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Cold Regions Engineering 2009: Cold Regions Impacts on Research, Design, and Construction

AHP for the Assessment of Permafrost Environment in Muli Mining Area of Qinghai Province, China (by Wei Cao, ...)

Accelerated Fresh Water Corrosion Study & Remediation of Steel Structures (by Chad W. Scott, P.E., ...)

Active Layer and Frost Bulb Interaction for a Full-Scale, Buried Chilled Gas Pipeline (by Margaret M. Darrow, Ph.D.)

Analyses of Frost-Migration under Post-Tensioned Slabs (by Daniel D. Overton, P.E., F.ASCE, ...)

Application of Seismic Methods for Early Stage Concrete: The Influence of Freezing Effects (by Yan Liu, ...)

An Approach to Applying Spring Thaw Load Restrictions for Low Volume Roads Based on Thermal Numerical Modelling (by Jeffrey Chapin, ...)

A Basic Study on Frost Susceptibility of Rock: Differences between Frost Susceptibility of Rock and Soil (by Dai Nakamura, ...)

The Behavior of Moisture in High-Water-Content Soil during the Freeze-Thaw Process under Natural Cold Conditions (by Atsuko Sato, ...)

Bioretention of Simulated Snowmelt: Cold Climate Performance and Design Criteria (by N. J. LeFevre, ...)

Causes and Preventative Methods for Rail Seat Abrasion in North America’s Railroads (by Russell H. Lutch, ...)

Characterizing the Strength Layering of Freezing Ground (by Rosa T. Affleck, ...)

Chatfield Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements: A Design and Operational Review, Focused on Cold Weather Issues (by Timothy M. Wedin, P.E.)

Compressive Strength of Floating Ice and Calculation of Ice Force on Bridge Piers during Ice Collision (by Tianlai Yu, ...)

Constructed Rock Beach Winter Installation (by Sonia Maassel Jacobsen, P.E., ...)

Construction Aggregate Potential of Minnesota Taconite Industry Byproducts (by L. M. Zanko, ...)

Deformations of Buildings and a Problem of Operation of the Bases in Norilsk Area (by A. G. Kerimov, ...)

Differential Frost Heave at Pipeline-Road Crossings (by Gerry Ferris)

Dust Measurement to Determine Effectiveness of Rural Dust Strategies (by David L. Barnes, ...)

Effect of Remolding on Cement-Stabilized Base Course Blended with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (by W. S. Guthrie, ...)

Environmental Engineering Failures in Alaska (by Daniel H. Schubert, P.E., ...)

Estimate the Permafrost Degradation at Muli Coalfield, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (by Yinghong Qin)

Experimentation of Gravimetric Measurements to Detect the Presence of Buried Ice along the Mary River Railway Corridor (by Guy Doré, Ph.D.)

Experimentation of Several Mitigation Methods in Tasiujaq Airport to Minimize the Effects Caused by the Melting of Permafrost (by Anders Stuhr Jo/rgensen, ...)

Extending the Season for Concrete Construction and Repair—The Next Phase (by Lynette A. Barna, Aff.M.ASCE, ...)

A Formula for the Unfrozen Water Content and Temperature of Frozen Soils (by Yinghong Qin, ...)

Foundation Design for Frost Heave (by Widianto, ...)

Frost Heave Damage to a Road on a Permafrost Island in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (by Yu Sheng, ...)

Geocryological Conditions of the Railway Bridge Construction Site, South Yamal Peninsula (Western Siberia, Russia) (by S. N. Titkov, ...)

Geophysical Investigations at Shishmaref, Alaska (by M. T. Azelton, ...)

Geosynthetical Materials in Designs of Highways in Cold Regions of Far East (by S. A. Kudryavtsev, ...)

Highway Embankment on Degrading Permafrost (by H. Batenipour, ...)

Initial Analysis of the New Hampshire Spring Load Restriction Procedure (by Robert A. Eaton, ...)

An Innovative Sensor for Assisting Spring Load Restrictions: Results of Field Demonstration Study (by Xiong (Bill) Yu, ...)

Interactive Behavior between Frost Bulb and Chilled Pipe by an Axially-Symmetric Freezing Experiment (by Shunji Kanie, ...)

Introduction to Cold Regions Pavement Engineering (by H. K. Zubeck, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, ...)

Mechanical Properties of the Active Layer for Pavement Design in Permafrost Conditions (by G. Doré)

Mitigation of Road-Users Interactions in the Wake of Snowstorms: A University Case Study (by Behzad Rouhieh, ...)

MnROAD Pavement Temperature Profiles (by Greg Johnson, ...)

Modeling Heavy Wheel Loading on Frozen and Unfrozen Ground (by Michael Parker, ...)

Modeling of Snow Load Using Filtered Poisson Process (by Y. J. Yin, ...)

Montana State University’s Subzero Science and Engineering Research Facility: New Interdisciplinary Cold Regions Research Laboratories (by D. A. Miller, ...)

Numerical Simulation for Biosurfactant-Enhanced Bioremediation Process under Cold Climate and Low Soil-Permeability Conditions: A Pilot-Scale Case Study (by Hui Yu, ...)

Numerical Study on Cooling Effect of Closed Crushed-Rock Embankment along Qinghai-Tibet Railway in China (by Mingyi Zhang, ...)

One-Dimensional Computer Models to Estimate Frost Depth (by Lynette A. Barna, Aff.M.ASCE, ...)

The Peculiar Features of the Foundations and the Artificial Bases Construction of the Covered Stadium in Cryolithozone (by A. G. Kerimov, ...)

Performance of Stress-Laminated Timber Highway Bridges in Cold Climates (by James P. Wacker, P.E., M.ASCE)

Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt Pavements Performance for Stormwater Management in Northern Climates (by Robert M. Roseen, ...)

Porous Asphalt Proven Successful in Cold Region: WBUUC Porous Parking Lot (by J. W. Tiggelaar, ...)

Pre-Thawing: From Mining to Civil Engineering; A Historical Perspective (by M. H. Cysewski, ...)

Preliminary Study of Evaluating Asphalt Pavement Rutting Performance Using the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (by Shu Wei Goh, ...)

Reasonable Height of Roadway Embankment in Permafrost Regions (by Jianming Zhang, ...)

Ruggedness Evaluation of the Tube Suction Test (by W. S. Guthrie, ...)

Spring Thaw Predictor and Development of Real Time Spring Load Restrictions (by Robert Eaton, P.E., M.ASCE, ...)

Statistical Comparison of Mechanistic-Empirical Models for Predicting Fatigue Life of Cement-Treated Base Layers over Weak Subgrades (by W. S. Guthrie, ...)

Study on Construction Technology for Tunnelling in the Plateau Permafrost Region (by Hongjian Li)

Subgrade Temperature and Freezing Cycles in Pervious Pavements (by R. J. Rohne, ...)

Thermal Characteristics of Oil and Permafrost along the Proposed China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline (by G. Y. Li, ...)

University of the Arctic’s Thematic Network on Arctic Engineering and Science (by H. Zubeck, ...)

Using Ice Surfaces to Decrease the Impact of a Remediation Project (by Michael R. Walsh, ...)

Using Soil Stress State Transducers in Freezing Ground (by Sally Shoop, ...)

Warm Mix Asphalt Using Sasobit in Cold Region (by Shu Wei Goh, ...)

Warm-Mix Asphalt for Rural County Roads (by Lyndon Robjent, P.E., ...)