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2014  Personality and Occupational Accidents: Bar Benders in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, China

2014  Pinpointing Safety Leadership Factors for Safe Construction Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

2014  Real-Time Hybrid Virtuality for Prevention of Excavation Related Utility Strikes

2014  Simulating the Response of a Composite Honeycomb Energy Absorber. I: Dynamic Crushing of Components and Multiterrain Impacts

2014  Simulating the Response of a Composite Honeycomb Energy Absorber. II: Full-Scale Impact Testing

2013  Application of Sensing Technology in the Prevention of Backing Accidents in Construction Work Zones

2013  Automated Information Retrieval for Hazard Identification in Construction Sites

2013  Chinese Nuclear Emergency Situations and Suggestions after Fukushima Nuclear Accident

2013  Construction-Related Accidents in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

2013  Innovative Blast Resistant Glazing System

2013  An Innovative Plan is in the works to refloat and remove the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which foundered in the Mediterranean in January 2012 after striking a rock off the Italian island of Giglio...

2013  Major Accident Factors for Effective Safety Management of Highway Construction Projects

2013  Vessel Collision Avoidance and Modeling Control

2012  Attribute-Based Risk Model for Measuring Safety Risk of Struck-By Accidents

2012  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Accident Prevention in Construction Projects

2012  Developing 3D Safety Training Materials on Fall Related Hazards for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Low Literacy (LL) Construction Workers

2012  Developing a Framework for Measuring the Effectiveness of Common Fall Prevention/Protection Practices

2012  Developing a Versatile Subway Construction Incident Database for Safety Management

2012  Empirical Study to Investigate the Difficulties of Implementing Safety Practices in the Repair and Maintenance Sector in Hong Kong

2012  Evaluating Accident Data for the Safety of Nighttime Construction in Southern California

2012  Evaluating Physiological Load of Workers with Wearable Sensors

2012  A Fall Hazard Checking Tool Based on BIMserver

2012  An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Set Covering Location Problems

2012  Multiagent Approach for Real-Time Collision Avoidance and Path Replanning for Cranes

2012  Pervious Concrete Surface Characterization to Reduce Slip-Related Falls

2012  Study on Prevention Measures of Falling Accidents during Construction

2012  Team Processes and Safety of Workers: Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Processes of Construction Crews

2012  Verification of the Strength of the Anchor Point of Fall-Arresting and Positioning Systems for Reinforcing Steel Erectors

2011  Accident Causation Chain Analysis of Ship Collisions Based on Bayesian Networks

2011  Accidental Eccentricity of Story Shear for Low-Rise Office Buildings

2011  Application of Dimension Reduction Techniques for Motion Recognition: Construction Worker Behavior Monitoring

2011  Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Roadside Culvert Treatments

2011  Human Error Analysis of Mid-Air Collision of Brazil Civil Aviation

2011  Patterns in Potential Impacts Associated with Contamination Events in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Probe on Lifeboat Accidents

2011  Structural Risk Evaluation for Offshore Platforms under Major Accidental Events

2010  Analysis of Accident Characteristics and Causes for Bridge-Tunnel Group Section of Mountainous Expressway

2010  Analysis of Residential Framing Accidents, Activities, and Task Demands

2010  Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Construction Safety Hazard Identification: Adaptation and Utilization

2010  Construction Safety in Kuwait

2010  Crew Seaworthiness Analysis Based on Circuit Theory

2010  Exploring Safety Education Effectiveness on Accident Risk Reduction for Freight Drivers Based on Behavioral Self-Evaluation

2010  Impacts of Stressors and Stress on the Injury Incidents of Construction Workers in Hong Kong

2010  SCIA: GIS-Based Software for Assessing the Impacts from Chemical Industrial Accidents

2010  Sleep Deprivation and Its Consequences in Construction Workers

2010  Study on Train Derailment Control on Railway Steel Bridge

2009  Case-Based Reasoning for Construction Hazard Identification: Case Representation and Retrieval

2009  Damage Assessment of Houses and Buildings from an Engineering Point of View

2009  Development of a Probabilistic Timing Model for the Ingestion of Tap Water

2009  From Normal Operation to Evacuation: Single-Vehicle Safety under Adverse Weather, Topographic, and Operational Conditions

2009  Human Factors Analysis Classification System Relating to Human Error Awareness Taxonomy in Construction Safety

2009  Identification and Analysis of Factors Affecting Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2009  Modelling and Simulating of the Gas Pipeline under Typical Accident Condition when Emergency Valve of the Main Gas Using Device Suddenly Cut Off

2009  Research and Application of Graphic-Attributes Integration Based on Web GIS in Aviation Accident Investigation

2009  Research on Urban Underground Pipeline Risk Evaluation

2009  Review of Regulations and Guides for Excavation and Trenches—Comparison with the Québec Safety Code for the Construction Industry

2009  Steel Erection Fatalities in the Construction Industry

2008  Effect of Cross-Wind on High-Speed Vehicle Dynamic Derailment

2008  The Effects of Leadership in the High Hazard Construction Sector: Injuries and Fatalities an Issue of Leadership and Not Hazard

2008  Importance of Exposure Model in Estimating Impacts When a Water Distribution System is Contaminated

2008  Premium-Rating Model for Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Construction

2008  Research on Collision-Avoidance System of Ship with AIS Based on APT

2008  Study of the Efficiency of Aircraft Safety Barriers in Madeira Airport

2007  Aquatic Assessment of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident and Its Remediation

2007  Autonomous Collision Avoidance for Ships using APF Method

2007  Decision-Making Model for Multi-Ship Collision Avoidance Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

2007  MAS and AIS Based Vessel Automatic Collision Avoidance System

2007  Optical Properties of Seawater with Submerged Bubbles Generated by Ship Wakes

2007  Vessel Collision Avoidance in Close-Quarter Situation Using Differential Games

2007  Vessel Grounding Warning with SAGA Model

2006  Analysis of Construction Worker Injuries That Do Not Result in Lost Time

2006  Case for Drug Testing of Constructoin Workers

2006  Comparative Injury and Fatality Risk Analysis of Building Trades

2006  Human-Assisted Obstacle Avoidance System using 3D Workspace Modeling for Construction Equipment Operation

2006  NewsBriefs: Maglev Train Crashes in Germany (The Associated Press)

2006  Organizational Distortions and Failures: A Method to Expose Them

2006  Owner’s Role in Construction Safety

2006  Physical Risk Factors and Controls for Musculoskeletal Disorders in Construction Trades

2005  Accident Prevention Strategies: Causation Model and Research Directions

2005  Application of Virtual Reality Technology for the Improvement of Safety in the Steel Erection Process

2005  Failure of Cold-Formed Steel Beams during Concrete Placement

2005  The Nature of Struck-by Accidents

2005  Occupational Injuries and Fatalities in the Roofing Contracting Industry

2005  Poisson Model of Construction Incident Occurrence

2005  Systems Model of Construction Accident Causation

2005  Threat Assessment of Water Supply Systems using Markov Latent Effects Modeling

2005  Viability of Designing for Construction Worker Safety

2005  Waste-Based Management in Residential Construction

2004  Dynamic Layout of Construction Temporary Facilities Considering Safety

2004  Falls through Roof and Floor Openings and Surfaces, Including Skylights: 1992 –2000

2004  Fatalities in Trenching Operations—Analysis using Models of Accident Causation

2004  Incident Causation Model for Improving Feedback of Safety Knowledge

2004  Minimizing Liability for Construction Accidents through Good Contracting

2004  Proving Professional Negligence for Jobsite Accidents

2003  Analysis of Construction Worker Fall Accidents

2003  Construction Forum: Crane Accidents... Construction Sessions... Roebling Award... Books... Conferences...

2003  Predictive Tool for Estimating Accident Risk

2003  Rethinking Safety: Learning to Work near the Edge

2002  Breakdown of Light Vehicle Crashes by Pre-Crash Scenarios as a Basis for Countermeasure Development

2002  Construction Site Safety Roles