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Air Entrainment and Energy Dissipation in Breakers (by Alfred Führböter)

Analysis of Hurricane Tides at Padre Island, Texas (by Frank D. Masch, ...)

Analysis of Wave Records (by D. Lee Harris)

Analytical Approach on Wave Overtopping on Levees (by Hiroyoshi Shi-igai, ...)

Beach Nourishment at Virginia Beach, Virginia (by James W. Bunch)

Behavior of a Slender Body in Shallow-Water Waves (by Hsiang Wang, ...)

Bottom Boundary Shear Stresses on a Model Beach (by P. G. Teleki, ...)

Breaking Wave Setup and Decay on Gentle Slopes (by Li-San Hwang, M.ASCE, ...)

Breakwater and Quay Wall by Horizontal Plates (by Takeshi Ijima, ...)

Canadian Wave Slimate Study — The Formative Year (by Laurence Draper)

Characteristics of Shingle Beaches: The Solution to Some Practical Problems (by A. M. Muir Wood)

Characteristics of Waves Broken by a Longshore Bar (by E. Clark McNair, Jr., ...)

Class of Probability Models for Littoral Drift (by William R. James)

Coastal Processes from Space Photography (by Maynard M. Nichols)

Comparison of Fluvial and Coastal Similitude (by Bernard Le Méhauté)

Comparison of Model and Beach Scour Patterns (by John B. Herbich, P.E.)

Comparison of Pressure and Staff Gage Records (by D. Esteva, ...)

Compilation of Ocean and Lake Wave Statistics (by John Simpson Hale)

Computation of Alongshore Energy and Littoral (by Theodor R. Mogel, ...)

Computation of Storm Surge (by Richard Silvester)

Computer Modelling of Diffraction of Wind Waves (by Shou-Shan Fan, ...)

Crater-Sink Sand Transfer System (by Douglas L. Inman, ...)

Damage Functions for a Rubble-Mound Breakwater Under the Effect of Swells (by Juan B. Font)

Deformation of Rotational Tidal Currents in Shallow Coastal Water (by Harald Göhren)

Density Currents and Turbulent Diffusion in Locks (by A. Roy Halliwell, ...)

Deterioration and Restoration of Coastal Wetlands (by Sherwood M. Gagliano, ...)

Development of Undular Bores in Rough Channels (by O. Hawaleshka, ...)

Dimensional Analysis - Spurious Correlation (by M. S. Yalin, ...)

Directional Spectra from Wave-Gage Arrays (by N. N. Panicker, ...)

Dynamics of a Coast with a Groyne System (by W. T. Bakker, ...)

Effect of Groynes on Eroded Beaches (by W. A. Price, ...)

Effect of Long Period Waves on Hydrographic Surveys (by Orville T. Magoon, ...)

Effects of Nonuniform Wave Energy in the Littoral Zone (by Victor Goldsmith, ...)

Energy Losses Under Wave Action (by P. D. Treloar, ...)

Environmental Planning of a Bay and Coastal Lagoon Systems (by Norman T. Gilroy)

Equilibrium Profiles of Model Beaches (by Irvathur Vasudeva Nayak, A.M.ASCE)

Equilibrium Range Spectra in Shoaling Water (by Takeshi Ijima, ...)

Estuary Inlet Channel Stabilization Study using a Hydraulic Model (by Theodore T. Lee)

Experimental Studies on the Generation of Waves in Shallow Water (by C. T. Kuo, ...)

Experimental Study of the Hydraulic Behaviour of Inclined Groyne System (by Júlio Patriarca Barceló)

Experiments of Wave Reflexion on Impermeable Slopes (by Carlos de Campos Moraes)

Experiments with Sand-Filled Flexible Tubes (by Per Roed Jakobsen, ...)

Field Study of Surathkal Beach (by P. Suryaprakasa Rao, ...)

Field Study of Tidal Inlet, Bimini, Bahamas (by W. Harrison, ...)

Floating Breakwater for Reservoir Marinas (by Kenneth Chen, ...)

Flushing Pattern of Non-Reactive Effluents (by Adel M. Kamel)

Forces on a Pontoon in Three-Dimensional Waves (by J. Eie, ...)

Front Matter (by American Society of Civil Engineers )

Harbor Study for San Nicolas Bay, Peru (by James M. Keith, ...)

Head Loss at Tsunami-Breakwater Opening (by Yoshiyuki Ito)

Higher Order Theory for Symmetrical Gravity Waves (by Peter L. Monkmeyer)

History of the Dutch Coast in the Last Century (by W. T. Bakker, ...)

Honolulu Reef Runway Dike (by Robert Q. Palmer, F.ASCE, ...)

Horizontal Water Particle Velocity of Finite Amplitude Waves (by Yuichi Iwagaki, ...)

Hydraulic Resistance of Artificial Concrete Blocks (by Nobuo Shuto, ...)

Hydrodynamic Forces of Twin-Hull Vessels (by Shen Wang)

Impulse Waves Generated by Landslides (by J. W. Kamphuis, ...)

Influence of Breaker Type of Riprap Stability (by John P. Ahrens, A.M.ASCE)

Influence of Grain Size on Littoral Drift (by José Castanho)

Interaction Between Waves and Currents (by Ivar G. Jonsson, ...)

Isopachous Mapping of the Lower Patexent Estuary Sediments by Continuous Seismic Profiling Techniques (by Newell T. Stiles, ...)

Jamaica Bay Hurricane Barrier (by Frank L. Panuzio)

Laboratory Tests of Longshore Transport (by John C. Fairchild, M.ASCE)

Laboratory Tests on Artificial Seaweed (by W. A. Price, ...)

Land Reclamation and Groin-Building in Tidal Flats (by Heie Rocken Erchinger)

Limiting Condition for Standing Wave Theories by Perturbation Method (by Yoshito Tsuchiya, ...)

Littoral Transport and Energy Relationship (by L. Bajorunas)

Loadings on Large Piers in Waves and Currents (by Hsiang Wang)

Macro — Turbulence from Wind Waves (by Chin-Yuan Lee, ...)

Mathematical Model of Mixing in New Haven Harbor (by Michael D. Disko, ...)

Maximum Wave Height Probabilities for a Random Number of Random Intensity Storms (by L. E. Borgman)

Measurement of Density Currents in an Idealized Model (by Timm Stuckrath)

The Measurement of Tidal Water Transport in Channels (by R. E. Klein)

Model Study of the Transformation of Tsunamis in Urado Bay (by Shigehisa Nakamura, ...)

Model Tests and Studies for Port Rashid, Dubai (by Eric Loewy)

Natural Flushing Ability in Tidal Inlets (by I. B. Mota Oliveira)

Observation of Sediment Motion by Underwater-Television (by Gunter Luck)

Ocean Wave Research in Southern Africa (by J. A. Zwamborn, ...)

Offset Coastal Inlets (by Miles O. Hayes, ...)

Offshore Beach Nourishment Scheme (by Robert A. Dalrymple)

Oil Booms in Tidal Currents (by Ralph H. Cross, ...)

On Successive Saltation of a Sand Grain by Wind (by Yoshito Tsuchiya)

Particle Velocity Measurements with a Laser Device (by C. A. Greated, ...)

Periodic Wves Shoaling in Waters Over Steeply Shoaling Bottoms (by Harihara Rama Ayyar)

Plunging Wave Pressures on a Semi-Cylindrical Tube (by Yuan Jen, ...)

Prediction Curves for Waves Near the Source of an Impulse (by Robert L. Miller)

Pressure of Floating Ice Fields on Piles (by Joachim Schwarz)

Pressure of Waves Against Vertical Walls (by M. E. Plakida)

Probabilities of Breaking Wave Characteristics (by J. Ian Collins)

Processing and Analysis of Radioisotopic Sand Tracer (RIST) Study Data (by H. R. Brashear, ...)

Properties of Longshore Bars in the Great Lakes (by James H. Saylor, ...)

Reach of Waves to the Bed of the Continental Shelf (by Richard Silvester, ...)

Recent History of Erosion at Carolina Beach, N.C. (by Limberios Vallianos)

Recirculation in Shallow Bays and Rivers (by R. K. Price, ...)

Research for the Coastal Area of the Delta Region of the Netherlands (by J. J. Dronkers)

Researches on Sea-Walls (by S. Nagai)

Resonance in Harbors of Arbitrary Shape (by Jiin-Jen Lee, ...)

Resonance of Moored Objects in Wave Trains (by A. J. Hermans, ...)

Rio Grande Bar - The Case History of a Lagoon Outlet into a Tideless Sea (by V. F. Motta)

Sand Transport Phenomena on Coasts with Bars (by M. Dyhr-Nielsen, ...)

Scour Around a Circular Cylinder Due to Wave Motion (by Donald R. Wells, ...)

Seasonal Bottom Changes, Bolinas Bay, California (by J. W. Johnson)

Sediment Distribution and its Relations to Circulation Patterns in Bolinas Bay, California (by P. Wilde, ...)

Sediment Pollution in Coastal Waters (by van de Kreeke)

Selection of Disposal Areas for Spoil from Baltimore Harbor (by John F. Hoffman, F.ASCE)

Shear Stress of Sea Breeze on a Swash Zone (by Shih-Ang Hsu)

Shoaling of Finite-Amplitude Waves on Plane Beaches (by Robert K.-C. Chan, ...)

Spectral Computations on Pressure Wave Gauge Records (by Manuel Mendes de Carvalho, ...)

Spectral Response of Harbor Resonator Configurations (by William James)

Statistical Prediction of Hurricane Storm Surge (by C. Y. Yang, ...)

Stochastic Analysis of Beach Profile Data (by Choule J. Sonu, ...)

Studies on the Shore Process and Wave Features of the Western Coast of Taiwan (by Kenneth S. T. Chang, ...)

Study of Durban Harbor Silting and Beach Erosion (by Jan Malan Jordaan, Jr.)

Study of Mudbanks Along the Southwest Coast of India (by N. S. Moni)

Study of Topolobampo’s Bay, Mexico, Entrance (by Héctor López Gutiérrez, ...)

Surface Oscillations in a Tank Caused by a Submerged Jet (by Juan B. Font, ...)

Suspended Load Calculations in a Tidal Estuary (by Brian A. O’Connor)

Swell and Storm Characteristics from Coastal Wave Records (by Warren C. Thompson)

Synoptic Observations of Sand Movement (by David B. Duane)

A System for Measuring Orbital Velocities in Waves (by M. M. Kolpak, ...)

Tidal Inlet Problems Along the New England Coast (by Oscar E. Arpin)

Tidal Motion in Bays (by O. H. Shemdin, ...)

Tidal Waves in Schematic Estuaries (by Hans Vollmers, ...)

Trapping of Outfall Constituents Behind Sills (by T. Carstens, ...)

Tsunamis: Some Laboratory and Field Observations (by Fredric Raichlen)

Turbulence and Sediment Concentration Due to Waves (by Kiyoshi Horikawa, ...)

Turbulence in Hurricane-Generated Coastal Currents (by Stephen P. Murray)

Underwater Mound for the Protection of Durban’s Beaches (by J. S. Zwamborn, ...)

Underwater Survey System for Radionuclide-Tagged Sediment Tracing (by E. H. Acree, ...)

Use of Asphalt in Breakwater Construction (by K. d’Angremond, ...)

Use of Volcanoes for Determination of Direction of Littoral Drift (by Per Bruun, ...)

Variation of Longshore Current Across the Surf Zone (by Edward B. Thornton)

Variation of Topography of Sea-Bed Caused by the Construction of Breakwaters (by Shoji Sato, ...)

Velocity Fields in the Breaker Zone (by M. D. Adeyemo)

Water Current Meter for Mean Flow Measurements (by David Smith, ...)

Wave Forecasting for the West Coast of India (by J. Dattatri, ...)

Wave Investigations in Shallow Water (by Winfried Siefert)

Waves Generated by Large Ships and Small Boats (by M. M. Das, ...)

Waves Generated by a Piston-Type Wavemaker (by Ole Secher Madsen)