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Analysis of the Flow Induced by Air-Bubble Systems (by Helmut E. Kobus)

Application of Fluorescent Coated Sand in Littoral Drift and Inlet Studies (by Minze Stuiver, ...)

Application of Risk Criteria in Coastal Engineering (by Asit K. Biswas)

Application of Wave Diffraction Data (by Hideaki Noda)

Application of Wave Diffraction Data (by Richard Silvester, ...)

The Atlantic Coast of Long Island (by Frank L. Panuzio)

Beach and Dune Erosion Tests (by T. van der Meulen, ...)

Breaking Wave Criteria: A Study Employing a Numerical Wave Theory (by Robert G. Dean)

The Bristol Channel Barrage Project (by Eric Montgomery Wilson, ...)

Buoyancy Spread of Waste Water in Coastal Regions (by Ian Larsen, ...)

Case Histories of Two Estuaries (by C. H. Dobbie)

The Characteristics of Wind-Waves Generated in the Laboratory (by Theodore T. Lee)

Cliff Drainage and Beach Distribution (by W. T. Fryde)

Closely Spaced Pile Breakwater as a Protection Structure Against Beach Erosion (by Taizo Hayashi, ...)

Collective Movement of Sediment in Littoral Environment (by Choule J. Sonu)

Comprehensive Tidal Study of the St. Lawrence River (by J. Ploeg, ...)

Constituent Transport in Estuaries (by Bard Glenne)

Creation and Stabilization of Coastal Barrier Dunes (by R. P. Savage, ...)

The Creation of an Artificial Beach in Larvotto Bay — Monte Carlo Principality of Monaco (by Louis Tourmen)

A Design Criteria Recommended for Marine Fender (by Theodore T. Lee)

Design of a Small Tidal Inlet (by Morrough P. O’Brien, ...)

Destruction Criteria for Rubble-Mound Break-Waters (by Adelkis J. Rogan)

Dissipation of Deep Water Waves by Hydraulic Breakwaters (by R. E. Nece, ...)

Dubai Creek Entrance (by H. Ridehalgh)

Dune Erosion During Storm Conditions (by T. Edelman)

Dune Erosion and Protective Works at Pendine, Carmarthenshire, 1961-1968 (by R. S. Colquhoun)

Durability of Concrete in Coast Protection Works (by R. T. L. Allen, ...)

The Dynamics of a Coast with a Groyne System (by W. T. Bakker)

The Effect of Artificial Seaweed in Promoting the Build-Up of Beaches (by W. A. Price, ...)

Effect of Beach Slope and Shoaling on Wave Asymmetry (by M. D. Adeyemo)

Effect of Channel Deepening on Salinity in the James Estuary (by Maynard M. Nichols)

The Effect of Groynes on Stable Beaches (by W. A. Price, ...)

The Effect of Storm Duration on Rubble-Mound Breakwater Stability (by Juan B. Font)

The Effect of Wave Crests on Wave Forces (by A. Traeteteberg)

The Effect of Wave Energy Spectra on Wave Run-Up (by J. H. van Oorschot, ...)

The Effect of Waves on the Profile of a Natural Beach (by Warren C. Thompson, ...)

Effects of Blast Loading on a Pier (by Young C. Kim, ...)

The Effects of Bottom Configuration on the Deformation, Breaking and Run-Up of Solitary Waves (by Frederick E. Camfield, ...)

Expected Discharge of Irregular Overtopping (by Senri Tsuruta, ...)

Experience with Self-Dredging Harbour Entrances (by P. Donnelly, ...)

Experimental Investigation of Shock Pressures Against Breakwaters (by Gustaf Richert)

Experimental Studies on a Fixed Perforated Breakwater (by Wilbur Marks, ...)

Experimental Study of the Hydraulic Behaviour of Groyne Systems (by Júlio Patriarca Barceló)

Field Investigation Practices of Coastal Studies in Japan (by Masashi Hom-ma)

A Field Investigation of Sand Transport in the Surf Zone (by Edward B. Thornton)

Flexible Porous Floating Breakwaters (by R. J. Kennedy, ...)

A Floating Breakwater (by A. J. Harris, ...)

Floating Breakwaters (by A. Brebner, ...)

Front Matter (by American Society of Civil Engineers )

Further Results on the Deposition of Cohesive Sediments (by Emmanuel Partheniades, ...)

Hi-Dro Cushion Camel — A New Floating Fender (by D. B. Ford, P.E., ...)

Hydraulic Model Experiment on the Diffusion Due to the Coastal Current (by Haruo Higuchi, ...)

Hyperbolic Waves and Their Shoaling (by Yuichi Iwagaki)

The Investigation of the Waves at the Bay on the Models with Fixed Bed and the Estimation of the Scale Effect (by M. E. Plakida, ...)

Laboratory Study on Oscillatory Boundary Layer Flow (by Kiyoshi Horikawa, ...)

Littoral Drift as Function of Waves and Current (by E. W. Bijker)

Long Waves in Channels of Arbitrary Cross-Section (by D. H. Peregrine)

Longshore Transport of Sand (by Douglas L. Inman, ...)

Measurement of Coastal Currents (by J. M. Zeigler, ...)

Measuring of Squat in the Fairway to the Port of Luleå, North Sweden (by Carl G. Carlström)

Model Studies of a Perforated Breakwater (by F. L. Terrett, ...)

A Model Study of the Distribution of Run-Up of Wind-Generated Waves on Sloping Sea Walls (by Norman B. Webber, ...)

Modeling of Structures Subjected to Wind Generated Waves (by Erich J. Plate, ...)

The Motions of Small Boats in Standing Waves (by Fredric Raichlen)

On the Effect of Armour Block Facing on the Quantity of Wave Overtopping (by Naofumi Shiraishi, ...)

On the Overland Flow of Tsunami and Effectiveness of Wall as a Counter Measure (by Toshio Iwasaki, ...)

Pattern of Wave-Induced Erosion under Caisson-Type Breakwater (by P. Donnelly, ...)

Pressure Distribution over a Moving Wavy Boundary (by Konstantín Zagustin)

Pressures by Breaking Waves on Composite-Type Breakwaters (by S. Nagai, ...)

Quantitative Tracing of Littoral Drift (by Per Bruun)

Recession of Marine Terraces — With Special Reference to the Coastal Area North of Santa Cruz, California (by Robert M. Sorensen)

Rectangular Resonators for Harbour Entrances (by William James)

River Mouth Training in New South Wales, Australia (by C. D. Floyd)

’STABIT’ - A New Armour Block (by K. Y. Singh)

Scour of Sand Beaches in Front of Seawalls (by John B. Herbich, ...)

Shallow Water Waves: A Comparison of Theories and Experiments (by Bernard Le Méhauté, ...)

Shear Velocity in a Tidal Estuary (by A. Roy Halliwell, ...)

Ship Waves in Navigable Waterways (by Duncan Hay)

Ship Waves in Shoaling Water (by J. W. Johnson)

Simulation of Horizontal Turbulent Diffusion of Particles under Waves (by Stephen P. Murray)

Solid and Permeable Submerged Breakwaters (by T. Milne Dick, ...)

Some Considerations on Hydraulic Design of Bottom Water Intake (by Shin-ichi Senshu)

Stability of Quadripod Cover Layers (by Olin F. Weymouth, ...)

Studies of Prediction of Recirculation of Cooling Water in a Bay (by Akira Wada)

Study on Scouring at the Foot of Coastal Structures (by Shoji Sato, ...)

Systematic Collection of Beach Data (by Dennis W. Berg)

A Systems Approach to Petroleum Port Site Selection (by William S. Gaither, ...)

The Terminal Problem in Coast Protection (by N. Pallett)

The Theory and Design of Bubble Breakwaters (by P. S. Bulson)

The Threshold of Movement of Coarse Material in Oscillatory Flow (by P. J. Rance, ...)

Tsunami Height, Oahu, Hawaii: Model and Nature (by Jan Malan Jordaan, Jr., ...)

Upwind Travel of Reflected Waves (by E. P. Richey)

Use of a Computational Model for Two-Dimensional Tidal Flow (by Jan J. Leendertse)

Variable Dispersion and Its Effects on the Movements of Tracers on Beaches (by W. A. Price)

Velocities in Downrush on Rubble Mound Breakwaters (by A. Brandtzaeg, ...)

Wave Forces on Piles in Relation to Wave Energy (by A. Paape)

Wave Measurements by a Pressure Type Wave Gauge (by P. O. Bergan, ...)

Wave Period and the Swash Zone Energy Balance (by Graham S. Giese)

Wave Reflection and Transmission in Channels of Variable Section (by E. L. Bourodimos, ...)

Waves Off Benghazi Harbour - Libya (by K. Y. Singh, ...)

Waves at Camp Pendleton, California (by William H. Powers, Jr., ...)

Wind Velocity Profile Above Progressive Water Waves (by Omar H. Shemdin)