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2015  ASCE Library 2015 Subscription Catalog

2015  ASCE Library 2016 Subscription Catalog

2015  ASCE Publications 2016

2015  ASCE Standards: Promoting Safety, Reliability, Productivity, and Efficiency

2015  From the Editorial Board

2015  Publishing Books with ASCE, A Guide for Authors, Editors, and Committees

2015  Publishing in ASCE Journals, A Guide for Authors

2015  Publishing Proceedings with ASCE, A Guide for Editors and Conference Committees

2015  Readers Agree with Macnab’s Common-Sense Approach

2015  Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers 2014

2014  2013 Best Paper Award

2014  Announcement of New Journal Content: Technical Breakthrough Abstracts

2014  ASCE 2014 Publications Catalog

2014  ASCE Publications 2015

2014  Consequential Research

2014  Critical Review of Labor Productivity Research in Construction Journals

2014  Farewell

2014  From the Editorial Board

2014  From the Editorial Board

2014  History of Achievements of the Journal

2014  New Manuscript Submission Requirements

2014  Note of Appreciation for Our Reviewers

2014  Número Bilingüe Especial de Ingeniería en las Américas

2014  Papers in This Issue

2014  Papers in This Issue

2014  Passing the Baton

2014  Review of Properties of Concrete, 5th Ed., by A. M. Neville

2014  Special Bilingual Issue on Engineering in the Americas

2014  Special Issue on 2012 International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering

2014  Special Issue on Computational Simulation in Structural Engineering

2014  Special Issue on Construction Engineering: Leveraging Project and Career Success

2014  Special Issue on Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development

2014  Special Issue on Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Physical Phenomena of Material Systems

2014  Special Issue on Recent Advances in Seismic Design, Analysis, and Protection of Highway Bridges

2014  Special Issue on the 10th Anniversary of IIFC

2014  Special Issue on Trends and Challenges of Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture

2014  Special Section on Advances in Ballistic Impact and Crashworthiness Response of Aerospace Structures

2014  Special Section on Curriculum Assessment and Continuous Improvement

2014  Special Section on Performance of Bridges under Critical Natural Hazards

2014  State of the Journal

2014  Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers 2013

2014  Updates to JCEM Editorial Board

2013  2012 Best Paper Award

2013  2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

2013  ASCE Library 2014 Subscription Catalog

2013  ASCE News at a Glance

2013  Call for Papers

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Emerging Technology, Civil Engineering Innovations for the Infrastructure and the Environment

2013  From the Editorial Board

2013  From the New Editor in Chief

2013  How Many Oceans Do We Have?

2013  Impact Factor Conundrum

2013  Implications, Planning, and Design Considerations for Rising Sea Levels at the Coast

2013  Infrastructure Rating Tool: Using Decision Support Tools to Enhance ASCE Infrastructure Report Card Process

2013  Judith C. Wang, Outstanding Reviewer

2013  Letters

2013  Numerical Modeling: Special Issue

2013  On the Web (

2013  On the Web (

2013  On the Web(

2013  Organizational Member News Correction

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Papers in This Issue

2013  Putting the Civil "E" in STEM

2013  Seeking Excellence

2013  Special Issue on Advances in the Fundamental Study, Numerical Simulation, and Prediction of Hydrologic Processes in River Basins

2013  Special Issue on Analysis of Structural Failures Using Numerical Modeling

2013  Special Issue on Cold-Formed Steel Structures

2013  Special Issue on Green and Sustainable Construction Projects: The Facets of Sustainability

2013  Special Issue on Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Hydrological Processes in China

2013  Special Issue on In Situ Resource Utilization

2013  Special Issue on NEES 1: Advances in Earthquake Engineering

2013  Special Issue on Radar Rainfall Data Analyses and Applications

2013  Special Issue on Real-World Applications of Structural Identification and Health Monitoring Methodologies

2013  Special Issue on Seventy Years of Aerospace Research and Technology Excellence at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Special Issue on Stability of Composite Structures

2013  Special Section on Hydraulic and Earth Structures