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2013  Driver Response to an Actuated Advance Warning System

2012  Analytical Investigation of Potential Seismic Damage to a Skewed Bridge

2012  Translational Seismic Failure Analysis of MSW Landfills Using Pseudodynamic Approach

2011  Accelerometer-Based Activity Recognition in Construction

2011  Comparative Response Assessment of Minimally Compliant Low-Rise Base-Isolated and Conventional Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Buildings

2011  Magnetic Space Launcher

2011  To Scale or Not to Scale Seismic Ground-Acceleration Records

2010  Probabilistic Estimates of Acceleration Demands for Nonstructural Components Attached to Shear Wall Structures

2009  Acceleration and Skewness Effects on the Instantaneous Bed-Shear Stresses in Shoaling Waves

2009  Aggregate Fuel Consumption Model of Light-Duty Vehicles for Evaluating Effectiveness of Traffic Management Strategies on Fuels

2009  Comparative Evaluation of Base-Isolated and Fixed-Base Buildings Using a Comprehensive Response Index

2008  Delay Analysis under Multiple Baseline Updates

2008  Modeling Driver Behavior and Safety on Freeway Merging Areas

2008  Numerical Study on the Existence of the Venturi Effect in Passages between Perpendicular Buildings

2007  Biased Modal Estimates from Random Decrement Signatures of Forced Acceleration Responses

2007  Local Identification of Soil and Soil-Structure Systems Using Shape-Acceleration Arrays

2007  Unstable Slope Monitoring with a Wireless Shape-Acceleration Array System

2006  Collecting Driving Data to Support Mobile Source Emissions Estimation

2006  High Dosages of Set Accelerator in Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete

2006  Online Earthquake Response Test for Stratified Layers of Clay and Sand

2005  Accelerated Assessment and Fuzzy Evaluation of Concrete Durability

2005  Approximate Floor Acceleration Demands in Multistory Buildings. I: Formulation

2005  Approximate Floor Acceleration Demands in Multistory Buildings. II: Applications

2005  Floor Acceleration Demands for 11 Instrumented Buildings in Taiwan During the 1999 Chi Chi Earthquake

2005  Influence of Soil Softening and Liquefaction on Spectral Acceleration

2005  Predication of Peak Acceleration of One Degree of Freedom Structures by Scaling Law

2004  Effects of Site Classes on Damping Reduction Factors

2003  Validation of Vibration-Based Onboard Asphalt Density Measuring System

2002  Acceleration Feedback-Based Active and Passive Vibration Control of Landing Gear Components

2002  Analysis and Modeling of Measured Delays at Isolated Signalized Intersections

2002  Estimating Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Emissions Based on Instantaneous Speed and Acceleration Levels

2002  Further Characteristics for Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers

2002  Model Predictive Control of Structures under Earthquakes using Acceleration Feedback

2002  Temporal aN and aT in Earthquake Ground Motion at a Single Point

2002  Variable Power Vehicle Dynamics Model for Estimating Truck Accelerations

2001  Great Excavations

2001  Nonstationary Random Critical Excitation for Acceleration Response

2001  Vehicle Dynamics Model for Predicting Maximum Truck Acceleration Levels

2000  Delayed Start Date Leads to Constructive Acceleration

1999  Influence of Design and Operation Parameters on Bag-Cleaning Performance of Pulse-Jet Baghouse

1999  Neutron Acceleration Planned for Oak Ridge

1999  Rocking and Overturning of Electrical Equipment under Pulse Type Motions

1999  Seismic Analyses of a Linear Accelerator Concrete Tunnel

1999  Seismic Hazard Mitigation Using Multiple Magnetorheological Devices

1999  Strain and Acceleration Assessment of Bridge Performance

1999  Variable Property Devices for Structural Control

1999  Vibration Design Criterion for Wood Floors Exposed to Normal Human Activities

1998  Active Control of Transmission Tower under Stochastic Wind

1998  Fully Coupled Inelastic Site Response Analysis for 1986 Lotung Earthquake

1998  Ground Motions Estimates for a Cascadia Earthquake from Liquefaction Evidence

1998  The High Speed Passenger Conveyor Reflections on Comfort

1998  Investigation of the Properties of a New Continuum Theory through Finite Differences

1998  A Linear Acceleration Car-Following Algorithm for Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control Systems (AICCS)

1998  Nonlinear Inertial Loading in Steep 2-D Water Waves

1998  Speedwalk-an Accelerating Moving Walkway

1998  Stabilization of Pseudoinverse Acceleration Control of Redundant Mechanisms

1998  System Identification Analyses of Shake Table Test and Field Data

1997  Analysis of Flow Field in the Meandering Channel

1997  Arching Phenomena of Particulate Materials in a Shaker

1997  New Transition Curve Joining Two Straight Lines

1997  Response of Olive View Hospital to Northridge and Whittier Earthquakes

1997  Seismic Response of Shallow Foundation on Liquefiable Sand

1997  SPT Dynamic Analysis and Measurements

1996  Acceleration Feedback Control of MDOF Structures

1996  Dynamic Effects of Sediment and Foundation on Dam Hydrodynamic Pressure Under Vertical Ground Accelerations

1996  On Concept of Lateral Change of Acceleration

1996  Probabilistic Cervical Spine Injury Analysis Methods

1996  The Resonance Drives with Adaptive Control

1996  Statistical Seismic Responses of Structures using Response Spectrum Matching Technique

1996  Theory and Practice of Projectile’s Penetration in Soils

1996  Wisconsin Fast-Track Paving Experiences

1996  Yield Acceleration of Lined Landfills

1995  Acceleration of Shotcrete by Calcium Aluminates Using Portland Cements From Different Countries and Different Cement Extenders with Particular Reference to Canadian Needs: A Brief Survey

1995  Amplification Factors to be Used in Simplified Seismic Dynamic Analysis of Select Structural Components

1995  Convergence Acceleration for Iterative Finite-Element Methods

1995  Correlation of Drop Test Results with Analytical Predictions

1995  Earthquake Ground Motions for Landfill Design

1995  Environmentally Compatible Spray Cement

1995  Experimental Study of an Active Mass Driver Using Acceleration Feedback Control Strategies

1995  Fatigue Lives of Bridge Repairs

1995  H∞ Control for Seismic-Excited Buildings with Acceleration Feedback

1995  Magnetoelastic Instability of Superconducting Partial Torus

1995  Optimization of Large Scientific Structures

1995  Practical Experiences with Shotcrete Containing Alkali-Free Acceleration

1995  Seismic Analysis of Solid Waste Landfills

1995  Seismic Response of Geosynthetic/Soil Systems

1995  Stochastic Model for Microgravity Excitation

1995  Surface and Underground Geodetic Control for Superconducting Super Collider

1995  Trivariate Spectral Modeling of Space Shuttle Flight Data

1994  Analysis of Site Liquefaction Using Earthquake Records

1994  The Challenge of Housing the Largest Detector

1994  Computer Applications in Liquefaction Analysis

1994  Criteria for Acceptable Wind-Induced Motions

1994  Cut and Cover Construction of the SSC Injector Tunnels

1994  High Strength Shotcrete and Concrete on the SSC Project

1994  Integrated System for Managing Owner-Directed Project Acceleration

1994  Microgravity Research in a Space Station Environment

1994  Numerical Modeling of Initial Ground Movement in an Instrumented Superconducting Super Collider Shaft

1994  An Overview of Shotcrete Usage on the SSC

1994  An Overview of the Analysis and Design Techniques Used on the Main Tunnels of the SSC