Statistically Based Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) Using Monte Carlo Simulation of Activated Sludge Model No. 1 (ASM1)

2005  Biological Kinetic Data Evaluation of an Activated Sludge System Coupled with an Ultrafiltration Membrane

2005  Comparison of Lime and Caustic Addition for pH Control and Microbial Communities on Activated Sludge Settleability and Plant Performance — Implications for the Field

2005  Computer Program Development for the Design of Integrated Foxed Film Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Processes

2005  Dual Conditioning of Sludge Utilizing Polyampholyte

2005  Dynamic Growth Rates of Microbial Populations in Activated Sludge Systems

2005  Effect of Nonsteady State H2O2 Tests on Oxygen Transfer Rate in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process

2005  Evaluation of Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge WAstewater Treatment Processes at High Mean Cells Residence Time and Low Temperatures

2005  In the Field: Study to Consider Effect of Membrane Residuals on Wastewater Facilities

2005  Mathematical Model for the Biofilm-Activated Sludge Reactor

2005  Process Limits of Municipal Wastewater Treatment with the Submerged Membrane Bioreactor

2005  Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in a Continuously Fed and Aerated Membrane Bioreactor

2005  Simultaneous Wastewater Nutrient Removal by a Novel Hybrid Bioprocess

2005  Sludge Production and Settleability in Biofilm-Activated Sludge Process

2005  Using Polyphosphate Buffering to Treat Phosphorus-Deficient Wastewater

2005  Utilization of an Activated Sludge for the Improvement of an Existing Thermophilic Wastewater Treatment System

2004  Activated Sludge Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion of Opium Alkaloid Factory

2004  Effects of Stressed Loading on Startup and Granulation in Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactors

2004  Fuzzy Controller for Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Using Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Fluorescence

2004  High-Rate Biodegradation of Phenol by Aerobically Grown Microbial Granules

2004  Impact of Increased Chloride Concentration on Nitrifying-Activated Sludge Cultures

2004  Misconceptions about Unstirred SVI

2004  Modeling a Combined Anaerobic/Anoxic Oxide and Rotating Biological Contactors Process under Dissolved Oxygen Variation by Using an Activated Sludge-Biofilm Hybrid Model

2004  Modeling and Predicting Biological Performance of Contact Stabilization Process using Artificial Neural Networks

2004  Probabilistic Modeling of Activated Sludge Systems: Strategies for Reducing Process Uncertainty

2004  Properties of Four Biological Flocs as Related to Settling

2004  Radiation-Assisted PRocess Enhancement in Wastewater Treatment

2004  Removal of a Volatile Organic Compound in a Hybrid Rotating Drum Biofilter

2004  Stabilization/Solidification of Wastewater Treatment Sludge

2004  Statistical Comparison of Bioassays for Assessment of Toxicity of Organic Components of Wastewater to Activated Sludge

2004  Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Activated Sludge Model No.1 by Monte Carlo Simulation for Single CSTR with Universal Distribution Parameters

2003  Activated Carbon Addition to an Activated Sludge Model Reactor for Color Removal from a Cotton Textile Processing Watewater

2003  Comparison of Bacterial Bioluminescence with Activated Sludge Oxygen Uptake Rates during Zinc Toxic Shock Loads in a Wastewater Treatment System

2003  Dissolved Oxygen-State Titration Respirometry: Principle of Operation and Validation

2003  Four-Substrate Design Model for Single Sludge Predenitrification System

2003  Modeling and Control of Oxygen Transfer in High Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2003  Nitrification in Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge Systems

2003  Strategies for Enhanced Performance of Wastewater Treatment in Membrane Bioreactors

2002  Assessing Parameter Identifiability of Activated Sludge Model Number 1

2002  Effects of Pretreatments on Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion

2002  Experimental Assessment of Bacterial Storage Yield

2002  Thermal Treatment of Waste Activated Sludge using Liquid Boiling

2001  BTX Biodegradation in Activated Sludge under Multiple Redox Conditions

2001  Copper Removal to PPB Residuals via Iron Coagulants and Biosolids Storage Conditioning

2001  Environmental: Activated Carbon Made from Sludge

2001  Estimation of Activated Sludge Model Parameters Using Respirogram and Genetic Algorithms

2001  Heat-Dried Pelletized Sludge Marketability Study

2001  Model-Based Evaluation of Denitrifying P Removal in Two-Sludge System

2001  pH-Stat Titration to Assess Nitrification Inhibition

2001  Review of Folklore in Design and Operation of Secondary Clarifiers

2000  AWT and Conventional Mixed Liquor Settling Velocities

2000  Biological Removal of Gaseous VOCs from Automotive Painting Operations

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Microbial Activity: Mathematical Expression and Direct Determination

2000  Thermogravimetric Analysis of Activated Sludge Flocculated with Polyelectrolyte

1999  Acetate Limitation and Nitrite Accumulation during Denitrification

1999  Biological Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal Utilizing Submerged RBCs and Intermittent Aeration

1999  Conditioning, Filtering, and Expressing Waste Activated Sludge

1999  Effect of Sole Nitrogen Sources and Temperature on Activated Sludge

1999  Enhanced Copper Removal from Activated Sludge Using Bioferric/Selectors