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Effectiveness of Highway Safety Improvements

An Analysis of Traffic Signal Safety Improvements (by Robert E. Craven)

Assessment of Safety Impacts of Highway Projects (by Jumares C. Sinha, ...)

Benefit Cost Analysis of Highway Safety Improvements (by Michael J. Stelzleni)

Delineation Effectiveness for Alcohol Involved Accidents (by Randolph W. Sanderson, ...)

Economic Analysis of Highway Safety Projects (by R. Clarke Bennett)

Effective Pedestrian Safety Programs (by Patricia H. Ehrlich)

Effects of Lane Width Reduction on Safety and Flow (by Frank J. DeLuca)

Effects of Shoulder Reductions on Highway Safety (by Thomas Urbanik, II, ...)

End Treatments for Deep Beam Highway Guardrail (by Walter P. Humble, ...)

Enhancing Highway Safety Through 3R Construction (by Janak S. Thakkar)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Highway Safety Improvements (by Kenneth S. Opiela)

Evaluation of Safety Alternatives by Benefit/Cost Analysis (by D. L. Sicking, ...)

Evaluation—A Key to Safer Design Standards (by Sidney J. Louick)

Hazardous Events After Redirectional Collisions (by Jarvis D. Michie, ...)

Location and Development of Safety Projects (by Shelley R. Lynch)

Non-Freeway Programwide 3R Accident Analysis: New York (by Gary E. Larsen)

Occupant Risk in Longitudinal Barrier Collisions (by M. H. Ray, ...)

Performance of Highway Traffic Barriers (by James E. Bryden, ...)

RRR Design Standards: Cost-Effectiveness Issues (by Robert E. Skinner, Jr.)

Risk Management to Reduce Highway Tort Liability (by Joseph D. Blaschke, ...)

Roadside Design in the Future (by E. Dean Carlson)

Safety Impacts of Installing Pedestrian Crosswalks (by Sam Yagar)

Selection of Performance Levels for Longitudinal Barriers (by H. E. Ross, Jr., ...)

Shoulder Rumble Strips at Narrow Bridges (by Jerry W. Emerson, ...)

Sighting Safety (by Anita W. Ward)

Some Questions on the Accuracy of Safety Effectiveness Evaluations (by Richard W. Lyles, ...)

Tort Liability in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (by Gary L. Gittings)

Traffic Barriers: A Second Chance (by Richard D. Powers)

Transitioning End Terminal A TRENDtm for the Future (by Owen S. Denman, ...)

Transportation Liability and Risk Management (by George L. Reed)