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Construction Research Congress 2005: Broadening Perspectives

Accelerated Pavement Rehabilitation on Urban Highways: Innovative Approach in California (by Eul-Bum Lee, Ph.D., P.E., ...)

Accident Prevention Strategies: Causation Model and Research Directions (by Panagiotis Mitropoulos, ...)

Analysis of Focus Group Data Regarding Construction Craft Workers’ Perspective of the Factors Affecting Their Productivity (by Jiukun Dai, ...)

Analysis of Variability in Precasting and Installation of Pile Foundations (by Hasan Kaplan, ...)

Application of DEA-Based Malmquist Productivity Index Measure to the Construction Industry in China (by Xiaodong Li, ...)

Application of Tolerance Mapping in AEC Systems (by Colin Milberg, ...)

Applying Context to Systems Integration in AEC (by Yimin Zhu)

Apportioning Concurrent Delays and Accelerations Using Daily Windows (by Kehui Zhang, ...)

Aspects of Learning and Knowledge in Construction Projects (by Patrick S. W. Fong, Ph.D.)

Assessment of a Four Moments and Pearson Distribution Approach for Risk Analysis in Construction Estimates and Economics (by Ahmed M. Abdel Aziz, ...)

Attitudes in Construction Safety (by Brenda McCabe, ...)

Attitudes of Contractors and Employers Towards Transfer of a Time-Related Risk in Construction Contracts (by Maria C. Y. Au, ...)

An Automated Barcode System for Tracking and Control of Engineering Deliverables (by T. Shehab, Ph.D., ...)

Automated Construction Planning for Multi-Story Buildings (by Tang-Hung Nguyen)

Automated Materials Management and Control Model (by R. Navon, M.ASCE, ...)

Automatic Construction Process of Prefabricated Buildings on Geometric Reasoning (by Wenfa Hu)

Building Performance Engineering during Construction (by T. Michael Toole, ...)

Building Underground: Special Techniques for a Storage Facility (by Ioannis E. Zevgolis, Ph.D.)

Building the Great Pyramid in about 385 Days: A Case Study in Energy Management (by Gerard C. A. Fonte)

Canadian Construction Claim Tracker: An Integrated Repository System for Canadian Case-Law Construction Claims (by Amir Chehayeb, S.M.ASCE, ...)

Case Study of Constructability Reasoning in MEP Coordination (by A. Reza Tabesh, ...)

Climbing Robots with Adaptive Grippers for Construction (by M. Rachkov, ...)

Company-Wide Project Data Integration for a Construction Organization (by Thammasak Rujirayanyong, Ph.D., ...)

Comparative Study of Discrete-Event Simulation and System Dynamics for Construction Process Planning (by Sangwon Han, ...)

Comparison of Manual and User-Guided Methodologies for the Classification and Retrieval of Construction Site Images (by Ioannis K. Brilakis, ...)

A Conceptual Framework for Mapping Data Representation in the AEC Domain (by Ivan Mutis, Ph.D., ...)

A Construction Business Automation System (CBAS) (by Dong-Eun Lee, Ph.D., M.ASCE, ...)

Construction Firm Performance and IT Utilization (by Mohammad El-Mashaleh, ...)

Construction Project Cost Performance Prediction Based on Project Bid Characteristics (by J. A. Kuprenas)

The Continuous Value Enhancement Process to Efficiently Achieve Sustainable Project Objectives (by Michael Pulaski, ...)

Contracts: A Holistic Perspective (by Michael S. Puddicombe)

Cost Estimating in the Age of 3-D CAD Software and Object Databases (by Saeed Karshenas, M.ASCE)

Cross-Cultural Virtual Design Teams: Cultural Influences on Team Performance in Global Projects (by Tamaki Horii, ...)

Current Research and Development and Approach to Future Automated Construction in Japan (by Junichiro Maeda)

Data Collection System for Labor-Intensive Projects (by José H. Loría-Arcila, ...)

Decision Support Tool for Environmental Analysis of Commercial Building Structures (by Angela Acree Guggemos, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Defining Megaprojects: Learning from Construction at the Edge of Experience (by Christine Fiori, ...)

Delivering Highway Projects through Design-Build: Analysis of the Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) Procurement Process in Texas (by Giovanni C. Migliaccio, ...)

Delivering Sustainability: Lean Principles for Green Projects (by Anthony Lapinski, ...)

Design Cost Analysis of Transportation Projects (by Khaled M. Nassar, Ph.D., ...)

Design Management in Design and Build Projects: The New Role of the Contractor (by Edwin H. W. Chan, ...)

Developing Best Practices for Avoiding Utility Relocation Delays (by Ralph D. Ellis, Jr., M.ASCE, ...)

Development of Knowledge Document Management System (KDMS) for Sharing Construction Technical Documents (by Tai Sik Lee, ...)

Development of a Resource Scheduling Model Using Optimization (by Ralph D. Ellis, ...)

Dispute Resolution Transactional Cost Quantification: What Does Resolving a Construction Dispute Really Cost? (by Richard J. Gebken, II, ...)

A Dynamic Boolean Model of Roll-over Financing for Residential Real Estate Development in China (by Nga-Na Leung, ...)

Dynamic Error and Change Management in Concurrent Design and Construction (by SangHyun Lee, ...)

Economic Assessment of Site Exploration Programs Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming (by Veerasak Likhitruangsilp, ...)

Economic and Environmental Implications of Construction Energy Use and Generation under New EPA Emission Standards (by H. Scott Matthews, ...)

Effect of Pre-Construction Planning on Project Outcomes (by Cindy L. Menches, M.ASCE, ...)

Effect of Spatial Variables on Bricklaying Productivity (by Rasha M. Stino, ...)

The Effects of the Informal Sector on Construction (by Carol Jewell, ...)

Emerging Methods for Defining and Managing Dynamic Project Requirements (by Karen Lee Hansen, ...)

Enhancing Knowledge and Experience Exchange through Construction Map-Based Knowledge Management System (by Yu-Cheng Lin, ...)

Enhancing Productivity in the AEC Industry through Application of Rights Management (by Kenyon D. Potter)

Evaluating Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Delivery as a Tool for Sustainability (by Peter Dahl, ...)

Evaluating the Consequences of Overlapping Dependent Activities (by Susan M. Bogus, ...)

Experiments in Real-Time Spatial Data Acquisition for Obstacle Detection (by Jochen Teizer, ...)

Exploring Mental Models of Construction Managers (by Amlan Mukherjee, ...)

Fabrication Lead Time and Demand Variability: An Empirical Study (by Chien-Ho Ko, ...)

Fast and Easy Concrete Construction Using Innovative Steel Reinforcement (by Mohammad Shamsai, Ph.D., ...)

A Framework for Integrating Fuzzy Expert Systems and Discrete Event Simulation (by Ahmed A. Shaheen, Ph.D., ...)

Fully Autonomous Robot for Paving Operations (by L. Sebastian Bryson, ...)

Fuzzy Logic Approach to Forecast Project Duration in Construction Projects (by Vellanki S. S. Kumar, Aff.M.ASCE, ...)

Heavy Equipment Operator training via Virtual Modeling Technologies (by Xiangyu Wang, ...)

Hierarchical Clustering for Interpretation of Spatial Configuration (by Asad H. Udaipurwala, ...)

High Performance Building Design Process Model (by Chris S. Magent, Ph.D., ...)

Identifying Factors for Statistical Models to Measure Highway Project Disruptions (by Wai Kiong Chong, ...)

Instrumenting an Asphalt Vibratory Compactor for Automation of Roadway Compaction (by R. A. Tarefder)

Integrated Cost and Schedule Control: Variables for Theory and Implementation (by Youngsoo Jung)

Integration of Construction Field Data and Geotechnical Analyses (by Yun Y. Su, ...)

The Integrator Model for the Construction Professional of 2020 (by Paul S. Chinowsky, ...)

Interactive Multimedia Scheduling Book: Learning Anytime Anywhere (by Ihab M. H. Saad)

An Interactive Visualization Environment for Construction Engineering Education (by John I. Messner, ...)

Interprofessional Issues in Construction Education (by Tony Selman, ...)

Is a Small Project Really Different? (by Lilin Liang, ...)

Key Constraint Analysis: Achieve Lean Processes with the Application of TOC (by Li Jun Shen, ...)

Layout Planning of Construction Sites Considering Multiple Objectives: A Goalprogramming Approach (by Hesham M. Osman, ...)

Leadership and Goal-Setting in Construction Education (by William W. Badger, ...)

Lean and Green: The Role of Design-Build Mechanical Competencies in the Design and Construction of Green Buildings (by David Riley, ...)

Learning Organizations in Construction (by Paul Chinowsky, ...)

Legal Risk Analysis, Modeling and Programming for E-Commerce in Construction (by Ihab A. Ismail, Ph.D., S.M.ASCE, ...)

Lessons Learned from a Design Course Utilizing Object-Based Learning Method (by Joo Hyoung Lee, Ph.D., ...)

Life Cycle Assessment of Residential Buildings (by Luis Ochoa, ...)

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Bridges and Tunnels (by Yingchun Zhang, ...)

Locating Materials on Construction Site Using Proximity Techniques (by Jongchul Song, ...)

MANS3C: An Agent-Based Multi-Attribute Negotiation Framework for Construction Supply Chain Coordination (by Yaowu Wang, ...)

Model to Facilitate Optimization of the Concrete Supply Process (by L. Darren Graham, ...)

Modeling Cost Escalation as a Risk Factor in Construction Projects (by Ali Touran, ...)

Modified Concrete by Using a Waste Material as a Coarse Aggregate (by Abdulkerim H. Ghailan)

Multi-Objective Optimization for the Construction of Large-Scale Infrastructure Systems (by Amr Kandil, ...)

National Housing Research Agenda for Construction Management and Production (by Makarand Hastak, ...)

The Need for Prompt Schedule Update by Utilizing Reality Capture Technologies: A Case Study (by Semiha Kiziltas, ...)

Neural-Risk Assessment System for Construction Projects (by Pedro Maria Sanchez)

Overmanning Impact on Construction Labor Productivity (by Awad S. Hanna, ...)

Planning to Get Work: An Evaluation of Market Forecasting Techniques for Use by Large Design and Construction Firms (by Otto Fetterhoff, Ph.D., ...)

Predicting Schedule and Cost Elements’ Variation for EPC Projects in Alberta (by Tanveer N. Ahmed, ...)

Predicting the Production Rates of Foundation Construction Using Factor and Regression analysis (by Wai Kiong Chong, ...)

Prediction of Productivity for Microtunneling Projects in Bidding Phase (by Mohamed Y. Hegab, Ph.D., P.E.)

Preliminary Cost Estimates Using Probabilistic Simulation for Highway Bridge Replacement Projects (by Jui-Sheng Chou, ...)

Priority Scheduling of Urban Rehabilitation Streets to Minimize Congestion, Delays, and Accidents (by Wesley C. Zech, ...)

Production Planning Process in Residential Construction Using Lean Construction and Six Sigma Principles (by Thanveer M. Beary, ...)

Productivity Evaluation of the Conventional and GPS-Based Earthmoving Systems Using Construction Simulation (by Seung-Woo Han, ...)

A Prototype E-Society Portal: Using a Semantic Model to Represent Sustainability Aspects of Highway Projects to Local Communities (by Tamer E. El-Diraby, ...)

Quantifying the Impact of Schedule Compression on Construction Labor Productivity (by Chul-Ki Chang, ...)

Rapid Post-Disaster Evaluation of Building Damage Using Augmented Situational Visualization (by Vineet R. Kamat, M.ASCE, ...)

Real Options Analysis: Can It Improve Infrastructure Development Decisions? (by Michael J. Garvin)

Realtime 4D CAD = RFID for Project Progress Management (by Sangyoon Chin, M.ASCE, ...)

Residential Construction and the Influence of Inspections on Cycle Time (by Howard Bashford, ...)

Restructuring the Rebar Supply System (by Iris D. Tommelein, ...)

Risk Management on Build-Operate-Transfer Projects (by John E. Schaufelberger)

A Risk Threshold Calculation Methodology for the Construction Projects Applying Value at Risk (by Seon-Gyoo Kim, ...)

RoadSim: Simulation Modelling and Visualisation in Road Construction (by Serafim Castro, ...)

SLAM — A Case Study in Applying Lean to Job Shops (by Todd Brink, ...)

Selecting Pile Construction Method Using Fuzzy Approach (by Tarek M. Zayed)

Shift Work Impact on Construction Labor Productivity (by Awad S. Hanna, ...)

Simulation Tools for the Economic Evaluation of Base Construction (by Jaehyun Choi, ...)

Situation Based Modeling for Construction Productivity (by Eldon Choy, ...)

Source of Construction Industry Instability and Performance Problems (by Dean Kashiwagi, ...)

Specification for Mapping Mixed Reality Visualization Technology to AEC Tasks (by Xiangyu Wang, ...)

State-of-the-Art Review of Construction Performance Models and Factors (by Tanaya Korde, ...)

Statistical Comparison of Performance Based Procurement and Price Based Procurement (by Darshit Parmar, ...)

A Study of Simulation-Based Contract Incentives and Disincentives Usage (by Ralph D. Ellis, ...)

Sustainable Roadway Construction: Energy Consumption and Material Waste Generation of Roadways (by John A. Gambatese, ...)

Taxonomy for International Construction Market Entry Mode Selection (by Chuan Chen, ...)

Technical Preconstruction Service Process Model for the Private Real Estate Development Industry (by Clark B. Pace, ...)

Technology and Process Assessment of Using LADAR and Embedded Sensing for Construction Quality Control (by Chris Gordon, ...)

Testing RAP Materials for Overlay Design Standards (by Rafiqul A. Tarefder, ...)

Towards a Framework for Managing Standards-Based Semantic E-Resources in the European Construction Industry (by Celson Lima, ...)

Understanding Cognitive and Metacognitive Processes in Construction Management: The System Dynamics Perspective (by Amlan Mukherjee, ...)

Understanding and Mitigating Challenges on Global Projects: The Role of the Freelance Expatriate (by Ashwin Mahalingam, ...)

A Usability Study of an Object-Oriented Design and Specification System for Transportation Projects (by Russell C. Walters, ...)

Use of Conceptual Road User Costs for a Rapid Roadway Construction Decision Making System (by Yinggang Wang, ...)

Use of Design-Build on Mass Transit Rail Projects (by John E. Schaufelberger)

Use of IT in Managing Environmental Risks in Construction Projects (by Sanjaya De Zoysa, ...)

Value Stream Mapping for Make-to-Order Products in a Job Shop Environment (by Thais da C. L. Alves, ...)

What is the Background of Future Construction Leaders in Mexico? (by José H. Loría-Arcila, ...)