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2012  Accuracy Evaluation of Terrestrial LIDAR and Multibeam Sonar Systems Mounted on a Survey Vessel

2012  Identifying the Relationship between GPS Data Quality and Positioning Precision: Case Study on IGS Tracking Stations

2012  Local Accuracies

2012  Target-Focused Local Workspace Modeling for Construction Automation Applications

2011  Analysis of Digital Data Obtained from Raster and Vector Maps

2011  Characterization of Laser Scanners and Algorithms for Detecting Flatness Defects on Concrete Surfaces

2011  Network Calibration for Unfavorable Reference-Rover Geometry in Network-Based RTK: Ohio CORS Case Study

2010  Clarifying the Relationship between Quality of Global Positioning System Data and Precision of Positioning

2010  Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm with Improved Stability Properties

2010  Fault Diagnosis and Active Fault Tolerant Control for Near Space Vehicle Based on Adaptive Observer

2010  Improving HSPF Modeling Accuracy from FTABLES: Case Study for the Illinois River Basin

2010  Propagation of an Unmodeled Additive Constant in Range Sensor Observations

2010  Record Length Requirements for Annual Maximum Flood Series

2010  Rigorous Estimation of Local Accuracies

2009  Accuracy of Predictive Models for Dynamic Modulus of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2009  Evaluation of a Moderate Resolution, Satellite-Based Impervious Surface Map Using an Independent, High-Resolution Validation Data Set

2009  Model for the 3D Location of Buried Assets Based on RFID Technology

2009  Network Calibration for Unfavorable Reference-Rover Geometry in Network-Based RTK: Ohio CORS Case Study

2009  Updating of Soil Parameters for Improving the Accuracy of the Excavation-Induced Building Damage Assessment

2008  Acceptance Curves for the Positional Control of Geographic Databases

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave and Diffusion Wave Approximations for Flood Routing. I: Steady Analysis

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave Approximation for Flood Routing. II: Unsteady Analysis

2008  Analysis of Some Positional Accuracy Assessment Methodologies

2008  GPS Processing Using Online Services

2008  Implicit Higher-Order Accuracy Method for Numerical Integration in Dynamic Analysis

2008  Improving Accuracy of IDF Curves Using Long- and Short-Duration Separation and Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm

2008  Linearized Stability and Accuracy for Step-by-Step Solutions of Certain Nonlinear Systems

2008  New Line Accuracy Assessment Methodology Using Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimation

2008  Variability of NSSDA Estimations

2007  Extension of Preissmann Scheme to Two-Dimensional Flows

2006  Accurate Representation of External Force in Time History Analysis

2006  Comparison of Modeling and Measurement Accuracy of Road Condition Data

2006  Impact of Limiters on Accuracy of High-Resolution Flow and Transport Models

2005  Accuracy of Point Layout with Polar Coordinates

2005  Computing Pit Excavation Volume

2005  Drift Estimates in Frame Buildings Subjected to Near-Fault Ground Motions

2005  Incremental Improvements in Chesapeake Bay Environmental Model Package

2005  Justifiable Precision and Accuracy in Structural Engineering Calculations: In Search of a Little Less Precision and Supposed Accuracy

2005  New Local Transformation Method: Non-Sibsonian Transformation

2005  Prediction Accuracy for Projectwide Evapotranspiration Using Crop Coefficients and Reference Evapotranspiration

2005  Statistical Evaluation of Approximate Methods for Estimating Maximum Deformation Demands on Existing Structures

2004  Accuracy Order of Crank.Nicolson Discretization for Hydrostatic Free-Surface Flow

2004  Evaluation of AASHTO Live Load and Line Load Distribution Factors for I-Girder Bridge Decks

2002  Fire Resistance: Reliability Vs. Time Analyses

2002  Stability and Accuracy of Weighted Four-Point Implicit Finite Difference Schemes for Open Channel Flow

2002  Use of Geoid for Assessing Trigonometric Height Accuracy and Detecting Vertical Land Motion

2001  Comparing Traffic-Noise Model Accuracy Using State-Specific Emission Data

2001  Hydraulic Modeling of Kangsabati Main Canal for Performance Assessment

2001  On the Accuracy of Boussinesq Evolution Equations

2001  Predicting Accuracy of Early Cost Estimates Based on Estimate Quality

2000  ADFM Measurement of Tidally-induced Flow and Stage in a Canal Headworks

2000  Advanced Distributed Runoff Model Calibration and Accuracy

2000  Assessment of Skeletonization in Network Models

2000  Disclaimer Regarding Data Accuracy May Not Be Enough

2000  Distribution of Temperature and Precipitation in the Snowmelt Runoff Analysis

2000  Effect of Temporal Resolution on the Accuracy of ADCP Measurements

2000  Electronic Dataloggers

2000  Evaluating the Measurement Accuracy of Surface Water Flows and Accumulated Volumes

2000  Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry—A Reliable Tool for Physical Modeling

2000  Operational Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting Using Climate Information

2000  Precomputing Influences of Observation for Network

2000  Refinement of LSPIV Technique for Monitoring River Surface Flows

2000  Traffic Loading Accuracy as Affected by the Month of Short Traffic Counts

2000  United States Lifts GPS Restrictions

1999  Accuracy of Two Stress Update Algorithms for Shear-Free Large Deformation Paths

1999  Assessing Expected Accuracy of Probe Vehicle Travel Time Reports

1999  Effect of Input and Parameter Uncertainties in Rainfall-Runoff Simulations

1999  Estimation of Error and Compliance in Surveys by Kriging

1999  Improvement of GPS Relative Positioning Accuracy by Using SNR

1999  Longest Glass Span?

1999  Testing and Selecting Global Positioning System (GPS) Devices

1998  Applications of Advanced Clocks for Space Navigation and Communication

1998  Assessing the Accuracy of Computing in Structural (Seismic) Engineering

1998  An Attempt to Compare Image Processing and Stereophotogrammetry in Geotechnical Centrifuge Models

1998  Bending Analysis of Mindlin Plates by Extended Kantorovich Method

1998  Estimating the Accuracy of Photogrammetric Data—Mechanism and Implementation

1998  A Hand-Deployable Wave Buoy Utilizing Triaxial Accelerometer, Angular Rate, and Magnetometer Sensors

1998  Improvement of Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Using High-Order Difference Schemes

1998  Measurement Accuracy

1998  Methodology for Using Post-Disaster Information to Improve the Accuracy of Flood Mapping

1998  Model Calibration Forum Paper Discussion

1998  Power and Responsibility: Facing the Challenges of Modernization

1998  Present Status of Second Order Closure Turbulence Models. II: Applications

1998  Present Status of Second-Order Closure Turbulence Models. I: Overview

1998  Pseudolite Augmentation for OTF Ambiguity Resolution in Shipborne Mode

1998  Rating Adjustment for Settlement of Cutthroat Flumes

1998  The Stabilized Platform of the MARS-96 Mission

1998  State-Space Versus Multiple Regression for Forecasting Urban Water Demand

1998  Surface Accuracy of Precision Membrane Reflectors

1998  Traffic Assignment through Microscopic Modeling

1997  Accuracy Assessment of Digitized Data with Randomized Block Model

1997  Accuracy of Flow Measurements in the Imperial Irrigation District

1997  Challenges in Modelling Water Quality in Lakes, Estuaries and Coastal Oceans

1997  Computer Misuse and Lack of QA/QC-Is It a Time Bomb?

1997  Conversions Don’t Add Up

1997  Design Riprap to Protect Scour Around Circular Piers

1997  Determination of Guy Wire Tension by Vibration Measurement

1997  Digital Terrain Model: Elevation Extraction and Accuracy Assessment

1997  Editorial

1997  Editorial