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2013  Celebrate Awesome!

2013  Former ASCE President Lends Expertise to High-Speed Transportation Project

2013  Honoring Our Infrastructure Commitment

2013  Inspire Future Generations

2012  Can’t Help Being Biased

2012  Continuing to Make the Case for Infrastructure Investment

2012  The Future of Engineering Licensure

2012  Help Us Make the Case for Infrastructure Investment

2012  Let’s Focus the Nation’s Priorities on Infrastructure

2012  Our Future Begins Today

2012  Reach Out Today for a Better Profession Tomorrow

2012  Seven Billion Strong: Engineers Week 2012

2012  The Sustainability Edge

2012  Thinking Long Term about Infrastructure Investments

2012  We Need to Show Them the Possibilities

2011  ’Envisioning’ the Future

2011  The Future Is Now

2011  The Future Really Is in Good Hands

2011  The Importance of Advocacy

2011  The Importance of Raising the Bar

2011  Infrastructure: What to Expect from ASCE This Year

2011  It’s Time to Think Big

2011  Let’s Make 2012 a Pivotal Year

2011  Our Many Facets of Leadership

2011  Please Participate in the envision Public Comment Period

2011  A Steady Course in Trying Times

2011  Sustainability in the 21st Century

2010  Andrew W. Herrmann is Society’s President-Elect; 22 Other Officers Elected

2010  ASCE’s New President Proclaims Her Intention to MOVE

2010  Hermann Elected ASCE President

2010  In Farewell Speech Leonard Praises Civil Engineers, Points to Vision 2025 as Structure for the Future

2010  Leonard Emphasizes Need for Federal Leadership at Forum

2010  Message from the President: ASCE Takes the Lead in Celebrating Engineers Week

2010  Message from the President: Be A Leader

2010  Message from the President: Engineering A Sustainable Future

2010  Message from the President: Give More Through Engagement

2010  Message from the President: Improved Communication

2010  Message From the President: It’s Time to MOVE

2010  Message from the President: Make ASCE Your Partner Now and in the Future

2010  Message from the President: Seeking Higher Standards in Engineering Practice

2010  Message from the President: Sharing the Vision Globally

2010  Message from the President: Surviving the Tough Economy

2010  People: Maryland’s Governor Names Mongan to P.E. Board

2009  Candidates Respond to Questions from the Technical Region’s Board of Governors

2009  CoreBits: Late-Breaking ASCE Election News; Caldwell and Gouda Vie for ASCE Presidency

2009  Kathy J. Caldwell Is Society’s President-Elect; 22 Other Officers Elected

2009  Klotz Bids Farewell, Natale Reports on Year

2009  Klotz Joins Congressional Delegation, Participates in Triennial Conference

2009  Leonard’s Inaugural Remarks Reflect Legacy of Service.

2009  Message from the President: A Crucial Moment in History

2009  Message from the President: Achieving the Vision Together

2009  Message from the President: ASCE’s Precollege Outreach Programs are Changing

2009  Message from the President: Gear Up for Engineers Week Excitement

2009  Message from the President: Holiday Giving Throughout the Year

2009  Message from the President: In Today’s Global Economy, Far Away is Close to Home

2009  Message from the President: Some Final Thoughts

2009  Message from the President: The Power of the Constituent

2009  Message from the President: The Prudent Course

2009  Message from the President: The Times They Are A-Changin’

2009  Message from the President: Your Membership Bonus

2009  President-Elect Candidates Caldwell and Gouda Respond to Interview Questions

2009  Short Takes: Marcuson and Roth are Honored Guests at Japan Conference

2008  2009 Vacancies in Elected Positions

2008  CoreBits: Geo-Institute News — G-I Congratulates New ASCE Leadership; ASCE Member Memoirs; Please Answer the Question-of-the-Month; International Foundation Congress and Equipment Exposition 2009 (IFCEE ’09); Call for Abstract Deadlines; November 30, 2008; Have You Subscribed to Geo-On-The-Go?; Get Digital Issues of Civil Engineering and ASCE News from Anywhere; 2008 Design-Build Conference & Expo

2008  Independent Task Force Recommends Changes to ASCE Procedures

2008  Infrastructure is ”Cathedral of Modern Civilization,” Klotz says

2008  Leonard is ASCE’s New President-Elect; 23 Other Officers Elected

2008  Message from the President: ASCE and Engineers without Borders — USA: Reaching Out Together

2008  Message from the President: Howdy!

2008  Message from the President: Let’s Celebrate Civil Engineering!

2008  Message from the President: One Vision, One Global Community

2008  Message from the President: Our Week to Reach Out

2008  Message from the President: Raising the Bar to Shape Our Profession for Tomorrow

2008  Message from the President: Reflections on Serving this Great Society

2008  Message from the President: Specialties Are Our Specialty

2008  Message from the President: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Civil Engineer and an ASCE Member

2008  Message from the President: Vision 2025 — Making It a Reality

2008  Mongan Bids Farewell; Natale Reports on Year

2008  Mongan, Herrmann Testify before Congressional Committees Recommend Infrastructure Investment for Economic Recovery

2008  Mongan Makes Persuasive Case for Infrastructure before Senate Committee

2008  Short Takes: Mongan Helps Choose History Channel’s City of the Future

2008  Short Takes: Past President Henry Attends Engineers Week Event in Washington State

2008  Why Did I Get This? I’m Already a Member!

2007  Klotz is ASCE’s New President-Elect; 23 Other Officers Elected

2007  Levee Leader

2007  Marcuson Discusses Seismic Design and Embankment Dams at 4th CECAR

2007  Marcuson Looks to Profession’s Future In Farewell Speech

2007  Message from the President: ASCE Ties Members to Global Civil Engineering Community

2007  Message from the President: ASCE’s Disaster Resilience Program: Get In on the Action!

2007  Message from the President: ASCE’s Local Technical Groups Are Taking Off, So Jump on Board

2007  Message from the President: ASCE’s Political Involvement: What’s Ahead?

2007  Message from the President: Be an Advocate for Important Public Policy Measures

2007  Message from the President: Celebrating the Achievements of Civil Engineers

2007  Message from the President: Civil Engineers, It’s Time for Action!

2007  Message from the President: Reaching Out to Our Successors

2007  Message from the President: The Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge and You

2007  Message from the President: The Professional Civil Engineer of Tomorrow: Achieving Greatness

2007  Message from the President: Time to Take Ownership!

2007  Message from the President: Vibrant Governance Though Local Involvement

2007  Mongan Inaugurated as President, Underscores the Power of One