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International Conference on Transportation Engineering 2007

ABC Inventory Classification Based on Multicriteria Optimization (by Weilong Ye)

ANSYS Based Numerical Simulation Study of Stone Arch Bridge Construction (by Yi-Hong Ou, ...)

Accessibility of the Staggered Shifts Policy (by Fang Zong, ...)

Active Development Strategy of Urban Public Transportation Based on the Marketing Management Theory (by Xinlan Zhang, ...)

Adaptability of SVR Time Series Analysis Used in Forecasting of Logistics Demand (by Shan Lu, ...)

Agent-Based IDSS Model for Wagon Flow Forecast in Railway Network (by Jie Li, ...)

An Agent-Oriented Simulation Modelling Research on Unidirectional Pedestrian Flow (by Yun-fei Sha, ...)

Algorithm of Best Path in Dynamic Route Guidance System (by Shaoyuan Wei, ...)

An Algorithm of Motor Train Set Scheduling Based on TSP Model (by Jie Zhang, ...)

Allocation of the Joint Distribution Cost (by Yaorong Cheng, ...)

Analyse and Study of Freeway Traffic Accidents (by Weigao Qiao, ...)

Analysis and Control of Recurrent Traffic Congestion on Urban Expressway (by Yuan Hao, ...)

Analysis and Forecast of Railway Freight Ton-Kilometers Based on Partial Least Square Regression (by Ruyi Wang, ...)

Analysis and Optimization of National Defense Traffic and Transport Networks Based on the Scale-Free Theory (by Y. Yao, ...)

Analysis and Prediction of Capacity Considering the Advanced Technique of Automobiles (by Cheng-lian Yang, ...)

Analysis and Strategy of Principal-Agent Problem in Supply Chain Appliance (by Jing Wang)

An Analysis of Driver’s Route Choice Behavior in Urban Road Networks Based on GPS Data (by Junfeng Gong, ...)

The Analysis of Freight Information Market Based on Game Theory (by Zhongning Fu, ...)

Analysis of Profit Distribution Mechanism between Virtual Supply Chain Partners (by Mo Kuang, ...)

Analysis of Relationship between the Radius of Horizontal Curve and Traffic Accidents and Research on the Choice of Proper Value for Designing Parameters (by Congjuan Yang, ...)

Analysis of Traffic Flow Based on the Finite Element Method (by Jian-ming Cui, ...)

Analysis of Travel Mode Choices for KTX Service Access — A Case Study at Iksan Railway Station of Korea (by W. J. Wang, ...)

Analysis of Urban Transportation and Environment (by Xiao Wu, ...)

Analysis of the Bayesian Game between Up-Stream Enterprise’s Service Aware and Down-Stream Enterprise’s Service Supply in Supply Chain (by Huatao Peng, ...)

Analysis of the Effect of Traffic Safety with the Highway Greening Model (by Guang-qing Yang, ...)

The Analysis of the Influences of the Double Parking Vehicles to the General Traffic Flow (by B. Lu, ...)

Analysis on the Game among Transportation Modes in Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Corridor (by Fang-Hong Chen, ...)

Analysis on the Information Processing Model for Mixed Traffic (by J. S. Yang, ...)

Analytical Solution for In-Plane Displacement of Multi-Span Curved Bridge (by X. F. Li, ...)

Analytical Solution to Temperature Variations in Highway Concrete Bridges Due to Solar Radiation (by Yousong Peng, ...)

Analyze Bus Delay Severity Using Ordered Probit Model (by Xiaobo Liu, ...)

Applicability of Signal Control Method at Roundabout (by Kun Xue, ...)

The Application Norm Research to the Digital Signature Technology of the Hospital Information System (by Wen-hong Due)

The Application Research of Double-Layer Programming Model for the Location Selection of Logistics Center (by Ye Fu Zhou, ...)

The Application Technology of Roadpacker Solidified Limestone Soil (by Wen-jun Hu, ...)

The Application of Combined Forecast Method in Predicting Freight Volume of Railway (by Fang Huang, ...)

Application of Dynamic Segmentation Technology in Urban Geographic Information System for Transportation (by Guiyan Jiang, ...)

Application of Entropy-DEA Method on the Comprehensive Evaluation for Urban Rail Transportation Planning (by Tai-ying Zhu)

Application of Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Arithmetic in Ship Fault Diagnosis (by Xinjie Han, ...)

Application of Genetic Algorithms in Supply Chain Platform Products Design (by Fanping Xiao, ...)

Application of Genetic Local Search Algorithm to Location-Allocation Problem in Reverse Logistics Network (by Guangzhi Yang, ...)

Application of LBS Technology for ITS (by Guoliang Chen, ...)

The Application of Multi-Agent-Based Dynamic Immunity Model in the Car Safety-Detection (by Xiaofeng Ma, ...)

The Application of Optimum Service Rate in Highway Charging System (by Bing-hua Wu, ...)

Application of PPP Mode in Rail Transit Field of China (by Zhihui Tang, ...)

Application of Principle of Regional Coordination in Economy and Social Development Plan (by Ling Luo, ...)

Application of Renewal Theory and Renewal Function in Research on Vehicle Optimum Maintenance Period (by An Xu, ...)

The Application of SP(G+I+E+C+D+M+J) in ITS (by Gezheng Ouyang, ...)

Application of Stated Preference Survey Method in Waterbus System Design (by Liang Ye, ...)

Application of Stress-Relief Method in the Controlling Engineering of Pipeline-Across Landslide (by Qingwen Ma, ...)

The Application of Tabu Search in Physical Distribution Capacitated Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem (by Yong Zeng, ...)

Application of Trigger Point Model in Construction Projects Management of Highway Network (by Xue-wen Song, ...)

Application of Virtualization Technology in Railway Informatization (by Xuesong Zhao, ...)

The Application of the Management System about Information Project in Traffic Engineering Design (by Hua-ming Zhang)

An Application on Traffic Lights Based on Logic Control (by Xiao-ming Sun, ...)

Attitudes and Concerns of Drivers with Respect to School Zone Safety and Speed Compliance: Results of an Opinion Survey of Drivers (by Kelly G. Ash, ...)

The Attractive Region of Rail Transit Station Based on Disaggregated Theory (by Liya Yao, ...)

An Augmented Lagrangian Dual Algorithm for Multiple Vehicle Stochastic User Equilibrium Path Flow Estimator (by Shu-Guang Li, ...)

Automated Traffic Pattern Identification Algorithms for Freeways Based on 3GS Technologies (by Zhili Cai, ...)

Automatic Identification of Pavement Cracks Using Mathematic Morphology (by Bo-Cheng Sun, ...)

The Automatic Search of Pavement Surface Distress Image Based on On-Line Learning (by Xiumin Chu, ...)

Automatic Traffic Event Detection Based on Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm (by Yi Shi, ...)

Autonomous Collision Avoidance for Ships using APF Method (by Mingming Zhang, ...)

Benefit Analysis on Bus Rapid Transit Exclusive Lanes (by Liu Yu, ...)

Bi-Level Programming Model for Urban Bus Lanes’ Layout (by Qun Chen, ...)

Bi-Level Programming Model in Road Network Programming and Its Genetic Algorithm (by Xiaoli Lu, ...)

Bicycle Traffic on Bicycle Lane: Characteristics and Influences on Motorized Vehicle Traffic (by Yuanqiang Zhou)

The Bionic Model of Knowledge Supply Chain of Enterprise Human Resources in Crew-Manning Companies (by Gong Zhang, ...)

Bus Dispatching at Transfer Station using Genetic Tabu Search Algorithm (by Chuanxiang Ren, ...)

Bus Transit Route Network Design Using Genetic Algorithm (by Haode Liu, ...)

Business Process Analyzing and Reengineering of Container Non-Stop Express Transportation (by Jun-qing Shi, ...)

Business Process Reengineering in Heilongjiang Rice Container Intermodal Transportation (by Hongbing Lu)

CCD Monocular Imaging and Its Application in Vehicle Longitudinal Distance Measuring (by Xiaobo Li, ...)

The Calculating Model and Algorithm of Wagon Flow in Railway Bureau Dispatch System (by Bin Liu, ...)

Calculation Models of the Urban Traffic Environmental Carrying Capacity (by Xiaoyan Li, ...)

Capacity Allocation Policy of Third Party Warehousing Based on Revenue Optimization (by C. Lin, ...)

Capacity of Connecting Area between Uninterrupted and Interrupted Traffic Flow (by Ke-jun Long, ...)

Car-Following Model Based on Driving Behavior and Research on the Stability of the Model (by Hao-Ran Zhang, ...)

Carrier Selection Optimization Model and Algorithms for Various Sections of Multimodal Transportation (by Caiwen Ma, ...)

The Cause Analysis of Cracks on Key Segment of Box Girder of Fuli-Taoyuan Bridge (by Haibo Jiang)

Cellular Automata Model for Two-Lane Traffic Flow Simulation (by Ying-li Zheng, ...)

Chaos Research of Vehicle Spacing in Signalized Intersection (by Quan Yu)

Characteristics of Trip Generation and Attraction Based on Complex Network Theory (by Huapu Lu, ...)

Characteristics of the Regional Tourism Transport Network — Taking the Tourism Region along the Yangtze River as an Example (by J. Zhong, ...)

Chu Da Highway Accidents Analysis and Prevention Suggestion (by Benyu Liu, ...)

Chuanjiu Highway Reconstruction and Landscape Design (by Xiao-chun Qin, ...)

The City Logistics Distribution Model (by Cuizhen Cao)

City Logistics Layout Plan Based on Rough Set Theory (by Bin Shuai, ...)

The Combined Short-Term Forecasting Approach to Traffic Flow Based on Non-Parametric Regression (by Xiao-li Zhang, ...)

Commodity Inventory Decision-Making Based on Fuzzy Cluster Classification (by Liang Yin, ...)

Comparative Study of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) Design Methodologies in China and United States (by Qiang Li, ...)

Competitive Stock-Replenishment Policies in a Two-Stage Supply Chain (by Qing Liu, ...)

Complexity of Urban Road Networks (by Ye Shi, ...)

The Comprehensive Evaluation for the Synergetic Development of Urban Traffic System Based on DEA Model (by Jun Zhang, ...)

Comprehensive Evaluation for the Traffic Safety of the Expressway Based on Quantitative Analysis (by Qizhou Hu, ...)

Computational Methods of Critical Filling Height in Roadbed Based on Twin Shear Unified Strength Theory (by Huai-feng Tong, ...)

Congestion Pricing Strategy Research under No-Wardrop-Equilibrium Principle (by Hongyun Yao, ...)

Connotation and Design on the Strategic Target for the Development of China’s Communications and Transportation (by De-rong Wang, ...)

Constructing Virtual Enterprise Based on Multimodal Transport (by Zhi-ying Tang, ...)

Construction Technology and Quality Control Research for Rock Embankment (by Lifang Mei, ...)

Construction of Support System for Effective Operation of Supply Chain (by Zhi-Wang Qian, ...)

The Construction of Transit Smart Card System Based on Mobile Phone (by Liqiang Yang, ...)

Container Loading Problem Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm (by G. M. Lv, ...)

The Contents and Principles of Barrier-Free Design in Urban Mass Transit (by Jiu-xi Li, ...)

Continuous Network Design Problem Considering Stochastic Demand (by Haixu Liu, ...)

The Convergence of RFID with Wi-Fi and on the Applications in Logistics System (by Ye Ouyang, ...)

Cooperative Implementation for UTCS and UTFGS Based on Multi-Agent (by Zhaosheng Yang, ...)

Coordinated Control for Traffic Corridor under the Influence of Guidance Information (by Zhengwu Wang, ...)

Coordinated Optimization of Railway Empty Wagon Distribution and Routing (by X. Q. Cheng, ...)

Coordinating Retailers with Price and Service Competition (by Yu Tian, ...)

A Coordination Model for Seaports and Its Application in the Beibu Bay Area (by Bo Zou, ...)

Coordination between the Transportation Development and Economy Development of Jiangsu Province (by Longsheng Cheng, ...)

The Costing Principle, Step, Model and Application of Activity Based Costing in Logistics Enterprises (by Lingyun Zhou, ...)

Cracking Control of Semi-Rigid Pavement Layers in Cold Regions and Construction Technique (by Cheng Mao, ...)

Crash Prediction Model of Four-Leg Intersections with Unsignalized Control (by Yuanyuan Wang, ...)

Criterion and Measurement of Traffic Flow System Complexity: Chaos, Fractal and Complexity (by F. T. Liu, ...)

Curve Fitting Techniques in Guideway Design of High-Speed Maglev TR System (by Ya-shi Deng, ...)

Cycle Track Networks Enhancing Social, Economic and Sustainable Development in Hong Kong (by Sharon S. P. Yeung, ...)

Damage Identification of Truss Bridge under Normal Traffic Loads (by Ying Wang, ...)

Damage Safety Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Bridges (by Xun Xu, ...)

Data Communication for Comprehensive Regional Transport Hub (by Huai-zhen Ye, ...)

Database Design of Railway Passenger Train Plan Decision Support System (by Weixiong Zha, ...)

Dealing with Stochastic Dependence in the Modeling of Train Delays and Delay Propagation (by Jianxin Yuan)

Decision Optimization of Pavement Maintenance Management for Regional Expressway Network (by Min Mao, ...)

Decision Support System Design for Urban Public Transit Safety Based on Geography Information System (by Peng Hu, ...)

Decision-Making Model for Multi-Ship Collision Avoidance Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (by Jiang-ling Hao, ...)

Decision-Making Support System for Vessel Automatic Anti-Grounding and Anti-Reef (by Shenhua Yang, ...)

Deformation of Permafrost Yard-and-Station Roadbed for Qinghai-Tibet Railway (by Ping Zhao, ...)

Delivery Lead-Time Model of Supply Chain in Uncertain Environment (by Daihua Gong, ...)

Demarcating Location of Distribution Center (by Pan Wen An)

Derailment Safety Analysis of Rail Transit Route Parameters (by Yingjie Wang, ...)

Design and Application of the Digital Tracks Management Model on the Sea Based on Agents (by Shujun Li, ...)

Design and Control Mechanism of Cluster Supply Chain Risk System (by Jun Xu, ...)

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Emergency Management System for Urban Rail Transit in Shanghai (by M. Zhang, ...)

The Design and Realization of Multi-Scale Navigation Electronic Map (by Yan-hui Wang, ...)

Design and Research on the Comprehensive Information System of Railway Large-Scale Passenger Station Based on the COM Technology (by Hongxia Lv, ...)

Design of Adaptive Genetic Algorithm on Single Airport Ground-Holding Policy (by Xiaohang Cheng, ...)

Design of Intelligent and Distributed Traffic Flux Measurement System Based on Infrared Technology (by Xinling Wen)

A Design of Research on Knowledge Collaboration Mechanism in Supply Chain Based on Semantic Web (by Qifeng Yang, ...)

Designing a Coordinating Framework of Emergency Management for 3PLS Based on Agent (by Yong Zhang, ...)

Development and Application of Experiment Apparatus for Road Material (by Baofeng Pan, ...)

Development and Application of Steel Bar Energy-Absorbing Type Frontal Impact Sled Test System (by Zhixiong Ma, ...)

The Development and Its Logistical Countermeasure of China Railway’s Long and Large Goods Transportation (by Feng Ge, ...)

Development of China’s Railway Electrification Evolution and Prospect (by Shi-Wu Li)

Development of Logistics Joint Station at Chongqing Railway Terminal (by Qiang Peng, ...)

The Development of Sustainable Transportation System in Urban Conservation District (by Xin Pei, ...)

Digital Image Processing Technique to Indirect Tensile Test of Asphalt Mixtures (by Ying-Juan Qiao, ...)

Direct Automatic Detecting Technique of Traffic Accident Based on Acoustic Signals (by Qiang Chen, ...)

Distribution Analysis of Railway Stations Dealing with Refrigeration Containers Based on Information Entropy (by Changfeng Zhu, ...)

Distribution Characteristic of Automobile Lamp Fragments in Front Crash (by Xue-Jing Du, ...)

Distribution Characteristics of Passengers in Competing Mass Transit Systems (by Lin Wang)

Distribution of Passenger Stations in One Railway Hub (by Huaqiang Jia, ...)

Driver’s Alertness Level Identify Method Based on Computer Vision (by Ying Yang, ...)

The Drivers’ Reaction Characteristics at Sites with Promise on Secondary Road in Plain Area (by Dehui Li, ...)

Driving Simulator Based Route Tracing Simulation for Automatic Driving (by Hui Cao, ...)

Driving Status Monitoring and Wireless Transmission System Based on Information Fusion Technology (by Jun Dai, ...)

Dynamic Comprehensive Evaluation of Transport Environment Based on Support Vector Machine (by Jinying Li, ...)

Dynamic Field Monitoring and Stability Analysis of a Cataclastic Rock High-Slope (by Hua Zhang, ...)

A Dynamic Game Analysis on the Incomplete Information in Enterprises’ Reverse Logistics (by Ying Gong, ...)

Dynamic Information Platform for Intelligent Transportation System (by Wu Deng, ...)

A Dynamic Model of the Two-Route Traffic Flow (by T. Q. Tang, ...)

Dynamic Model on Urban Land-Use and Transportation System (by Zhicai Juan, ...)

A Dynamic Process Research for Fleet Planning Based on the Periodic Fluctuation of Shipping Market (by Yajun Li, ...)

The Dynamic Response Analysis of Wuhan Rail Transit System Based on the Random Vibration Theory (by J. Xu, ...)

Dynamic Response of Rigid Airport Pavements under a Moving Aircraft Load with Variable Velocities (by Changyong Cao, ...)

Dynamic Response of Rigid Pavement under Moving Multi-Load (by Mingliang Li, ...)

Dynamic Simulation of the Transportation System in Large-Scale Hydraulic Engineering Construction (by Lihua Chen, ...)

A Dynamic Transportation Organize Method Based on the Integrated Operation of Traffic Guidance and Traffic Control (by Qing Guan, ...)

Dynamics Simulation on Asymmetrical Rail Grinding in Railway Curve (by Peng Chen, ...)

The Early-Warning Model in the Monitoring of Logistics Transportation (by Mingyao Qi, ...)

Economic Evaluation Method of Passenger Train Plan (by Siyu Tao, ...)

Economical and Policy Approach for Improving Equity of Road Resources Distribution (by Jing Shi, ...)

Economy of Scale and Routes Optimization of Large Containerships (by Xuefeng Wang, ...)

Effect of Asphalt Pavement Layers on Rutting Development (by Hui Wang, ...)

Effect of Changing Cross-Section Dimension of Speed Bumps on Impact Applied to Pavement and Vehicles (by Jin Xu, ...)

The Effect of ECOLOPAVI Stabilizer in Low Cost Roads (LCR) Pavement Response (by Jose Francisco Rufino Diogo, ...)

The Effect of Experience and Gender of Drivers’ on Situation Awareness and Mental Workload (by Xueqin Hao, ...)

Effect of Fiber Content on Viscoelasticity of Asphalt Concrete (by N. S. Guo, ...)

The Effect of Secondary Task on Driving Performance, Physiological Indices, and Mental Workload: A Study Based on Simulated Driving (by Yan Ge, ...)

Effect of Spatial Assembly and Diffusion of Expressway Economic Parts towards Regional Road Web Configuration (by Chunfeng Yang, ...)

Effect of Subsidy Policy on Technical Efficiency: An Empirical Study of China’s Urban Public Transportation (by Weiwei Zhu, ...)

An Effective Meta-Heuristic Technique for Solving Train Scheduling Problem (by M. B. Khan, ...)

The Effectiveness of Travel Information Based on Information Entropy and Transmission Index (by Xiaofeng Ji, ...)

The Effects of Logistics Information Capabilities on the Supply Chain Performance in China (by Fengmei Gong, ...)

Effects of Mud Content on the Strength and Dry-Shrinkage Performance of HAS-Modified Aggregate (by Haobo Hou, ...)

Effects on Traffic Characteristics with the Number of Lanes on Expressways (by X. B. Yang, ...)

An Efficient Approach for Slant Correction of Vehicle Licenses Based on Hough Transform and Mathematics Morphology (by Ping Wang, ...)

Efficient Methods for Evaluating the Reliability of Railroad Network Carrying Capacity (by Shiwei He, ...)

Elastic Demand Traffic Assignment Model by Price-Quantity Regulation (by Zhongxiang Huang, ...)

Electric Load Forecasting Method Based on Theory of Rough Set in Decomposed Decision Attribute (by Yong Yang, ...)

Emergency Treatment Assistant Decision System of Urban Rail Transit (by Z. Q. Wang, ...)

Empirical Research on Road Transportation Regional Classification (by Yan Zhang, ...)

An Empirical Study of the Support Vector Machine Model of Demand Forecast for Transportation Energy (by Shaolun Zeng, ...)

An Empirical Study on the Customer Perceived Risks of Third Party Logistics Service (by Aiguo Li, ...)

Empty Containers Distribution among Railway Network Container Freight Stations (by Haifeng Yan, ...)

Enterprise’s Logistics Cost Checking Formation Based on Logistics Cycle Time (by Xiwen Feng, ...)

Entropy-Weight-AHP Evaluation on Clustering in Logistics Parks (by Chenghong Fu, ...)

Equivalent Principle of Temperature-Aging for Asphalt Mixture Based on Creep Test (by Jian-long Zheng, ...)

Establishment of Regional Logistics Core Competence System and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation (by Nengye Mou, ...)

Evacuation Model and Algorithms for Emergency Management System (by Yue-ming Chen, ...)

Evaluate TDM Pricing Measures to Heterogeneous Users by Bi-Criteria Nested Logit Based Combined Mode Split Assignment Model (by Tian-ran Zhang, ...)

Evaluating Economic Analysis Alternatives in the Transportation Decision Making Process (by Grant G. Schultz, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, ...)

Evaluating Study on Road Danger Based on Amending of Danger Coefficient Method (by Xue-gang Zhao, ...)

Evaluation Approaches of Freeway Green Landscape (by Qiaojun Xiang, ...)

Evaluation Method for Accuracy of Road Traffic State Information (by Yunteng Lao, ...)

Evaluation Method for Expressway Socioeconomic Benefit Based on Rough-Set-Neural-Fuzzy System (by Ming Yang, ...)

The Evaluation Method of Service Quality for Passenger Transportation Airlines by Customer Perceives (by Chun-xiang Guo, ...)

Evaluation Methods and Optimization Policies for the Management of Telecom Material Inventory (by Du Zhang, ...)

The Evaluation Study of Logistics Services Performance in the Process of New-Fashioned Industrialization (by Wen Wang, ...)

The Evaluation and Control of Environment Vibration Induced by Underground Railway (by Yu’e Zhang, ...)

Evaluation and Melioration of Guiding Visual Environment for Rail Transit Station – Example of Shanghai Xujiahui Station (by X. H. Chen, ...)

Evaluation of Mass Transit Transfer hub Based on Improved Gray Cluster Evaluation (by Xi Cheng Zhang, ...)

The Evaluation of Urban Public Traffic Line Network Based on the Grey-AHP Method (by Wenke Wang, ...)

The Evolution Mechanism between Transport Network and Regional Economy (by Ying Qiu, ...)

The Evolutionary Support Vector Machine Forecasting Model of Road Traffic Accident (by Annan Jiang, ...)

An Executable and Reliable Method for Chinese ITS Architecture Development (by Ke Zhang, ...)

The Existing Problems and New Methods of the Net Programming for Reverse Supply Chain (by Gang Wu, ...)

Experiment Analysing on Portrait Dynamics Performance of Transition Subgrade between Bridge and Tunnels on Ballastless Track (by Fu Ying (Bui Phu Doanh) Pei, ...)

Experimental Research on Dynamic Properties of Fly Ash Soil and Silty Clay after Freeze-Thaw Cycling (by Han-Bing Liu, ...)

Experimental Research on Mechanical Property of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) (by Xinsheng Xu, ...)

Experimental Study on Bearing Features of Bored Pile under Non-Refreezing Condition in Permafrost Region (by Zhi-qiang Yu, ...)

Experimentation of 3D Pavement Imaging through Stereovision (by Zhiqiong Hou, ...)

Extension’s Utilization in Model’s Self-Learning (by Yi-wu Xie, ...)

Externality Problem Based on Collusion Theory (by Li-na Wang, ...)

The Eye Tracking and Driving Behavior (by Liang Zhao, ...)

Failure Mode of Reinforced Embankment under Earthquake Loading (by Xin Jiang, ...)

Fare Distribution Method Based on Travel Choice for Urban Rail Transit (by Q. Luo, ...)

Fatigue Detecting Embedded System Based on S3C44B0X (by Liying Lang, ...)

Field Experimental Study on Measurement and Analysis Strain on the Rigid Pavement Slab Subjected to Moving Vehicle Loads (by Wenbin Zhang, ...)

The Finance Ability Research of Expressway in China (by Yong Tang, ...)

Forecast Method of Expressway Longitudinal Operating Speed Based on Genetic-Neural Networks (by Jishu Sun, ...)

Forecast of Railway Passenger Transportation on Economy’s Influence (by Haiyan Guo, ...)

Forecasting Tourist Aviation Passenger Flows in Sichuan Province (by Guijin Fang)

The Framework of Assessment on Travel Time Reliability (by Zhihua Xiong, ...)

Freeway Incident Detection Research Based on Wavelet Analysis (by Yihu Wu, ...)

Freeway Traffic Flow Modeling Based on Recurrent Neural Network and Wavelet Transform (by X. R. Liang, ...)

Function Configuration and Reliability of Parallel Routes (by Juan Li, ...)

The Fuzzy Assessment of the Adaptability of Railway Transportation Capacity (by Xiuyun Luo, ...)

Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Inter-City Passenger Train Operation Plan (by Zuoan Hu, ...)

Fuzzy Logic-Based Urban Traffic Congestion Evaluation Models and Applications (by Menghan Liu, ...)

Fuzzy Neural Network Integrated Evaluation in Logistics Facility Layout (by Xiao-xia Jia, ...)

A GPS-Free City Bus Real-Time Positioning System (by Lei Jiao, ...)

Game Analysis of Formation Mechanism of Chinese Logistics Standardization (by Juan Du, ...)

Genetic Algorithms with Application to Optimize High Speed Train ATO (by Jin Yu, ...)

Grading Optimization Model of Empty Car Distribution on Large Scale Railway Network (by Yanping Du, ...)

Green Supply Chain Management of Manufacturing Based on System Dynamics (by Yang Yu, ...)

Grey Relational Analysis on Accidents of Navigation Markers Erratic in River (by Yun-ming Qiu)

Group Decision Model of Intelligent Traffic Integrated Information Platform Based on Multi-Agent Technique (by Yin Zhu, ...)

A High-Order Continuum Model of Mixed Traffic Flow (by Weisheng An, ...)

Highway Embankments over Sloped Ground and Influence on Pavement Responses (by Yanjun Qiu, ...)

Highway Traffic Accident Detection Method with Fuzzy Neural Network (by Feng-yuan Wang, ...)

Humanized Design of Urban Traffic Infrastructure (by Sheng-rui Zhang, ...)

Hybrid Algorithm to Minimize Total Weighted Wait-Time of Ships for Navigation Co-Scheduling in the Three Gorges Project (by Xiaopan Zhang, ...)

Hybrid Electric City Bus Control Strategy Based on Driving Cycle (by Shupeng Zhao, ...)

A Hybrid Grey Markov Prediction Model for Traffic Volume (by Shuyan Chen, ...)

A Hybrid Method Based on Chaotic Phase Space Restructuring and Comparability Principle for Railway Passenger Demand Forecasting (by Chunhua Peng)

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Port Container Logistics (by Yun Liu, ...)

IIAPC: A New Image Compression Algorithm for Intelligent Transport System (by Yi-jun Xiao, ...)

Identification Method of New Traffic Accidents Blackspots Based on Accidents Space Distribution Character (by Hongjun Cui, ...)

Identification of Safety Speed on Urban Arterial Roads Based on Traffic Conflict Technique (by Guozhong Ma, ...)

Identifying and Eliminating Constraints in Reverse Logistics System of End-of-Life Home Appliance (by Bao-feng Sun, ...)

Impact Analysis of Factors for Taxi Pricing System (by Xiang Gong, ...)

The Impact of Character Differences of Highway Landscape on Aesthetic Perception (by Yun Wang, ...)

The Impact of Railway Location on Ecology Environment (by Ruifang Mou)

Impacts of Exclusive Lanes and Signal Priority on Bus Rapid Transit Effectiveness (by X. M. Chen, ...)

Implementation and Validity of the Free Flow Speed Model of Freeway (by Mingjun Liao, ...)

Improved EOQ Model for Items with Weibull Distribution Deterioration (by Qing-zhen Zhao, ...)

Improved GA of Train Operation Simulation Model (by Hongguo Shi, ...)

An Improved TSP Model Based on Stranger Problem in Logistics Distribution (by Nie Kai, ...)

Indirect Benefits of ITS Projects in China (by Yang Zhang)

Influence Factors of Driveway Width in Urban Road (by Yu Bai, ...)

Influence of Different Wheel Coupling Mode to Wheelset Longitudinal Vibration (by Weihua Ma, ...)

Influence of Interlayer Conditions on Structural Responses of Asphalt Pavements (by Changfa Ai, ...)

Influence of Pavement Roughness on Riding Comfort Based on Whole Vehicle Model (by Xiang-shen Hou, ...)

The Influence of Traffic Environmental Variation to City Function Localization Based on the System Dynamics (by Qiusheng Tang, ...)

The Influence on Development of the Third Party Logistics by Trade Cost (by Shi-chao Liu)

The Influencing Factors of Carrying Capacity of Passenger Special Line (by Wei Feng, ...)

Information Environment for Flying Operation of Modern Large Transport Aircraft (by Xiaokang Cheng, ...)

Information Retrieval on Task-Relevant Knowledge Using Fuzzy Concept Network and User Profile (by Xiong Feng)

Inframarginal Analysis of Logistic Outsourcing (by Xuhui Zhang, ...)

Input-Output Model for Forecasting the Interregional Freight Volume (by Fang Zhao, ...)

Inside Correlation and Integration Degree of Eclectic Logistics Corporations Information System (by Mingxiu Cao, ...)

Integrated Control Method for On-Ramp and Correlated Intersection (by Xiaofang Yang, ...)

Integrated Development of the Vehicle-Monitoring System (by Guo-lei Sun, ...)

An Integrated Model of Third-Party Lean Logistics (by Yan Li, ...)

Integrated Networks of Third Party Logistics Service Providers (by Yong Peng, ...)

Integrated Study on Urban Public Transit System in China (by He-zhou Qu, ...)

Integration of Forward and Reverse Logistics at the Vehicle Routing Level (by Haijun Mao, ...)

Integrative Innovation of Productive Service-Transportation Industry-Urban Agglomeration (by Shuhua Hu, ...)

The Intellectual Capital Impacts on Logistics Business Performance (by Jingfeng Han, ...)

Intelligent Driver Assistance System Based on Panoramic Video Technique (by Xiao Xiao, ...)

Intelligent Marine Traffic System Architecture for Changjiang River (by Lining Zhao, ...)

Intelligent Scheduling Method of Molten Iron Transportation of Steel Enterprise (by De-Hong Cong, ...)

Intelligent Speed Adaptation Impact of Driving Safety (by Chunshan Wang, ...)

Intelligent System of Outer Rail Superelevation on Curve and its Key Technologies (by Pengzhen Lin, ...)

Intelligent Transportation System Based on Dynamic GIS (by Jiu-yun Sun, ...)

The Intelligentized Rail-Highway Model (by Guobin Li)

The Interaction Development between Port Cluster and City Based on Green Conception (by Ling Wang, ...)

Internal Roads Layout Optimization in Waterpower Project Site (by Quan Liu, ...)

Intersection Traffic Channelization Mode Based on Harmonious Traffic (by Keijin Jiang, ...)

Ionospheric Effects on GPS Navigation in Low-Latitude Area (by Shan Gao, ...)

A Kind of JIT Information System of Load and Empty Matching (by Zhenhua Zhang, ...)

A Kind of Model and Algorithm with Elastic Weight for Combined Assignment (by Jin Zhang, ...)

Law of Traffic Accidents in China (by Qian Zhou, ...)

Layout Model of Urban Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Hubs (by Xu Cui)

Leading and Decision-Making Method for Traffic Jam Based on Equilibrium Theory (by Qi-yuan Peng, ...)

Left-Turn Gap Acceptance Behavior of Tee Type of Unsignalized Intersection (by Xiaoming Zhong, ...)

Less-than-Volume Container Loading Problem of Single Size Boxes (by Xiao-li Zhu, ...)

A Level of Service Based Planning Model for Distribution Network Design (by Yu-gang Liu, ...)

Level of Service Reliability in Stochastic Supply and Demand (by Aiwu Kuang, ...)

Level of Service Standards for Pedestrian Facilities in Shanghai Metro Stations (by Ya Wen, ...)

Liapunov Function Approach to Longitudinal Following Control of Vehicles in Automated Highway Systems (by Dian-bo Ren, ...)

Localization of Spatial and Temporal Parameters in Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models Based on Genetic Algorithms (by Teng-da Sun, ...)

Locating Transport Terminals in a City (by Zhongzhen Yang, ...)

Locating the Variable Message Signs by Cell Transmission Model (by Hua-yan Shang, ...)

Location Model for Double-Hierarchy Distribution Network (by Shuqin Wang, ...)

Location Planning Method for Urban Passenger Intermodal Transfer Points in Big Cities (by Shen Lv, ...)

Location Planning Model for Urban P & R Facilities (by Baohong He, ...)

Location of High-Speed Railway Passenger Station Based on Passenger Time Satisfaction Degree (by Yanfu Qiao, ...)

Logistics Decision-Making Based on Public Logistics Information Platform (by Xinyu Qi, ...)

Logistics Demand Forecast Based on Gray System Theory (by X. C. Liang, ...)

Logistics Field Theory and Model (by Yin-ying Tang, ...)

Logistics Grid Based on SOA and its Core Technologies (by Yuanhui Li, ...)

Logistics Industrial Cluster Based on Complex Adaptive System Theory (by Wei Wang, ...)

Logistics Resources Integrating Efficiency of the RSTE Based on the Pareto Optimum (by W. H. Xia)

Logistics Satisfactory Optimization Model and Algorithm for Forward-Reserve Problem (by Yan-ru Chen, ...)

The Logistics Vehicle Routing and Supervision System (by Xiaoxiang Qu, ...)

Logit Cargo Flows Analysis Model and Its Application to Integrated Transportation (by Y. Peng, ...)

Long Down-Grade Highway Segment’s Safety Investigation and Causation Inference in China (by Yongsheng Chen, ...)

MAS and AIS Based Vessel Automatic Collision Avoidance System (by Yongjin Li, ...)

The Macro-Performance of China Railway Transportation: Based on Combinatorial DEA Algorithms Model (by Dai-xin He, ...)

Macroscopic Evaluation Model of Urban Transportation Network Based on GIS and GPS (by Xiang Zhou, ...)

The Management and Issuance of Electronic Navigational Chart in Marine Spatial Information Platform (by Feixiang Zhu, ...)

Map Matching Algorithm for GPS Data with Irregular and Relatively Long Intervals (by Xiaowen Hu, ...)

The Measurement of Critical Gap of Return Headway on Chinese Two-Lane Highway Using Passing Experiment (by Jinyan Lv, ...)

The Measurement of Driver’s Mental Workload: A Simulation-Based Study (by Ning Liu, ...)

The Measurement of Driving Decision-Making Support Information in Intelligent Vehicles (by Lan Liu, ...)

Measuring the Customer Satisfaction Degree for Freeway Traffic Management System (by Linjie Gao, ...)

Measuring the External Costs of Urban Traffic Congestion (by Qing-yu Luo, ...)

Measuring the Operational Efficiency of the Six Airlines in China (by Jiafeng Zong, ...)

Mechanical Parameter Measuring and Contrastive Analysis on Pavement Performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Bituminous Mixtures (by Ji Fu, ...)

Mechanism of Dynamic Instability for Riverside Subgrade (by Jun-Jie Wang, ...)

The Mechanism of Information Sharing in Supply Chain Based on Mobile-Agent (by Li Diao, ...)

Mechanism of Logistics Centralizing Function Based on Regional Economy (by Mingfei Liu)

Median Design Analysis in the Manner of U-Turn Followed by Right-Turn (by Kai Chen, ...)

A Meta-Heuristics Algorithm for Train-Set Crew Scheduling (by Peng Zhao, ...)

Method for Carrying Capacity Based on Service Quality of Dedicated Passenger Line (by Si Ma, ...)

A Method for Rack Area Zoning Based on Task Cycle Time in Automated Storage/Retrieval System (by Shi-Zhen Li, ...)

A Method for the Design of Optimal Locomotive Working Diagrams (by Hongyan Li, ...)

Method of Adaptive Neuron Model Utilizing Information of Local Samples for Loss Prediction in the Road Traffic Accident (by Jun Zhai, ...)

A Method of Exchange Wagon-Flow Allocating in Bidirectional Marshalling Yards (by Feng Xue, ...)

A Method of Forecasting Air Pollution Induced by Vehicle Exhaust with Traffic Simulation Technology (by Weijia Xu, ...)

Method of Measuring Workload about Delivering Express Goods at the Destination City (by You-heng Huang, ...)

Method of Spare Parts Inventory Management Based on Reliability (by Zongping Li, ...)

Method to Estimate Traffic State by Using Real-Time GPS Vehicle Positioning Data (by Bin Zhuang, Ph.D., ...)

The Microscopic Driving Model Analysis of the Aggressive Driving (by Yong Luo, ...)

A Microscopic Emission Model for the Light-Duty Vehicles Based on PEMS Data (by Fang Yang, ...)

Mining Association Rules on Data of Crane Health-Condition Monitoring (by Zhixin Wang, ...)

The Mining Method of Drivers’ Route Selection Preferences Based on Differential Perceptron (by Yuan Wang, ...)

Mixed Multi-Speed Vehicles on Two-Lane Cellular Automaton Model under Public Transit Influence with Open Boundary Condition (by Yongsheng Qian, ...)

Mode Classification Based on Decision-Tree-Based Support Vector Machine in the Inventory Control (by Qing-song Li, ...)

Mode of Transport Organization of Mixed Passenger and Freight Trains Railway Speed-Up 200 KM/H (by Yusong Yan, ...)

A Model Equipment Used to Investigate Mechanism of Dynamic Instability for Riverside Roadbed (by Yuan-Xin Hu, ...)

Model and Algorithm for Inventory-Transportation Integrated Optimization — In View of One-Warehouse Multi-Retailer Distributing Network (by Li-hui Liu, ...)

Model and Algorithms for Trip Optimization of Uncertain Network (by Gu Wang, ...)

Model and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Railway Empty Wagons Distribution (by Jianmei Zhu, ...)

A Model for Dynamic Network Traffic Flow Based Virtual Space-Time Network (by Haixian Jiao, ...)

A Model for Intelligent Supply Chain Based on All Set Theory (by Peng Zhao, ...)

Model for Location Planning Problem on Railway Baggage and Parcel Logistics Base and Distribution Sites with Uncertain Demand (by Chuan-zhong Yin, ...)

A Model of Calculating for On-Ramp Junction Capacity of Freeway (by Jiangbo Huang, ...)

Model of Highway Freight Volume Time Serial Forecast Based on Support Vector Regression (by Hu Huang, ...)

A Model of Learning Supply Chain Based on Multi-Agent Theory (by Weiguo Zhang, ...)

Model of Parking Choice Behavior with Parking Guidance Information (by Q. Y. Ding, ...)

Model of Rural Intersection Traffic Safety Evaluation (by Sumei Li, ...)

Modeling Interference of Bicycles on the Right-Turning Vehicles at Signalized Intersections Based on Mechanism Approach (by Dalin Qian, ...)

Modeling Lane Changing Behavior using Fuzzy Logic (by Dian-hai Wang, ...)

Modeling Travel Mode Choice Behavior and Individual Time Preference Heterogeneity (by Jian Luo, ...)

Modeling Unsignalized Crossing Behavior of Pedestrian Based on Cellular Automa and Application (by Jian Lv, ...)

Modeling and Developing an Integrated Supply-Chain Management System Oriented to Life Circles of Packages (by De-qiang Sun)

Modeling and Its Analysis on the Gross Cargo Throughput (by De-rong Tan, ...)

Modelling Issues on Traceability System in Food Supply Chain (by Yimin Yang, ...)

Models and Algorithm for Rough Solid Transportation Problem (by Xiaoqiu Jia, ...)

Models and Genetic Algorithms for the Optimal Riding Routes in Railway Passenger Transport (by Ruichun He, ...)

Modern Information Fusion Technology on Agile Transportation Management (by Zhiyong Lv, ...)

Motion Model of Planned Target in Marine Simulation System (by Yong Yin, ...)

A Multi-Agent System for Container Terminal Automation (by Nannan Yan, ...)

Multi-Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows of Optimization for Electronic Commerce (by Chunyu Ren)

Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Demand Forecast Based on Support Vector Machines (by Shouquan Lu, ...)

Multi-Generation Compete Genetic Algorithms and Its Application in Vehicle Routing Problem (by Lianbo Deng, ...)

Multi-Objective Algorithm for Navigation Co-Scheduling of the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba Dam (by Henghui Xiao, ...)

A Multi-Objective Optimization VRP of Individual-Tourist Scattered Meeting (by Bin Lai, ...)

Multi-Port Model of Non-Cooperation Competition Strategy (by Tingfa Zhang, ...)

Multidimensional State Estimation Rules in Urban Traffic System Based on Rough Set Theory (by Xiao-xiong Weng, ...)

The Multiple-Vehicle Transportation Policy under the High Uncertainty of the Returns in Reverse Logistics (by Fa-hong Wang, ...)

A Multivariate Chaotic Time Series Approach for Road Network Short-Term Traffic State Forecasting (by Zhi-sheng Yao, ...)

Nano Particle Modified Bonding Agent for Concrete Repair (by Weiguo Shen, ...)

Nash Equilibrium of Public Transport Service Competition (by Jing Li, ...)

A Nested Logit Model for Passenger Travel Behavior of Dedicated Passenger Railway (by Tuan-sheng Chen, ...)

Network Planning of Special Passenger Transportation Line (by De-gang Li, ...)

New Application of Dynamics in the Mixed Vehicle Flow Theory Research (by Xiaoqiang Long, ...)

A New Heuristics for VRP with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-Up (by R. H. Xie, ...)

A New Logical Control Model of Traffic Lights (by Xian-bo Sun, ...)

A New Map-Matching Algorithm and Real-Time Parameter Correction for Land Vehicle Navigation System (by Lu Ding, ...)

A New Method of Precise Self-Adaptive Automatic Exposure Control for Camera in Intellegent Transportation Systems (by Bang-Ping Wang, ...)

A New Model for Studying the Impact on Travel Behavior by ATIS and Information Release Strategy (by Wen-xiang Wu, ...)

A New Vague Set Algorithm Applied on the Third Part Logistics Provider Preference (by T. Y. Li, ...)

A New Video-Based Approach to Extract Traffic State Parameters for Traffic Surveillance (by Guolin Wang, ...)

Nonlinear Analysis of Joint in Roadbed Based on Infinite Element Theory (by Lu Yin, ...)

A Novel Model of Coordinated Development of Integrated Transportation (by Y. Peng, ...)

Novel Repair Materials and Techniques for Airport Pavement (by Peiwei Gao, ...)

Numerical Analysis of Porosity of Granular Materials (by Wan-qing Huang, ...)

Numerical Computation and Analysis on Dynamic Pore Water Pressure in Asphalt Pavement (by Changhong Zhou, ...)

Numerical Simulation Research of Stone Arch Bridges under Moving Load (by Jian-Ting Zhou, ...)

Numerical Simulation for Temperature Field of Subgrade on Seasonal Frozen Area (by Hui Song, ...)

Objectively Evaluation of the Structure of Logistics Industry Based on Rough Set Theory (by C. Z. Jiang, ...)

On Chinese Railway Transport Corporate Cultural Construction (by Tingying Ju, ...)

On Fractal Behavior of Road Surface Roughness (by L. Zhixiong, ...)

On Performance Evaluation of Activity-Based Costing Control in Third Party Logistics Enterprises (by Lingxiang Jian, ...)

On-Ramp Adaptive Traffic Volume in Freeway Merging Area (by Ai-Zeng Li, ...)

Ontology-Based Information Retrieval for City Intelligent Public Traffic (by Xiaojia Yang, ...)

Operating Efficiency of China Civil Airports Based on Malmquist TFP Index (by Yue Zhang, ...)

Optical Properties of Seawater with Submerged Bubbles Generated by Ship Wakes (by Y. Zhang, ...)

An Optimal Location Model for Public Transit Hubs Using On/Off Data at Bus Stops (by Jie Yu, ...)

Optimal Location of Park and Ride Facility (by Xiaoning Zhang, ...)

An Optimal Model for Container Slot Allocation Based on Equilibrium Principle of Shipping Line (by Chao Chen, ...)

Optimal Pricing Strategy of Traffic Information under Multi-Objective Route Guidance (by Jian Wang, ...)

Optimal Ship Weather Routing Using Isochrone Method on the Basis of Weather Changes (by Jinfeng Zhang, ...)

Optimization Model and Algorithm for the Size of Function Areas in Distribution Center under Constraint (by Qin Jin)

Optimization Model and Simulation Analysis for Pre-Timed Signals at Isolated Intersections (by Lei Nie, ...)

Optimization Research on Transfer between Urban Subway and Bus Based on the Adjacency Matrix (by Heng-quan Zhang, ...)

Optimization System of Linear Traffic Control with Transverse Interference Amendment (by Min Li, ...)

The Optimization of Container Flow Routing Between Railway Network Container Freight Stations (by Chenglian Yang, ...)

Optimization of Highway Transport Line Configuration Based on Whole Trip Course (by Xinsheng Yao, ...)

The Optimization of Non-Dense Loading Patterns of Perishable Goods by Railroad (by Xiamiao Li, ...)

Optimization of Selecting PGI Sign Locations Based on Parking Guidance Behavior Survey (by Bao-yu Zhang, ...)

Optimization of Station Distribution Plan in Urban Rail Transit (by Yan Yan, ...)

Optimization of Urban Public Traffic Networks (by Shaohua Lu, ...)

Optimized Adhesion Control of Electric Locomotives Based on Wavelet Analysis and Cloud Model (by Jingchun Huang, ...)

The Optimized Inventory Control Based on Disposing Reverse Logistics in Set Volume with the Franchisers’ Assistance (by Fu Guo, ...)

An Optimized Model of Shiplock Scheduling on the ”Unpredictable/Single Line” Condition (by Fengping Wu, ...)

Optimizing Shipment Size with Variable Transit Time and Random Transportation Capacity in Outsourcing Transportation Service (by Chuan-xu Wang)

Optimum Model for the Layout Scheme of Traffic-Information Obtaining Stations in Highway Network (by Songlin Ma, ...)

Out-of-Round Wheels and the Correlation Problem of Metro Vehicles (by Rongrong Song, ...)

PEMS-Based Comparative Study on Real-Road Emissions from Hybrid Electric and Gasoline Vehicles (by Guo-hua Song, ...)

Partitioning Model Construction of Centralized Sub-Areas in Regional Logistics (by Li Li, ...)

Pedestrian Management Method and Simulation Evaluation Practice in Olympic Games (by Jian-gang Shi, ...)

Performance Evaluation of Cold Chain Based on BP Neural Network (by Wei Li, ...)

Performance Evaluation on Waterproofing Materials Applied to Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck Pavement (by Yehua Fan, ...)

Performance Measurement for SCM Based on Balanced Score Card and Self-Adaptive RBF Neural Network (by Shiying Kang, ...)

Perishable Product’s Ordering Optimization Decision with Consideration of the Other Surplus Alternative (by Ben-yong Hu, ...)

Perpetual Pavements Design Criterions (by Peng Cui, ...)

Physical Model on Deformation Behavior of Super-Large Pile Group (by Tao Xie, ...)

Planning of Leading Passenger Special Line into Stub-End Type Junction Terminal (by Nan Wang, ...)

Port Construction Investment with Game Theory (by Yuan Zhao, ...)

Positioning and Imaging Sensors for Automated Asset Management of Transportation Facilities (by Kelvin C. P. Wang)

Predicted Model of Asphalt Pavement Non-Segregated Zone (by Liang Lu, ...)

Predicting Crashes Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Identifying the Hazardous Crash Type at Intersections (by Xianghai Meng, ...)

Predicting the Truck Speed Based on Four Factors of Transportation Engineering: A Curvilinear Regression Model (by Runhua Qian, ...)

Prediction Model and Genetic Algorithm of Car Flow for Stage Operating Plan at Railway Technical Station (by Zhengbin Wang, ...)

Prediction of Highway Truck Conveyance Configuration under Over-Limit Prohibition and Conveyance Equilibrium (by Jie He, ...)

Prediction of Low Temperature Properties Using Dynamic Rheological Properties of Asphalt at Intermediate Temperature (by Xiaoli Zhan, ...)

Prediction of Traffic Flow Based on Gray Theory and BP Neural Network (by Zebin Zhao, ...)

Predictive Control of Inventory in Supply Chain under Stochastic Customer Demand (by Ye Li, ...)

The Preliminary Application of Element-Free Galerkin Method (EFGM) in Asphalt Pavement Mechanical Analysis (by Lu Jia, ...)

A Price Coordination Mechanism for Purchasing Supply Chain Based on Dynamic Game of Incomplete Information (by Ai-Ying Gao, ...)

Problems in Regional Track Traffic Network Planning (by Li-ping Shen, ...)

A Profit Distribution Model among Enterprises in Mixed Alliance Based on the Shapley Value (by Zheng-gang He, ...)

Profit Optimization for Container Carriers (by George Liu)

Programming and Arrangement Research into Regional Logistics System by Fuzzy C-Means Clustering (by Ming-bao Pang, ...)

Proper Occasion for China’s Coastal Port Construction (by Wei Liu, ...)

Public Transport Service Level Influence on Travel Mode Choice (by Xuemei Zhou, ...)

The Public Transportation Optimum Route Algorithm Based on Network Changes (by Jiang Hong Wang, ...)

QFD-Based Decision-Making Method on Urban Public Car Park Location (by Xue-jin Zhang, ...)

Quality Evaluation System of Expressway Slope Planting (by Zhi-rong Jia, ...)

Quantitative Analysis Model of Non-Accident Loss for Tropical Cyclone Avoidance Routing (by Da-gang Liu, ...)

The Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Research on Choosing the Inland Transportation Mode (by Xuejun Feng, ...)

Queuing Model of Railway Section Carrying Capacity (by Yinghong Li, ...)

A Quick Map Matching Algorithm for Train Locating Based on Grid Partition (by Bao-qing Guo, ...)

Railway Passenger Station Daily Traffic Working Plan Automation (by Tao Chen, ...)

Real Time Estimation on Turning Rates of N-Leg Intersections (by Zhen Wu, ...)

The Real Time Traffic Control Strategy of Oversaturated Intersections on Urban Traffic Arterial (by Xia Luo, ...)

Real-Time Optimization Supervisory Control of HEV Powertrain (by Kegang Zhao, ...)

Recognition of Pavement Image with Shadow Based on Image Decomposition (by Xianqiao Chen, ...)

Recognition of Traffic Signs Based on Color Features and Neural Network Model (by Yangping Wang, ...)

The Recycling Logistic System Design of the Civil Waste for Chongqing (by Yan Xiao, ...)

Reflections on Conditional Hypotheses and Parameter Calibration of Traffic Flow Models (by Qiu Yan, ...)

The Regional Economic Impact of the Cross-Strait Projects — Taking Qiongzhou Channel as an Instance (by Shi-hua Cui, ...)

Regional Integrated Transportation Network Layout Planning (by Qiang Liu, ...)

The Relationship Model between Traffic Volume and Traffic Conflict at the Merging Points of Urban Tunnel Entrance (by Su-yan Li, ...)

The Relationship Study of the Logistics and Economy in the Resource Depending City — Neoclassical Frameworks (by Yu Wang, ...)

Relationship between Road Safety Guarantee Level and Driver Safety Perception (by Shu-qing Li, ...)

The Relationship of Urbanization and the Development of Transportation Industry: A New Analytical Approach from New Classical Economics (by Ming Li, ...)

Reliability Analysis of Underground Pipelines Subject to Disturbance of Shield Tunnel Excavation (by Qiang Zhang, ...)

Reliability Evaluation on Driver Reaction Characteristics (by Jian Jin)

The Reliability Model of Double Locomotive Drives’ Working Behavior (by Zi-zheng Guo, ...)

Reliability-Based Program Study of RC Beams Strengthened with CFRP (by YanLing Zhang, ...)

Remote Monitoring System Construction for Freight Overloading Vehicle on High-Class Highway (by Jinhui Li, ...)

Research and Application of Weighted Apriori Algorithm in Rail Freight Volume Forecasting (by Xuelei Meng)

Research and Design of Urban Complex Traffic Signal Control System (by Dayi Qu, ...)

Research and Implementation of the Operatable Virtual Models of Hoisting and Conveying Machinery (by Guoqian Wei, ...)

The Research of Logistics Information Classifying Coding Basedon the Information Coding Technology of Hull Structure (by Bo Zhang, ...)

A Research of Supplier Selection Based on Evidence Theory (by Ai-lian Zhou)

Research of the 4th Party Logistics Network Platform Based on XML (by Shuai Yu, ...)

The Research of the Optimal Distribution for the Multitask using Types of Vehicles in the Military Road Transportation (by Lei Guan, ...)

Research on Digital Road Traffic Guarantee System (by Dianye Zhang, ...)

Research on Operating Security of Electric Railway Based on Harmonic Suppression of Traction Power (by Xiangzheng Xu, ...)

Research on Optimal Route of Road Transport Network with Restrictive Conditions (by Xiaoping Guang, ...)

Research on Optimization Model for Urban Underground Logistics System (by Jianjun Zhu, ...)

Research on Section Division of Freeway with Ordinal Clustering Method (by Liande Zhong, ...)

Research on Train Density of Passenger Dedicated Line (by Yiying Zhang, ...)

Research on the Application of Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network in the Inter-Vehicle Communication System (by Guoqing Zhang, ...)

Research on the Evolution Trend of Urban Public Passenger Transport Structure (by Yongneng Xu, ...)

Research on the Form of Olympic Logistics and Industrialization (by Junfeng Zhang, ...)

Research on the Layout Issue of the Railway out of Gauge Detecting System (by Guang-Yuan Zhang)

The Research on the Lot Size Control in MRP (by Wei Liu, ...)

Research on the Matching and Coordinating Relationship of Operation System in Marshalling Station on Trunk Line with Increased Speed (by Jun-qing Ye, ...)

Research on the Production Logistics System of Shipbuilding Enterprise Based on MRP and TOC (by Weihong Yue, ...)

Research on the Theory and Application of Road Speed Limit (by Nan Zhang, ...)

Returned Logistics Implemented by Household Appliances Manufacturers (by Wensheng He, ...)

A Review of the Relationship between Driving Speed and Traffic Safety (by Kai-ran Zhang, ...)

Review on Driver Fatigue Detection Technology (by Xiu-jian Shi, ...)

The Risk Assessment Method of Building Based on Interval Mathematics (by Liming Yang, ...)

Risk Identification of Logistics Outsourcing Based on Interface Management (by Juan Xu, ...)

Road Extraction Based on Image Features of Raster Urban Traffic Map (by Tao Hai, ...)

Road Freight Virtual Enterprise Organization Based on Swarm Intelligence (by Xiaobo Liao, ...)

Road Integrated Safety Management and Technical System (by Yi Lu, ...)

Road Network Optimization Scheme (by Xiadong Wang, ...)

Road Traffic Safety Controlling System Based on ITS (by Huaping Jiang, ...)

Role and Position of ETT in the Future Comprehensive Transportation System (by Yaoping Zhang, ...)

The Route Guidance Arithmetic for IPGS Influenced by Dynamic Factors (by Wensheng Zhang, ...)

Routing of Trains between Parallel Railway Lines (by Min Li, ...)

The Rule of Lateral Vibration for Solid Piers of Railway Bridges (by YunSheng Li, ...)

Rural Residents’ Trip Satisfaction Degree (by Mao-kui Wang, ...)

Safety Assessing Method for Signal Controlled Intersections of Urban Road (by Yanli Ma, ...)

Safety Assessment on Negotiation of Locomotive under the Condition of Traction (by Jianxin Liu, ...)

Safety Evaluation and Weight of Container Logistic System in Ports (by Hai Huang)

Safety Level of Service at Highway Signalized Intersections (by Fuquan Pan, ...)

Safety of Pavement Skid-Resistance for Expressway Tunnel (by Zhi-gao Liao, ...)

Scale and Scope Economies Based on Net Characteristic of Railway Transportation and Its Application (by Xiaoping Fang)

Scatter Search Algorrithm to Multiple Container Loading Problem (by Jun Xue, ...)

Scheduled Highway Bus Service to Cope with the Operation of Taiwan High Speed Railway (by Chien-wen Shen)

Security Problems and Solutions for Internet-Based EDI (by Minxi Wang, ...)

A Self-Adaptive and Multi-Agent Model of Supply Chain Management System (by Quan Lu, ...)

The Self-Organization Mechanism of Urban Passenger Traffic System Evolving (by Yue Zhao, ...)

Sensitivity Analysis of Genetic Algorithm Based Network Optimization System with Multiple Objectives (by Vu Nguyen, ...)

A Service Oriented Urban Traffic Simulation Platform on Grid (by Qin-min Hong, ...)

The Service in the Originating Station Based on the Randomness Analysis (by Zhi-ya Chen, ...)

Set Pair and Extension Based Intelligent Transportation Controller: SpETCer and its Application (by Guoquiang Jia, ...)

Setting Price to Railway Passenger Ticket (by Huilin Liu, ...)

Shipping Alliances’ Formation Based on Evolutionary Game Theory (by Dan Wang, ...)

Short Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Artificial Neural Network Combined Predictor (by Peilin Nie, ...)

Short-Term Traffic Flow Predication Based on PSO-SVM (by Chengtao Cao, ...)

Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Lagrange Support Vector Regression (by Yanzhong Liu, ...)

The Signal Processing Method of Strip Piezoelectric Sensor of Weigh-In-Motion on Highway (by Xin-kai Li, ...)

Simulating Analysis on the Excavation and Lining of Twin-Arched Tunnel (by Meng Yang, ...)

Simulation Analysis of Impact of Pedestrian Traffic Distribution on Emergency Evacuation (by Jing Li, ...)

Simulation Computation and Experimental Investigation on Inflatable Rubber Boat Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis (by Jianhui Zhou, ...)

A Simulation Model for Strategies of Vehicle Weight Regulation Using System Dynamics (by Wen Hang, ...)

Simulation Research on Form and Kinematics Law of Contact Process for Automobile-Pedestrian Collision Based on the Coupling of PC-Crash and MADYMO (by Hong-guo Xu, ...)

Simulation and Analysis in Hazardous Materials Transportation Based on Risk (by Jibing Li, ...)

Simulation of Entire Derailment Course of a Freight Train on the Yellow River Bridge of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway (by Jun Xiang, ...)

Simulation on Emergency Evacuation Plan for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (by H. Hu, ...)

Simulation-Based Assessment of the Effect of Large-Scale Events on Urban Road Network Reliability (by Kun Chen, ...)

A Simultaneous Route and Departure Time Choice Model for Evacuation Planning (by M. X. Gao, ...)

Soaking Plate Load Test after Treatment of Soft Clayey Soil for Railway Embankment of Baghdad — Beije New Railway Line (by Ammar Abbas Mohammed Shubber, ...)

Solution of Three-Station Scattered Freight Loading Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm (by Xue-qin Li, ...)

Spatiotemporal Data Model on Urban Road Traffic Network under Adverse Weather Conditions (by Xi-qiao Zhang, ...)

Special Function Analysis Method of Dynamic Response of Rigid Pavement under Vehicle Load (by Haigui Kang, ...)

Speed Estimation on Freeways Using Floating Cars Equipped with GPS Receivers (by Fangfang Zheng, ...)

Speed Regulation of Passenger Car Based on Side Wind Speed and Direction (by G. J. Gao, ...)

Spread Characteristic and Economic Contribution of Waterway Transport Industry of Liaoning Province (by M. Zhong, ...)

The State Bridge Management System under the Development of Modern Transportation (by Fang Zhang, ...)

Stiffness Characteristics and Geometric Configurations of Cable-Supported Bridges (by Decan Yang)

A Stochastic Frontier Model of the Productive Efficiency of Chinese Ports (by Changxin Xu, ...)

A Stochastic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Logistics Distribution Systems (by Z. J. Ma, ...)

Stochastic Static Wagon-Flow Allocation Model in a Marshalling Station (by Dajie Zuo)

Strategic Commitment to Price to Stimulate Downstream Innovation under Supplier Competition (by Guo-yan Sun, ...)

Strategic Planning of Multipurpose Transit Smart Card Systems (by Ning Zhang, ...)

Strategy of the Reliability of SC (by Z. Y. Yang, ...)

Structural Modulus of Semi-Rigid Base Course for Asphalt Pavement (by Chunhua Hu, ...)

Study of Method on Parking Guidance Route Optimization Based on Parking Lot Choice (by Shisheng Zhou, ...)

Study on Analyzing and Optimizing the Business Process of Multimodal Transport (by Zhanzhong Wang, ...)

Study on Classification of Marshalling Station Based on Fuzzy Clustering Analysis (by Yong Yin, ...)

Study on Comprehensive Assessment Location Approach of Supply Chain Logistics Network Facility Based on TFAHP (by ShuShan Zhang)

Study on Dynamic Pricing Model of Deteriorating Items Based on Revenue Management (by Cheng-hu Yang, ...)

A Study on Logistics Service Project Evaluation Based on Rough Set (by Jie Wu, ...)

Study on Management of the Overload Transportation without Car Stopping (by Bao-jie Yan, ...)

Study on Microscopic Traffic Simulation System for ITS (by Liye Zhang, ...)

Study on Modeling Supply Chain Based on Disruption Risk (by Haiyan Yi, ...)

Study on Multi-Energy Powertrain Control Strategy of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (by Shifang Zhang, ...)

Study on Pedestrian Detection Ahead of Vehicle Based on Machine Vision (by Lie Guo, ...)

Study on Postponement in Supply Chain Management (by Donghong Zeng, ...)

Study on Reasonable Replaceable Path Acquiring Method Based on Similarity (by Guang Hao, ...)

Study on Road Traffic Safety Management and Rescue System Based on 3S Technology (by Bin Yuan, ...)

A Study on Team Incentive Mechanism for Logistics Service Supply Chain (by Dehai Zhang, ...)

A Study on Tourism Information and Self-Driving Tour Traffic (by Xuemei Zhang, ...)

Study on Traveler’s Behavior Value in City Passenger Traffic System (by Hanying Guo, ...)

Study on Vision Monitoring Techniques of Driver Fatigue and Loosing Alertness (by M. H. Zhang, ...)

Study on the Choice of Train Operation Adjustment Based on Cross DEA (by Zhiping Yu, ...)

Study on the Measurement Systems and Implementation Methods of Strategic Supplier’s Core Competence under Supply Chain Management (by Jianhua Yang)

Study on the Parameter Estimation in the Modal Demand Forecast Theory (by Yangsheng Jiang, ...)

Suitable Road Framework of Chengdu City (by Jiangli Zhu, ...)

Supervision System of Taxi Trade Based on Government Regulation (by Renfa Yang, ...)

Supplier Choice Based on Supplier Subdivision (by Ming Liu, ...)

Supplier Selection Based on the Combination of Entropy Weight and TOPSIS (by Guo-hua Zheng, ...)

Supply Chain Coordination in the Perspective of Cost Management (by Xiaoqi Shen, ...)

Supply Chain Structure Optimization Based on Risk Management (by Liwei Zhang, ...)

Supply-Demand Crisis of Public Transport in Pakistan (by Qureshi Intikhab Ahmed, ...)

Survey on Application of Wireless Sensor Networks for Traffic Monitoring (by Y. Wen, ...)

Sustainable Development Ability Evaluation for Chinese Synthetic Transportation System (by G. Q. Xiong, ...)

A Symplectic Eigensolution Method in Transversely Isotropic Elastic Halfspace (by Youzhen Yang, ...)

Synchronized Optimization Model of Regional Bus Scheduling System Based on Multilevel Programming (by Zhigang Liu, ...)

Synthetic Assessment of Highway Landscape Based on Set Pairs Analysis (by Li-jie Wang, ...)

A Synthetic Method to Estimate WLC of High-Tech Railway Projects Based on CS, FC, GM and Delphi Methods (by X. P. Zhang, ...)

System Analysis of Multifractal Structure in Expressway’s Traffic Flux (by Wei-dong Chen, ...)

System Dynamics Analysis on the Regional Transport Infrastructure and Social Economic Development (by Youshi He, ...)

System Dynamics -Based Operational Mode of Trade Credit System for Enterprise in Supply Chains (by Xiao-Bin Xu, ...)

System Planning for External Passenger Transport Hub Connection (by Da-wei Chen, ...)

Tackling the Bad Geology and High Retaining Wall Disasters of Highway in a Comprehensive Way — using ”Concrete Slab and Prestressed Anchor Stay” Technique (by S. L. Zhao, ...)

Taicang Terminal’s Logistics Competitiveness: SWOT Analysis and Implications (by Kewei Fan, ...)

Task Scheduling and Routing Optimization for AGVs Based on Intelligent Multi-Agent Technologies in Tobacco AS/RS (by Changyou Zhao, ...)

Taxonomy and Hotspots: Review of Logistics Research (by Chaoyuan Sun, ...)

Technology Features Research of Japanese Railway Signal System (by Xiaoqing Zeng, ...)

Technology of Sound Intensity Theory in High Speed Railway Car Noise Controlling (by Yan Liu, ...)

Test and Analysis on Performances of Drainage Asphalt Pavement (by Fu Jiang, ...)

Testing Research on Decreasing Brittleness of Pavement Concrete (by Shuhua Liu, ...)

The Theory Model of Urban Roundabouts’ Capacity (by Jun Xie, ...)

Theory and Method of Production Logistics Plan Optimizing for an Iron and Steel Enterprise (by Ju-ping Shao, ...)

Third Part Reverse Logistic Process Modeling Based on ARIS (by Yan Cao, ...)

”Three-Dimensional” Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Selection of the Currency Channel Members (by Xiaohui Qin, ...)

Three-Dimensional Loading Optimization Problem of Freight Transshipment in Multimodal Transportation (by Lei Bu, ...)

A Time-Varying Congestion Pricing Model Satisfying Stochastic User-Equilibrium Conditions of Multimodes (by Huaxin Zhang, ...)

Traction Grade and Starting/Breaking Distance in LIM Wheel/Rail Transit System (by Yang Zhao, ...)

A Traffic Assignment Algorithm to Obtain Path Flow Information Based on Link Analysis (by Xuyan Qin, ...)

Traffic Assignment Model and Algorithm Based on Interval-Valued Impedance (by Binglei Xie, ...)

Traffic Data Collection System Based on Floating Cars and its Application in Shanghai (by Cunbao Zhang, ...)

Traffic Environment with Fractal Theory (by Guo-fang Li, ...)

The Traffic Impact Forecast of a Proposed Constructive Project and Simulation Analysis (by Xiaoning Wang, ...)

Traffic Information Collection Based on Cell Phone Positioning (by Shilin Pu, ...)

Traffic Safety and Road Lighting Evenness Influence (by Yongqing Jiang, ...)

Traffic State Estimation Method for Arterial Street (by L. H. Gang, ...)

Traffic Volume Composite-Forecast Based on Grey Relation Projection Method (by Ji Hu)

Traffic safety of a ”Three Dimensional Future City” (by Xiujuan Chu, ...)

Traffic-Actuated Signal Control Based on Dynamic Optimal Maximum Green Time (by Wenqiang Guo, ...)

Train Delay Propagation Simulation in Rail Transit System (by Zhibin Jiang, ...)

Train Stopping Plan of Dedicated Passenger Traffic Line (by Jian Huang, ...)

Train-Set Adjustment Scheduling of Passenger Traffic Special Line Optimization Study (by Xiao-song Xie, ...)

The Transfer Behavior of the Line Transferring Passenger Flow in the Railway Passenger Transportation Corridor (by Yiming Qi, ...)

A Transit Dispatching Model for a Congested Public Bus Line Using Genetic Algorithm (by Huimin Niu, ...)

Transportation Heterogeneous Data Integration Based on Web Services (by Bin Lv, ...)

Transportation Modes Competitiveness Evaluation of Passenger Corridor (by Ya-min Huo, ...)

Transportation Planning Model Aid Design System (by Jian Sun, Ph.D., ...)

The Travel Choice Behavior with Traffic State Information (by Su-feng Wu, ...)

Travel Time Prediction Algorithms Based on RBF Neural Networks (by Hai-bin Su, ...)

Travel Time Prediction of Urban Expressway in Unstable Traffic Flow (by Tiandong Xu, ...)

URT Plan Integrated with Urban Planning Based on Yizhuang’s TOD Research (by Yvnan Zhang, ...)

Uncertainty of Large Scale Project Logistics Based on the Decision Network Planning Technique (by Nuo Wang, ...)

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