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Computing in Civil and Building Engineering

The 3D Approach to Design (by Glenn S. Orenstein)

3D Template of Human Figure for CG Animation in Design (by Hiroyuki Ota)

Accurate and Efficient Element for Analysis of Concrete Structures (by Eiki Yamaguchi)

Adapting Conceptual Clustering for Preliminary Structural Design (by Mary Lou Maher, ...)

Adaptive, Multi-Resolution Modeling of Construction Plans (by Francois Grobler, ...)

Advanced Construction Technology System (by P. G. Ioannou, ...)

Agent-Based Technology for Facility Design Software Integration (by Taha Khedro, ...)

Algorithms for Efficient Real-time Traffic Assignment (by R. Jayakrishnan, ...)

The Analysis of Plate-bending Problems with Boundary Elements (by Friedel Hartmann)

Analysis of Sequential Route Choice Under ATIS (by Kenneth M. Vaughn, ...)

Analytical Information Management Systems: Tools for Environmental Data Management (by Philip A. Naecker, ...)

The Application of AI in Highway CAD System (by Shouen Fang, ...)

Application of Computer Simulation in the Research of Rail Structure Vibration Reduction (by Lan Wang)

An Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to Preference Analysis in Bus Route Choices (by Kazuhiko Ogawa, ...)

The Application of Gauss Numerical Integration Method in Arch Dam Trial-load Method Program (by Zhanmei Li)

Application of Information Technology in Construction (by F. John Hemmett)

An Application of Neural Networks to Hysteretic Modeling of Steel Structures (by Kohsuke Yamamoto, ...)

Application of PC Graphics, CADD, and Solid Modeling Techniques to 3-D Structural Stability of Concrete Monolithic Structures (by Fred T. Tracy, ...)

Application of Spencer’s Method for Slope Stability Analysis (by Djan Chandra, ...)

Applying Constraint Satisfaction Neural Networks to Multiple Views’ Data Partitioning in Building Engineering (by D. H. Douglas Phan)

Architecture of an Object-Oriented Product Model Prototype for Integrated Building Design (by Raimar J. Scherer, ...)

Artificial Neural Networks and Knowledge-Based Systems: Complementary AI Techniques for Civil Engineering (by Nabil Kartam, ...)

An Automated Cost Planning System (ACPS) for Construction Projects (by Osama J. Alkayyali, ...)

An Automated Database System for Construction Bidding (by S. M. AbouRizk, ...)

Automated Total Quality Management for the Constuction Industry (by M. J. Riley, ...)

The Automation of Freeway Ramp Junctions Analysis (by Kanathur N. Srikanth, ...)

Bellevue Smart Traveler: Phase 2 (by Mark Haselkorn, ...)

Benefit-Cost Analysis for Optimal Budget Allocation to Bridges (by Foad Farid, ...)

Bridge Management System Implementation at CALTRANS (by Paul D. Thompson, ...)

The Building Code Desktop for Engineers® (by Farzad Naeim, ...)

Building Object-Oriented Systems for Diagnostic Problems in Civil Engineering (by G. Akhras, ...)

Building Renovation Decision Support Model (by Prameela V. Reddy, ...)

CAD Applications for Material Handling in the Construction Environment (by Yvan J. Beliveau, ...)

CAD Instruction for Civil Engineering Students (by Celal N. Kostem)

CAD System for Structural Aesthetics of Bridge Form (by Yoichi Kubota, ...)

A CAD-Based Construction Simulation Tool Kit for Construction Planning (by Jeffrey F. Skolnick)

The Cal Poly ATMIS Traffic Operations Center Simulator (by Edward M. Sullivan, ...)

The California Smart Traveler 1993 Status Report (by Robert Ratcliff)

Civil Engineering Computer Usage Survey (by Melodie A. Selby)

Classifying Constructability Information (by Eric J. Hanlon, ...)

Combined Boundary Element and Finite Element Analysis of Composite Slab on Girder Bridges (by E. M. Galuta, ...)

A Comparison of Two AI Based Design Systems (by J. C. Miles, ...)

Competitive Advantage of Using Computers in Structural Design (by J. A. Bohinsky, ...)

Comprehensive Site Monitoring Through Model Based Reasoning (by Toshihiko Aoki, ...)

A Computational Method for Acquiring Response and Ground Motion from Accelerogram on the Base of Structure (by Shuichi Asayama)

Computer Aided Analysis/Design of Overlays in Cracked Road Pavements (by A. Scarpas, ...)

Computer Aided Education in Civil Engineering (by Ahmad Salahuddin)

Computer Aided Experiments for Truss Structures (by Hidemoto Mukai, ...)

Computer Aided Learning of System Reliability Assessment (by G. Singh, ...)

Computer Analysis of Cable-Stayed & Suspension Bridges (by Randall A. Sancho, ...)

Computer Application in Analyzing Change Order Work (by David J. Leymeister, ...)

Computer Assisted Conceptual Structural Design of Steel Buildings (by Hiroyuki Fuyama, ...)

Computer Estimating & Cost Control History & Evolution at Perini (by S. Bhatia, ...)

Computer Fluent Civil Engineer: What Does it Mean? (by Robert M. Henry)

Computer Methods Used on Seismic Retrofit Projects (by Lee W. Abramson, ...)

Computer-Aided Decision Model for Selecting a Contractual System (by Irtishad Ahmad, ...)

Computer-Aided Guyed Tower Analysis for the Rehabilitation of TTI Tower, Baltimore (by Michael H. Swanger)

Computer-Supported Creative Structural Design (by Fang Zhao, ...)

Computer-based Building Design and Pedestrian-level Wind Conditions (by Hanqing Wu, ...)

Computerized Approach for Forecasting the Rate of Cost Escalation (by Awad S. Hanna, ...)

Computing with Objects: What Does Industry Hope to Gain from it (by K. Beucke, ...)

Conceptual Cost Estimating: A Hybrid Neural-Expert System Approach (by Guruprasad N. Rao, ...)

Constraint Management for Concurrent Design and Construction Using an Object-Oriented Project Model (by Kenji Ito)

Constraint Management in Distributed AEC Databases (by Sanjai Tiwari, ...)

A Constraint-Based Composites Design Advisor (by Lisa K. Spainhour, ...)

Construction Enterprise Management Computer-Aided Diagnosis Technique (by Jizhi Cao)

Construction Information Management (by Saeid L. Sadri, ...)

Construction and Maintenance Decisions for Multi-Unit Deteriorating Facilities (by Robert I. Carr, ...)

Constructors’ Approach to CIC Based on Preparation of Construction Production Information (by Katsuyoshi Minemasa)

Containing Construction Change with Computers (by Stephen J. Krone)

The County Sanitation Districts’ Experience in Computerized Solid Waste Management Data (by Stephen R. Maguin, ...)

Crack and Contact Problems in Masonry Arch Bridges (by N. G. Gong, ...)

Creative Engineering Design Using Analogy (by Lena Qian, ...)

Cycletime Simulation of Shield-Tunneling Operation (by Yoshiyuki Tanaka)

DScheduler: A Deductive Database for Scheduling Building Construction Tasks (by Sanjai Tiwari, ...)

The DWR Delta Graphical User Interface (by Ralph Finch, ...)

Decision Methods for Selecting Earth Retaining Structures (by Teresa M. Adams)

Decision Support Systems in Construction Management (by Makarand Hastak, ...)

Deriving Alternative Structural Modifications Based on Qualitative Interpretation at the Conceptual Design Stage (by Renate Fruchter)

Design Information Hierarchy for Construction Method Selection Process (by M. G. Syal, ...)

The Design Navigator (by Fritz Haller, ...)

Design and Construction Support with Object-Oriented Database Kernel Systems (by Thomas Bode, ...)

The Design and Installation of a Distributed Controls System at the Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant: A Case Study (by Jeff Theerman, ...)

Designing in Three Dimensions for Manufacturing Facilities (by Richard H. Hendricks)

Developing an Integrated Database Structure for the Lifecycle of Precast Concrete Projects (by John I. Messner, ...)

Development of Differential Growth Method for Automated Vehicle Recognition (by Hirotaka Koike, ...)

Development of an Integrated System for Structural Design of Buildings Using OODP Method (by Chee Kyeong Kim, ...)

Does Computer Usage Dictate the Curriculum? (by R. L. Sack, ...)

Dynamic Analysis of Beams on a Pasternak Foundation (by Anton Kok)

A Dynamic Mapping Application for an ATIS (by Wende A. O’Neill, ...)

Dynamic Response of Bridges Under Traffic Loads (by J. L. Humar, ...)

Editing Existing Paper Drawings (by Darrell Knight)

Effect of the Periodic Secondary Irregularity on the Dynamic Behaviour of Railway Bridge-Vehicle System (by Weiping Xu)

An Effective Estimate of the Percentage Completion of Construction Projects and Concomitant Progress Payments (by Nabil Kartam, ...)

Emergency Response Team Siting for HLRW Movements (by George List)

The Engineering Implications of an Integrated GIS and CAD System (by Matthew Davis)

An Entity Relationship Model of Construction Project Data (by Martin Betts)

An Environmental Evaluation Learning System (by Benoît Julien, ...)

Evaluating the Use of Smart Card Systems in the Provision of Rural and Small Urban Transit Services (by John Collura)

Evaluation Plan for AVL Implementations (by Robert F. Casey, ...)

Exchanging Layout and Schedule Data in a Real-Time Distributed Environment (by Iris D. Tommelein, ...)

Expert System for the Preloading Method of Ground Improvement (by Myoung Mo Kim, ...)

Explanation Facilities for Intelligent Engineering Tutors (by Nelson C. Baker)

F. E. Everett Turnpike: An Application of MOSS (by John C. Vancor)

Facilities Management System with CAD and Information Control Tools (by Hideyuki Ishisone, ...)

Filing of Construction Photos Linked with Database (by Nagamine Hiroshi, ...)

A Finite Difference Approach to the Modelling of Thick Bridge Decks (by N. E. Bencharif, ...)

Finite Element Analysis and Design of Bridges with Applicatrons of ICAD (by C. A. Hudson, ...)

Finite Element Representation of Approach Slabs (by Amde M. Wolde-Tinsae, ...)

A Finite-Element Model of Staged Construction (by Martin Hawkes, ...)

Floodplain Delineation Using TINS (by Cary A. Talbot, ...)

Foundation Uniform Pressure and Soil Structure Interaction (by Rusk Masih)

Framework for an Automated Quality Control System in Working Drawing Production (by M. Kevin Parfitt, ...)

GIS Applications in Urban Roadway Management Systems (by W. R. Hudson, ...)

GT BEAM — An Interactive Graphic Beam Analysis Program for Education (by Kurt C. Gramoll)

A Generalized Three Invariants Cap Model and its Numerical Implementation to Study Soil-Foundation Interaction (by Sahel N. Abduljauwad, ...)

Graph—database of Large Dams in China (GLDC) (by Meihua Yu, ...)

Graphical Resource-Based Object-Oriented Simulation for Construction Process Planning (by L. Y. Liu, ...)

Grillage Analogy for Multigirder Bridges (by Celal N. Kostem, ...)

The Hybrid Solution Approach of ESBE (by Kunibert Lennerts, ...)

ICPS: Integrated Construction Planning System by Object-Oriented Planning Models (by Yusuke Yamazaki)

IVHS and HOV Facilities (by Katherine F. Turnbull)

Implementing Qualitative Reasoning for Structural Design Using Constraint Propagation (by Ian F. C. Smith, ...)

Incorporating Weather Effects in Project Simulation (by Simaan M. AbouRizk, ...)

The Influence of Preform on the Vibration Mode of a Thin Plate (by Qiulin Yu, ...)

Information Integrated Construction (IIC) (by Toshihiko Aoki, ...)

Information Technology: Panacea or Poison? (by Peter Gardner)

An Integrated Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval Multimedia System for Constructibility Lessons Learned (by Jorge A. Vanegas)

An Integrated Computer-Based Total Design Environment for Civil Engineering Education (by Jorge A. Vanegas)

Integrated Resident Management Support (by Moonja P. Kim, ...)

Integrated Slab Design Automation System Using Knowledge-based Approach (by KwangSup Yoon)

An Integrated System to Facilitate the Analysis of Construction Claims (by Mark Mazerolle, ...)

Integrating Database and Geometric Modeling Technologies to Manage Facility Information (by M. Kiumarse Zamanian, ...)

Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning in Structural Engineering (by Jeffrey L. Martin, ...)

An Intelligent Interface for Construction Information (by G. H. Hutton, ...)

Intelligent Optimal CAD (IOCAD) for Arch Dams (by Bofang Zhu, ...)

Intelligent Systems for Information Retrieval in Construction (by Luis Arditi Rocha, ...)

Interactive Simulation for Modeling Dynamic Driver Behavior in Response to ATIS (by Jeffrey L. Adler, ...)

Interdisciplinary Communication of Design Critique in the Conceptual Design Stage (by Renate Fruchter, ...)

Interference Detection with 3-D Computer Models (by Margaret T. Neggers, ...)

Knowledge Mapping for Facility Scope Modeling (by Y -L. Huang, ...)

Knowledge and Information Processing with Drawing Objects in Construction Phase (by Gakuhito Hirasawa, ...)

Knowledge-Based Creation of an Architectural 3-D Model from 2-D Drawings (by Hisao Goto, ...)

A Knowledge-Based System for the Damage Assessment of Timber Trusses (by H. C. Foo, ...)

Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Data Administration (by Tom A. Pedersen, ...)

Learning Engineering: An Outline (by Tomasz Arciszewski)

Linear Scheduling: A Practical Implementation (by Alan D. Russell, ...)

Linking CAD and Expert Systems for Constructibility Reasoning (by Martin Fischer)

Maintaining Engineering Drawings in the ’90s (by Marcus B. Maddox)

Managing AutoCAD and Intergraph MicroStation Systems (by Eitan S. Agai)

Masonry Cladding, an Expert System for Distress Diagnosis (by Baher Abdulhai, ...)

Migration to a Networked Workstation Environment (by Celal N. Kostem)

A Model and Realization of Intelligence CAD System (by Yangbiao Sun, ...)

A Model to Quantify Work Space Availability for Space—Contrained Scheduling Within a CAD Environment (by Walid Y. Thabet, ...)

Model-Based and Interactive Planning for Predictive Plant Maintenance Management (by Yan Jin, ...)

Modeling Beam Torsion in Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridges (by Terry D. Hand, ...)

Modeling DO-BOD Dynamics in Johor River Estuary, Malaysia, Due to Agro-Industrial Discharge (by Hock-Lye Koh, ...)

Modeling Facility Engineering Processes & Data Using the P-C Approach (by D. H. Douglas Phan, ...)

Modeling and Analysis of Shafts and Tunnels for the SSC (by Gordon T. Clark)

Modular Software for Editing Paper Drawings (by James O’Keefe)

A Multimedia Information System for Buildings and Campuses (by Farzad Naeim, ...)

Multiple Objectives, Uncertainty and Routing Decisions for Hazardous Materials Shipments (by Mark A. Turnquist)

NCHRP Project 12-28(2)A Bridge Management System Software (by Stephen Lipkus)

NETSYN: Neural Network-based Support for Synthesis (by Nanad Ivezic, ...)

NEUROFLOOR: A Flooring System Selection Neural Network (by Raja R. A. Issa, ...)

NOISE—A Comprehensive Software Library for Highway Noise Analysis (by Roswell A. Harris, ...)

Neural Network Learning in Structural Engineering Applications (by D. J. Gunaratnam, ...)

A New Approach for Road Network and Bridge Planning (by Amin Hammad, ...)

Non-linear Analysis of a Cable Stayed Bridge (by Cornelis van der Veen, ...)

Nonlinear Earthquake Response Analysis with Partial Uplift of a Building on a 3D Layered Half-Space Using Dynamic Stiffness in Frequency Domain (by Masato Motosaka, ...)

Nonlinear Trial Load Method of Arch Dams (by Kaizhi Wang, ...)

Numerical Analysis of Membrane Action in Hollow Core Floors (by J. P. Straman)

A Numerical Procedure to Compute Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations (by Shi-Chih Chu, ...)

An OOP Model for Scheduling of Repetitive Projects (by Osama Moselhi, ...)

Object Based Visualization of Physical Behavior (by Rudolf Damrath)

An Object Oriented Approach to Computing with Structural Components (by H. Werner, ...)

Object Oriented Design of Finite Element Software for Transient, Non-Linear Coupling Problems (by C. Rihaczek, ...)

Object Oriented Modeling of Structural Systems (by Dietrich Hartmann, ...)

Object-Oriented Data Exchange for the Integration of Design Processes in Structural Engineering (by Uwe Rüppel, ...)

Object-Oriented Finite Element Modeling (by Petra Hoffmeister, ...)

Object-Oriented Modelling for Concrete Structures (by Jörg Reymendt, ...)

On the Usage of AutoCAD as a User-Interface for a Finite-Element-Program (by Thomas Fink)

Optimal Adaptive and Predictive Control System of Buildings by Neural Network and Fuzzy Theory (by Akinori Tani, ...)

Optimal Processor Mapping for Massively Parallel Finite Element Computations (by Sang Y. Synn, ...)

Optimal Resource Leveling Using Integer-Linear Programming (by Ketan A. Shah, ...)

Optimal Seismic Design of Structures (by Yukio Kikuta, ...)

Optimum Design Software Package for Shortening Civil Engineering Construction Period (by Kaitai Yang, ...)

The Optimum Parameter Selection for 4-Point Time Domain Integration Schemes (by Jiangun Jiang)

Order of Magnitude Reasoning for Qualitative Matrix Structural Analysis (by David I. Schwartz, ...)

PDS: An Expert System for Distress Diagnosis of Flexible Pavements in Taiwan (by Chinchun Lan, ...)

POE System Development Using Personal Computers (by Mutsumi Maruta, ...)

Parallel-Adaptive Finite Element Analysis on a Transputer Cluster (by Bernd Möller, ...)

Plastic Limit Analysis of Arch Dams (by Kaizhi Wang, ...)

Pre-Design Planning with Intelligent Project Development Brochure (IPDB) System (by Prameela V. Reddy, ...)

A Process to Enhance the Flow of Engineering and Management Information at Ford Hood, Texas (by Bruce C. Goettel)

A Program Architecture for Interactive Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structures (by G. R. Miller, ...)

Project Modeling and Data Standards for AEC (by Thomas Froese)

Properties in Sensitivity Coefficients of Framed Structures (by Yasuo Niinobe, ...)

Public Utilities GIS: Promises and Pitfalls (by Charles S. Hodge)

Qualitative Formulation of Load Paths Through a Functional Description of Structures (by Gregory P. Luth, ...)

Quality Control and Constructability of Slabs on Grade With Expert Systems (by George Suckarieh, ...)

A Real-Time Expert System for Freeway Incident Management in Orange County, California (by Stephen G. Ritchie, ...)

Real-Time Position Measurement Integrated with CAD-CAE and Related Data Structure Issues (by Yvan J. Beliveau, ...)

Recommendations for the Design of CAD User Interfaces (by Andreas M. Heinecke)

Reducing Ambiguity in Qualitative Reasoning (by Luis M. Bozzo, ...)

Regional Stress Field Due to Water-Filling at Sanxia Dam (by Jicun Wang, ...)

The Reliability Program in Truncated JC Method (by Xinshu Cheng, ...)

Reliability-Based Assessment of Navigation Structures (by Mary Ann Leggett, ...)

Research of the Limit Function About Imperfection and the Approximately Calculating Method of the Internal Forces of Hyperbolic Cooling Tower (by Zhenzong Tao, ...)

Resource Constrained Time-Space Scheduling Model (by Koshi Yamamoto, ...)

Resource Information System for Military Engineers (by Bruce C. Goettel)

Resource Leveling Based on the Modified Minimum Moment Heuristic (by Julio Martinez, ...)

A Rezoning Procedure for Finite Element Analysis of Rubber-like Materials (by Takahiro Yamada)

Rive, Rive-Grown and Burst Probability of Rolled Compressive Concrete Arch Dam (by Zuping Chen, ...)

Safety of Passengers on Railway Platforms—Using Various Computers (by Kiyoshi Sasamoto, ...)

The San Andreas Fault System, A Multimedia Earthquake Encyclopedia (by Farzad Naeim)

Scheduling of Multi-Story Buildings in a Constraint Environment (by Osama Moselhi, ...)

Screening Effectiveness of Surface Wave by In-filled Trench with Using Boundary Element Method (by Sheng-Huoo T. Ni, ...)

Secondary Member Contribution to the Behavior of Damaged Multigirder Highway Bridges (by Thomas A. Lenox, ...)

A Shape Annealing Approach to Creative Design of Structures (by Jonathan Cagan, ...)

Simulating Paving Fleets with Non-Stationary Travel (by Foad Farid, ...)

Simulation Architecture for Advanced Traffic Management Systems (by John D. Leonard, II)

Simulation of ATIS Strategies to Mitigate Special Event Congestion (by Michael G. McNally, ...)

A Simulation of the Quake-response on the Frame with Large Basement-box under the Earthquake from Deep Soil Layer (by Fukuzo Suto)

Simulative Calculation of Highrise Building Structure Under Vertical Loads (by Xueyi Fu)

Space Schedule Construction (by Pierrette P. Zouein, ...)

A Spatial Decision Support System for Vehicle Routing (by Jeff R. Wright, ...)

Standards for Digital Exchange of Information in the Building Industry (by Daniel Horn)

A Stochastic Cost Engineering System (SCENS) Applied to Estimating and Tendering for Bill of Quantities Contracts (by Kamalain K. Sha′ath, ...)

A Stochastic Cost Engineering System (SCENS) Applied to Estimating and Tendering for Bill of Quantities Contracts (by Kamalain K. Sha′ath, ...)

Stress Analysis in Concrete with Cooling Pipes (by N. G. Gong, ...)

A Structural Analysis System <PSDARI> for Prestressed Concrete Bridges and its Application on the Interurban Express-Way Project in SEOUL (by Hwan-Woo Lee, ...)

A Structural Engineering Education Image Database (by Mark L. Valenzuela, ...)

Study of a Computer System for Evaluation of Bearing Wall Stresses in Structural Planning — Reasoning by Neural Network (by Kazutoshi Tsutsumi, ...)

A Study on Aseismic Behaviours of Composite Trussed Arch Bridge (by Shide Hu, ...)

Technology Framework for Computer Integrated Construction (by Paul Teicholz, ...)

Thin-Walled Finite Element for Curved Multicell Box Girders (by A. Ghani Razaqpur, ...)

Three-Dimensional FEM Analysis with Graphical Interface (by Casper Harnung, ...)

Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis of a Wooden Structure with Base Subsidence (by Dongping Fang, ...)

Time-Dependent Analysis of Nonprismatic Curved PC Box Girder Bridges (by Luoxi Zhang, ...)

Time-Dependent Nonlinear Analysis of Cable-Supported Prestressed Concrete Bridges (by Young-Jin Kang, ...)

Total Quality Management for Information Technology (by Eitan S. Agai)

Tutorial: Fuzzy Expert Systems (by Timothy J. Ross)

Use of Construction Simulation in Claims Analysis (by Jorge A. Vanegas, ...)

The Use of Numerical Rule Processors in Engineering Calculations (by I. A. MacLeod, ...)

User-Friendly Simulation Model for Traffic Networks with ATIS/ATMS (by R. Jayakrishnan, ...)

Using Data Flow Diagrams to Study Communication Process Between Construction Project Participants (by Azza Abou-Zeid, ...)

Using Finite Element Analysis to Derive the Coefficient of Subgrade Reaction (by Sam S. C. Liao)

Using Product Models to Plan Construction (by Ren-Jye Dzeng, ...)

Using an Object-Oriented System and a Conceptual Building Model to Represent Architectural Information During Early Design Phases (by Jin-Yeu Tsou, ...)

Verification of Real-Time Software for Active Structural Control (by John W. Baugh, Jr., ...)

What is Multimedia Computing? (by Farzad Naeim, ...)

A Work Packaging Process Model for Petrochemical Plant Piping Construction (by Jae-Jun Kim, ...)

Your Paper Drawings in the World of Organized Information (by Leonard Zabielski)