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Logistics: The Emerging Frontiers of Transportation and Development in China

AHP-TOPSIS-Based Stock of the Electric Power Materials and Research of Optimized Storage Management (by Lixian Xing)

Accounting Model for Green Logistics Cost Based On the Environmental Value Theory (by Chi Zhang, ...)

Adaptability Appraisal on Highway Network Based on Degree of Grey Slope Incidence DEA (by Jiang-xia Yu, ...)

Adaptive Dynamics of Comprehensive Transportation Corridor’s Evolution (by Yuzhuo Qiu, ...)

Adjustment Plan of Passenger Traffic Special Line Optimization Study (by Xiao-song Xie, ...)

Adjustment of Freight Station Layout in Railway Terminal (by Yu-Ling Ye, ...)

Advanced Traveler Information System for Metropolitan Expressways in Shanghai (by Hongcheng Gan, ...)

The Airfield System Capacity Evaluation and Delay Analysis Based on Simmod Simulation (by Xinyue Zhang, ...)

Airport Site Selection Based On Uncertain Multi-Attribute Decision Making (by Zhenhui Wang, ...)

Algorithm of Deterministic Joint Replenishment Problem (by Zhijie Liang, ...)

Algorithms of Game Models on Individual Travel Behavior (by Jianmei Liu, ...)

Allocation Model for Logistics Distribution Center Based on Demand Forecasting (by Bin Ding, ...)

Analyses of the Transfer Waiting Time in Urban Public Transportation Terminals (by Lishan Sun, ...)

An Analysis Method of the Loan-Pledge-Rate of Warehouse Receipts Pledge Using VAR (by Hairong Ma, ...)

Analysis and Design of IDSS and Its Generator for Traffic Management (by Qiao Xiong)

Analysis and Forecast of Railway Freight Ton-Kilometers (RFTK) Based On Railroad Transportation Supply Ability (by Ruyi Wang, ...)

Analysis and Numerical Simulation on Airflow Field of Expressway Toll Station Area (by Zhanyu Wang, ...)

Analysis and Prediction of Traffic Accidents Based Grey Prediction Mode in China (by Haiwei Wang, ...)

Analysis of Bearing Capacity Properties for Rammed Enlarged Carrier CFG Piles (by Peng Ren, ...)

Analysis of Characteristics and Influence Factors Of Demands On Transit Transport (by Wengang Liu, Ph.D., ...)

Analysis of Container Shipping Market Forecast Based on Economical Cybernetics (by Ran Wang, ...)

The Analysis of Contract Economic in Procurement Supervision (by Zhengqiang He)

Analysis of Credit Risk in Supply Chain Based On Stackelberg Game (by Yan Wang, ...)

An Analysis of Different Handling Strategies for the Return Inventory Control Model (by Jie Huang, ...)

Analysis of Distribution Center Selection Model and Heuristic Algorithm (by Hou Bin, ...)

Analysis of Drivers’ Motivations during Discretionary Lane Changes on a Multi-Lane Freeway (by Shengnan Kan, ...)

The Analysis of Econometric Model between Ports and Port Cities on the Basis of Green Ideal (by Cuilian Liu, ...)

Analysis of Effect of Dewatering with Diaphragm Wall in Xiamen East Passageway (by Mingnian Wang, ...)

The Analysis of Environmental Problems in Seas around Ports of China Based On Green Ideal (by Cuilian Liu, ...)

Analysis of Factors Affecting License Plate Recognition with the Application of Orthogonal Experimental Design Method (by Di Zhu, ...)

Analysis of Long-Term Field Test on Column-Net Structure Embankment of Ballastless Track in Sui-yu Railway Line (by Hong Xiao, ...)

The Analysis of Model and Robustness of Regional Logistics Network Based on the Weighted Super-Network (by Guanghua Yang, ...)

Analysis of Public Transport Networks in Nagoya Based on Complex Network Theory (by Ye Shi, ...)

The Analysis of SCEs’ Knowledge Behaviors Using DEA (by Yifan Shi, ...)

The Analysis of System Feedback Structure of Supply Chain in Manufacturing Process of Aviation Weapon Equipment (by Weiqiang Jia, ...)

Analysis of Traffic Congestion’s Inherence Based on Game Theory (by Linbo Li, ...)

Analysis of Train-Turnout-Bridge Spatial Vibration with Train Running in the Divergent Direction (by Zhiping Zeng, ...)

Analysis of Vessel Tonnage Structures and Growth Trends among Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore (by Cheng-Chi Chung, ...)

Analysis of a Couple of Problemsof Ground Stress and Temperature Stress Fields in Tunnel of Fissured Surrounding Rock in Cold Region (by Bing Sun, ...)

Analysis of the Cause of Road Black-Spots Based on Improved Rough Sets Theory (by Shu-qing Li, ...)

Analysis on Adaptability of BRT in Big Cities of China West (by Hualan Wang)

Analysis on Differences of Economic Factors Affecting the Cargo Throughput of Three Main Ports in China (by Hao Sun, ...)

Analysis on Effect Factors of Rutting Performance (by Libo Gao, ...)

Analysis on Road Traffic Accidents and Its Influencing Factors In Rural Area Of Guangxi (by Lizeng Mao, ...)

Analysis on Trilateral Game of Green Supply Chain (by Ming Liu, ...)

Analysis on URT Safety Investment and Emergency Mechanism (by Jingshuai Yang)

Analysis on the Characteristics of the Logistics Alliance Leading On Manufacturing Company and Research on the Key Problems (by Shengyu He, ...)

Analyzed on the Forming and Its Evolving Of Complex Logistics Network Based On Netlogo (by Bangjun Wang, ...)

Anni Modeling and Simulation in Project Logistics Bidding (by Li Lu, ...)

Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Solving Dynamic Wagon-Flows Allocating Problem in Marshalling Yard (by Feng Xue, ...)

Antecedent Role of Information Sharing On Trust And Cooperation Intentions In Supply Chain: An Empirical Analysis (by Songzheng Zhao, ...)

Anti-Collision Performance Analysis for Passive RFID Tag (by Xiaoqiang Zhang, ...)

Applicable Research on SQLServer2005 Data Mining Technology in Logistics Information Systems (by Jia Cheng)

Application Research of Net Present Value in Fixing a Tolling Year of the Toll Road (by Ying-li Liang, ...)

The Application Research of Rough-Set on Passenger Sharing On Passenger-Dedicated Lines and Conventional Railway (by Jian Luo, ...)

The Application Research of the Automobile Industry Supply Chain Based on ASP Platform (by Lilin Fan, ...)

Application Study of Real Option Game Theory on the Decision of Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Ship Construction (by Ming Sun, ...)

Application in Two Satisfactory Methods for Multi-Objective Location-Routing Problem (MLRP) (by Qian Zhang)

Application of 802.11p Technology in ITS (by Jing Zhou, ...)

The Application of Bassan Model in the Warehouse Interior Space Layout and Its Development of Decision Support System (by Yuzhong Mao, ...)

Application of Beidou Navigation Satellite System in Logistics and Transportation (by Shaotang Liu, ...)

Application of Chaotic Optimization Method to Point-to-Point Motion of Redundant Robots (by Chun Feng, ...)

Application of DEA in Sustainable Development Evaluation for the Logistics Industry (by Yurong Hui, ...)

Application of Game Theory in Industry Chain Stability Problems (by Ning Wang, ...)

Application of Game Theory to the Implementation of Reverse Supply Chain (by Ying Gong, ...)

Application of Geo-Cell on the Joint of New and Old Embankments (by Zhen Fu, ...)

Application of Green Wave Traffic Design in Traffic Impact Analysis (by Fei Shi, ...)

Application of Grey and Optimum Decision-Making Model to Urban Public Transport Planning (by Changyu Guan, ...)

Application of Information Fusion Techniques in the Status Monitor of Low Temperature Logistics (by Fang Shen, ...)

Application of Multi-Variable Grey Self-Adaptable Model in the Demand Forecasting Of Road Passenger Transportation (by Xinrui Zhang, ...)

Application of Petri Net for Shortest Routes Selection in Multimodal Networks (by Huacan Sun, ...)

The Application of SSIM in Predication of Ship Maneuvering (by Guichen Zhang, ...)

Application of Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Route Choice in Dynamic Traffic Networks (by Changjiang Zheng, ...)

Application of Six Sigma Management in Agricultural Product Logistics (by Hongxia Guo)

Application of Traffic-Wave Theory in Air Traffic Flow (by Zhaoning Zhang, ...)

Application of the Golden Section to the Dimension and Layout Design of Guide Signs, and Examples of Various Guide Signs Design of Suzhou Arterial Highway (by Fang Wang, ...)

Application of the Technology Combined GPS with GIS Virtual Reality in Logistics Management (by Songlin Yang, ...)

Apply Quality Function Deployment Method to Manage Logistics Quality (by Yan-fang Huo, ...)

Apply TOPSIS Model to Evaluate Automotive Logistics Performance (by Yan-fang Huo, ...)

Applying HSM Network Screening Models to Louisiana Rural Two-Lane Highway Network (by Xiaoduan Sun, Ph.D., P.E., ...)

An Approach for Manufacturing Strategy Formulation Process Based on Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment (by Ming Bai, ...)

Architecture Design of Logistics Distribution Center (by Mei Wang, ...)

The Assessment Model of Service Performance for the Third Party Logistics Based on Imprecise Super-Efficiency DEA (by Jianyong Liu, ...)

Automated Incident Detection Algorithms for Freeways Based on SVM And Data Fusion Technologies (by Zhili Cai, ...)

Available Production of the Capacity Constraint of Pull Supply Chain Operating (by Yuanning Tang, ...)

BP Neural Network-Based Research of Business Process Reengineering Effect Evaluation (by Chunsheng Shi, ...)

BRT Corridor Traffic Organization Study Based on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Concepts (by Ruhua Zhang, ...)

Based On Informational Entropy and Statistical Process Control the Dual and Bidirectional Credit Assessment in Synchronization Logistics System (by Jianhua Wu, ...)

Based on the Object-Self Development Characteristic Research on Forecasting Method of Growth Curve Building Model under Limited Information Condition (by Qiusheng Tang, ...)

Basic Frameworks of a Closed Supply Chain for Green Agricultural Products (by Yusong Yan, ...)

The Benefits Impulse Mode for Logistics Modernization Generated By High Speed Maglev Train (by Fang Liu, ...)

Bi-Level Model of Modal Split SUE Based on Multimode Network with Multiple User Classes (by Liyuan Zhao, ...)

Bi-Level Programming Model Strategy to Optimize the Arrival and Departure Handling Efficiency of Block Trains (by Jinhua Yang, ...)

Bi-Level Programming of Regional Logistics System Based on Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Genetic Algorithm (by Ming-bao Pang, ...)

Bus vs. Rail: A Case Study of Modal Comparison in Beijing (by M. Zhang)

Business Process Control along Supply Chain of Offshore Software Outsourcing (by Weihua Gan)

CP Model for Process Coordination in Supply Chain Environment (by Haoxiong Yang, Ph.D., ...)

Capacities and Delays of Non-Motorized Traffic Streams at Signal-Less Intersections (by Fei Shi, ...)

Capacity of Minor Mixed Traffic Flow on Unsignaled Intersection (by Pei-jian Ma, ...)

Car Following Criterion Research in Signalized Intersection (by Quan Yu, Ph.D., ...)

Characteristics and Trends of the Third Party Logistics Market in Mainland China (by Mei Sha, ...)

Characteristics of Hub-And-Spoke Logistics Network (by Yajuan Deng)

Characteristics of Road Travel Speed Data Collection Based on Mobile Phone Handover Location Technology (by Fei Yang, ...)

Characterization of HMA Internal Structure Using Image Analysis (by Lei Zhang, ...)

Classifying and Modeling Activity-Travel Pattern (by Hankang Mo, ...)

Coherence Analysis of Noise and Vibration in Compartment Coaches (by Xiaopai Zhang, ...)

Cointegration Study on Relationship between Shanghai Rail Freight Traffic and Economic Growth (by Quan Wang, ...)

Collaborative Control of Distribution Supply Chains Based Upon Fussy Customer Demand (by Xin Zhang, ...)

Collaborative Forecasting For an Optimal Capacity through Buyback Contract (by Xiaoming Zhou, ...)

Comparative Analysis of City Freight Structure Based on Logistics Scale (by Lei Deng, ...)

A Comparative Study of Domestic and International Research In Supply Chain Management (by Xinyi Bu, ...)

A Comparative Study of Logistics Service Quality Dimensions in the British and Chinese Online Retailing Markets (by Yang Liu, ...)

Competition Game Model of Regional Seaport Logistics Terminals: Case Study of Seaports in China (by Ying Qiu, ...)

The Competition Relationship Analysis on BRT and Rail Transit in Urban Integrated Transportation System (by Jian Yuan, ...)

The Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Shiplock Service Level and Its Application (by Fengping Wu, ...)

Comprehensive Evaluation and Spatial Distribution Analysis of Logistics Development in China (by Xiaoyang Quan, ...)

A Computational Model for Seller’s Reputation in C2C Online Transaction (by Jing Sun, ...)

Computing Method for Width of Runway with Two opposite Transverse Gradients (by Guangyuan Li, ...)

Concept Analysis of Traffic Zone for Route Guidance System (by Xiaodan Li, ...)

Construct Regional Intelligent Logistics Architecture Based On the Environment Of Intelligent Transportation System Technique And Electronic Commerce (by Geng-jun Gao, ...)

The Construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Logistics Corridor and Its Characteristics Analysis (by Min Mao, ...)

Container Transportation Network Bilevel Model Analysis (by Tingfa Zhang, ...)

Contest between Asymmetric Rivals in Logistics Market from an Evolutionary Viewpoint (by Ji Yang, ...)

A Continuous Stochastics Model for Recycling Under Deposit Refunding (by Shujian Ma, ...)

A Control Method for Signal Intersection which Join with Off-Ramp (by Xiaofang Yang, ...)

A Controllable Quality Risk Transmission Model for Construction Supply Chains (by Yuanming Wang, ...)

Cooperation Mode Choice of Supply Chain between Coal and Electricity Units by Method of Game Theory (by Xiaoli Zhao, ...)

A Cooperative Game Model for the Bank-Leading Third-Party Electronic Marketplace (by Yongwu Zhou, ...)

The Coordinated Development Degree between Port and City Based on Green Conception (by Ling Wang, ...)

Coordination Modeling Between the Sub-Systems of the Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation System (by Chaozhe Jiang, ...)

Coordination of Supply Chain with Effort Dependent Demand after Demand Disruptions (by Chuantao Wang, ...)

Copula-Based Dependence Models of Two Markov Time Series of Order 1 (by Wen-de Yi)

Cost Discrimination Model For Profit Assignment On VMI (by Juanjuan Qin, ...)

The Credibility Evaluation on Shipping Enterprises in a Supply Chain (by Zhaokun Li, ...)

Customer Requirement Design In Automobile Service Process (by Ningyun Jin, ...)

The DEA Evaluation Model of Transportation Manufacturing Based on Rough Set Theory (by Dun Liu, ...)

Data Analysis with Outlier Detection to Detect Pavement Roughness (by Shuyan Chen, ...)

Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Application in Supplier Selection (by Jun Yan, ...)

Dealing the Problem of Logistics Financial Management of Supply Chain System with Dynamics Techniques (by Yuanjing Luo, ...)

Decision Analysis With and Without Regulation in a Remanufacturing/Manufacturing System (by Shengli Wang, ...)

Decision of the Competitive and Cooperative Relationships between Supplier and Purchaser Based on Maximal Profits (by Zhenggang He, ...)

Decision-Making Model for Grain Logistics Center Site Selection in Main Sales Areas (by Ruying Pang, ...)

Decision-Making Model of Agricultural Production Supplier (by Xiumei Bi, ...)

Deflection Equivalent Conversion of Overload Axle for Asphalt Pavement (by Hui Wang)

Demand Information Distortion in Port Supply Chains (by Likun Wang, ...)

Design Method of U-Turn between Adjacent Intersections for Bus Priority (by Wanjing Ma, ...)

The Design Methods of Bituminous Low Volume Roads (by Duanyi Wang, ...)

The Design and Implementation of Logistics Monitoring System on Food Safety (by Xuehua Liao, ...)

Design of A Freeway Incident Management System Framework (by Liping Guan, ...)

The Design of Automatic Sorting System of Tobacco Based On Fieldbus (by Peng Zhang, ...)

Design of Logistic Warehouse Information System Based on RFID Techniques (by Bai Yu, ...)

A Design of Quantity Discount Pricing To Maximize Profit Based On the Vendor-Buyer System (by Zhenggang He, ...)

Design of Wireless Logistics Pallet Location System Based on Zigbee Protocol (by Haifeng Li, ...)

Design of a Public Logistics Network in the Pearl River Delta Area of China (by Lijun Yu, ...)

Design of the Integrated Security Defending System for Logistics Information (by Xiaoqiang Zhang, ...)

Design on the Evaluation System of Logistics Center Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Rough Set (by Xin Wang, ...)

Designing Emergency Response Networks for Hazardous Materials Transportation Based On Population Risk (by Haiyan Wang, ...)

Designing Left-Turn Lane on Opposing Lanes at Urban Signalized Grade Intersection (by Nan Zhang, ...)

The Determination Method of Slippage Integrated Power in Logistics Chain (by Xiaolai Ma, ...)

Developing Stratagem of Urban Public Transport in Chengdu City (by Hezhou Qu, ...)

Development Scale of Urban Passenger Traffic Vehicle Considering the Variety of Population Structure (by Shan Sun, Ph.D., ...)

Development of Road Information Acquisition System Based On Image Processing (by Xinping Yan, ...)

Developments in Road Pavement Construction and Railway Track Technology for a Sustainable Surface Transportation Infrastructure (by Bernhard Lechner)

Deviation Rectifying Study of Horizontally Curved Steel Box Girder Bridge (by Huawen Ye, ...)

Dimension Calculation Uncertainties in Queuing Models (by Ning Wu, Ph.D.)

Disaggregate Model on Drivers’ Route Choice Behavior under Traffic State Information (by Shoupeng Tang, ...)

Discrete Work Trip Distribution Model for Commuters (by Min Yang, ...)

Discussion of Single Journey Ticket Rules under the Condition of Operation of Rail Transit Networks in Nanjing City (by Jian Wang, ...)

Discussion on Risk Management in Metro Operation (by Tie-mei Zeng, ...)

A Dispatch Model of Emergency Vehicles Based on Stochastic Travel Time (by Yong Gu, ...)

Dispatching Policy for the Trolley Vehicles in the Low Viaduct Rail Transportation System (by Yi-zhong Ding)

Driver Risk Perception and Road Traffic Accident (by Jingshuai Yang, ...)

Driver Safety Evaluation Model Based on Discriminatory Analysis (by Youhua Tang, ...)

The Driving Support System Based on the Road Vehicle Cooperative Technology (by Bin Li, ...)

Dynamic Analysis on Vehicle-Turnout-Bridge Coupling System of High Speed Railway (by Rong Chen, ...)

Dynamic Composition of Web Service Based Upon Mediator in Intelligent Logistics Information Application (by Dao Chen, ...)

Dynamic Game Model Analyses for China’s Hog Supply Chain and Pork Security (by Kai Hu, ...)

Dynamic Model of Traffic Flow on On-Ramp Junction of City Expressway (by Fu Wang, ...)

A Dynamic Multiple Objective Model of Location Problem of Emergency Logistics Distribution Centers (by Wenbing Shui, ...)

Dynamic Optimization Model of Allocation Design for Supply Amounts Based on Customer Satisfaction (by Lei Zhang, ...)

A Dynamic Programming Model for Optimal Transportation of Emergency Relief Commodities in Natural Disasters (by Shaoren Wang, ...)

The Dynamic Response Efficiency Model of Supply Chain Based On Inventory Optimization (by Daihua Gong)

Dynamic Service Network Design with Time Windows for Express Shipment Delivery (by Wei Wang, ...)

Dynamic Vehicular Delay Analysis between A Roundabout And A Pre-Timed Traffic Signal (by Lin Zhang, ...)

Economic Efficiency of Second-Best Congestion Pricing Problems with Multiple Time Periods and Multiple Travel Modes Choices for a General Transportation Network in Urban Highway Systems (by Daqiang Chen, ...)

Economic Evaluation for the RO-RO Passenger Ferry Ships Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model (by Ming Zhong, ...)

The Economical Analysis of Handling Machinery’s Reasonable Quantity of China Port (by Cuilian Liu, ...)

Economical Evaluating the Ballastless Railway Track With Consideration of LCC Viewpoint (by Juanjuan Ren, ...)

Effect Evaluation of the Traffic Management Scheme of Lane Diffluence and Speed Limit (by Jian Chen, ...)

Effect of Cross-Wind on High-Speed Vehicle Dynamic Derailment (by Yongquan Deng, ...)

The Effect of Visco-Elastoplastic Behavior of Asphalt on Thin Asphalt Pavement (by Jose Francisco Rufino Diogo, Ph.D., ...)

Effects of through Bicycles with High Volumes on Capacity of Right-Turn Movement at Signalized Intersection (by Dalin Qian, ...)

Efficiency Measurement of Congestion Pricing Schemes Improving Network Performance with Data Envelopment Analysis (by Qingping Gao, ...)

An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Constructing a (K, L)-Core Of a Tree Network (by Yan Wang, ...)

Empirical Analysis of Commuter Activity Scheduling: A Case Study Of Shanghai (by JianChuan Xianyu, ...)

Empirical Relationship between Speed Difference and Safety in Highway Traffic Flow (by Jie Li, ...)

Empirical Research on Determination Criteria of Object of Flow And Carrier in Logistics System (by Mingke He, Ph.D., ...)

The Empirical Study of Employee Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment’s Impact on the Contextual Performance in Logistics Enterprises (by Chunyong Tang, ...)

An Empirical Study of Global Scope Economies Model in Diversified Railway Logistics (by Lipeng Feng, ...)

Empirical Study on Performance Assessment Of Listed Logistics Companies In China With DEA (by Yuan Shen, ...)

Empirical Study on the Relativity between the Development of the Logistics Industry and the National Economy Level — Take Chengdu for Example (by Bin Shuai, ...)

Entropy Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Countryside Passenger Transportation Network Index System (by Lei Zhou, ...)

An Equilibrium System Model and Algorithms of the Urban Traffic Congestion Problem (by Hongyan Xiang, ...)

Error and Attack Tolerance Topological Analysis of Urban Road Networks (by Yong Zhang, ...)

Establishment and Operation of Modern Agricultural Logistics Systems in China (by Duohong Wang, ...)

Estimating Evacuation Impact on Transportation Network With Dynamic Assignment (by Hongbo Chi, ...)

Estimating the Relationship between Traffic Flow Complexity and Traffic Conflict (by Haitao Wu, ...)

Evaluating Urban Transit Service Intensity with Accessibility Measures In GIS (by Zhengdong Huang, ...)

The Evaluation Index and Method of Urban Logistics Service System (by Wei Liao, ...)

Evaluation Method for Location Selection of Railway Container Logistics Center Based On Safety Influence Factors (by Siyu Tao, ...)

Evaluation of Suppliers with Grey Relational Analysis (by Hsuan-Shih Lee, ...)

Evaluation of Vehicle’s Performance on Road Transportation (by Cong Li, ...)

The Evaluation to Emergency Response Capacity of Chinese Civil Aviation with Hybrid Model (by Qing Liu, ...)

Exploring of Distribution Park’s Planning Mechanism under District Economy: Refer to a Case of Shenyang Distribution Park (by Jing Chen, ...)

Factors Affecting Choosing Logistics Suppliers Based on Generalized Nested Logic Model (by Xuejin Zhang, ...)

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Logistics Information Systems in Northeast China’s Large-Scale Agricultural Corporations (by Shi Zheng, ...)

Features Retrieval of Urban Traffic Flow Using PCA (by ZhiQiang Zhao, ...)

Flexible Application of Rapid Assembling Structure Technology in the Construction of Traffic Infrastructure (by Shitong Chen, ...)

Forecast Analysis of Sichuan Petrol Requirement and Input Flux (by Chaoming Liu, ...)

The Forecast Model of Railway Transportation Economy System by Econometrics Method (by Guo-Zhong Ma, ...)

Forecast and Strategies of Container Railway-Sea Intermodal Transportation in Shanghai (by Jian-guang Li, ...)

Framework of Agent-Based Pedestrian Traffic Simulation System (by Ming-jun Liao, ...)

Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for ATC Radar Performance (by Shijin Wang, ...)

A Fuzzy Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Logistics Distribution Systems (by Zujun Ma, ...)

GPS and Its Application in Investigation of Vehicle Driving Cycle in Ningbo City (by Kun Zi, ...)

Game Analyses on Deciding the Price of Logistics Service Based-On Customer Satisfaction (by Shu-Xian Ji, ...)

Game Analysis on Agricultural Quality Control between Wholesale Market and Suppliers (by Yu Tian, ...)

A Game Model in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain of Seasonal Products (by Jianhu Cai, ...)

A Game Model on the Safety Responsibility of Supply Chain Basing on the Pulling of the Consumer’s Preference (by Jiong Meng, ...)

Game-Theory Based Analysis and Research of the Urban Traffic Demand Management Model and Underlying Problems (by Da-jiang Wang, ...)

A Genetic Algorithm Based Dynamic Berth Allocation Strategy for Container Terminals (by Liangcai Dong, ...)

A Genetic Algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Minimal Make-Span (by Qingsong Li, ...)

Goal Programming Model for Emergency Material Dispatch Problem and Its Algorithm (by Qiang Han, ...)

Gradation Stability Evaluation Methods of Asphalt Mixture (by Xiaogang Xue, ...)

The Graded Optimization Models and Algorithms for the Container Multimodal Transportation Planning (by Feng Xiang, ...)

A Hazardous Material Transportation Routing Selection Methodology Based On Fuzzy TOPSIS (by Yuanchun Yan, ...)

A Heuristic Algorithm for the Ordinary Scattered Cargoes’ Container-Loading Question (by Hongwei Ma, ...)

Heuristics Solving the Order Picking Optimization Problem of Multiple Carousel System in Distribution Center (by Xiongzhi Wang, ...)

Highway Construction: Land Use Problems and Countermeasures (by Shurong Yan, ...)

Highway Performance Analysis and Construction Quality Control of Fine Sand of the Yangtze River Estuary (by Haixia Zhang, ...)

Human Behavior Process in Train Station Fire Emergency Evacuation (by Lukun Bao, ...)

Human Cognitive Complexity Analysis in Transportation Systems (by Xiujian Shi, (corresponding author), ...)

A Hybrid Contract Model for Two Stage Supply Chain Logistics Collaboration (by Lipeng Feng, ...)

The IEM Model for Estimating Origin-Destination Matrices from Traffic Counts (by Lei Zhao)

Identification Method of the Road Traffic Conditions Based on Genetic-Dynamic Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm (by Qiliang Ren, ...)

Identify Factors Affecting Number of Students Walking or Biking to School (by Huaguo Zhou, P.E., ...)

Impact Analysis of Shield Tunneling on Soil Foundation of Urban Road (by Zong-jun Sun, ...)

The Impact of Spatial Ability on Air Traffic Controller Situation Awareness and Mental Workload (by Jiazhong Yang, ...)

The Impact of Supply Disruption on Supply Chain Using Monte Carlo Simulation (by Qiang Mai, ...)

Impacts of Exit Ramp Types on Safety Performance in Florida (by Hongyun Chen, ...)

The Impacts of Sustainable Development Concept on Road Planning and Design (by Jing Shi, ...)

An Implementation Framework for Integrating Regional Planning Model with Microscopic Traffic Simulation (by Guy Rousseau, ...)

An Improved Ant Colony Optimization for Vehicle Routing Problem (by Lan Yu, ...)

An Improved Delivery Cost Model In Recycling Logistics System (by Xiaoqing Geng, Ph.D., ...)

An Improved Distribution Model in Strategic Transport Model of Beijing (by Kai Xian, ...)

The Improved Genetic Algorithm Research on the Production Logistics System Distribution Routing Optimization (by Zhanzhong Wang, ...)

The Improvement Research of Ant Colony Algorithm In The Bullwhip Effect Application (by Zhimin Dai, ...)

Improvement of Slot Assignment Algorithms in Ground Delay Program Enhancements (by Shilin Chen, ...)

Influence Study between Arrival-Departure Lines Quantity and Station Capacity Based on Station Operation Simulation (by Gongyuan Lu, ...)

Influence of Lane Number to Freeway Operation (by Xiaofang Yang, ...)

Influencing Factors for Safety Level of Service and Its Principal Component Analysis (by Fuquan Pan, ...)

An Innovative Business Model Based On the Integration of Finance and Logistics Operation: NRF-LC Financing Model (by Daozhi Zhao, ...)

Innovative Virtual Probe System for Practical Toll Collection (by Edmond Chin-Ping Chang, Ph.D., P.E.)

An Inquiry into Agricultural Logistics Strategy Based on Three Dimensional Rural Issues (by Junfeng Zhang, ...)

An Integrated Push and Pull Inventory Policies for Hybrid Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Systems (by Pengfei Ning, ...)

The Intelligent Dispatching System in the BRT (by Hongyun Yao, ...)

An Intelligent Modeling Method Based On Hybrid Reasoning for Vehicle Routing Problems (by Zheng Wang, ...)

Interaction Analysis among the Risk Management in the Supplier Network (by Tong Li, ...)

Interaction Function Analysis between Shield Tunnel Construction and Single Pile (by Yu-bo Feng, ...)

An Interactive Simulation System for Process System of Bulk Cargo Terminal (by Yongxiang Dong, ...)

Internationalisation and Consolidation of the Container Port Industry (by George Liu)

The Interval Analytical Hierarchy Process on Location of Logistic Distribution Center (by Jian Wang, ...)

Inventory Control in Hybrid Manufacturing/ Remanufacturing Systems with Fuzzy Demand and Return (by Jingwei Liu, ...)

Inventory Controlling of Emergency Logistics Based on Reverse Recovery Models (by Lindu Zhao, ...)

An Inventory Model Based on Activity-Based Costing (by Touping Yang, ...)

An Inventory Model of Style Items Based On Product Life Cycle (by Shaochuan Fu, ...)

An Inventory Model with Limited Storage Capacity and Shortages under Permissible Delay in Payments (by Lian Zhu, ...)

Inventory Optimization in a Coal and Electricity Supply Chain Based on Safety Factors (by Caiqing Zhang, ...)

Investigation and Analysis on Over Height Condition of the Gravity Center for Loaded Goods Car of China Railway (by Xiao-hong Li, ...)

Investigation of Model and Algorithm on Expressway Logistics Network Planning (by Cisheng Cheng, ...)

Investigation on the Nature and Determinants of Vendor Managed Inventory Based on the Transaction Cost Theory (by Yiping Yang, ...)

Investment Decisions In The BOT Transport Infrastructure Applying Fuzzy Real Option (by Zhengbiao Qin, ...)

JIT Delivery Policy for a Supply Chain under Continuous Price Decrease (by Bing-Chang OuYang, ...)

The Layout Method of Traffic-Information Obtaining Stations Based on the Importance Degree of Road (by Chao Jing, ...)

Layout Optimization Based on Workshop Logistics for Virtual Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (by Yong He, ...)

Layout Optimization Model of Functional Areas in Integrated Transfer Hub (by Fang-hong Chen, ...)

Link Travel-Time Prediction using Extended Exponential Smoothing and Kalman Filter in Dynamic Networks (by Fangfang Zheng, ...)

Location Optimization Model for Urban Taxi Service Lots (by Dongping Li, ...)

Location Planning of Dry Port Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm (by Ming Zhong, ...)

Location and Routing Models for Emergency Logistics Systems in Natural Disasters (by Ying Dai, ...)

A Location-Allocation Model and Its Algorithm for Multi-Echelon Logistics Systems (by Chengde Zheng, ...)

A Location-Routing Problem Model for Emergency Relief System of Natural Disaster (by Min-gang Zeng, ...)

Logistic Information Risk Management Model Based on MP²DR² Security Control Matrix (by Junjie Lv, Ph.D., ...)

Logistics Distribution Center Location Based on Software Calculation (by Derong Tan, Ph.D., ...)

Logistics Enterprise Evaluation Base On Real Option Theory (by Minjie Hu, ...)

Logistics Factoring Financing Risks Analysis (by Ying Yan, ...)

A Logistics Information System Based On SOA (by Donglin Chen, ...)

Low Cost Roads Construction by Soil Stabilization using Bituminous Materials in Al-Anbar Gypseous Sandy Soil (by Ammar Abbas Mohammed Shubber, ...)

Management Efficiency Evaluation of Coal Dedicated Rail Lines Based On DEA Model (by Xiaozhen Wang, ...)

Management Mode of Supply Chain CSR Based on the Communication and Cooperation (by Hongling Guo)

Mathematical Analysis to the Feature of Logistics Service Network (by Kun Wang, ...)

Maximum Likelihood Method of Speed Estimation from Single Loop Outputs (by Sheng Jin, ...)

Measurement and Analysis of Customer Satisfaction for Chinese Logistics Enterprise (by Ling Wang, ...)

Measurement of Degradation Effects of Mobile Phone Use on Driving Performance with Driving Simulation (by Ying Wang, ...)

Measuring Efficiency of Major Container Ports in China Mainland (by Ming Zhong, ...)

A Method for Forecasting Regional Logistics Demand Based on Support Vector Machine and Its Application (by Dequan Yang, ...)

Method of Extracting Traffic Character Based on History Data of Transportation Information System (by Ya Sun, ...)

A Method of Road Network Optimization Based on Reliability Analysis with its Application (by Lianghong Zhang, ...)

The Method to Evaluate Segregation Characteristics of Graded Mixture (by Yin-ping Ding, ...)

Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model of Public Transport Vehicle Operation and Its Application (by Yunlong Tan, ...)

A Mixed Model on Resolving Vehicle Dispatching In Container Terminals (by Jinghui Tao, ...)

Model and Algorithm for Optimization of Urban Inter-Zone Vehicle Schedule (by Jian Zhang, ...)

The Model and Algorithm of the Seller’s Inventory Control with Fuzzy Demand in the Single Period Recovery Logistics (by Lingli Chen, ...)

The Model for Making Policies of Producer Logistics and the Evolution Process (by Wen Wang, ...)

A Model for Solving the Logistics Center Location Selection Problem in the Marine Transportation (by Chienchang Chou)

Model of Pedestrian’s Crosswalk Time at Signalized Intersection (by Liangjie Xu)

Model-Based Evaluation Method in Emergency Logistics with Multiple Locations (by Haiyan Ye, ...)

A Modeling Analysis for Storage Capacity of Body Buffer Based on eM-Plant (by Xin Jin, ...)

Modeling Logistics and Supply Chain with an Integrated Land Use Transport Model: PECAS (by Ming Zhong, ...)

Modeling Platoon Dispersion in Cell Transmission Model (by Feng Shen, ...)

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A New Multiclass Traffic Assignment Model with Fuzzy Path Costs (by Xiaoceng Wu, ...)

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Nodes Correlation in Signal Control Traffic Network Based on Traffic Supply and Demand (by Ying Zeng, ...)

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Performance Implications of Buyer-Seller Relationships in China’s Agricultural Wholesale Markets: An Empirical Study (by Zhigang Wang, ...)

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Priority-Based Collaborative Aircraft Scheduling (by Honghai Zhang, ...)

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Research on the Architecture of Intelligent Road System (by Pingsheng Li, ...)

Research on the Asphalt Mortar’s Mechanical Performance of the Guss Asphalt Concrete (by Decheng Feng, ...)

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Research on the Construction of Food Supply Chain Management Information System (by Haiqin Fan, ...)

Research on the Dataflow Stability in Logistics Partner Information Exchange Protocol (by Ning Chen, ...)

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Research on the Evolving Model for Urban Road Network (by Yue Zhao, ...)

Research on the Influential Factors of Logistics Alliance Based On Factor Analysis (by Shengyu He, ...)

Research on the Land Use Model in the Regional Traffic Demand Forecast (by Li Luo)

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Research on the Long-Distance Monitoring System of Railway Subgrade Settlement (by Enxi Qiu, ...)

Research on the Method of BRT Network Planning (by Yuelin Yao, ...)

Research on the Model of Partners’ Selection for Port Logistics Enterprises Based on Three Phases (by Jiaqing Sun, ...)

Research on the Optimal Cycle Time and Credit Time for Retailers under Permissible Delay in Payment (by Xinhui Wang, ...)

Research on the Optimal Scheduling Model of Logistics Distribution Vehicles (by Yan Xiao, ...)

Research on the Performance Evaluation of Port Logistic Corporations (by He Zhang, ...)

Research on the Position-Controller for Lifted Hoist Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer (by Gang Shen, ...)

Research on the Prediction of Bus Arrival Time Based on Multi-Source Traffic Information (by Yun Cai, ...)

Research on the Problem for Location of Railway Strategic Loading Station (by Xiaoyan Jia, ...)

Research on the Reasonable Loading Problem of Freight Transshipment in Multimodal Transportation (by Lei Bu, ...)

Research on the Regional Bus Dispatching Problem (by Di He, ...)

The Research on the Related Factors of Reverse Logistics (by Donghong Yang, ...)

Research on the Resource Distribution for Virtual Logistics Based on Grid Technology (by Yunjun Long, ...)

Research on the Technology of Precise Positioning Based On RFID (by Shu-bo Qiao, ...)

Research on the Waiting Time of Freight when Its Quantities is Limited in the Distribution Center (by Yanbing Fu)

Research on the Whole Optimization of Urban Rail Transit Network Layout (by Kejin Jiang, ...)

Resource Allocation Model with Emergency Response Cost Constraints In Emergency Logistics (by Daqiang Chen, ...)

The Responsibility of the Main Recovering Body of the Used Household Appliances on a Reciprocal Principle of Benefit and Responsibility (by Wensheng He, ...)

The Retailer’s ordering Policy for Two-Way Complete Substitute Commodity with Lead Time Reliability (by Jing Wang, ...)

Return Policy for Consumer Electronic Products under Channel Rebate and Penalty Strategy (by Min-gang Zeng, ...)

Reverse Logistics Chain Models with Product Remanufacturing Based on B to C Pattern (by Fangzhao Zhou, ...)

Reverse Supply Chain Coordination Based On Fractal Theory and 4PL (by Yi He, ...)

Reverse Supply Chain System Performance Evaluation Based On Entropy and Emergy (by Guojun Ji)

Risk Assessment of Traffic Demand Management Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation (by Qi-peng Yan, ...)

Risk Management Models of Supply Chain Disruption with Segregated Option Contract (by Haiyan Yi, ...)

Road Guide Signs Evaluation and Optimization of a Main Cloverleaf Junction Based on Driving Simulation (by Yanbin Wang, ...)

Road Traffic Information and Measurement of Mental Load (by Jingshuai Yang, ...)

Road-Based Modeling of Road Network and Path Searching Algorithm (by Zuntong Wang, ...)

Route Discrete Choice Problem and Their Application to Traffic Engineering (by Xizhao Zhou)

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Routing Optimization of Logistics Distribution Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm (by Xiaoping Rui, ...)

Safety Analysis of Overloaded Truck for Transportation (by Jun Li, ...)

Safety Assessment and Reinforcement Technique for Deck Steel Truss Bridge under Increasing Speed (by Dejun Liu, ...)

Safety Evaluation Index System Research for Urban Rail Transit (by Runtang Ren, ...)

Scheduling For Logistics Based On Artificial Dynamic Recrystallization Algorithm (by Yang Hu, ...)

Scheduling Model and Heuristic Algorithm for Departure Management in Multiairport (by Yanjun Wang, ...)

Scheduling Problem in Emergency Resource Systems Based on Continuum Consume and Two Aims in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (by Rui Li, ...)

Selection of Third-Party Logistics Provider with Fuzzy Decision Analysis (by Qi Chen)

Selective Inventory Decision by Hybrid Push Pull Supply Chain (by Yohanes Kristianto)

A Semantic Lexicon or the Integration of E-Commerce and Logistics (by Guihua Nie, ...)

Sequence of Logistics Development Affecting Factors Based on Grey Relation Entropy Analysis (by Yumin Li)

Service Capability Identification and Measure Model of Vehicle Logistics Service Providers (by Ning Wang, Ph.D., ...)

Set Pair and Extension Based Logistics System Controller: Spelcer and Its Application (by Junhui Li, ...)

Shock Wave Based Traffic Flow Modeling and Forecasting (by Yang Jun, ...)

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Signal Timing and Coordination — An Art of Engineering (by Zong Z. Tian)

Simulation Analysis for Cargo Mechanical State during Transportation (by Ruifang Mou)

Simulation Analysis of Safety Characteristics for New Type Highway Guardrail Based on ADAMS (by Yan Yan, ...)

A Simulation Approach to Evaluate the Rationality of the Spaces between Chevron Alignment Signs (by Kai Zhu, ...)

Simulation Model for Logistics System of Container Terminal Based on EXTEND (by Tianbao Qin, ...)

A Simulation Model of Distribution Center Operation Management System (by Zhongming Tang)

Simulation Modeling Of Traffic Operations At Single Point And Diamond Urban Interchanges (by Clara Fang Fang, Ph.D.)

Simulation Research on Cargo Process of Airport Logistics Park (by Wendong Yang, ...)

The Simulation Technology of Port Container Logistics System Based on Flexsim (by Miaomiao Liu, ...)

Simulation and Evaluation of a Freeway System with Combined On-Ramp Control and Variable Speed Limits (by Anning Ni, ...)

Social Profit Evaluation on Construction Project of Logistics Center Based on Rough Set Theory (by Yu Wang, ...)

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Static Behaviors of Piles Foundation of High-Speed Railway Bridge (by Peng Ren, ...)

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The Storage Optimization of EMU’s Spare Parts in High-Speed Railway (by Zongping Li, ...)

Strategy and Implementation for Green Development of Urban Transportation in China (by Yan Bai, ...)

Strategy-Oriented Supply Chain Performance Management Based On Factor Logic Analysis (by Wei Guo, ...)

Structure Optimal Design of Maglev Train Car Body (by Shuguang Yao, ...)

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Study On Evaluation System of Logistics Enterprises Based On DEA (by Xueqin Sun, ...)

Study On Some Kinds of the Inverse Transportation Problems (by Dequan Yang, ...)

Study and Analysis on the Orientation of Channels’ Functions in the Integrated Transportation Network (by Bing Li, ...)

Study into Coordination Development of Regional Logistics System (by Ming-bao Pang, ...)

Study of Chevron’s Blocking in Curve (by Wuxiong Peng, ...)

The Study of Combination Forecasting Model for Urban Distribution Demand Based on Sharpley Value Method (by Yuzhou Wang, ...)

Study of Dynamic Knowledge Evaluation Model Based on Dynamic DEA for Core Enterprise in Supply Chain (by Zhiyong Gao, ...)

A Study of Emission Modeling and a Path-Based Solution Algorithm in Traffic Equilibrium Assignment (by Wei Xiong, ...)

A Study of Heterogeneous Data Integration in 4PLIS Based On Web Service and Middleware (by Yan Cao, ...)

A Study of Incentive Contracts Based on Testability of Logistics Service Output (by Dehai Zhang)

Study of Microscopic Simulation and Influence of Lane Changing and Car-Following Behaviors on Traffic Flow (by Yingyue Liu, ...)

A Study of Optimizing VRP of Private Fleet and Entrusted Vehicles (by Ding Luo, ...)

The Study of Reasonable Combination of Container Loading Problem (by Fanchao Meng, ...)

A Study of Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Wavelet Analysis and ARIMA (by Huili Dou, ...)

The Study of Traffic Organization in Transport Terminals (by Hongfei Jia, ...)

Study of Vendor Managed Inventory of Railway Logistics Center Based On System Dynamics (by Yang Yu, ...)

The Study of the Characteristics about Drivers’ Stress Training on Simulation Experiment (by Juan Zhang, ...)

A Study of the Evaluation Method of Regional Logistics Performance Based on DEA (by Mingfei Liu, ...)

Study of the Governance Structure of Enterprise Logistics Based on Transaction Cost Economics (by Xiangru Meng)

Study of the Influence of Information System Integration Capability, Logistics Capability and Partnership against Supply Chain Management Performance (by Feng Ji, ...)

Study of the Logistic Development Strategy in the Medium or Small Cities Based On TOWS Analysis (by Haibo Zi, ...)

Study of the Performance of Cement-Stabilized Aggregate Mixture under Dynamic Load (by Qing-ying Meng, ...)

Study of the Risk Decision in Logistics Simulation (by Mao Li, ...)

Study of the VRP Based on the Fuzzy Demand (by Linbo Li, ...)

Study on Anti-Seismic Function of EPS Geo-Foam in Metro Tunnel (by Fei Ma, ...)

Study on Betterment of Evaluating Index System for Urban Rail Traffic Network (by Kairan Zhang, ...)

Study on Competition Equilibrium Analysis and Network Scale Game of Container Port (by Yanbing Yang, ...)

Study on Components and Parts Logistics Integrated System of Chinese Automobile Manufacturing Supply-Demand Network (by Zhaofang Mao, ...)

Study on Coupling Dynamic Response of LIM Vehicle-Track for Urban Rail Transit (by Zhao Ping, ...)

Study on Decision-Making Mode of Supply Chain with Logistics Time-Sensitive and Price-Sensitive Demand (by Yan Li, ...)

Study on Drivers’ Comprehension of Traffic Signs Based on Emulate Experiment (by Lishan Sun, ...)

Study on Dynamic OD Matrix Estimation Model and Arithmetic for Intersections (by Guang Hao, ...)

Study on Economy Hi-Tech Logistics Warehouse & Automatic Systems Solutions (by Wenxue Ran, ...)

Study on Evaluation Indices System for Ports Sustainable Development (by Aijiao Wang, ...)

Study on Evaluation of Transportation Demand Management (by Weihua Zhang, ...)

Study on Game and Coordination of Pricing Decision in Closed-Loop Supply Chain (by Jin Zhao, ...)

Study on Intelligent Control of Traffic Signal of Urban Area and Microscopic Simulation (by Dan Chen, ...)

Study on Joint Decision and Its Incentives Applied To Supply Chain Coordination (by Huiying Wen, ...)

Study on Location of Distribution Park in City Based On Coordinate Analysis Method (by Xiu-feng Chen, ...)

Study on Logistics Index of Textile and Garment Industry Based on ISM (by Hongqi Hui, ...)

A Study on Longitudinal Deformation Characteristics of Super Long Shield Tunnel Based on 3D Elastic Foundation Model (by Zhiqiang Zhang, ...)

Study on Mechanical Characteristic of Subgrade under More Loads (by Junfu Lu, ...)

Study on Micro-Traffic Simulation of Priority (Unsignalized) Intersection (by Wanjiang Wu, ...)

Study on Mode of Mobile Warehousing (by Xinyu Qi, ...)

The Study on Model of Knowledge Flow for Core Corporation in Supply Chain (by Wuyi Zhang, ...)

Study on Multi-Stage Decision Evaluation Method of Infrastructure Construction Projects (by Fang Wang, ...)

Study on Multicriteria Supply Chain Network Using Vector Network Equilibrium Theory (by Xiaoceng Wu, ...)

Study on OD Backstepping Method of Public Transport Based on TransCAD (by Yan Yan, ...)

Study on Objective Information Volume of Road Direction Signs Based On Semantic Relevance (by Weiwei Chen, ...)

Study on Ontology-Oriented Features Extraction Approach in Customer Relationship Management (by Yan Chen, ...)

Study on Operation Safeguard System of Digital Urban Railway Transit (by Guangyuan Zhang, ...)

Study on Optimization Model of Reverse Logistics Network Design for Resign Terminal (by Ying Gong, ...)

Study on Overtaking on Emergency Parking Area Using Traffic Conflict Technique with Field Data (by Qiang Wang, ...)

Study on Passenger Transfer Network for Integrated Transportation (by Yiying Zhang, ...)

Study on Performances of Cement Stabilized Aggregate with Different Aggregate Gradation (by Liqun Hu, ...)

Study on Regional Port Hierarchical Layout Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm (by Ming Zhong, ...)

Study on Risk Evaluation of Fourth Party Logistics Based On Analytical Network Process (by Jianyong Liu, ...)

Study on Road Application Performance of Asphalt Concrete Reinforced by Fiber and Modified Asphalt (by Lidong Zhao, ...)

Study on Supply Chain Network Fractal Integration (by Wenfang Sun, ...)

Study on Supply Demand Balanced Transportation Optimization of Logistics Joint Part (by Xingfeng Miao)

Study on Systematic Effect of the Throughput Capacity of Container Berth (by Nuo Wang, ...)

Study on Transport Mode Selection of Residents Based on Discrete Choice Model (by Yong Liu, Ph.D., ...)

Study on Travel Mode Choice Behavior with Integrated Multi-Modal Transit Information Service (by Hua Hu, ...)

Study on Twice-Ordering Efficiency in Quick Response Strategy by Simulation (by Jianjun Zhang, ...)

Study on Variational Inequality Model of Supply Chain Network Equilibrium (by Yifeng Zou, ...)

Study on Vehicle Routing Problem with Travel Time Coefficients (by Xingchao Liang, ...)

Study on Vital Edges of Delivery Path under Terminal Uncertainty (by Jiaxiang Chen, ...)

Study on Warehouse Receipt Hypothecating Risk in TPL (by Ershi Qi, ...)

Study on a Revenue Sharing Contract with Risk-Averse Agent (by Xiang Lv)

Study on the Applicability of Different Lane Use Rule (by Qiang Fu, ...)

Study on the Application of SVM in Purchase Supplier Selection (by Lili Cai, ...)

A Study on the Combined Contract of Return Policy and Sales Rebate (by Tie-zhu Zhang, ...)

Study on the Control Model of Logistics Based On Cybernetics (by Shengbin Zhao, ...)

A Study on the Delay Model of Left Turn Bus on Left-Forbidden Signalized Intersection (by Lei Liu, ...)

A Study on the Development of Intermodal Container Transportation in Shanghai (by Xuesong Zhang, ...)

A Study on the Differential Equation Model for the Competition & Development between Ports in Korea and in Shanghai (by JianMin Shou, Ph.D., ...)

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