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2015  Adhesion of Air Lime-Based Mortars to Old Tiles: Moisture and Open Porosity Influence in Tile/Mortar Interfaces

2015  Design of Metal Foam Cladding Subjected to Close-Range Blast

2015  Effect of Superabsorbent Polymers on Workability and Hydration Process in Fly Ash Cementitious Composites

2015  Experimental Study on the Influence of Water Absorption of Recycled Coarse Aggregates on Properties of the Resulting Concretes

2015  Paraffin Wax as a Sealant in Sorptivity Testing

2015  Reexamination of Lime Stabilization Mechanisms of Expansive Clay

2014  Modeling of CO2 Separation from Flue Gas by Methyldiethanolamine and 2-(1-Piperazinyl)-Ethylamine in Membrane Contactors: Effect of Gas and Liquid Parameters

2014  Simulating the Response of a Composite Honeycomb Energy Absorber. I: Dynamic Crushing of Components and Multiterrain Impacts

2013  Characterization of Materials with Repellents and Consolidants from a Historic Building

2013  Effects of High Volumes of Fly Ash, Blast Furnace Slag, and Bottom Ash on Flow Characteristics, Density, and Compressive Strength of High-Strength Mortar

2013  Experimental Investigations of Performance Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash-Blended Concrete

2013  The Role of Microarchitecture on Absorption and Scattering of Ultrasound Waves in Trabecular Bone

2013  Selective Absorption of Asphalt Binder by Limestone Aggregates in Asphalt Mixtures

2012  Absorption Behavior and Removal of Gaseous Elemental Mercury by Sodium Chlorite Solutions

2012  Capacity of Straw for Repeated Binding of Crude Oil from Salt Water and Its Effect on Biodegradation

2012  Influence of the Type of Coarse Lightweight Aggregate on Properties of Semilightweight Self-Consolidating Concrete

2012  Microwave Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Absorption Properties of Treated Waste Rubber Aggregates

2012  Prediction of Absorbed, Inert, and Effective Bituminous Quantities in Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

2012  Water Absorption and Critical Degree of Saturation Relating to Freeze-Thaw Damage in Concrete Pavement Joints

2012  Water Absorption and Electrical Conductivity for Internally Cured Mortars with a W/C between 0.30 and 0.45

2011  Brine Absorption in Concrete at Low Temperature: Experimental Investigation and Modeling

2011  Investigation of Water Absorption in Recycled Aggregates for Application in Subbase Layer of Highway

2011  Microbial Concrete: Way to Enhance the Durability of Building Structures

2011  A Novel Semiactive Variable Stiffness Device and Its Application in a New Semiactive Tuned Vibration Absorber

2011  Thermochemical and Cyclability Analyses of the CO2 Absorption Process on a Ca/Al Layered Double Hydroxide

2010  Chromium (III) Immobilization and Its Influence on C3S Hydration

2010  Influence of Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures on Moisture Absorption in Cementitious Materials at Early Ages

2010  Kinetics of SO2 Absorption with Fly Ash Slurry with Concomitant Production of a Useful Wastewater Coagulant

2010  Optimal Tuning of Amplitude Proportional Coulomb Friction Damper for Maximum Cable Damping

2010  Temperature as an Accelerating Factor for Long-Term Durability Testing of FRPs: Should There Be Any Limitations?

2010  Time-Domain Hydrodynamic Forces on Rigid Dams with Reservoir Bottom Absorption of Energy

2010  Vehicle’s Shock Absorbing Capacity and Roadway Rumble Strips

2009  NewsBriefs: New Findings on Concrete Absorption of CO2

2009  Performance of a Rollover Protective Structure for a Bulldozer

2009  Potential for Carbon Dioxide Absorption in Concrete

2009  Research on the Crashworthiness of Two-Layer Thin-Walled Structures

2009  Static and Fatigue Behavior of Thick Pultruded GFRP Plates with Surface Damage

2008  Analytical Investigation of Mixed BRBF and SCBF Braced Steel Frames

2008  Capillary Force and Water Retention between Two Uneven-Sized Particles

2008  Comparison of Field Measured Soil Absorption Field Loading Rates and Loading Rates Estimated from Soil Morphologic Properties

2008  Experimental Verification of Capillary Force and Water Retention between Uneven-Sized Spheres

2008  Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: Review

2008  Influence of Hydraulic Loading and Effluent Flux on Surface Surcharging in Soil Absorption Systems

2008  Measuring the Specific Gravity and Absorption of Steel Slag and Crushed Concrete Coarse Aggregates: A Preliminary Study

2008  Modeling Water Table Mounding to Design Cluster and High-Density Wastewater Soil Absorption Systems

2008  Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for In Situ Monitoring of Geoenvironment

2007  Development and Application of Steel Bar Energy-Absorbing Type Frontal Impact Sled Test System

2007  Electrochemical Desulfurization of Waste Gases in a Batch Reactor

2007  Influence of Sediment Layers on Dynamic Behavior of Aged Concrete Dams

2007  NewsBriefs: Southern Oceans Unable to Absorb Carbon Dioxide (Associated Press)

2007  Performance of Hybrid-Fiber ECC Blast/Shelter Panels Subjected to Drop Weight Impact

2007  Small-Scale Field Experiment on a Submerged Breakwater for Absorbing Wave Energy

2007  Test of Chlorides Mixed wtih CaO, MgO, and Sodium Silicate for Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

2006  Comparative Absorption of Crude Oil from Fresh and Marine Water using Recycled Rubber

2006  Dynamic Anomalies in a Modular Bridge Expansion Joint

2006  Improving Air-Cooled Condenser Performance in Combined Cycle Power Plants

2006  Loading of a Gavel-Buried Steel Pipe Subjected to Rockfall

2006  Performance of Overburnt Distorted Bricks as Aggregates in Pavement Works

2006  Water Transport in Concrete Damaged by Tensile Loading and Freeze–Thaw Cycling

2005  Shore Protection by Point-Absorbers

2004  Control of Vaporous Naphthalene by Scrubbing with Surfactants

2004  Corrosion Response of a Decommissioned Deteriorated Bridge Deck

2004  Optical Measurement of NO2 Generation during the Cocombustion of Coal and Densified Municipal Waste

2004  Optimization of Bioscrubber Performances: Experimental and Modeling Approaches

2004  Pore Blockage Effects on Atrazine Adsorption in a Powdered Activated Carbon/Membrane System. II: Model Verification and Application

2004  Technology: Synthetic Material Absorbs Mercury in Wastewater

2004  Use of High-Efficiency Energy Absorbing Device to Arrest Progressive Collapse of Tall Building

2004  Vibration Control of the Wind-Excited 76-Story Benchmark Building by Liquid Column Vibration Absorbers

2003  Energy Absorption Capacity of the Laminated Fiber Reinforced Rubber Installed at Girder Ends

2003  Kinetic Study on Absorption of SO2 and NOx with Acidic NaCIO2 Solutions using the Spraying Column

2003  Nondestructive Evaluation of Tuned-Mass-Damper-Type Vibration Absorbers using Vibration Signatures

2003  Numerical Modeling of Wave Absorbers for Physical Wave Tanks

2002  Absorption of Phosphorus by Cattail Callus Cells

2002  Active Wave Absorption in Flumes and 3D Basins

2002  Design and Dynamic Analysis of an Adjustable Inertia Absorber for Semiactive Structural Vibration Attenuation

2002  New Tests for Porosity and Water Absorption of Fired Clay Bricks

2002  Properties of Polymer Modified Bitumen after Rubber-Bitumen Interaction

2002  Removal of Nickel(II) from Dilute Aqueous Solution by Sludge-Ash

2001  An Absorbing Multidirectional Wavemaker for Coastal Applications

2001  Absorption of Aramid Prestressing Rods in Aggressive Solutions

2001  Analytical Study of Porous Wave Absorber

2001  Load Dampening System for Vapor Phase Bioreactors

2001  Recovery and Marine Clay Stabilization of Heavy Metals Present in Spent Hydrotreating Catalysts

2001  Structures: System Would Use Chain of Spheres to Absorb Impact on Structures

2001  Surface Characteristics of Sorptive-Filtration Storm Water Media. I: Low Density (ρs < 1.0) Oxide Coated Buoyant Media

2001  Surface Characteristics of Sorptive-Filtration Storm-Water Media. II: Higher Specific Gravity (ρs > 1.0) Oxide-Coated Fixed Media

2001  Surface Zone Concrete: Drying, Absorption, and Moisture Distribution

2001  Treatment of Wave Breaking and Total Absorption in a Mild-Slope Equation FEM Model

2000  Fiber Reinforced Wet-Mix Shotcrete under Impact

2000  Preliminary Evaluations Orienting Forensic Studies

2000  Review of Multidirectional Active Wave Absorption Methods

2000  Tensile Characteristics of Palladium Exposed to Hydrogen (Deuterium)

2000  Waves inn Rectangular Inlet with Reflecting or Absorbing Walls

1999  Electrical Properties of Freshly Mixed Concrete

1999  Test Methods for Measuring Fluid Transport in Cover Concrete

1998  Beam-Type Dynamic Vibration Absorber Comprised of Free-Free Beam

1998  Behavior and Ductility of Simple and Continuous FRP Reinforced Beams

1998  Evaluation Findings for FIP-Energy Absorption Systems, L.C.C. Slider Bearings

1998  Field Measurements of Wave Overtopping on Seawall Covered with Armor Units

1998  Online Absorption Control System for Wave Generation