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2- and 3-Dimensional Deterministic Freak Waves (by Soren Peter Kjeldsen)

Analogous Dispension Properties of Surf Zone and Electromagnetic Waves (by Fritz Bosching)

Analysis of Tidal Records of the 1964 Alaskan Tsunami (by Basil W. Wilson)

Applications of a Numerical Shallow Water Waves Model (by A. Haugel, ...)

Artificial Breachings of Bot River Estuary (by G. A. W. Fromme)

Artificial Manipulation of Beach Profiles (by Timothy W. Kana, ...)

Augmentation of Urban Water by Antarctic Icebergs (by J. D. Lawson, ...)

Automated Digital Simulation of Tides & Long Waves (by R. F. Henry)

Barrier Beach Features of California (by Hugh Converse)

Bed Load Transport of Fine Sand by Laminar and Turbulent Flow (by Anthony J. Grass, ...)

The Behavior of Prototype Boulder Revetment Walls (by A. W. Smith)

Blown Sand on Beaches (by Susumu Kubota, ...)

Breach/Inlet Interaction at Moriches Inlet (by E. J. Schmeltz, ...)

Breakage of Concrete Armor Units (by Dennis G. Markle, ...)

Breakwater Stability—Breaking Wave Data (by Robert D. Carver, ...)

Changes in the Coastal Morphology of Vrachati, Greece (by C. I. Moutzouris, ...)

Channel Shoaling Prediction: A Method and Application (by R. B. Harley, ...)

Circulation of Two Multipass Estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico (by Donald Steven Graham)

Coastal Engineering in South Africa (by K. S. Russell)

Coastal Protection Devices—A Review (by D. N. Foster)

The Coastal Wind Field of the Southern Cape (by Ian Tyrrell Hunter)

Combined Wave-Current Forces on Horizontal Cylinders (by B. D. Chandler, ...)

Computation of Particle Paths Using the Lagrangian Long Wave Equations (by M. A. Savoie, ...)

Computational Algorithm for Longshore Energy Flux Incorporating Friction (by T. L. Walton, Jr., ...)

A Computer Model for the Refraction on Non-Linear Waves (by J. B. Crowley, ...)

Construction Sequence Modelling for Harbour Breakwater (by Roger W. Hendry)

Construction of a Breach Closure in a Barrier Island (by M. J. McCarthy, ...)

The Control of Wave Asymmetries in Random Waves (by E. R. Funke, ...)

Cylindrical Long Wave into a Cylindrical Shelf (by Henry Power)

Description of Beach Changes Using an Empirical Predictive Model of Beach Profile Changes (by Takaaki Uda, ...)

Design and Calibration of False Bay Sediment Model (by J. S. Schoonees, ...)

Design and Construction of Hadera Offshore Coal Unloading Terminal (by S. L. Yaron, ...)

Design of Coastal Structures for Recreational Purposes (by G. H. O’Connell)

Dissipation of Wave Energy in a Seawater Outfall Channel (by K. G. Witthaus, ...)

Dolos Stability Effect of Block Density and Waist Thickness (by D. J. P. Scholtz, ...)

Dredging to Minimize Wave Penetration into a Harbour (by H. P. Riedel, ...)

Drift Currents of Clean and Slick Sea Surfaces (by Jin Wu)

Durban Beaches Reclamation: Practical Aspects (by K. A. Barnett)

The Effect of Bed Slope on Wave Characteristics (by R. C. Nelson)

Effect of Wave-Current Interaction on the Wave Parameter (by Yu-Cheng Li, ...)

Engineering Approach to Nonlinear Wave Shoaling (by James Walker, ...)

Environment in Coastal Engineering: Definitions and Examples (by Cyril Galvin)

Environmental and Engineering Considerations in Designing Coastal Water Intakes (by P. Hofmann, ...)

The Estuaries of Natal: A Method of Classification (by J. E. Perry)

Examples of Storm Surge Prediction Models (by P. Lencioni, ...)

Experiments on Beach Profile Change with a Large Wave Flume (by Ryoichi Kajima, ...)

Factors of Safety for the Design of Breakwaters (by J. D. Mettam, ...)

Field Experiments on Longshore Sand Transport in the Surf Zone (by Nicholas C. Kraus, ...)

Field Investigation of Beach Profile Changes and the Analysis Using Empirical Eigenfunctions (by Hiroshi Hashimoto, ...)

Field Investigation of Longshore Transport Distribution (by E. P. Berek, ...)

A Field Study of Waves in the Nearshore Zone (by S. Hotta, ...)

Field Study on Onshore-Offshore Sediment Transport (by Masataro Hattori)

A Finite Element Method for the Shallow Water Equations (by A. Hauguel, ...)

Floating Tyre Breakwaters—A Case History (by Robert C. McGregor, ...)

Forces Induced by Breakers on Piles (by Robert L. Wiegel)

Front Matter (by Billy L. Edge, (editor), M.ASCE)

Gansbaai Fishing Harbour—The Design and Construction of a Breakwater on a Hostile Coast (by W. S. Van Dijk, ...)

Harbour Sedimentation—Comparison with Model (by B. D. Pratte, ...)

Height Distribution of Estuarine Waves (by V. Barthel)

Hydrosedimentological Studies in Bahia Blanca (by R. V. Petroni, ...)

Improvements in Modelling Rubble-Mound Breakwaters (by G. W. Timco, ...)

Incipient Motion of Particles under Oscillatory Flow (by L. Lenhoff)

Individual Wave Analysis of Irregular Wave Deformation in the Nearshore Zone (by Masaru Mizuguchi)

Integral Properties for Vocoidal Theory and Applications (by G. P. Bleach)

Interfacial and Bed Shear Stresses in Saline Wedges (by Vassilios Dermissis, ...)

Investigations on Orbital Velocities and Pressures in Irregular Waves (by K. -F. Daemrick, ...)

Irregular Wave Tests for Composite Breakwater Foundations (by Katsutoshi Tanimoto, ...)

Laboratory Photogrammetric Wave Height Measurement (by J. D. Pos, ...)

Littoral Problems in the Portuguese West Coast (by I. B. Mota Oliveira, ...)

Littoral Processes in Campello Coasts (by J. J. Diez, ...)

Local Wind Forcing and Small Scale Upwelling (by Cairns A. R. Bain)

Long Waves over the Great Barrier Reef (by Eric Wolanski)

Longshore Transport Determined by an Efficient Trap (by R. G. Dean, ...)

Marine Pipeline Protection with Flexible Mattress (by Alan D. Crowhurst)

Mass Transport in Vocoidal Theory (by J. W. Gonsalves, ...)

Measured and Computed Coastal Ocean Bedload Transport (by Alan William Niedoroda, ...)

Measurement Techniques for Moored Ship Dynamics (by J. Moes, ...)

Measurements of Turbulence over Vortex-Ripple (by Masaki Sawamoto, ...)

Model Tests on Littoral Sand Transport Rate (by J. W. Kamphuis, ...)

Modeling Coastal Currents and Sediment Transport (by Y. Peter Sheng, ...)

Modeling Longshore Currents for Field Situations (by Seetharama R. Vemulakonda, ...)

Modeling On-Offshore Sediment Transport in the Surfzone (by James A. Bailard)

Modelling of Sea-Bed Evolution under Waves Action (by Y. Coeffe, ...)

The Monitoring of Rubble Mound Breakwater Stability Using a Photographic Survey Method (by J. W. J. Kluger)

Moored Ship Response in Irregular Waves (by E. P. D. Mansard, ...)

Morphological Reactions of Tidal Systems Due to Nearshore Construction Works (by R. Dieckmann, ...)

Morphology and Dynamics of Crescentic Bar Systems (by V. Goldsmith, ...)

The Motions of a Moored Ship in a Harbor Basin (by T. Sawaragi, ...)

Multipurpose Gate Operation (by Kazumasa Mizumura)

Natural Bar-Bypassing of Sand at a Tidal Inlet (by Walter J. Sexton, ...)

Nearshore Wave Spectra Measured during Hurricane David (by Michel K. Ochi, ...)

A New Approach to Transient Wave Generation (by E. P. D. Mansard, ...)

New Equation of Surface Elevation in Wave Motion (by Y. C. Ouyang, ...)

New Framework for Prediction of Longshore Currents (by C. A. Fleming, ...)

A New Two Dimensional Tidal Modelling System (by J. P. Benque, ...)

Non-Linear Wave Forces on Floating Breakwaters (by C. T. Niwinski, ...)

Numerical Calculation of Seiche Motions in Harbours of Arbitrary Shape (by P. Gaillard)

Numerical Model Study of Temperature Distributions in a Harbour (by Roger A. Falconer)

A Numerical Model of Wave/Breakwater Interactions (by D. Ian Austin, ...)

Offshore Artificial Structures and Their Influence on the Israel and Sinai Mediterranean Beaches (by Yaacov Nir)

On the Relation between Changes in Integral Quantities of Shoaling Waves and Breaking Inception (by Takashi Yasuda, ...)

On the Variation of Characteristics of Two Wave Trains Crossing in Intermediate Depth (by H. H. Hwung, ...)

Operational Procedures Richards Bay Harbour (by J. A. Zwamborn, ...)

Performance of Sand-Filled Tube Shore Protection Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories, Canada (by V. K. Shah)

Probability Density Function of Wave Heights off the Western Coast of Taiwan (by Frederick L. W. Tang, ...)

A Process-Response Model for Hurricane Washovers (by John R. Suter, ...)

A Proposal for Wave Energy Conversion Near Cape Town (by G. de F. Retief, ...)

Prototype Testing of Dolosse to Destruction (by T. Terao, ...)

Prototype Tests on Riprap under Random Wave Attack (by J. D. Pitt, ...)

The Rate of Longshore Sediment Transport and Beach Erosion Control (by Yoshito Tsuchiya)

The Relining of Saiccor’s Effluent Outfall (by Bernstein Mark, ...)

Repair to a Dolos Armoured Breakwater (by C. W. Glodowski, ...)

Resonance in South African Harbours (by W. A. M. Botes, ...)

Responding to an SOS—Save Our Shores (by E. R. Heiberg, III, ...)

The Response of Small Craft to Wave Action (by M. Isaacson, ...)

Results of Shoreline Erosion Demonstration Program (by B. L. Edge, ...)

Resuspension of Deposited Cohesive Sediment Beds (by Ashish K. Mehta, ...)

Salinity Intrusion into Multi-Port Sea Outfalls (by John A. Charlton)

San Francisco’s Southwest Ocean Outfall (by Y. Eisenberg, ...)

Sand Movement into Carmel Submarine Canyon, California (by J. R. Dingler, ...)

Scour Behind Circular Cylinders in Deep Water (by Jorg Imberger, ...)

Second Order Theory of Manometer Wave Measurement (by F. Biesel)

Sediment Bypassing at Mixed Energy Tidal Inlets (by Duncan M. FitzGerald)

Sediment Transport Investigations in a New Zealand Tidal Inlet (by K. P. Black, ...)

Sediment Transport and Beach Transformation (by Tomoya Shibayama, ...)

Sediment Transport under Sheet Flow Condition (by Kiyoshi Horikawa, ...)

Sedimentological Influences of Detached Breakwaters (by Dov Sergiu Rosen, ...)

Sensitivity of Parameters and Approximations in Models of Tidal Propagation and Circulation (by Jan J. Leendertse, ...)

Ship Motions Related to Deep Draft Channel Design (by Scott Noble)

Shoaling with Bypassing for Channels at Tidal Inlets (by Cyril Galvin)

Shore Protection at Venice: A Case Study (by A. Muraca)

Shore-Parallel Flows in a Barred Nearshore (by Brian Greenwood, ...)

Some Properties of Swell in the Southern Ocean (by Jon B. Hinwood, ...)

A South African Wave Climate Study (by J. Rossouw, ...)

Spending Beach Breakwater at Saldanha Bay (by Ir. D. Zwemmer, ...)

Stability Analysis for a Rubble-Mound Foundation through Irregular Wave Test (by Masato Yamamoto, ...)

State of the Art in Tide Predictions (by B. D. Zetler)

Structural Design Aspects of a Coastal Building Code (by Ralph R. Clark)

Study of Hurricane Waves around the Taiwan Coast (by Hou Ho-Shong, ...)

Study of Ship’s Track and Motions at Port Taranaki (by G. Greenstreet)

Study on Sediment Transport in a Power Station Harbor Basin (by Kohki Maruyama, ...)

Survey Techniques/Procedures and Data Processing for Monitoring Nearshore Sediment Transport (by J. Zacks)

A Survey of Man-Made Tidal Swimming Pools Along the South African Coast (by D. E. Bosman, ...)

Suspended Sediment Discharge on a Non-Tidal Coast (by J. P. Coakley, ...)

Synthesis of Hurricane Response Hydrographs (by Rodney J. Sobey)

Thermal Impact Studies for French Coastal Nuclear Sites (by Y. Coeffe, ...)

Three-Dimensional Marine Models for Impact Studies (by Jacques C. J. Nihoul, ...)

A Three-Dimensional Model of Bering and Chukchi Sea (by Shiao-Kung Liu, ...)

Tidal Erosional Effects on a Bulkhead System (by Ronald M. Noble, ...)

Tidal and Inertial Currents Around South Africa (by E. H. Schumann, ...)

Tridimensional Numerical Model for Tidal and Wind Generated Flow (by M. C. Burg, ...)

Turbulence Generated by Wave Breaking on Beach (by T. Sakai, ...)

Unusual Waves on European Coasts, February 1979 (by Laurence Draper, ...)

Variation of Foreshore Due to Detached Breakwaters (by Osamu Toyoshima)

Water Waves Propagating on Beaches of Arbitrary Slope (by Y. Y. Chen, ...)

Waterwaves Calculation by Navier-Stokes Equations (by O. Daubert, ...)

Wave Energy Variation Near Cape Town, South Africa (by F. A. Shillington)

Wave Forces on Piles of Variable Diameter (by Bernard LeMehaute, ...)

Wave Height Distributions and Wave Grouping in Surf Zone (by Hajime Mase, ...)

Wave Induced Velocities Close to a Rippled Bed (by C. G. du Toit)

Wave Reflection from Undulating Seabed Topography (by A. D. Heathershaw)

Wave Run-Up Caused by Natural Storm Surge Waves (by Joachim Grune)

Wave Run-Up at Sea Dikes under Oblique Wave Approach (by E. Tautenhain, ...)

Wave and Current Interaction in the Near Bed Region (by Patrick H. Kemp, ...)

Wave-Induced Ship Motions in Harbour Entrances—A Field Study (by A. C. van Wyk)

Wind Turbulence over Seas in Tropical Cyclones (by W. H. Melbourne, ...)

Yacht Harbours in the United Kingdom (by J. D. Mettam, ...)

Zeebrugge’s Main Breakwaters (by L. V. Van Damme)