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World Environmental and Water Resource Congress 2006: Examining the Confluence of Environmental and Water Concerns

1-D Numerical Simulation of Morphodynamic Processes under Dam Break and Overtopping flows (by Weiming Wu, ...)

A 3D CFD Model Investigation of an Outfall Reservoir Hydraulics for Repowering a Power Plant (by Liaqat A. Khan, ...)

3D Sediment Transport Modeling of a Hyper-Eutrophic Lake (by Mamta Jain, S.M.ASCE)

ADV Point Measurements within Rapids of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon (by Christopher S. Magirl, ...)

ASCE Manual of Practice 110 — Sedimentation Engineering: Processes, Measurements, Modeling and Practice (by Marcelo H. García)

Adaptive Infrastructure Management for Environmental and Water Resources: A Conceptual Approach (by Wayne E. Woldt, ...)

Advancing Sustainable Stormwater Management at Villanova University (by William C. Heasom, P.E., ...)

Aeration Performance of a Hydraulic Jump (by S. Kucukali, ...)

Agent-Based Approach Enhances Conventional Aquatic Habitat Description and Species Utilization Methods (by R. A. Goodwin, ...)

Air Permitting and Reporting for Public Landfills and POTWs (by F. Jason Martin, P.E., M.ASCE, ...)

An Algorithm for Groundwater Long-Term Monitoring Spatial Optimization by Analogy to Ant Colony Optimization for TSP (by Yuanhai Li, ...)

Analysis of Mechanisms of Contaminant Removal from a Bottom River Cavity (by Kyoungsik Chang, ...)

Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARG) as Emerging Environmental Contaminants (by Ruoting Pei, ...)

Application of Modified Log-Wake Law in Open-Channels (by Junke Guo, ...)

Application of Multi-Criteria Tool in MIKE SHE Model Development and Testing (by M. H. Rubarenzya, A.M.ASCE, ...)

The Application of Radar Rainfall Data to Collection System Analysis (by George Zukovs, P.Eng., ...)

The Application of Stream Classification Using the Fluvial Geomorphology Approach for Natural Channel Design: The Rest of the Story (by David L. Rosgen)

Application of a Depth-Averaged 2-D Model in River Restoration (by Weiming Wu, ...)

Application of the Community-Based Watershed Management Planning Process to Preserve Cunningham Lake (by J. Farnsworth, ...)

Applied Mathematical Model for Turbulent Boundary Layers (by Junke Guo)

Applying a Vadose Zone Model to Stormwater Infiltration (by J. B. Mikula, ...)

Aquifer Heterogeneity Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis Using a Multi-Parameterization Method (by Xiaobao Li, ...)

An Artificial Dry Reference Surface for Predicting Canopy Temperature Dynamics from a Moving Irrigation System (by R. Troy Peters, ...)

Artificial Neural Network Approach for Streamflow Forecasting in India Using ENSO and EQUINOO (by Rajib Maity, ...)

Assessing Reach-Based Restoration Practices in an Urban Steam from a Watershed Perspective (by Ying Wang, ...)

Assessing the Human Water Use Impact in the River Basin Context (by Yi-Chen E. Yang, ...)

Assessing the Impact of Loading Rate Uncertainties in TMDL Allocations (by Alex Foraste, ...)

Assessment of Man-Made Ponds on Flood Retention and Water Resources Management (by Ming-Hsu Li, ...)

Assessment of Water Supply of Aurangabad City (by Bijlee Deshmukh, ...)

BMP Decision Support System for Evaluating Watershed-Based Stormwater Management Alternatives (by Mow-Soung Cheng, ...)

Bayesian Statistics-Based Procedure for the Groundwater Long-Term Monitoring Temporal Optimization Problem (by Yuanhai Li, ...)

A Bayesian Unmixing Model for Land-Use Fingerprinting Using Deltaσ\U5 C/N (by J. F. Fox, ...)

Bench-Scale Digestion Studies (by R. O. Mines, Jr., ...)

The Berlin Rules on Water Resources: The New Paradigm for International Water Law (by Joseph W. Dellapenna)

Brazil Water Resources Management: Evolution and Challenges (by Maria Edelcides Gondim de Vasconcelos)

CONCEPTS: A Process-Based Computer Model of Instream and Riparian Processes (by Eddy J. Langendoen)

Calibration of CAEDYM Using a Genetic Algorithm — The Lake Kinneret Case Study (by Avi Ostfeld, M.ASCE, ...)

Capability of Immobilized Mix Culture Technique as a Bio-Eco Engineering for River Basin Management (by B. K. Pathak, ...)

Case Studies for Environmental and Water Resources Systems Analysis Education (by David Watkins, ...)

Changing Tactics for Managing Water in Alberta: The Water for Life Strategy and Challenges in It’s Implementation (by H. Bjornlund, ...)

Channel Restoration Design of Deadman’s Run Tributary: An Application of Tractive Shear Analysis and Regime Methodology (by Brian Kwiatkowski, ...)

Characterization of Interaction of Surface Water and Groundwater in the El Paso Lower Valley of Texas (by Zhuping Sheng, ...)

Characterization of Particle Class Sizes Associated with Indicator Organisms in Stormwater (by Leigh-Anne H. Krometis, ...)

Characterizing a December 2005 Density Current Event in the Chicago River, Chicago, Illinois (by Carlos M. García, ...)

Characterizing the Pathways and Characteristics of Nutrients Discharging from Ground-Water to Surface Water (by P. P. Mathisen, ...)

Chemically Induced Redox Reactions in Water Treatment: A Summary of Advanced and Direct Technologies (by George P. Anipsitakis, ...)

City of Newport Beach Storm Drain Diversion Study (by Ying Poon, P.E., ...)

City of Seattle — Stormwater Low Impact Development Practices (by Richard L. Johnson, ...)

Classification of River Yields in Turkey with Cluster Analysis (by Sabahattin Isik, ...)

Climatic Risk to Cotton Production in the Ogallala Aquifer Region (by A. Esparza, ...)

A Cohesive Approach for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (by Scott L. Knight, ...)

A Collaborative Interactive Genetic Algorithm Framework for Mixed-Initiative Interaction with Human and Simulated Experts: A Case Study in Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Design (by Meghna Babbar, ...)

Column Tests for Simulation of Phosphorus Fate and Transport and Evaluation of Life Expectancy of a Wastewater Land Treatment System (by Tian C. Zhang, ...)

Combination of Drainage Water Management, Cover Cropping, and Wetland Diversion as a Suite of BMPs to Reduce Nitrogen Loss from Cropland (by James L. Fouss, ...)

Comparing the Regulated Riparian and Appropriative Rights Model Water Codes (by Joseph W. Dellapenna)

Comparison between Dispersion Coefficients Estimated from a Tracer Study and ADCP Measurements (by Meredith L. Carr, ...)

Comparison of Wastewater Treatment in Developed and Developing Countries (by J. Diaz, ...)

Comprehensive Flow Analysis and Near-Realtime Based Streamgauging Planning at Water Control Structures (by Tibebe Dessalegne, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE)

A Comprehensive Water Audit of the San Antonio Water System (by Kelly Brumbelow, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Comprehensive Watercourse Management for the Menomonee River, WI: Milwaukee County Grounds Floodwater Facility (by Michael Schwar, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, ...)

Computational Scaling Analysis of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms in Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Applications (by Joshua B. Kollat, ...)

Concepts of In-Canopy and Near-Canopy Sprinkler Irrigation (by Freddie R. Lamm, ...)

Concerned Aspects in Large Drainage Project: A Case Study of the Mun River Bypass Project in Thailand (by N. Sangtian, ...)

Construction of Water Saving Society in China (by Jian Liu, Ph.D., M.ASCE, ...)

Construction of the FFWS Using Supervised and Unsupervised Performance in the Small Catchment (by Sungwon Kim, Ph.D., P.E., ...)

Continuing Education Programs for Irrigation Engineers in Developing Countries: A Pressing Need (by L. Humberto Yap-Salinas)

Continuous Flow Defluoridation Unit for Rural Water Supply Scheme of Fluoride Prone Areas (by H. S. Ramesh, ...)

Controlled Drainage and Nutrient Management Planning Reduce Drainage Outflow and Nitrogen Transport (by H. L. Smeltz, ...)

Converging RCC Stepped Spillways (by S. L. Hunt, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Converting KC Values between ETo and ETr (by Atef Ghandour, ...)

Converting Open Ditches into Underground Pipelines on a System with no Formalized Scheduling (by Michael Isaacson, P.E., ...)

Conveyance Analysis of Chicago’s ”Deep Tunnel” System (by Nils Oberg, ...)

The Coordinated Flood Control Operation Rules at the Upper and Lower Jinhu Reservoirs (by Jian Liu, Ph.D., M.ASCE, ...)

Corn Yield Response to Different Irrigation Depths with Subsurface Drip Irrigation (by José O. Payero, ...)

Coupled Assessment of Water and Fire Systems Damages under Attack and Disaster Scenarios (by Elizabeth Bristow, S.M.ASCE, ...)

Creating Wet Acres in the Missouri River for Fish Populations (by A. Papanicolaou, ...)

A Critical Issue of Flood Management in China: Flash Flood, Landslide & Mudflow Disasters, Weakness in Defense, & Countermeasures (by Kungang Li)

Crop Coefficients Developed at Bushland, Texas for Corn, Wheat, Sorghum, Soybean, Cotton, and Alfalfa (by T. A. Howell, ...)

Crop Coefficients Developed at Bushland, Texas for Corn, Wheat, Sorghum, Soybean, Cotton, and Alfalfa (by T. A. Howell, ...)

Crop Type Change Monitoring by Remote Sensing in an Irrigated District under Water Resources Restrictions (by Mei Xu, ...)

Dam Break Hydraulics in Natural Rivers (by Arup Kumar Sarma, ...)

Debris-Flow Hazards and Prevention Measures in Beijing (by Lijun Wang)

Decadal Precipitation Variations and Inflows into Fort Cobb Reservoir, Oklahoma (by Jurgen D. Garbrecht, ...)

A Depth-Averaged 2-D Analysis of Fish Habitat Suitability Impacted by Vegetation and Sediment (by Zhiguo He, Ph.D., ...)

Design Tool for the Structural Stability of Rootwads in Streambanks (by Alan D. Wood)

Design and Assessment Techniques for Fish Passage at Culverts and Bridges (by Christopher M. Frei, ...)

Design of River a Water Quality Monitoring Network: An Entropy Based Approach (by Mohammad Karamouz, F.ASCE, ...)

Determining Hydraulic Conditions for Holding Areas of Large Predatory Fish within the Tracy Fish Collection Facility (by K. W. Frizell, ...)

A Deterministic Bank-Stability and Toe-Erosion Model for Stream Restoration (by Andrew Simon, ...)

Developing Sustainable Behaviors through Community-Based Social Marketing (by C. E. Johnston, P.E.)

Developing a Comparative Tool for Both Conventional and Green Stormwater Management Techniques (by D. A. Hollander, ...)

Development of Analytical Mass Transport Model for the Pollutant Migration in the Subsurface Environment (by M. Mahadevaswamy, ...)

Development of Bahiagrass Crop Coefficients Using Weighing Lysimeters and Eddy Correlation Methods (by X. Jia, ...)

Development of Depth-Duration-Frequency Relationships Using Homogeneous Region Concept (by John P. Raiford, ...)

Development of Fuzzy Rules Based System for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling (by Ivan Rivas, ...)

Development of Stage-Discharge Relation Using Support Vector Machines (by Mahesh Pal, ...)

Development of Urban Storm Sewer Optimal Layout Design Model Considering Risk (by Sukhwan Jang, ...)

Development of a Simple Loop Method for Correcting Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Discharge Measurements Biased by Sediment Transport (by David S. Mueller, ...)

Digital Floodplain Mapping and an Analysis of Errors Involved (by Christopher S. Hamblen, ...)

Dissolved Oxygen Modeling of Lake Ogallala: A Midwest Hydropower Tailwater Reservoir Using CE-QUAL-W2, Version 3 (by L. Kozimor, ...)

Does Downscaling in Space and Time Degrade the Dependability of Seasonal Climate Forecasts? (by J. M. Schneider, ...)

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Assessment to Improve Water Supply and Health in Africa’s Urban Slums (by J. R. Cowden, ...)

Drinking Water Distribution Systems: A Dual-Use Vision for Implementing an Environmental Observatory for an Engineered System (by D. L. Boccelli, ...)

Drinking Water Research Funding Opportunities — The Awwa Research Foundation (by Elizabeth Kawczynski)

Drinking Water Surveillance of a Growing Community in Osun State, Nigeria (by S. O. Omojola, ...)

Drought Preparedness (by Paul D. Slifko, S.M.ASCE)

Eco-Efficiency Analysis of Existing Industrial Wastewater Treatment: How to Include the External Costs to the Environment (by L. Garcilaso, ...)

Economic-Engineering Theory of Flood Levee Height and Setback (by Tingju Zhu, ...)

The Effect of Assumptions on Unknown Parameter Values in Forecasting Reliability of Meeting Effluent Limits (by Troy A. Doby, ...)

Effect of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Resolution on the Hydrological and Water Quality Modeling (by Ramesh S. V. Teegavarapu, ...)

Effect of Heterogeneity Correlation Scale on Pump-and-Treat Remediation Design (by G. Güngör-Demirci, ...)

Effects of Catchment Modification on the Flow Frequency Curve Modeled Using the EPA-SWMM Model (by J. P. Davis, M.ASCE, ...)

The Effects of Relative Submergence on Flow Patterns around Large Particles in a Gravel Bed River (by C. M. Kramer, ...)

Efficient Methods for Constraint-Handling in Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Management of Irrigation Canal Network Operations (by Talaat El Gamel, ...)

An Efficient Numerical Scheme for Modeling Two-Phase Bubbly Homogeneous Air-Water Mixtures (by Arturo S. León, ...)

Efficient Strategies for Sampling Uncertain Parameters in a Genetic Algorithm-Based Chance-Constrained Watershed Water Quality Management Problem (by Kwisun Park Yu, ...)

El Nino - La Nina Implications on Flood Hazard Mitigation (by Richard H. French, ...)

Electronic Field Data Collection and Data Entry for Physical Habitat Assessment on the Cheyenne River, South Dakota (by Cory Foreman, ...)

Enhanced Sand Filtration for Storm Water Phosphorus Removal (by Andrew J. Erickson, ...)

Environmental Management of the Three Gorges Project (by Jian Liu, Ph.D., M.ASCE, ...)

Environmental Restoration of the Xinzhou River in Shenzhen (by Jian Liu, Ph.D., M.ASCE, ...)

Environmental vs. Economical Benefits of Dams from Different Perspectives (by Luis Pettingill, S.M.ASCE)

Essential Dimensions and Elements in the Design of Irrigation System Management Transfer Projects (by L. Humberto Yap-Salinas)

Estimate Irrigation Water Use by Data Assimilation (by Dingbao Wang, ...)

Estimating Riparian ET through Remote Sensing in the Middle Rio Grande (by Salim Bawazir, ...)

Estimating a Stream Restoration Design Discharge (by Tyrel S. West, ...)

Estimation of Non-Point Source Pollution in a Typical River of India (by Ramakar Jha, ...)

Estimation of Spatially Distributed Evapotranspiration over Wheat Using Thermal Infrared Images and Ground-Based Radiometers (by Andrew N. French, ...)

Estimation of Water Resources Availability in Taiwan (by Nien-Sheng Hsu, ...)

Estimation of the Reference Evapotranspiration Using Neural Networks Model and Limited Climatic Variables (by Sungwon Kim, Ph.D., P.E., ...)

Ethical and Professional Issues Associated with River Restoration (by Donald D. Carpenter, ...)

Ethics in River and Stream Restoration: Biomimicry or Charade? (by Robert Prager, P.E., ...)

Evaluating the Accotink Creek Restoration Project for Improving Water Quality, In-Stream Habitat, and Bank Stability (by Scott D. Struck, ...)

Evaluation of Bacteria Impacts on Beaches in Milwaukee: The Bacteria Source, Transport, and Fate Study (by Kimberly A. Oriel, ...)

Evaluation of Bench Scale SBR for Removal of Nutrients from Domestic Wastewater (by Sudevi Basu, ...)

Evaluation of Ceramic Filtration for Drinking Water Treatment in Small Systems (by Rajib Sinha, P.E., ...)

Evaluation of Constructed Wetland as Secondary Wastewater Treatment, Source for Tertiary Wastewater Treatment, and Reuse System (by Marwan Haddad)

Evaluation of FAO-56 Alfalfa Crop Coefficients in an Arid Southwestern U. S. Climate (by Aaron M. Beutler, ...)

Evaluation of Infrastructure Impacts on Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Water Quality (by Marcel Dulay, P.E., ...)

An Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships for Water and Wastewater Systems (by Patrick Cairo, ...)

Evaluation of Retention Pond and Constructed Wetland BMPs for Treating Particulate-Bound Heavy Metals in Urban Stormwater Runoff (by Swarna Muthukrishnan, ...)

Evaluation of a Two-Source Energy Balance Model in an Advective Environment (by P. D. Colaizzi, ...)

Evaporation — A Tool for Sustainable Drainage Management (by Peter Worrall, ...)

Even When It Rains You Need to Drought Plan: Dynamic Modeling Application to Water Supply Planning in Virginia (by J. Timothy Hare, P.E., ...)

Evolution of Bulletin 17B for Flood Frequency Analysis in the United States (by J. R. Stedinger, ...)

Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Objective, Automatic Calibration of a Semi-Distributed Hydrologic Model (by Elias G. Bekele, ...)

Exact Analytical Solution to the One-Dimensional Advective-Dispersive Equation with a Decaying Source Term (by Gustavious Paul Williams, M.ASCE, ...)

An Expansion of the Ungaged Pan Evaporation Using Neural Networks Model in Rural Regions, South Korea (by Sungwon Kim, Ph.D., P.E., ...)

Experimental Analysis and Modeling of a Stormwater Perlite Filter (by José M. Adriasola, ...)

Experimental Investigation of Direct Connectivity between Macropores and Subsurface Drains during Infiltration (by Onur Akay, ...)

Experimental Research on Treatment of Housing Estate Wastewater by Non-Residual Sludge Hydrolytic Acidification Process (by Hong-jun Han, ...)

Experimental Study of HDPE Material Used for Pervious Pavement Components (by Qiaoqiao Bao, ...)

Experimentally Determined Inlet Loss Coefficients for Buried-Invert, Circular Culverts (by D. S. Anderson, ...)

Extended Analysis for Sediment Pond Design (by Yuan Cheng, Ph.D., P.E.)

Extreme Drought and Water Supply Management in California (by Julien Harou, ...)

Fecal Coliform Impairment in Edwards Run, New Jersey (by Kauser Jahan, ...)

The Federal Role in Water Supply Planning (by J. B. Connor, ...)

Field Evaluation of Shallow-Water Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Discharge Measurements (by Michael S. Rehmel)

Field Performance Analysis of Center Pivot Sprinkler Packages (by Dan Spare, P.E., ...)

Finding the Best Comparable Dataset for Estimating Parameters for a Water Quality Model (by Daniel L. Reisinger, ...)

The Fire-Flood-Erosion Sequence in California: A Recipe for Disaster (by Philip J. Shaller, ...)

Fish Passage over Weirs in Midwestern Streams (by D. C. Dermisis, ...)

Flood Estimation by Various Techniques for Small and Large Catchments (by Abdul Razzaq Ghumman, ...)

Flood Hazard Analysis and Protection Plan for a Residential Development (by Douglas Hamilton, ...)

Flow Around Submerged Barbs in the Raccoon River Iowa (by B. G. Wardman, ...)

Flow Energy, Time, and Evolution of Dynamic Fluvial Systems: Implications for Stabilization and Restoration of Unstable Systems (by Andrew Simon)

Flow Separation Downstream of Equal and Opposing Flow Junctions in Open Channels (by Carl Frizzell, Ph.D., ...)

Flow Trend Analysis in the Rouge River Watershed and the Effect of Temporal Resolution on Trend Detection (by C. A. Rohrer, P.E., M.ASCE, ...)

Flow and Sediment Laboratory Measurements over Unsubmerged Roughness Elements (by A. N. Papanicolaou, ...)

Footprint Analysis to Assess the Conditioning of Temperature and Humidity Measurements in a Weather Station Vicinity (by Richard G. Allen)

Fractured Modeling Approaches in Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer (by A. K. Tyagi, F.ASCE)

A Framework for the Removal of Bacterial Contamination from UASBR Effluent (by Anju Pant, ...)

GIS-Based Support System for Modeling Chicago’s ”Deep Tunnel” System (by Corrie E. Bondar, ...)

The GeoTools Shareware Package for Fluvial Systems Analysis (by M. C. Brown, ...)

Geomorphic Meander Restoration of Incised and Aggraded Systems in the Blue Mountain Range in Washington State (by W. Barry Southerland)

Geophysical Data Integration and Conditional Uncertainty Analysis on Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation (by Asheka Rahman, ...)

The Great Works of UWRRC (by Jonathan E. Jones, P.E.)

Groundwater Plume from an Infiltration Basin (by D. W. Ostendorf, ...)

Guidelines for Risk-Based Management of Bridges with Unknown Foundations (by S. M. Stein, ...)

Habitat Creation in Tidal Zones: Hydrologic Issues in West Coast Applications (by K. H. Price, P.E., ...)

Hedging Rule and Its Relevance to Decision Making in Reservoir Operation (by Jiing-Yun You, ...)

History of the Pick-Sloan Program (by Paul Johnston)

How Planning and Management Can Benefit from Uncertainty and Risk Analyses: A Case Study on the Niagara River (by Samuela Franceschini, S.M.ASCE)

Hunter Rouse, Hydraulician: An Overview of His Work (by R. Ettema)

Hunter Rouse’s Historical Writings and the History of Hydraulics Rare Book Collection (by C. F. Mutel, ...)

A Hybrid Model Tree (MT) — Genetic Algorithm (GA) Scheme for Toxic Cyanobacteria Predictions in Lake Kinneret (by Avi Ostfeld, M.ASCE, ...)

Hydraulic Capacity Assessment of a Tidally-Affected Reach of the Loxahatchee River by Direct Hydroacoustic Flow Measurements (by Juan A. González-Castro, ...)

Hydraulic Characteristics and Dynamics of Beaver Dams in a Midwestern U.S. Agricultural Watershed (by M. C. McCullough, ...)

Hydraulic Design of a Lazy River (by Bruce M. McEnroe)

Hydraulic Model of the Belle Fourche Irrigation District Using EPA SWMM 5.0 (by Curtis Schoenfelder, ...)

Hydraulic Modeling Study for Rio Grande Diversion Structure at Albuquerque (by Jungseok Ho, ...)

Hydrodynamics of Juvenile Salmon Passage in Sloped-Baffle Culverts (by David R. Thurman, ...)

Hydrologic Analysis for a Floodplain Forest Wetland Mitigation Site (by B. Michaud, ...)

A Hydrologic Analysis on Inundation in the Flooding Area of the Mekong Delta, Cambodia: The Combined Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Flood Forecasting (by K. Sothea, ...)

Hydrologic Impact of the 2004 Hurricane Season on South Florida (by Wossenu Abtew, ...)

Hydrologic Monitoring Criteria for Freshwater Wetland Plant and Animal Communities (by Michael Duever, ...)

Hydrologic and Pollutant Removal Performance of a Bio-Infiltration BMP (by J. R. Ermilio, ...)

Hydrology as a Surrogate Indicator in Restoring Urban Northeastern Watersheds (by Tham Saravanapavan, ...)

Impact of Conditioning on Robust Remediation Design (by Olufemi Adaramola, ...)

Impact of New Rainfall Patterns on the Design of Hydraulic Structures (by David N. Powell, ...)

Impacts of Inundation of Houziyan Reservoir on Zang Nationality Blockhouse Group Relics along the Dadu River (by Shengwen Qi, ...)

Implementation of an On-Line Asynchronous Tools to Facilitate Problem-Based Learning in Water Resources Engineering (by Arthur Schmidt, P.E., M.ASCE)

The Implications of Academic Dishonesty in Undergraduate Engineering on Professional Ethical Behavior (by D. D. Carpenter, ...)

Importance of Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Environment Protection in Key Hydraulic Projects and Hydropower Stations Construction on Chinese Great Rivers (by Xubiao Gao, ...)

Improved Extended Detention Basin Performance through Better Residence Time Control (by John R. Middleton, ...)

Improvement of Water Network Reliability: A Conflict Resolution Approach (by Mohammad Karamouz, F.ASCE, ...)

Improvement of the EXTRAN Block in Storm Water Management Model (SWMM4.4h) (by Daeryong Park, ...)

Improving Hydrologic Model Performance by Using the UNET Model: A Case Study for the Illinois River Basin (by Yanqing Lian, Ph.D., ...)

In-Situ Bioremediation of Contaminated Groundwater Using Artificial Neural Network (by Ram Kailash Prasad, ...)

Incorporating Natural Stream Protection into Municipal Infrastructure Design: A Kansas City Model (by William J. Heatherman, P.E., ...)

Increased Roughness in Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (by Adam S. Hill, ...)

Informed Consent through Collaborative Modeling and Transparent Decision-Making: The Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Study (by Mark Lorie)

Initiating Sewer System Real Time Controls in Cincinnati (by N. U. Schultz, ...)

An Innovative Geocentric Decision Support Solution to Comprehensive Planning, Design, Operation, and Management of Urban Drainage Systems (by Paul F. Boulos, ...)

An Integrated Approach to Water Quality Assessment in Support of a Long-Term Control Plan (by M. E. Hulley, ...)

The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Contaminant Load Discharge to Coastal Receiving Environments (by Matthew D. Davis, ...)

The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Fate of Contaminants in Coastal Receiving Environments (by M. G. V. Bogle, ...)

The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Long Term Groundwater Behaviour and Assessment (by Parviz Namjou, ...)

The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand): Overview (by Brian Sharman, ...)

An Integrated Software Package for Simulation, Design, and Evaluation of Surface Irrigation Systems (by Eduardo Bautista, ...)

Integrated Watershed Management (by Robert Pitt)

Integration of Water Quantity and Water Quality Modeling on the Truckee River (by J. D. Rieker)

Interactions between Halide Ions and Ammonia in Water under UV Light from Low Pressure Mercury Lamps (by Yvette Beckles, ...)

Interactive Educational Module to Enhance Understanding of Genetic Algorithms in Surface Water Resources Systems Analysis (by Talaat El Gamel, ...)

Interactive Multi-Objective Inverse Groundwater Modeling — Formulation and Addressing User Fatigue (by Abhishek Singh, ...)

Investigating Urban Land Use Effects on Runoff by Using the Distributed Large Basin Runoff Model (by J. R. Cowden, ...)

Investigation of Flood and Debris Flow Recurrence: Andreas Canyon, San Jacinto Range, Southern California (by Philip J. Shaller, ...)

Investigation of Flow Around a Bridge Abutment in a Flat Bed Channel Using Large Eddy Simulation (by Mete Koken, ...)

Investigation on Changes of the Sakarya River Characteristics (by Sabahattin Isik, ...)

Irrigated Agriculture’s Future with Increasing Food Demand and Growing Water Scarcity - EWRI PIAIP Task Committee Report (by Ronald D. Bliesner, P.E.)

Irrigation and Nitrogen Best Management Practices under Drip Irrigated Vegetable Production (by Michael D. Dukes, ...)

Is Climate Change Evident in U. S. Streamflow? (by Ajay Kalra, ...)

Isopleths for Rainfall Data in Sabah (by V. J. Kurian, ...)

Kernel-Based Sparse Bayesian Learning for Interpolating Spatial Data (by Shivam Tripathi, ...)

Key Technologies for Urban Flood Mitigation (by Ximin Yuan, ...)

Lake Tohopekaliga Pollutant Modeling Study for Kissimmee, Florida (by Gordon England, P.E.)

Leakage Management for Water Distribution System in GIS Environment (by Abdollah Ardeshir, ...)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a Framework for Addressing the Sustainability of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) (by Troy A. Doby, ...)

The Life Cycle of Vernal Pools: Hydrologic Principles (by Hugo A. Loáiciga)

Linking Benthic Macroinvertebrate Bioassessments to Channel Stability and Bed Sediment Characteristics (by Kelley Haerer Williams, ...)

Linking Species Changes to Watershed Modification: A Long-Term Analysis Using Fish Communities (by Jian-Ping Suen, ...)

Local Scour at Complex Piers (by Bruce Melville, ...)

Long-Term Monitoring Optimization Using MAROS (by Mindy Vanderford, Ph.D.)

Low Impact Development Strategies and Tools for NPDES Phase II Communities (by B. Rittenhouse, ...)

The Lower Olentangy River Watershed Lowhead Dams Feasibility Study (by Bryon F. Ringley)

Management of Interstate/International River Basins in a Multidimensional Society (by Nani G. Bhowmik, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE)

Managing Water Levels and Flows for Improved Economical, Environmental, and Ecological Benefits in Lake Ontario and in the St. Lawrence River (by Daniel P. Loucks)

Mapping Contrasting Tillage Practices in the Texas Panhandle with Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) Data (by P. H. Gowda, ...)

Mathematical Modeling of Fate and Transport of Dissolved and Particulate Mercury in Riverine Systems (by Arash Massoudieh, ...)

Measuring Total Volatile Suspended Solids in Stormwater to Understand the Influence of Organic Matter on BMP Performance (by James H. Lenhart, P.E., ...)

Mechanisms for Air Pocket Entrapment in Stormwater Storage Tunnels (by Jose G. Vasconcelos, ...)

Metals Contamination in Stormwater from Common Roofing Materials (by Julia Hafera, S.M.ASCE)

A Method to Select Surface Bed Samples that Represent Bankfull Conditions in Active Gravel Channels (by Alan Schlindwein)

Micro- and Macro-Environmental Studies in Scirpus validus Rhizosphere: Engineering Significance (by Achintya N. Bezbaruah, ...)

Microbial As (III) Oxidation in a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (by Yi-Tin Wang, ...)

Microbiology of Two Sulfate-Reducing Field Bioreactors Used for the Remediation of Mining Influenced Water (by L. P. Pereyra, ...)

Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Transferring (by Zi-hui Liu)

Milwaukee Case Study in Example Evolution of Sewer Controls (by Steve Heinz, P.E., ...)

Minimizing Leakage Rates in Water Distribution Networks through Optimal Valves Settings (by H. A. Al-Hemairi, ...)

Model Study for the Design of Emergency Stoplogs Deployed in a ComplexFlow Field — Part 1: Experimental Results (by Marian Muste, ...)

Model Study for the Design of Emergency Stoplogs Deployed in a ComplexFlow Field — Part 2: Numerical Results (by Marcela Politano, ...)

A Model of Optimal Best Management Practices Placement (by S. K. Chiu, ...)

Modeling Biofilm Dynamics in a Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment System (by Wayne Woldt, ...)

Modeling Channel Morphologic Change in the West Jordan River, Utah (by Dong Chen, ...)

Modeling Hydrodynamics and Storm Effect in the Altamaha River Sound (by Kijin Nam, ...)

Modeling Nutrient Dynamics in Watersheds and Streams (by Dalmo A. Vieira, ...)

Modeling Phosphorus in the Appoquinimink Watershed with AGNPS (by William F. Ritter, ...)

Modeling Sediment-Laden Gravity Currents (by Xinya Ying)

Modeling of Soil Hydraulic Processes and Base Flow in Flanders (by M. H. Rubarenzya, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Monitoring of a Retention Pond Before and After Maintenance (by Thomas P. O’Connor, ...)

A Multi-Objective Water Quality Wetland to Complement Phytoremediation of Contaminated Groundwater (by Charles Ikenberry, P.E., ...)

The NRCS Intake Families for Furrow Irrigation — Old and New (by Wynn R. Walker, ...)

Natural Bank / Bed Filtration: Water Supply Schemes in Uttaranchal, India (by R. R. Dash, ...)

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