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2013  State of Women in Civil Engineering in the United States and the Role of ASCE

2011  Educating the Master Builder of the 21st Century Strategically

2011  Internal Impediments to ASCE’s Vision 2025

2008  Independent Task Force Recommends Changes to ASCE Procedures

2008  Short Takes: Updated Sample Governing Documents Released

2008  Thoughts on Metrication

2004  A Commendation Is in Order

2004  Governance Restructuring Mandated by Membership Vote; Plans Under Way for Implementation

2004  Kudos to ASCE!

2004  Model for Education, Professional Preparation, and Licensure of Civil Engineers

2003  ASCE Policy Statement 465: Raising the Bar

2003  Policy Statement 465 Subcommittee Makes Recommendations regarding Body of Knowledge, Seeks Additional Comments from Members

2002  Comparison of Site Safety Policies of Construction Industry Trade Groups

2002  Election to ASCE Fellow

2002  Forum: ASCE Site Safety Policy: Introduction

2001  ASCE and ICE Exchange Compares U.S. and U.K. Engineering Accreditation Programs

2001  ASCE Governing Documents to Be Updated

2001  ASCE Site Safety Policy

2001  ASCE Urges $277-Billion Investment in Water

2001  Board Adopts New Policies, Explores First Professional Degree Issues

2001  Discussion on Issues and Policies Affecting the Energy Division, ASCE

2001  Face Value: The Silent Diversity Challenge

2001  New ASCE Web Site Engenders Lively Exchanges

2000  Congress Sends H-1B Visa Legislation to President Clinton

2000  The First Professional Degree: A Historic Opportunity

1999  ASCE Adopts Policies in Three Different Areas

1999  ASCE and Geo-Institute Republication Policies

1999  ASCE Event Is Sounding Board for Urban Sprawl Problems

1999  Board Briefs

1999  Changing Needs of Members Dictate New Strategic Plan for ASCE

1999  Civil Engineering Curricula for the First Professional Degree

1999  The First Professional Degree and the Advance of CE Education

1999  The First Professional Degree: Where Do We Go from Here?

1999  The First Professional Degree: Where Do We Go From Here?

1999  A Matter of Policy

1999  Saving Salaries

1999  Task Group Will Study ASCE Policy On First Professional Degree

1999  What the Board Did in Charlotte

1998  ASCE Leaders Storm Capitol Hill

1998  ASCE: The March Toward the 21st Century

1998  Know Your CE History

1998  More Comments on ‘First Professional Degree’ Issue (ltr)

1998  Professional Degree Article Clarified

1998  Response to ASCE’s Report Card on Infrastructure Shows Wide Support

1998  Society Reverses Site Safety Policy

1998  Support for Board’s View on Professional Degree (ltr)

1997  ASCE Board Adopts Four New Policies

1997  ASCE Policy Statements

1997  Associations Win Protection for Volunteers after 11-Year Effort

1997  Board to Consider Amendments in Minneapolis

1997  Editorial

1997  Editor’s Note

1997  Where Is ASCE?

1996  Chemical Engineer Joins Metric Debate

1996  Editorial

1996  Use of the Metric System in Water Resources

1996  White House Proposes Design-Build Regulation

1995  ASCE Adopts Four New Policies, Including Design Competition and Infrastructure Investment

1995  ASCE is Concerned about Administration’s Retreat on Infrastructure Investment

1995  ASCE President Talks About Emerging Issues in Society’s Next Strategic Plan

1995  Broader View Needed for Quality Improvement

1995  Brooks Law Protects the Established

1995  A Case for a Standards of Practice for Computing in Civil Engineering

1995  Clinton Abandons Pledge to Rebuild America as $6.7 Billion Transportation Cut Is Planned

1995  GOP on Top of the Hill

1995  Implementing ASCE Water Conservation Policy

1995  Report to Members on the Progress of ASCE’s 1995 strategic Plan

1995  SI Conversion

1995  Some Questions and Answers about ASCE’s New Strategic Plan

1995  Strategic Plan and Reorganization Dominate April Board Conclave

1995  Transportation Topics Abound in New ASCE Policies Approved by Society’s Board of Direction

1995  What Should Be the Role of Civil Engineers in Public-Policy Development

1994  ASCE Board Approves New Policy Documents in Dallas

1994  ASCE Board Looks to Society’s Future at Spring Session in Mexico City

1994  ASCE Not Alone in Advocating CPD for Its Members

1994  ASCE Offers New Cancer Insurance Program

1994  An ASCE Policy Often Overlooked

1994  ASCE President Offers New Vision of Leadership

1994  ASCE to White House: Improve Flood Controls

1994  ASCE’s Proposed Program for Continuing Professional Development (April 1994)

1994  CE Should Use SI (1tr)

1994  CERF’s Corporate Board Adds New Categories

1994  Clients Do Not Use Metrics

1994  Congress to Debate Procurement Reform

1994  Continuing Education: Some Typical Questions Raised and Answered

1994  For Engineers, 2 Basic Primer on Sustainable Development

1994  From Crane Safety to Watershed Management, ASCE Board Adopts Five New Policies

1994  Metrication: Expensive and Impractical

1994  Professional Development? Invest in the Profession

1994  Professional Development? Raise Salaries (1tr)

1994  Take Moderate Approach to Professional Development

1993  ASCE Education Group Active On Many Fronts

1993  ASCE Makes the Honor Roll for 7-88

1993  Bachelor of Civil Technology and Civil Engineering Programs

1993  Career-Guidance Programs: Needs and Activities of ASCE Sections/Branches

1993  Contractor Bias Not New

1993  Deason Endorsed for Environment Posts in Clinton Administration

1993  Don’t Repeat Past in Continuing-Education Debate

1993  Droughts to Infrastructure to Lunar Engineering, ASCE’s Many Policies Continue to Proliferate

1993  Guilty Until Proven Innocent?