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3-D Halfspace Solution for Flexible Foundations (by Debabrata Ray)

Active Turbulence Generator for Study of Bridge Aerodynamics (by Jack E. Cermak, F.ASCE, ...)

Added Masses of a Body Moving Near a Solid Plane (by Shin-Kien Chow, M.ASCE, ...)

Amplification Factors for Linear Structures With Support Gaps (by Frederick J. Dzialo, M.ASCE, ...)

Analysis of Branched Cracks (by Kevin K. Lo)

Analysis of Diaphragms (by Girish Hiremath, ...)

Analysis of Elastodynamics with Unilateral Supports (by J. K. Lee, ...)

Analysis of Three-Dimensional Seepage for Dams (by Robert C.Y. Lo, M.ASCE, ...)

Analysis of Through Cracks in Cylindrical Shells by the Quarter-Point Elements (by R. S. Barsoum, ...)

Analysis of a Nonlinear Model Problem in Mechanics Using Finite Elements (by Graham F. Carey)

Analytical Investigation of Wake-Induced Oscillations (by Dennis E. Wilson, ...)

Anisotropic Circular Plate with Point Supports (by H. H. Pan, ...)

Anisotropic Model of a Membrane (by Michail Zak)

Application of Recent Results on Air-Sea Interaction in Hydraulic Engineering (by Jin Wu, M.ASCE)

Approximations to Slight Crack Kinking and Curving (by B. L. Karihaloo, ...)

Assessment of Tornado Risks at Site Specific Locations (by James R. McDonald, M.ASCE)

Assessment of the Computer Codes for Analyzing a Heated Body (by Kent T.S. Tzou, M.ASCE)

Asymptotic Analysis of Shallow Arches (by Cenap Oran, M.ASCE)

Atmospheric Turbulence—Why We Care (by Douglas C. Fox, M.ASCE)

Axial Buckling of a Short Helically Structured Tube (by Millard F. Beatty)

B.I.E.M. in Solid Mechanics (by J. Dominguez, ...)

Bearing Capacity of Surface Foundations (by Jean C. Salencon D., ...)

Biaxial Response of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure (by Michael G. Oliva, ...)

A Biaxial Stress-Strain Model for Concrete (by David Darwin, M.ASCE)

A Biomechanical Analysis of the Steal Syndrome (by William A. Hyman, ...)

Biorheology and Trauma of the Spinal Cord of Cats (by Tin-Kan Hung, ...)

The Boundary Layer Downstream of an Interrupted Suction Slot (by Dennis E. Wilson)

Boundary Matrices for Semi-Infinite Problems (by Jose M. Roesset, M.ASCE, ...)

Buckled Cylindrical Shell Under Axial Compression (by Ambar Nath Mukherjee, M.ASCE)

Buckling of Cylindrical Tank Under Earthquake Excitation (by Choon-Foo Shih, ...)

The Buckling of a Nonuniform Column (by Albert B. Ku)

Buckling of a Superconducting Energy Storage Shell (by Francis C. Moon, ...)

Calculations of Boundary Layer and Flow Separation (by Tin-Kan Hung, ...)

Capped Plasticity Models for Cyclic Behavior of Soils (by Ivan S. Sandler, M.ASCE)

Coated Fabrics: Biaxial Model, Experimental Results (by Rene B. Testa, M.ASCE, ...)

Coherent Turbulence in Flow Around a Bluff Body (by Willy Z. Sadeh, M.ASCE, ...)

Composite Beams in Push-Out and Pull-Out Configuration (by U. Yuceoglu, ...)

Computation of Flow Profile by Double Sweep Method (by Chin-lien Yen, ...)

A Computer Test Chamber for Prosthetic Valve Design (by Charles S. Peskin, ...)

Confined Separated Flow Past a Normal Flat Plate (by Yu-Tai Lee)

A Constitutive Model for Concrete in Compression (by Oral Buyukozturk, M.ASCE, ...)

Constitutive Models for Coal (by Hon-Yim Ko, M.ASCE, ...)

Constraints from Applications and Property Tests (by Ernest T. Selig, M.ASCE)

Contact Problems in Nonlinear Elasticity (by J. Tinsley Oden)

Correlated Systems with Multiple Failure Modes (by Robert G. Sexsmith, M.ASCE)

Correlation of Blood Rheology in Micro- and Macro-Circulation (by Shu Chien)

Critical Damping Surfaces of Linear Dynamic Systems (by Dimitrios E. Beskos, M.ASCE)

Curving Versus Branching (by Chien H. Wu)

Dam Failure Risk Analysis (by Haresh C. Shah, M.ASCE, ...)

Deflection of Transversely Loaded Prestressed Circular Plates (by George E.O. Widera, M.ASCE, ...)

Disease Diagnosis from Arterial Pressure Waveforms (by Steven G. Karwash, ...)

Drug Effects on Leukocyte Response to Mechanical Trauma (by L. V. McIntire, ...)

Dynamic Behavior of Precast Concrete Large Panel Building Models (by Harry G. Harris, ...)

Dynamic Buckling of Nonhomogeneous Cylindrical Shells (by Chon W. Kim, ...)

Dynamic Group Effect of Multiple Piles Under Vertical Vibration (by Toyoaki Nogami)

Dynamic Rail Overturning: Modelling and Application (by Morteza A.M. Torkamani, ...)

Dynamic Response of a Poroelastic Subgrade (by Marc Halpern, ...)

Dynamic Stability of Locally Imperfect Shells (by Deborah F. Lockhart)

Dynamics of Moving Mass on Cable Structure (by Edward C. Ting)

Dynamics of Out-of-Round Liquid-Storage Tanks (by Anestis S. Veletsos, M.ASCE, ...)

Earthquake Simulation Tests of Reinforced Concrete Wall-Frame Systems (by J. P. Moehle, ...)

Earthquake Simulator Study of a Steel Frame Model (by Russell S. Mills, ...)

Eddy-Viscosity Models for Thick Axisymmetric Stern Boundary Layers (by Thomas T. Huang)

Effect of Free-Stream Turbulence on Drag of Bluff Bodies (by Thomas Morel)

The Effect of Material Nonlinearity on the Bending of the Elastica (by Frank Monasa, M.ASCE)

Effective and Ineffective Response Data (by Hugh D. McNiven, M.ASCE)

Elastic Solution for a Circular Torsional Loading (by John L. Davidson, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Elastic Stress Analysis of General Prismatic Beams (by Steven D. Leftwich, A.M.ASCE, ...)

An Elastic-Fracture Model for Concrete (by S. S. Hsieh, ...)

Endochronic Models for Nonlinear Behavior of Soils (Abstract) (by Zdenek P. Bazant, M.ASCE)

An Eroding Long Rod Penetrator Model for Hard Target Penetration (by A. D. Gupta, ...)

Fabric Strains Using Moire (by Norris Stubbs, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Finite Element Analysis of Waves in Fluids (by Hugh C. Briggs, ...)

A Finite Element Family for Fracture Calculations (by Morris Stern)

Finite Element Models for Investigating R.C. Structures (by Eugene Yu-Tze Chen, ...)

Finite Element Penalty Models in Elasticity (by David S. Malkus)

Finite Element Procedures for Modeling Fluid-Structure Interaction (Abstract) (by Thomas J.R. Hughes, M.ASCE)

First Passage and Dynamic Stability (by Thomas L. Paez, A.M.ASCE)

Flow in Stems of Plants (by David J. Unger, ...)

Fluid Dynamics of the St. Jude Aortic Heart Valve Prosthesis (by A. P. Yoganathan, ...)

Foundation Impedance Matrices for Embedded Structures by Substructure Deletion (by Gautam Dasgupta, M.ASCE)

Fracture Parameters for Concrete and Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (by Surendra P. Shah, ...)

Fracture in Concrete (Abstract) (by Zdenek P. Bazant, M.ASCE)

Free Lateral Vibrations of Liquid Storage Tanks (by Medhat A. Haroun, ...)

Friction and Interface Cracks (by Maria Comninou, M.ASCE, ...)

General Critical Points Associated with Autonomous Systems (by K. Huseyin)

Harmonic Response of Plates on Elastic Half-Space (by W. L. Whittaker, A.M.ASCE, ...)

The Hazard of Risk Analysis (by Peter W. Marshall, M.ASCE)

Higher Order Equivalent Linearization in Random Vibration (by Loren D. Lutes, M.ASCE, ...)

Hydraulic and Hydrologic Aspects of Dam Safety (by Ben Chie Yen, F.ASCE, ...)

Identification of Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Systems (by Chung-Bang Yun, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Identification of Structural Damage Using Earthquake Response Data (by S. J. Hong Chen, ...)

Implementation of Substructuring in Finite Elements (by Donald L. Carpenter, ...)

Inelastic Material Models in Earthquake Response (by Clifford O. Hays, Jr., M.ASCE)

Inelastic Shear Instability in Composite Materials Under Compression (by Sailendra N. Chatterjee, M.ASCE, ...)

Initial Postbuckling Behavior of Arches and Rings (by Robert Schmidt, M.ASCE)

Integrated Information Approach to Clinical Analysis of Gait (by R. Seliktar)

J Integral Evaluation in the Plastic Regime (by Alois J. Hartmann, M.ASCE, ...)

Keynote Address: Turbulence Today (by Leslie S.G. Kovasznay)

Laminar Gravity Currents in Dead-End Channels (by Terry W. Sturm, A.M.ASCE)

Laser-Doppler Measurements in Axisymmetric Plumes (by W. W. Martin, ...)

Leading Edge Cavities - Non-Steady Effects (by Marshall P. Tulin)

Least Weight of a Sandwich Panel (by Charles E.S. Ueng, M.ASCE, ...)

A Loaded Rigid Block in an Elastic Half Space (by G. K. Haritos, ...)

Local Compliance of Lungs Predicted by Infinitesimal and Large Strain Approaches (by George C. Lee, M.ASCE, ...)

Long Waves in the Ocean and Coastal Waters (Abstract) (by Theodore Y. Wu)

Loss of Adhesion at the Tip of an Interface Crack (by Jan D. Achenbach, ...)

A Low Cost Fracture Toughness Test Method (by Randall Vaughn Guest)

Lower Buckling Bounds Based on Kinematically Admissible Displacements (by Howard L. Schreyer, M.ASCE, ...)

Lumped-Parameter Impact Analysis of Beam-Columns (by Garry J. Patterson, A.M.ASCE)

M.O. Lagally, His Contributions to Fluid Mechanics (by Jean-Claude P. Tatinclaux, A.M.ASCE)

Macro Element Analysis of a Skew Plate in Bending (by Thomas J. Parsons, ...)

Macroscopic and Microscopic Cyclic Metal Plasticity (by Egor P. Popov, F.ASCE, ...)

Magnetic Forces in Plates Using Finite Elements (by Kuan-Ya Yuan, ...)

Mechanics of River Ice Jams (by Norbert L. Ackermann, M.ASCE, ...)

A Method of Improving Incomplete Modal Coupling (by Robert Bajan, ...)

Micro-Structure and Mechanics of Soft Tissues (by Yoram Lanir)

Mixed Region Collapse in the Thermocline and Internal Solitary Waves: A Numerical Study (by Hsien-Ping Pao, M.ASCE, ...)

Mixed-Mode SIF Calculations Using the BEM (by George E. Blandford, ...)

A Mode I Model for the Interface Crack (by G. B. Sinclair)

A Model for Allometric Growth (by Gautam Dasgupta, M.ASCE, ...)

Model to Evaluate Pulmonary Capillary Permeability (by Harvey S. Borovetz, ...)

Nonlinear Analysis of Rail Overturning (by Freydoon Arbabi)

Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Response of Viscoelastic Shells of Revolution (by Brian J. Sullivan, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Numerical Model for Flow Over a Very Rough Surface (by D. K. Carlton, ...)

On Material Constants for Soil and Concrete Models (by Wai F. Chen, M.ASCE, ...)

On Penalty-FEM for Nonlinear Problems (by J. N. Reddy)

On Reliability of Structures Against Wind (by Bruce R. Ellingwood, A.M.ASCE)

On Slow Viscous Flows Past Cylinders (by George C. Hsiao)

On the Stability of Stiffened Thin Shell Dome Liners for Prestressed Concrete Reactor Containment Structures (by David O. Olowokere, ...)

Optimal Design for Stability Under Multiple Loads (by Hari K. Turner, ...)

Parametric Time Series: Cooling Tower Wind Pressures (by Robert H. Scanlan, M.ASCE)

Particle Density Redistribution Due to Turbulence (by Aldo Giorgini, ...)

Pattern Recognition and Damage Assessment (by King-sun Fu, ...)

Penalty Method to a Two-Body Contact Problem (by M. Okabe, ...)

Performance of the SSP Kaimalino in a Seaway (by Margaret D. Ochi)

Periodic Oscillations of a Double Pendulum Problem (by R. Broucke)

Plastic Analysis of Torsion and Shear in Reinforced Concrete (by Peter Mueller)

Plasticity Theory for Nonlinear Anisotropic Soils (by Jean-Herve Prevost, M.ASCE)

Prebuckling Rotations and Buckling Analysis (by Don O. Brush, M.ASCE)

Prediction of Inelastic Response Spectra Using Random Vibration (by Erik H. Vanmarcke, M.ASCE, ...)

Probabilistic Analysis of Turbine Missile Hazard (by E. Filstein, ...)

A Probabilistic Basis for Area-Dependent Design Live Loads (by Michael E. Harris, ...)

Probabilistic Response Spectral Analysis (by Armen Der Kiureghian, A.M.ASCE)

Propagation of Elastic Waves in Brain (by W. Randolph Page)

Properties of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures (by Richard C. Burrow, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Random Thermal Stresses in Cylindrical Shells (by Mahendra P. Singh, M.ASCE, ...)

Random Vibration of Hysteretic Degrading Structures (by Thomas T. Baber, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Rapid Interface Flaw Extension with Friction (by Louis M. Brock, Jr.)

Reduction of Wind-Excited Motion of High-Rise Buildings (by Ahsan Kareem, M.ASCE)

Reliability in Fire Safety for Steel Columns (by Benjamin H.-C. Koo, F.ASCE)

Reliability of Analytical Predictions for Earthquake Response of Concrete Gravity Dams (by Anil K. Chopra, M.ASCE)

Remarks on Crack Branching (by Moayyed A. Hussain, ...)

Reserve Margins of Structures for Impulsive Loads (by Charles B. Waugh, A.M.ASCE, ...)

The Response Surface of a Simple Truss (by Kuan-Chen Fu, M.ASCE)

Responses of MDOF Systems to Filtered, Non-Stationary Random Excitation (by Dario A. Gasparini, M.ASCE, ...)

The Rigid Harmonic Inclusion (by Gordon S. Bjorkman, Jr., M.ASCE, ...)

Rise of Buoyant Jets in Density-Stratified Environments: A Laboratory Study (by Robert R. Hwang)

Risk-Based Assessment of Dam Safety (by Erik H. Vanmarcke, M.ASCE)

Sampling Errors in Estimation of Extreme Hurricane Winds (by Martin E. Batts, ...)

The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Noncollinear Crack Growth (by S. Nemat-Nasser, M.ASCE)

Second-Decade Situation in Analysis of Artificial Heart Valves (by M. Conrad Huffstutler, Jr., ...)

Sensitivity Analysis of the Timoshenko Beams (by Ibrahim A. Hathout)

Shape Functions Derived by Taylor Series (by William D. Webster, Jr.)

Shells of Revolution-Foundation Interaction (by O. M. El-Shafee, ...)

Side Face Cracking of Reinforced Concrete Beams (by Gregory C. Frantz, M.ASCE, ...)

Similarity Solutions for Turbulent Jets and Plumes (by Chia-Shun Yih)

A Simple Approach for Elasto-Plastic Systems Under Stationary Random Excitation (by Rudolf L. Grossmayer)

A Simple Cut on a Uniformly Stretched Elastic Membrane (by H. Y.L. Chen, ...)

Singularities in Darcy Flow Through Porous Media (by Olurinde E. Lafe, ...)

Slender-Body Theory Applied to Ships in Confined Water (by Robert F. Beck)

Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis and Review (by Ambar Nath Mukherjee, M.ASCE)

Solute Transport in Adsorptive Porous Media Flow (by Haley H. Shen, ...)

The Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamic Equations Via the Trapezoidal Rule (by Bruce D. Westermo)

Stability of Discretely Fastened Plates (by Craig J. Miller, M.ASCE, ...)

Stability of Steel Cable-Stayed Bridges (by Man-Chung Tang, M.ASCE)

Stability of Visco-Elastic Imperfect Columns (by A. M. Vinogradov, ...)

Static Response of Reduced Rotation Rope (by George A. Costello, M.ASCE, ...)

Static/Dynamic Crack Growth: Moving Singular Elements (by Satya N. Atluri, ...)

Statistical Analysis of Geotechnical Records (by M. Myassar Tabba, ...)

Steady Flow Through a Stenosed Bifurcation (by S. P. Girrens, ...)

Stochastic Averaging for Seismic Structural Analysis (by Polihronis-Thomas Demetriou Spanos, A.M.ASCE)

Stochastic Soil-Structure Interaction of Gravity Platforms (by A. K. Haldar, ...)

Strategies for Implementing Reliability in Offshore Design Codes (by Fred Moses, M.ASCE)

Stress Pattern Changes in Necrotic Femoral Heads (by Thomas D. Brown, ...)

Stress and Flow Fields in Articular Cartilage (by W. Michael Lai, ...)

Studies of the Mitral Valve in a Computer Test Chamber (by David M. McQueen, ...)

Subspace Iteration for the Quadratic Eigenproblem (by Roengdeja Rajatabhothi, ...)

Surface Inflow of Light Water Into an Ambient Fluid: A Comparison between Laboratory Experiments and Theoretical Results (by Timothy W. Kao, M.ASCE, ...)

System Identification Using Substructuring for Large Structural Systems (by Gary C. Hart, ...)

Systems Identification Applied to Seismic Response (by Paul C. Jennings, M.ASCE, ...)

Taylor Dispersion in Spatially Periodic Porous Media and Other Periodic Systems (by Howard Brenner, M.ASCE)

Theory on Drift for Floating Bodies (by Nils Salvesen)

Threshold Strain and Cyclic Behavior of Cohesionless Soils (by Ricardo Dobry, M.ASCE, ...)

Torsional Vibration of Wind-Excited Structures (by Douglas A. Foutch, A.M.ASCE, ...)

A Transmitting Boundary for Analysis of Hydrodynamic Pressures in Unbounded Domains (by John F. Hall, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Trends in Turbulent Boundary Layer Research (by V. A. Sandborn)

Tresca Yield in Plane Strain (by Subhash C. Anand, M.ASCE, ...)

Turbulence in Helically Corrugated Pipe Flow (by Edward Silberman, F.ASCE)

Turbulent Jets - A Review (by E. J. List, M.ASCE)

Turbulent Properties of Aortic Valve Prosthesis (by Ned H.C. Hwang, ...)

Two-Dimensional Buoyant Jets in Cross-Flows (by Hiroyuki Haniu, ...)

Vertical and Torsional Stiffnesses of Cylindrical Footings (by Eduardo Kausel, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Vibratory Propeller Forces on Arbitrary Hulls (by J. P. Breslin, ...)

Viscoplasticity and Creep of a Three Bar Linkage (by Terry D. Hinnerichs, ...)

Visualization in Turbulent Flows (by Hassan M. Nagib, M.ASCE, ...)

Where is Coherent Structure Research Leading (by S. N.B. Murthy)

Wind Interaction of Neighboring Tall Buildings (by Timothy A. Reinhold)

Wind Pressure Fluctuations on Tall Buildings (by Ahsan Kareem, ...)

Wind-Induced Pressure Fluctuations Inside Building (by Henry Liu, M.ASCE, ...)

A Work-Softening Model for Soils (by George Y. Baladi, M.ASCE, ...)