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High Level Radioactive Waste Management 1990

¹4C Release From Failed Spent Fuel Containers (by Claudio Pescatore)

Acceptance of Spent Fuel of Varying Characteristics (by S. M. Short)

Accident Analyses in Fulfillment of the Requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and Their Relationship to the Packaging and Testing Requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (by M. Darrough, ...)

Analysis and Evaluation of Regulatory Uncertainties in 10 CFR 60 Subparts B and E (by Ruth F. Weiner, ...)

The Analysis of Horizontal Cooling Enhancement for Nuclear Waste Container Emplacement (by G. Danko, ...)

Analysis of RADTRAN Transportation Model (by Marvin Resnikoff)

Analysis of Requirements for Data and Information for the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel Designated for Disposal in a Mined Geologic Repository (by William A. Higinbotham, ...)

Application of Geophysical Methods for Fracture Characterization (by K. H. Lee, ...)

The Application of Vertical Seismic Profiling and Cross-Hole Tomographic Imaging for Fracture Characterization at Yucca Mountain (by E. L. Majer, ...)

Applications of Fracture-Flow Modeling to Site Characterization (by W. Dershowitz, ...)

Approach to Developing a Ground-Motion Design Basis for Facilities Important to Safety at Yucca Mountain (by J. L. King)

The Area of Most Recent Volcanism Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada: Implications for Volcanic Risk Assessment (by Eugene I. Smith, ...)

Assessment of Natural Resources in Repository Siting (by Robert J. Wright)

Assuring Data Quality for Use in Waste Management System Trade-Off Studies (by M. R. Shay, ...)

Assuring Quality Measurements of Environmental Radioactivity for a High Level Waste Repository (by Kathleen S. Moroney)

BR-100 Spent Fuel Shipping Cask Development (by E. J. McGuinn, ...)

Basaltic Volcanic Episodes of the Yucca Mountain Region (by Bruce M. Crowe)

Beyond NEPA: A Look at Socioeconomic Impact Assessments Required Under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, as Amended (by Catherine McDavid, ...)

Building of a Conceptual Model at the UE25-C Hole Complex (by Kenzi Karasaki, ...)

Calibration of High Frequency Pollen Sequences and Tree-Ring Records (by P. E. Wigand, ...)

Case System and Ancillary Equipment Maintenance (by F. L. Danese)

Certification Challenges in the Development of an Innovative High Payload Capacity Spent Fuel Transportation Cask (by Bala R. Nair, ...)

Characteristics of Potential Repository Wastes (by Karl J. Notz)

Choosing AT-Reactor Spent Fuel Storage Technologies (by E. R. Johnson)

Combined Analytical/Numerical Approaches to Solving Fluid Flow Problems in the Unsaturated Zone at Yucca Mountain (by R. W. Zimmerman, ...)

Comparative Analyses of Spent Nuclear Fuel Transport Modal Options (by P. L. Hofmann, ...)

Computed Distributions of Residual Shaft Drilling and Drift Construction Water in the Exploratory Facilities at Yucca Mountain, Nevada (by Roger R. Eaton, ...)

Concepts in Prototype Testing for In Situ Geomechanical Investigations at Yucca Mountain (by B. A. Luke, ...)

Concrete Cask Storage Technology (by Boris A. Chechelnitsky, ...)

Container Material Selection, Modeling and Testing (by W. L. Clarke, ...)

The Continuing Evolution of a Radioactive Material Transport System (by D. Boyer, ...)

The Coordination of System Representation and Operating Assumptions for System Studies in SIMS (by R. W. McKee, ...)

Current Social Systems Issues in the U.S. High Level Waste Management Program (by Thomas A. Cotton)

DOE Perspectives on the Regulatory Framework of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program (by Ralph Stein)

DOE-EM/Producers Strategy for Wasteform and Process Startup Acceptance (by K. Chacey, ...)

The DWPF Product, and Its Qualification Program (by M. J. Plodinec)

Data Quality Assurance Controls Through the WIPP in Situ Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Management System (by Darrell E. Munson, ...)

Defining the Need for and Functions of the Monitored Retrievable Storage (MRS) Facility (by Jeffrey R. Williams, ...)

A Demonstration of the Systems Integration Modeling System (SIMS) as a Decision-Support Tool (by Lawrence W. Vogel, ...)

Deposition of Airborne Particles from Fractured Spent Fuel or High-Level Waste (by C. W. Ma, ...)

A Description and Status of the Yucca Mountain Project Repository Sealing Program (by Joseph A. Fernandez, ...)

Development of Rail Access to the Yucca Mountain Site: Technical and Publc Issues (by W. B. Andrews, ...)

The Development of Small Area Socioeconomic Data to be Utilized for Impact Analysis: Rural Southern Nevada (by John F. Carlson, ...)

Development of Transportation Operations Requirements: Operations Planning (by S. T. Grady, ...)

Development of a “CRUD” Particle Size Distribution and Its Effect on Cask Source Term and Containment Analyses (by C. K. Thornhill, ...)

Development of the Engineered Barriers for the Deep Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste (by N. Sasaki, ...)

Diffusion Barrier Transport Properties of Unsaturated Paintbrush Tuff Rubble Backfill (by James L. Conca)

Diffusion Coefficients and Hydraulic Conductivity in Unsaturated Hanford Soils and Sediments (by Judith Wright)

Dispute Resolution — A New Approach for Public Acceptance of the High-Level Radioactive Waste Mamagement Regulatory System (by Barry H. Smith)

Drill-Back Studies Examine Fractured, Heated Rock (by H. A. Wollenberg, ...)

Dry Spent Fuel Storage Compatibility at the Back End of the Fuel Cycle (by John P. Roberts)

Dynamic Use of Geoscience Information to Develop Scientific Understanding for a Nuclear Waste Repository (by N. G. W. Cook, ...)

Educating American College Students on Issues Associated with the Isolation of Radioactive Wastes (by Donald H. Williams)

Effect of Minor Actinide Removal From Fission Products Before Vitrification on the Radiological Impact of a High Level Waste Deep Repository (by Th. Priem, ...)

Effects of Water Composition on the Dissolution Rate of UO2 Under Oxidizing Conditions (by C. N. Wilson, ...)

Environments of the Last 50,000 Years in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Central-Southern Nevada (by W. G. Spaulding)

Estimate of the Source Term for a Repository Surface Facility From the Routine Processing of Spent Fuel (by J. Mishima, ...)

Estimating Earthquake Sizes in the Basin and Range Province, Western North America: Perspectives Gained from Historical Earthquakes (by C. M. Depolo, ...)

Evaluating and Controlling the Characteristics of the Nuclear Waste in the FWMS Using Waste Stream Analysis Model (by David Andress, ...)

Evaluation of Near-Field Thermal Environmental Conditions for a Spent Fuel Repository in Tuff (by M. K. Altenhofen, ...)

Evaluation of the Canadian HLW Disposal Program—Performance Assessment Aspects (by G. Sheng, ...)

The Expected Condition of Spent LWR Fuel on Delivery to a Repository (by W. J. Bailey, ...)

Experience with Certifying Borated Stainless Steel as a Shipping Cask Basket Material (by David G. Abbott, ...)

Exploratory Shaft Facility (by Bruce T. Stanley)

Fabrication and Closure Development of Nuclear Waste Containers for Storage at the Yucca Mountain, Nevada Repository (by E. W. Russell, ...)

Facility Interface Capability Assessment (FICA) Project (by Nigel Mote)

A Gas-Flow Source Term from a Nuclear Waste Container in an Unsaturated Medium (by E. D. Zwahlen, ...)

Geochemical Modeling: An Integrated Approach to Nuclear Waste Disposal Issues (by Carol J. Bruton, ...)

Hedonic Price Theory: Concept and Applications (by William C. Metz, ...)

High Level Radioactive Waste Management at the Savannah River Site (by D. L. McIntosh, ...)

High Level Waste Management at Sellafield (by A. D. Elsden)

Hydrologic Characterization of Faults and Other Potentially Conductive Geologic Features in the Unsaturated Zone (by Iraj Javandel, ...)

Identification of Facility Constraints That Impact Transportation Operations (by R. W. Peterson, ...)

Implementation of NUREG 1318 Guidance Within the Yucca Mountain Project (by L. B. La Monica, ...)

Important Factors in Developing a Nuclear Waste Management System (by Thomas O. Hunter)

Incorporating Seismotectonic Data into Seismic Hazard Analyses (by Kevin J. Coppersmith)

Incorporation of Reprocessing Raffinates and High Level Solids in Cement (by D. Graham)

Infill Sampling Design for Geologic Site Characterization of Potential High-Level Radioactive Waste Repositories (by Randal J. Barnes)

Influence of High Burn Up Nuclear Fuel and MOX on the High Level Reprocessing Waste Management (by J. Malherbe, ...)

Initiating Event Identification and Screening for Nuclear Waste Repository Preclosure Risk Assessment (by P. A. Harris, ...)

An Innovative Cask for Transporting Defense High-Level Waste (by F. P. Falci, ...)

Institutional Status, Challenges, and Plans Related to the MRS Program (by Wilma Probst, ...)

International Safeguards Relevant to Geologic Disposal of High-Level Wastes and Spent Fuels (by K. K. S. Pillay, ...)

The International Stripa Project: Technology Transfer From Cooperation in Scientific and Technological Research on Nuclear Waste Disposal (by Robert A. Levich, ...)

Investigation of Burnup Credit Allowance in the Criticality Safety Evaluation of Spent Fuel Casks (by W. H. Lake, ...)

An Investigation of the Mechanical and Hydrologic Behavior of Tuff Fractures Under Saturated Conditions (by C. F. Voss, ...)

Iodine Transport Through the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum (by B. D. Amiro, ...)

Kinematic Models of Extensional Structures: Seismic Implications (by Richard H. Groshong, Jr.)

Linkage Between Site Characterization Program and Performance and Design Data Needs (by Maxwell B. Blanchard, ...)

A Literature-Based Preliminary Characterization of Risks in the Nuclear Waste Management System (by P. M. Daling, ...)

Local Economic Impact Assessment of the Nevada Test Site: A Methodological Prelude to Socioeconomic Assessment of the Proposed Yucca Mountain High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository (by R. Keith Schwer, ...)

The Long-Term Climate Change Assessment Task of the Protective Barrier Development Program for Low-Level Waste Site Remediation at the Hanford Site (by K. L. Petersen)

MIIT; International In-Situ Testing of Simulated HLW Forms—Preliminary Analyses of SRL 165/TDS Waste Glass and Metal Systems (by G. G. Wicks, ...)

MRS Systems Study, Task F: Transportation Impacts of a Monitored Retrievable Storage Facility (by L. Brentlinger, ...)

Management of High-Level Wastes in the Republic of China (by John H. C. Wang, ...)

Managing Local Socioeconomic Impacts Through Project Management Policies Concerning Subsidized Transportation, Site Access, and On-Site Housing (by Gary K. Jones, ...)

Mass Transport in Bedded Salt & Salt Interbeds (by Y. Hwang, ...)

Mass-Transfer Analysis of Waste Packages Containing Defense Waste Processing Facility Glass as a Waste Form (by M. J. Apted, ...)

Materials Selection Issues for Structural Components of Transportation Casks (by K. B. Sorenson, ...)

Method for Determining the Fuel Contribution to the Source Term in Trasnport Casks (by Y. R. Rashid, ...)

Modeling Future Climates for Nuclear Waste Disposal (by T. J. Crowley, ...)

Modeling of Coupled Heat-Mass-Stress Effects in Geologic Media (by Sharad Kelkar, ...)

Multi-Dimensional Modeling of Unsaturated Flow in the Vicinity of Exploratory Shafts and Fault Zones at Yucca Mountain, Nevada (by M. L. Rockhold, ...)

Multidisciplinary Hydrologic Investigations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada (by William W. Dudley, Jr.)

Nagra Performance Assessment of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Crystalline and Sedimentaly Host Rocks (by C. McCombie, ...)

Natural Radionuclides in Groundwater From J-13 Well at the Nevada Test Site (by J. C. Laul, ...)

Natural System Issues in the OCRWM Program (by Leif G. Eriksson, ...)

Near-Field Modelling for the Safety Assessment of French High-Level Waste Repositories (by E. Mouche, ...)

Nuclear Fuel Waste Management in Canada—A Regulatory Perspective (by Larry Chamney)

A Numerical Study of Some Effects of Nuclear Fuel Waste Vault Construction and Closure on Evolution of Groundwater Flow Paths in the Geosphere (by Tin Chan, ...)

On-Site Representation and Oversight: A Special Role for the State of the Nevada and Nye County in the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program (by Catherine M. Madore, ...)

One-Dimensional Radionuclide Transport Under Time-Varying Conditions (by F. Gelbard, ...)

Operational Considerations in Specifying Legal Weight Vehicles for the Highway Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel (by Charles V. Hill, ...)

Opportunities for the Nuclear Waste Negotiator (by James H. Carlson, ...)

Optimal Route Selection for High Level Nuclear Waste Transport Based Upon Radiological Risk (by J. A. Cardle, ...)

Optimization Method for Dimensioning a Geological HLW Waste Repository (by N. Ouvrier, ...)

Optimizing Spent Fuel Cask Designs for Use in the Federal Waste Management System (by C. A. Kouts, ...)

Optimizing the Spent Fuel Transportation Cask for Spent Fuel Age and Burnup: A Preliminary Analysis (by D. Dippold, ...)

Origin of Carbonate Deposits in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada: Preliminary Results of Strontium-Isotope Analyses (by B. D. Marshall, ...)

Outline of Performance Assessment Study on Geological Isolation System in Japan (by S. Masuda, ...)

Overview of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pace-90 Geologic Repository Performance Assessment Exercise Activity (by Donald Alexander, ...)

An Overview of the Vitrification of Defense High-Level Waste at the Hanford Site (by R. A. Smith, ...)

PAGIS & PACOMA: Performance Evaluations of Deep Geological Disposal. Results and Conclusions (by N. Cadelli, ...)

Performance Assessment at the NRC: Current Issues and Recent Progress (by Seth M. Coplan, ...)

Permeability and Dispersivity of Variable-Aperture Fracture Systems (by Y. W. Tsang, ...)

Plans for Characterization of the Potential Geologic Repository Site at Yucca Mountain, Nevada (by David C. Dobson, ...)

Postclosure Safety Assessment of Radioactive Waste Disposal Systems: Current State of Understanding and International Consensus (by Daniel A. Galson, ...)

Preclosure Safety Analysis for a Prospective Yucca Mountain Conceptual Design Repository (by C. W. Ma, ...)

Prediction of Long-Term Behavior of Waste Package Materials in a Geologic Repository (by C. H. Peterson)

Preliminary Conceptual Design Description of the Proposed DOE Store-Only Monitored Retrievable Storage (MRS) Facility (by H. Jackson Hale, ...)

Preliminary Methodology for Design of Stable Drifts for the Yucca Mountain Project (by S. J. Bauer, ...)

A Preliminary Model for Carbon-14 Transport in a Clay Buffer (by Nava C. Garisto, ...)

Preparing a Safety Analysis Report Using the Building Block Approach (by C. C. Herrington)

Probable Maximum Floods at the Yucca Mountain Exploratory Shafts (by James A. Cardle, ...)

Programmatic Challenges and the Value of Testing on the West Valley Demonstration Project’s Vitrification Facility Design (by R. R. Borisch)

Properties of the West Valley Waste Form (by L. H. Cadoff, ...)

A Proposed Methodology for Validating Performance Assessment Models for the DOE Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program (by C. F. Voss)

Prototype Heater Test of the Environment Around a Simulated Waste Package (by Abelardo Ramirez, ...)

Prototype Testing for the Yucca Mountain Project (by H. N. Kalia, ...)

Public Attitudes Toward a High-Level Nuclear Repository: Implications on the Prospects of Successful Siting (by D. Easterling, ...)

Public Communication and Participation Activities in Siting Controversial Facilities in the United States and Western Europe: An Examination of Lessons Learned (by Ginger P. King, ...)

Public Concerns of Nuclear Waste Issues in Taiwan (by Chien Chung, ...)

The Public Consultation Program on Nuclear Fuel Waste Management in Canada (by E. R. Frech, ...)

Public Involvement: Keystone to Public Confidence in the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program (by Diane Meier, ...)

Public Involvement in Radioactive Waste Decisions: What is Participation? What is Communication? (by J. A. Bradbury)

Radioactive Materials Packaging Standards and Regulations—Making Sense of it All (by R. B. Pope, ...)

Recent Results on the Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Durability and Microstructure of DWPF Glass (by N. E. Bibler, ...)

Reconnaissance δ ¹³C and δ¹8O Data from Trench 14, Busted Butte, and Drill Hole G-4, Yucca Mountain, Nevada Test Site (by Joseph F. Whelan, ...)

Regulatory Considerations for Designing Surface Facilities for Yucca Mountain High-Level Waste Repository (by Dinesh Gupta, ...)

Requirements for Controlling a Repository’s Releases of Carbon-14 Dioxide; The High Costs and Negligible Benefits (by U Sun Park, ...)

Research for Final Disposal of Unreprocessed Spent Nuclear Fuel in Sweden (by Per-Eric Ahlström)

Risk Perspective on Potential Releases of ¹4C From the Geologic Repository at Yucca Mountain (by C. Quan, ...)

Rock Mechanics Aspects of the ESF Design (by Marek Mrugala, ...)

The Role of Sensor Directed, Model-Based Control in Robotic Handling of Nuclear Waste Casks and Materials (by P. C. Bennett)

Role of Underground Testing to Determine Suitability of Yucca Mountain as a Potential Repository Site (by Hemendra N. Kalia)

Role of Waste Packages in the Safety of a High Level Waste Repository in a Deep Geological Formation (by F. Bretheau, ...)

The Role of the U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (by D. U. Deere)

The SKI Regulatory Strategy and Performance Assessment Program in Relation to Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High Level Radioactive Waste (by K. Andersson, ...)

Seismic Characterization of Fracture Properties (by L. R. Myer, ...)

Selecting Preferred Routes for Highway Route Controlled Quantity Shipments of Radioactive Materials (by Maria V. Ardila-Coulson)

Sellafield—From High Level Notoriety to Intermediate Acceptance (by Jeffrey A. Preece)

Simulation Modeling of Subsurface Development (by Wm. Larry Clem, ...)

Simulation of Heat Transfer in the Unsaturated Zone (by George Zyvoloski)

Simulation of Radionuclide Retardation at Yucca Mountain Using a Stochastic Mineralogical/Geochemical Model (by Kay H. Birdsell, ...)

Simulation of Reactive Chemical Transport in a Varying Thermal Field with Reaction-Flow Coupling (by C. L. Carnahan)

Site Selection Criteria for Constructing an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) at a Commercial Nuclear Power Plant (by James M. Hylko, ...)

Site Specific Geologic Interpretations of Richton Salt Dome (by Sheri M. George)

Size and Transportation Capabilities of the Existing U.S. Cask Fleet (by F. L. Danese, ...)

Smoothwall Blasting Planned for the Underground Research Facility at Yucca Mountain (by R. L. Bullock, ...)

Social Impact Assessment of Siting the High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository in Nevada: The Use of Risk Future Scenarios in Survey Research (by A. Mushkatel, ...)

Social Issues and Challenges in the Disposal of Nuclear Waste (by J. Bennett Easterling, ...)

Social Realities in High-Level Radioactive Waste Management and Their Policy Implication (by Roger E. Kasperson)

Soluble High-Level Waste Decontamination and Disposal at the Savannah River Site (by D. D. Walker, ...)

The Source Term for HLW Disposal in the European Communities’ R&D Programme (by R. A. Simon)

Spent Fuel Storage Requirements for Nuclear Utilities and OCRWM (by T. W. Wood)

Spent Fuel and High-Level Waste Management in Selected Countries: Trends and Issues (by Carl R. Cooley, ...)

State of Nevada Nuclear Waste Shipping Cask Design Studies (by Robert Halstead, ...)

Status of Integrated Performance Assessment of the Waste Packages and Engineered Barrier System (by William J. O’Connell)

Status of Site Investigations for Spent Fuel Repository in Finland (by T. Äikäs, ...)

The Status of the Site Characterization and Validation Program in Phase III of the OECD/NEA Stripa Project (by Paul Gnirk, ...)

A Stratified Percolation Model for Saturated and Unsaturated Flow Through Natural Fractures (by L. J. Pyrak-Nolte, ...)

Study of Fractal Aperture Distribution and Flow in Fractures (by S. Kumar, ...)

Study of an Alternativefor Repository of Radioactive Waste—Taiwan Case (by Deng-Bo Chen, ...)

Surface-Based Site Characterization Testing to Determine the Suitability of the Yucca Mountain Site for a Nuclear Waste Repository (by William T. Hughes, ...)

Synthesis of Studies for the Potential of Fault Rupture at the Proposed Surface Facilities, Yucca Mountain, Nevada (by J. D. Gibson, ...)

Systems Engineering Applied to a Regulatory Program (by Philip M. Altomare, ...)

A Systems Engineering Cost Analysis Capability for Use in Assessing Nuclear Waste Management System Cost Performance (by M. R. Shay)

Systems Integration During the Development of a Federal Waste Management System (by E. R. Johnson, ...)

The Systems Integration Modeling System (by William J. Danker, ...)

Systems Integration Operations/Logistics Model (SOLMOD) (by Lawrence W. Vogel, ...)

Systems Models for Predicting Radioactive Waste (by P. H. McDonald)

TN28V High Capacity Cask for the Transport and Storage of Vitrified Wastes (by B. Kirchner, ...)

Technical Considerations and Approcah for Evaluating Substantially Complete Containment of High-Level Nuclear Waste (by H. Manaktala, ...)

The Technical Review Group: An Application of the Quality Assurance Program Descriptions for Defense High-Level Waste Processing (by K. A. Chacey, ...)

Thermal Stability of Zeolitic Tuff from Yucca Mountain, Nevada (by David L. Bish)

Three-Dimensional Plume Dynamics in the Vadose Zone: PORFLO-3 Modeling of a Defense Waste Leak at Hanford (by J. L. Smoot, ...)

Tomographic Geophysics for Better Subsurface Geologic Information (by Walter E. Heinrichs, Jr.)

Transportation Cask Life Cycle Cost Uncertainty Analysis (by Spyridon Tzemos)

Transportation Legend, Fact and Hysteria or, How to Dismantle a Mature Industry (by Robert M. Jefferson)

The Transportation Operations System: A Description (by R. E. Best, ...)

Trends in Waste Management Program Costs: An Evolution of Estimating Methods and Results (by Carl W. Conner, ...)

Two Citizen Task Forces and the Challenge of the Evolving Nuclear Waste Siting Process (by Elizabeth Peelle)

U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s High-Level Waste Repository Licensing Program and Regulatory Strategy (by Robert L. Johnson, ...)

U.S. Department of Energy Motor Carrier Evaluation Program (by James Portsmouth)

Uranium-Series Dating of Secondary Carbonates Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada: Applications to Tectonic, Paleoclimatic, and Paleohydrologic Problems (by D. R. Muhs, ...)

The Use of Performance Assessments in Yucca Mountain Repository Waste Package Design Activities (by L. J. Jardine)

Utility and DOE Efforts to Improve the Standard Disposal Contract—An Experiment in Cooperation (by Alan B. Brownstein, ...)

Vapor Hydration and Subsequent Leaching of Transuranic-Containing SRL and WV Glasses (by J. K. Bates, ...)

Ventilation Design for the Exploratory Shaft Facility Yucca Mountain Projct (by Romeo S. Jurani)

Ventilation and Construction Considerations for a High Level Nuclear Waste Repository (by Richard V. Wyman)

Vitrification of Defense High Level Radioactive Waste at Savannah River and Hanford (by W. Stephen Ketola, ...)

Volatilization of Cesium and Ruthenium From High-Level Waste Glass (by Hiroshi Kamizono)

Volcano-Tectonic Interpretations: An Example from the Northern Basin & Range (by Charles C. Ferrell)

A Waste Package Strategy for Regulatory Compliance (by David Stahl, ...)

What Will be the Engineered Barriers for Deep Disposal of High Level Radioactive Wastes in the Future? (by F. Plas, ...)

Where’s The Rabbit? Translating Science and Technology (by Helen Moody)

Yucca Mountain Project Public Interactions (by Beatrice E. Reilly)