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Coastal Zone ’89

A 3-Year Survey of Tropical Intertidal Macrofauna (by José A. Vargas)

Accurate Computer Mapping of Coastal Change: Bayou Lafourche Shoreline, Louisiana, USA (by Randolph A. McBride)

An Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources (by Larry D. S. Wolfe, ...)

Advanced Technology for Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—MOAM Control Technology (by Eiichi Matsuura, ...)

Advanced Technology for Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—MOAM Practical Scheme (by Toshikazu Shimazaki, ...)

Advanced Technology for the Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—Conceptual Image and MOAM Planning (by Toshinori Fukaya, ...)

Agat Small Boat Harbor, Guam—Monitoring Plan (by Stanley J. Boc, Jr., ...)

Agricultural Pesticide Use in Estuarine Drainage Areas (by Anthony S. Pait, ...)

Alaska Floating Breakwater Anchor Force Program (by David G. Hendrickson, ...)

Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study (by Robert E. Holman)

The Anacostia River Restoration: A Case Study (by James D. Cummins)

An Analysis of Western North Atlantic Cetacean Strandings from 1978 to 1988: Implications of the 1987-88 Dolphin Die-Off (by Melvin H. Goodwin, ...)

Analysis on SLAR Images of Internal Waves (by Quanan Zheng, ...)

Application of Geographic Information Systems in Marine Resource Assessment—Georges Bank Close Study (by Daniel D. Moreno)

Approach for Comprehensive Development of Tokyo Bay Coastal Area: Basic Concept of Port Planning in Tokyo Bay & Coordination Council (by Yasuyuki Nakayama, ...)

An Approach to Estuary Management in Atlantic Canada (by Lawrence P. Hildebrand)

Approaching a Federal-State Partnership for Ocean Mining (by David W. Fischer)

Aquaculture Projects on the Texas Gulf Coast (by Sidney A. Faas)

Aquatic Farming in Alaska (by David Benton)

Archaeology on the Federal Outer Continental Shelf (by Michele L. Hope)

The Argos Satellite Data Collection and Location System (by A. E. Shaw, III)

Artificial Beach Replenishment on the U.S. Pacific Shore: A Brief Overview (by T. D. Clayton)

Arverne, New York: Planning for a New Coastal Community of 20,000 People (by Barry Seymour)

Assessment of Global Coastal Hazards from Sea Level Rise (by Vivien Gornitz, ...)

Assessment of a Two-Layer Beach Fill at Corpus Christi Beach, TX (by James M. Kieslich, ...)

Automated Coastal Engineering System (by David A. Leenknecht)

Balancing the Competing Interests in Providing Shoreline Public Access (by William Travis)

Basin-Wide Management: A Remote Sensing/GIS Approach (by Kenneth D. Haddad, ...)

Bathing Resorts in Japan (by Kiyoshi Kumagai, ...)

Batiquitos Lagoon Enhancement: Offsite Mitigation for Port Development (by Lillian Y. Kawasaki, ...)

Beach Access—Florida Plans for the Future (by Paden E. Woodruff, III)

Beach Change Modeling and the Coastal Planning Process (by Nicholas C. Kraus)

Beach Conservation Through Coastal Development Control in the East Caribbean Islands (by Gillian Cambers)

Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection for Virginia Beach, Virginia (by John Gaythwaite, ...)

Beach Nourishment Permitting in Florida: Case Studies From a Regulatory Agency Perspective (by Kenneth L. Echternacht, ...)

Beach Nourishment Project Compatible with Multiple Concerns, Santa Monica Bay, California (by Gregory J. Woodell, ...)

Beach Nourishment with Fine Sand at Carlsbad, California (by John Cahill, ...)

Beach Replenishment Along the U.S. Coast of the Gulf of Mexico (by Kathie Dixon, ...)

Beach with No Sand—Evolution of the Illinois Lakeshore (by Charles W. Shabica, ...)

Benefits from Coral Reef Protection: Looe Key Reef, Florida (by John R. Clark, ...)

Blast Fishing and Government Response in Lingayen Gulf (by Roberto E. Galvez)

Boat Live-aboards in the Florida Keys (by Gustavo A. Antonini, ...)

Boater Environmental Education in Puget Sound (by Nancy Richardson Hansen, ...)

Bolsa Chica—A Historical Perspective: Application of the Public Trust Doctrine to Public Land Management (by James F. Trout, ...)

Breakwater Filtration System Design for Swim Basin (by Steve Graham, ...)

Bucketline Dredge Disposal System Turbidity Modeling (by Thomas C. Demlow, ...)

Building Consensus on Land Use and the Chesapeake Bay (by Richard C. Collins, ...)

CLEO Beach Observations and an Application (by P. Badenhorst, ...)

CZM in Boundary Bay, B.C. and Cherry Point, WA (by Don B. Gamble, ...)

Canaveral Deepwater Port Development—Balancing Benefits and Impacts (by David J. Decker)

The Challenges of Preseving Our Nation’s Lighthouses (by Geoffrey L. Abbott)

Changes Along a Seawall and Natural Beaches: Fourchon, LA (by Joann Mossa, ...)

Charleston Harbor’s Living Resources: A Review of Conditions Following Rediversion (by Robert F. Van Dolah, ...)

The Chatham Wall: A Regulatory Nightmare (by Brett A. Burdick)

Chesapeake Bay Three-Dimensional Model Study (by Carl F. Cerco)

Citizen Action and the Restoration of New Jersey’s Beaches and Coastal Waters (by Kenneth J. Smith)

Citizen Involvement—Guarding the Public’s Interest (by G. Victor Leipzig, ...)

Citizen Participation in Managing Hawaii’s Coastal Zone (by Kiyoko K. Nitz)

Citizen Volunteer Monitoring, a Tool for Estuarine Management (by Thomas Armitage, ...)

Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Environments: Implications for Strategic Planning (by Mark Meo)

Climatic Data in the Coastal Zone—Our Climate as a Natural Resource (by Robert G. Quayle)

Coast Erosion and Community Perceptions at Nye Beach, Oregon (by Peter J. Ricketts)

Coast of California Storm and Tidal Wave Study—An Overview (by Andrew Kadib, ...)

Coast of Florida Erosion and Storm Effects Study (by Charles F. Stevens)

Coastal Area Facility Review Act—The Ebb and Flow—Legal Aspects (by Michael J. Gross)

Coastal Barrier Resources Act and the National Flood Insurance Program Six Years After (by Frank Y. Tsai, ...)

Coastal Community Zone Project (C.C.Z.) (by Haruo Aoki, ...)

Coastal Dynamics Along the Shores of Campania and Lucania (Southern Italy) (by Ennio Cocco, ...)

Coastal Erosion Processes and Evolution of the Morphology: Two Examples in Africa, “The Small Coast” in Senegal and the Gabonese Coast (by E. S. Diop, ...)

Coastal Hazard Area Management in New York State (by Sally F. Ball, ...)

Coastal Hazards Along Shandong Peninsula (by Dongxing Xia)

Coastal Land Loss in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana (by Ed Fike)

Coastal Land Use Management—An Allocative Model (by David M. Chapman, ...)

Coastal Management: A Proposal for Quintana Roo (by Carlos Valdes-Casillas, ...)

A Coastal Management Database for East Anglia (by C. A. Fleming, ...)

The Coastal Management Program in New Jersey: An Economic Examination (by Douglas D. Ofiara)

Coastal Marinas Post-Assessment Study, British Columbia, Canada (by Michael W. Dunn, ...)

Coastal Processes Related to Alternative Outlets of Torrent St. Agata on the Ionian Coast South of Reggio Calabria—Italy (by E. Benassai, ...)

Coastal Refueling Sites for Global Bird Migrants (by Brian A. Harrington, ...)

Coastal Regulation on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. (by Melissa L. Waterman)

Coastal Regulatory Reform in New Jersey (by Edward J. Linky, ...)

Coastal Resort Planning (by James Westby Slade)

Coastal Resource Management Planning in the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands (by Peter J. Rappa, ...)

Coastal Resource Management for Tourism: Malaysia (by Ahmad Tajuddin Kechik, ...)

Coastal Sensitivity Mapping: A Tool for Forward Planning (by V. H. Theunissen, ...)

The Coastal State Role in Managing Ocean Resources (by James W. Rote, ...)

Coastal Structures and Aquaculture (by Takeshi Kawaguchi, ...)

Coastal Tourism: Building Local Leadership (by Elizabeth B. Coleman)

The Coastal Zone Education Center USC—Beaufort (by Cynthia Park Bothwell)

Coastal Zone Management: A State Program for Yucatan, Mexico (by John R. Clark)

Coastal Zone Management, Planning, and Implementation in the Sultanate of Oman (by Rodney V. Salm, ...)

Coastal Zone Management and the National Estuary Program: Why Both? (by Ellen L. Gordon)

Coastal Zone Management in Antigua and Barbuda (by David Freestone)

Coastal Zone Resources Management Profile for West Africa (by Scott T. McCreary, ...)

Coastal Zone of the Bohai Sea: Resources and Pollution (by Zhijie Fan, ...)

Comparative Environmental Impacts of Various Forms of Beach Nourishment (by Thomas E. Lankford, ...)

Comparing the Regional Puget Sound Marine Monitoring Program with the NOAA National Status and Trends Program (by John W. Armstrong, ...)

Comparison of Coastal Resources Planning and Management in the ASEAN Countries (by Alan T. White)

A Comprehensive Analysis and Overview of Hawaii’s Ocean Industries (by Craig D. MacDonald, ...)

A Comprehensive Look at the California Coastal Commission’s Regulation of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations (by Susan Hansch)

Comprehensive Planning in Florida’s Coastal Zone (by Ronald Gaby, ...)

Computer Applications for Regional and Local Contingency Planning for Ports (by T. J. Reilly)

Computer Assisted Video Instruction for Port Administrators (by Frederick J. Smith)

Computer-Worded Marine Forecasts (by William S. Richardson, ...)

Conflict Resolution in Coastal Zone Management (by Dennis L. Soden)

Conflict Resolution in the OCS Oil and Gas 5-Year Leasing Program (by Emmett W. Turner)

The Construction of Homes on Four Active Coastal Landslides in Newport, Oregon: Unbelievable but True! (by William O. Sayre, ...)

Contaminant Concentrations in Bivalve Molluscs from the U.S. Coastal Atlantic and Pacific (by Sandra T. Freitas, ...)

Contemporary Climate Change and Its Related Effects on Global Shorelines (by Frank Gable)

Coralline Resources of Lingayen Gulf, Philippines: A Proposal for Their Management (by Liana Talaue McManus)

The Corine “Coastal Erosion Project”: Identification of Coastal Erosion Problems and Data Base on the Littoral Environment of Eleven European Countries (by Roger-Emmanuel QuéLennec)

Coriolis Acceleration and Inlet Plume Characteristics (by Walter D. Stanaland)

Coriolis, Bidirectional Water Flow and the Erosion/Accretion Paradox (by Walter D. Stanaland)

Debris is Not a Cheese: Litter in Coastal Louisiana (by Dianne M. Lindstedt, ...)

Decreased Fluxes of Pb, Cu and Zn from Elliott Bay (by Anthony J. Paulson, ...)

Definition of Littoral Cells for Ontario’s Great Lakes Shorelines (by Gregory M. Smith, ...)

Demand for Beach Protection and Use in Maine and New Hampshire: A Contingent Valuation Approach (by Bruce E. Lindsay, ...)

Design of a Hurricane Resistant Floating Breakwater for Charleston Harbor, South Carolina (by Jack C. Cox)

Determinants of Estuarine Nursery Habitat for Fish (by C. Lance Robinson, ...)

Determination of the Shoreline Impacts of the Morehead City Harbor Deepening Project (by Anne C. Goodwin)

Determining Habitat Value of Intertidal Mud Flats (by Marcia Bowen, ...)

Developing Coastal Area Management Plans in the Southeast Asian Region (by Thia-Eng Chua)

Developing Policies to Improve the Effectiveness of Coastal Flood Plain Management (by Barbara V. Braatz, ...)

Developing Sediment Quality Criteria and Standards: Comprehensive Sediment Management in Puget Sound (by Catherine C. Krueger, ...)

Development and Application of a Framework for Analysis for Coastal Zone Management in Different National and International Contexts (by Frank R. Rijsberman, ...)

Development of Gulf of Mexico Deep-Water Oil and Gas Fields on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (by Felix Dyhrkopp, ...)

The Development of Lighthouse Structures (by Patrick Barnes)

Development of Parks and Recreational Zone in Urban Port Area—Port of Osaka as an Example (by Shin Sasaki, ...)

Development of State Marine Recreational Fisheries Licensing on the Atlantic Coast (by Charles J. Moore)

Development of a Model Shoreline Management Atlas for Local Government: The Palm Beach County Example (by William T. Buckingham)

Development of an Intertidal Ramp: An Innovative Approach to Shoreline Access (by Diane D. Althoff)

Developments in Sand-Filled Container Systems for Coastal Erosion Control in Florida (by Lee E. Harris)

Digital Interactive Ocean Feature Analysis Techniques in an Operational Environment (by Clark Campbell)

Digital Mapping of Mangroves in Middle Andamans of India (by B. K. Ranganath, ...)

Distribution and Abundance of Oyster Reefs in South Bay, Texas (by D. L. Hockaday, ...)

The Downstream Perspective on Basin-Wide Water Management in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin (by Steve Leitman, ...)

Dredged Material Underwater Berms (by K. Paul Bradley, ...)

Dredging Up Trouble in San Francisco Bay (by Steven Goldbeck)

Drought Induced Saltwater Intrusion on the Mississippi River (by Cecil W. Soileau, ...)

Dune Erosion-Frequency of Storm Occurrence Relationships (by Norman W. Scheffner)

Dune Maintenance and Enhancement: A New Jersey Example (by Mark N. Mauriello)

Dynamic Behavior Characteristics of Thermal Discharge Plumes (by Richard C. H. Lou)

Dynamic Stability of Dumped Riprap (by John P. Ahrens, ...)

Earth Observing System and Coral Reef Fisheries (by John W. McManus)

Eastern United States Extreme High Water Levels (by Raymond A. Smith)

Eco System Analysis—Ocean Resource Study in Indian Ocean Off Rameswaram Coast Through Remote Sensing Technique (by T. Franklin, ...)

An Ecological Inventory and Analysis of the Lee County Florida Coastal Zone and Recommendations for Future Resource Management (by Kevin L. Erwin)

Ecological Risk Assessment and Marine Monitoring (by Donald K. Phelps, ...)

Ecological Stresses on the Segara Anakan Lagoon, Cilacap, Indonesia and its Coastal Resource Management (by Mulia Purba)

Economic Evaluation of Coastal Recreation Projects (by Kathryn A. Broussard, ...)

Economic Potentiality of the Coastal Zone of South Tamilnadu, India and its Need for Protection (by V. J. Loveson, ...)

Educational Foundations and Coastal Preservation (by Kenneth L. Richards, ...)

Effect of Coastline Features on Seawater Quality—Case Study of Tokyo Bay (by Takeshi Horie, ...)

Effect of Global Temperature Rise on the Coastlines of Bangladesh (by Junaid K. Choudhury)

The Effect of Groundwater on Beach Erosion (by Daniel W. Urish)

The Effect of Hard Stabilization upon Dry Beach Width (by Howard L. Wright, III, ...)

The Effects of Freshwater Canal Discharges on Salinities in Biscayne National Park (by Stephen V. Cofer-Shabica, ...)

Effects of Vehicular Traffic in the Secondary Dunes and Vegetated Flats of South Padre Island, Texas (by F. W. Judd, ...)

Emergency Response to Coastal Disasters: the January 17-18, 1988 Southern California Storm Experience (by Arthur T. Shak, ...)

Emission Rate of Dimethyl Sulfide at the Atmospheric-Oceanic Interface and its Role in Global Climate Change (by Viney P. Aneja, ...)

Engineering Assessment of Proposed Bolsa Bay Development (by Steven A. Hughes)

Environmental Information, the Public and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (by Francesca M. Cava, ...)

Environmental Problems and Slutions in Puget Sound (by Kirvil Skinnarland, ...)

Erosion Control: Marsh and Low-Cost Breakwater (by Spencer M. Rogers, Jr.)

Erosion Management Strategies for the Mahin Mud Beach Ondo State, Nigeria (by A. C. Ibe, ...)

Establishment of Spartina Alterniflora on Dredged Materials in Texas (by C. Lee Sherrod, ...)

Estuarine Beach Processes and Protection Methods (by Nancy L. Jackson, ...)

Evaluating Estuarine Shoreline Buffer Zones for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control (by Jonathan D. Phillips)

Evaluation of Coastal Structures Under 100-Year Event (by S. Jonathan Siah)

Evaluation of Lakefilling in Ontario, Canada (by Mark O. Kolberg, ...)

Evaluation on Sites of Two Tidal Power Stations (by Zhenxia Liu, ...)

Evolution of a Beach Profile During a Sea Storm (by M. Di Natale, ...)

An Examination of Recent United States Federal Legislation Pertaining to Marine Plastic Pollution (by Paul C. Ticco)

Experimental Study on the Movement of Turbid Water in Reclaiming (by Eiji Yauchi, ...)

Extending Mitigation Banking Beyond Wetlands (by Daniel J. Sheehy, ...)

Exxon Corp V. Fischer (by Edward A. Fitzgerald)

Factors in Design and Construction of a Modern Marine Terminal in Upper New York Bay: Accommodating Coastal Zone Interests (by Christopher R. Zeppie)

Fate and Effects of PAH Leaching from Creosote-Treated Marine Pilings (by Helder J. Costa, ...)

Federal Consistency Beyond the Coastal Zone (by Laurie J. McGilvray)

Federal Interest in Water Resources Development at Bolsa Chica, California (by Robert S. Joe, ...)

Federal-State Revenue Sharing for Ocean Minerals Development: The Example of Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Section 8(G) (by Richard G. Hildreth)

Field Testing of Wetlands Evaluation Techniques (by Bart J. Baca, ...)

First Effects of the Diama’s Dam on the Hydrological Evolution in Senegal Estuary, West Africa (by M. Ba, ...)

Fish Assemblages at Oil and Gas Platforms, Compared to Natural Hard/Live Bottom Areas in the Gulf of Mexico (by Ann Scarborough Bull)

Fish Traps in the Coral Reefs of South Florida (by Stephen Vale Cofer-Shabica)

Fisheries Management in the Eastern Caribbean (by David Freestone)

Fishery Habitat Restoration: A NMFS-COE Agreement (by G. W. Thayer, ...)

Fishing Boats Damages by Typhoon in Small Ports (by Sunao Sakai, ...)

Floating Hotels in the Coastal Environment (by T. E. Simpson)

Flood Insurance Program in Denmark (by Chr. Laustrup, ...)

Fluidization: Channel Maintenance & Sand Bypassing (by Jim Parks)

Focusing on Enforcement (by Christiane Parry)

Formation of Beach Ridge Barriers Along an Indented Coast: Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (by Duncan M. FitzGerald, ...)

Forty Winters Waiting: The Fight for Oregon Inlet (by Evan Wilson)

The Fourth Alternative—Beach Stabilization by Beachface Dewatering (by John W. Adams)

Fundamentals of Effective Coastal Revetment Design (by David M. Vick)

Geographic Information Systems for Coastal Research (by William K. Michener, ...)

Geologic Review: Better Regulation Through Interagency Cooperation (by John E. Johnston, ...)

Geomorphology of Coastal Sand Dunes, Baldwin County, Alabama (by Bennett L. Bearden, ...)

Grain Size Parameters and Depositional Environments of River, Beach and Coastal Dune Sediments Near Karwar, West Coast of India (by G. N. Nayak)

The Graphic Simulator for Port Planning (by Chan S. Park, ...)

The Gulf of Mexico Program (by Douglas A. Lipka, ...)

Habitat Use by Fish in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea (by Lyman Thorsteinson, ...)

High-Precision Study of Florida Shoreline Changes (by S. Demirpolat, ...)

Historic Shoreline Changes in Southwest Florida (by Emmett R. Foster, ...)

Historic and Dredging-Induced Shoreline Changes, Bald Head Island, Cape Fear, North Carolina (by William J. Cleary, ...)

Historical Climatic Fluctuations in Southern California and Their Impact on Coastal Erosion and Flooding: 1862 to Present (by Gerald G. Kuhn, ...)

Historical Shoreline Change in Southeast Florida (by Rebecca J. Savage, ...)

Historical Trend of Coastal Development and the Construction of Offshore Man-made Islands in Japan (by Yasuaki Fujimori, ...)

How to Rebuild and Redevelop a Coastal Town After a Severe Coastal Storm—Nags Head’s Perspective (by Bruce M. Bortz)

Human Impact on the Coastal Erosion Problem in Nigeria (by A. C. Ibe, ...)

Human-Induced Damage to Coastal Marine Ecosystems (by S. N. Messieh)

Hybrid Model Use in Navigation Channel Design (by T. Wakeman, ...)

Hydraulic Model Studies on Effective Installation Method of Silt Protector Sheets for Large Depth of Working Site (by Takashi Kano, ...)

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Deepwater (>200 Meters) Gulf of Mexico (by Pulak K. Ray)

Hydrological Changes in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina (by Björn Kjerfve, ...)

Identifying, Supporting & Attracting Marine-Related Enterprises (by Arthur F. Shuey)

The Impact of Increasingly Large Ships Upon Port Redevelopment (by Yoshiharu Kon, ...)

The Impact of Ocean and Coastal Management Laws on Private Forestry Management Practices in the Eastern United States (by William C. Siegel)

The Impact of War on Environmental Management in Sri Lanka (by Alan Potkin)

Impact of the CZM Act (1972) on New Jersey: Overview (by Robert B. Abel)

Impact of the CZM Act (1972) on New Jersey: Science (by Susan D. Halsey)

Impacts of Development on Batiquitos Lagoon, CA (by Steven L. Da Costa, ...)

Impacts of Oil Industry in Mexican Coastal Areas (by Alejandro Toledo, ...)

Impacts of SO2 on Spartina Alterniflora (by S. A. McCuskey, ...)

Implementing Area Designations in the Fraser River Estuary (by Michael W. McPhee)

Improvement of the Public Access to Urban Waterfront in Japan—Port Amenity Zone Improvement Program (by Takasi Hashikawa, ...)

Indian Prawn Penaeus Monodon Culture in Tropical Waters of India (by T. Franklin, ...)

Influences of Wave Steepness on Wave-Induced Liquefaction in Sand Layer (by Yoshi-Hiko Maeno, ...)

Information Technology: A Key to Effective Marine Sanctuary Management (by Francesca M. Cava)

Initial Apparent Failure Appears to be a Success at Tybee Island, Georgia (by Frank H. Posey, Jr., ...)

Inland Coastal Erosion Processes, Lake Sakakawea, ND (by John R. Reid, ...)

Inlet Sand Transfer Management (by Michael P. Walther)

Institutional Arrangements for State Coastal Management Programs—Some Strengths and Weaknesses (by Mark B. Adams, ...)

Institutional Constraints to Coastal Zone Management in Hawaii: A Review and Critique (by Chennat Gopalakrishnan, ...)

Integrated Coastal Resource Management Plan: A First for Malaysia (by Ch’ng Kim Looi)

Integrated Information Systems, The Key to Coastal Zone Management (by Peter J. Ricketts, ...)

International Developments in Ocean Incineration Policy (by Daryl W. Ditz)

International Fisheries Management—Changing Tides in the North Pacific (by David Benton, ...)

Is There a Relationship Between Pond Opening and Bluff Erosion on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts? (by Wesley N. Tiffney, Jr., ...)

Island Formation, Growth and Impacts (by William J. Reynolds)

Japan, A Sea-Oriented Nation? (by Harvey A. Shapiro)

Land Reclamation from Sea in Bangladesh (by Shafiqul Haq)

Land-Use Planning and Coastal Conservation in S.A. (by Christo Marius Gaigher)

Landscape Forms for Wind Mitigation on Coastal Sites (by Louise Y. Mudrak, ...)

Laws and Regulations for Coastal Management in Japan (by Masatugu Fukuya, ...)

Legal Regimes for Seabed Hard Mineral Mining: Federal and State Developments (by Richard G. Hildreth)

Littoral Drift Along Some Beaches in Brasil (by Otavio J. Sayao)

Local Marine Fisheries Impact Program (by Michael A. Kahoe, ...)

Local Responses to Sea Level Rise: Charleston, South Carolina (by William W. Dreyfoos, ...)

Long-Range Dredged Material Management Planning (by R. Bruce Taylor, ...)

Long-Term Erosion Impacts of the 1982-83 El Nin/a9o On the Oregon Coast (by Paul D. Komar, ...)

Longshore Currents and the Effects of Wind Stress (by Karen E. Clemens, ...)

Louisiana’s Statewide Beach Cleanup (by Dianne M. Lindstedt, ...)

Low Cost Wave Measurements for Coastal Engineering Investigations (by Patrick K. Sullivan, ...)

Management Priorities to Reverse the Decline of the Hard Clam Industry in Suffolk County, New York, USA (by Lee E. Koppelman, ...)

Management of Coastal Protected Areas in Mexico (by Elena Chavarria-Correa, ...)

Management of Fishing Ports in Japan (by Koji Mithuhashi, ...)

Management of Salinity Fluctuations in Estuarine Environments (by Panagiotis D. Scarlatos, ...)

Managing Coastal Resource and Development Demands: The Lee County, Florida, Plan (by David R. Godschalk, ...)

Managing Island Landscapes (by Roger H. Greene, ...)

Managing and Disseminating Data Necessary for Coastal Wetland Management in South Carolina (by Robert Somers, ...)

Mangroves and Development Around Xiamen, China (by Peter J. Hogarth, ...)

Marine Data Platforms—An Interactive Inventory (by Gary Soneira, ...)

Marine and Coastal Sector Development in Indonesia—A Strategy for Assistance (by David W. I. Marshall, ...)

“Marinovation,” A New Concept for Coastal Fisheries Zone Development (by Sunao Sakai, ...)

Maritime Boundaries in the Eastern Caribbean (by David Freestone)

Martha’s Vineyard—An Explosive Situation: Dune Restoration After Removal of UXO (by Catherine J. Demos, ...)

Measurements of Sedimentary Processes from a Fast Moving Air Cushion Platform in Combination with Remote Sensing Techniques (by P. Kerckaert, ...)

Methodology to Establish Adequacy of Seawalls for Coastal Flood Protection (by Todd L. Walton, Jr., ...)

Methods of Historical Shoreline Analysis (by Emmett R. Foster, ...)

Mitigating Oil and Gas Impacts in Coastal Wetlands (by Donald R. Cahoon, ...)

A Model for Cuspate Delta Erosion (by Enzo Pranzini)

Modeling Fresh Water Inflow to an Estuary (by Daniel W. Urish, ...)

Modelling Estuarine Saltwater Intrusion (by John P. Grubert)

Monitoring of the Coastal Environments by Means of a Remote Controlled Balloon-Borne Camera (LAP-Technique) (by Chr. Preu, ...)

Monitoring the Beach Nourishment Project at Surfside-Sunset Beach (by David R. Patterson, ...)

Morphodynamic Signature of the 1985 Hurricane Impacts on the Northern Gulf of Mexico (by Shea Penland, ...)

Moundless Breakwater with Wide Footing on Soft Ground (by Takeshi Monji, ...)

Mud Coast Protection—The Malaysian Experience (by Zamali bin Midun, ...)

Multiple-Use Assessment for Coastal Management (by Peter R. Burbridge, ...)

Murrells Inlet: Where to From Here (by Worth T. Hauser, Jr.)

National Assessment of Beach Nourishment Requirements Associated with Accelerated Sea Level Rise (by Stephen P. Leatherman, ...)

Navarre Navigation Project: Designing an Inlet for no Net Impact to Adjacent Shorelines (by Kevin R. Bodge, ...)

Net-Pen Aquaculture and Resource Management (by Jeffrey A. Dickison)

A New Approach for Evaluating Biological Toxicity at Aquatic Hazardous Waste Sites (by Robert K. Johnston, ...)

The New Dimension of Japanese Port Renewal; Characteristics of Recent Japanese Port Renewal (by Shingo Fujino, ...)

A New Marina in the Old Harbor of Chania, Greece (by Constantine D. Memos)

A New Ocean-Entrance System at Bolsa Chica Bay, California: Preconstruction Assessment of Potential Shoreline Impacts (by Mark B. Gravens)

A New Wave on the Horizon—Towards Building Surfing Reefs Nearshore (by T. P. Pratte, ...)

Nonpoint Pollution Planning in Thurston Co., WA (by Jeanne Koenings, ...)

Nonresident Access to Beaches (by David N. Kinsey)

North Fraser Harbour Environmental Management Plan (by G. L. Williams, ...)

North Shore Environmental Management (by Dianne Dorland, ...)

OCSEAP Data and Information Management (by Nancy Nicolaisen)

Ocean Islands and Coastal Zone Management (by Derek C. Johnson)

Ocean Management in Danish Waters (by Hans Christensen, ...)

Offshore Oil and Gas Development: The Ecological Effects Beyond the Offshore Platform (by Dorene Bolze, ...)

Oil and Water Can Mix—The IRM Agreement on Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing in the Bering Sea (by David Benton, ...)

The Opportunity—Developing a Multi-Use Project (by Darlene A. Shelley)

Options in Urban Coastal Management: The Challenge of Valparaiso (by Peter Engelmann)

Overfishing on a Philippine Coral Reef: A Glimpse Into the Future (by A. G. C. del Norte, ...)

Pamlico-Albemarle Sound: The Use of Long-Term Fisheries Databases for Estuarine Habitat Protection (by Elizabeth B. Noble, ...)

Parks on the Waterfront: Confluence of Mandate and Need (by Karen L. Tsao, ...)

Performance Evaluation of a Beach Nourishment Project in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (by William C. Eiser, ...)

Pesticide Use in Coastal Counties (by Leonard Gianessi, ...)

Phytoplankton Productivity in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad (by Eugene K. Ramcharan)

The Planning and Management of the Coast of the State of Victoria, Australia (by Geoff Wescott)

Planning for the 21st Century: Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors (by Geraldine Knatz)

Planning for the Bolsa Chica Development—A Regional Perspective (by Robert G. Fisher)

The “Politics” of Nonpoint Pollution Management (by Nancy Richardson Hansen, ...)

Port Engineering Development in Deep Water Area of Taiwan District, R. O. C. (by Ho-Shong Hou)

Portonovo Fishing Port Extension Study: An Interaction Between Port and Beach (by Gregorio Gómez-Pina, ...)

Ports and Waterways Management Information System (by Ivan M. Lissauer, ...)

The Potential Effects of Global Climatic Disruption on Coral Reef Ecosystems (by Robert T. Lester)

A Practical Approach for Assessing Metals Contamination in Coastal Sediments—An Example from Tampa Bay (by Steven J. Schropp, ...)

Prediction of Beach Fill Response to Varying Waves and Water Level (by Magnus Larson, ...)

The Prediction of Sea and U.S. Great Lakes Ice Conditions by the Digital Ice Forecasting and Analysis System (DIFAS) (by Glenn K. Rutledge)

Preliminary Analysis of Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer Imagery from the Marine Observation Satellite (by Matthew Heric, ...)

Problems of Developing a GIS Data Base for the FMG (by S. I. Roberts)

Progress With the Implementation of Coastal Management in Southern Africa (by Muller J. D. Coetzee, ...)

Proposed Response to Sea Level Rise by a Local Government (by David F. Weaver, ...)

Protecting New York’s Scenic Coast (by Nancy K. Nugent, ...)

Protecting the Resources of Bolsa Chica Through Planning and Regulation (by Jack Liebster)

Protection of Historic Shipwrecks in State Waters (by Joan M. Bondareff)

Public Access: The Conservation Easement Option (by Jeremy P. Ansell, ...)

Public Beach Access Points Along the South Carolina Shore (by Grant Cunningham, ...)

Public Beach and Recreational Improvements, Highland Park, Illinois (by David J. Werren, ...)

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