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Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

Addressing Design Issues of an Orthogonal Unstructured Grid Using the Grid Generator JANET Demonstrated on the Delaware Estuary (by T. Kutay Celebioglu, S.M.ASCE, ...)

Adjoint Data Assimilation into a 3D Unstructured Mesh Coastal Finite Element Model (by F. Fang, ...)

Analysis of the Stratification in the Guadiana Estuary (by L. Pinto, ...)

Application of a Sediment Transport Model (BFSED) to Assess the Impact from Bridge Reconstruction in the Barrington River, RI (by Christopher Galagan, ...)

COASTMAP: A Globally Re-Locatable, Real Time Marine environmental Monitoring and Modeling System, with Application to Narragansett Bay and Southern New England Coastal Waters (by Malcolm L. Spaulding, ...)

Calibration of a Sediment Transport Model for San Francisco Bay (by Vivian Lee, ...)

Characteristics of Coastal Circulation in the Semi-Enclosed Seto Inland Sea Using A Regional Atmosphere-Ocean Model (by Hidemi Mutsuda, ...)

Coastal Circulation and Effluent Transport Modeling at Cherry Point, Washington (by Tarang Khangaonkar, ...)

Community Model Concept and Implementation in the Surface Water Modeling System (by Alan K. Zundel, ...)

Coupled Circulation, Wave, and Morphology-Change Modeling, Shinnecock Inlet, New York (by Frank S. Buonaiuto, ...)

Coupling a 3D Model With a 2DV Model Using a Free-Surface Correction Method (by XinJian Chen, M.ASCE)

A Decision Support System for Optimising Engineering and Operational Design of Nearshore Mining Operations Based on Numerical Simulations of Nearshore Waves, Currents and Water Levels (by Roy van Ballegooyen, ...)

Developing a Tidal Constituent Database for the Eastern North Pacific Ocean (by Emily Spargo, ...)

Development and Application of Combined 1-D and 3-D Modeling System for TMDL Studies (by Venkat S. Kolluru, ...)

Development of a Hierarchy of Nested Models to Study the California Current System (by I. Shulman, ...)

Evaluation of High-Resolution Atmospheric Analyses and Forecasts for the Narragansett Bay Region (by John G. W. Kelley, ...)

A Forecast Circulation Model of the St. Johns River, Florida (by Edward P. Myers, ...)

A Fully Non-hydrostatic Three-Dimensional Model with an Implicit Algorithm for Free-Surface Flows (by Chin H. Wu, ...)

”Grid”-based Particle Tracking in Florida Bay (by Justin R. Davis, ...)

High Performance Programming of the 3-D Finite Element Hydrodynamic Model - QUODDY (by Chunfang Chen, ...)

A High-Resolution Coastal Circulation Model for Lunenburg Bay, Nova Scotia (by Jinyu Sheng, ...)

Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling of Ward Cove, Alaska (by Hugo N. Rodriguez, ...)

IM2: A Web-based Dissemination System for Now and Forecast Data Products (by Michael Piasecki, ...)

Including a Near-Bed Turbid Layer in a Three Dimensional Sediment Transport Model With Application to the Eel River Shelf, Northern California (by Courtney K. Harris, ...)

The Influence of Centrifugal and Coriolis Forces on the Circulation in a Curving Estuary (by Nickitas Georgas, ...)

Influence of Multi Algal Groups in the Calibration of a Water Quality Model (by John Eric Edinger, ...)

Integrated-Process and Integrated-Scale Modeling of Large Coastal and Estuarine Areas (by Y. Peter Sheng, ...)

An Internet-Based Data Acquisition and Management Server (by Thomas B. Opishinski)

Inverse Estimation of Estuary Flux (by Jay Chung Chen, ...)

Long-Term Sediment-Water Fluxes of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals (by Wilbert Lick, ...)

Model Assessment of Dissolved Oxygen and Flow Dynamics in the San Joaquin River Near Stockton, California (by Haridarshan Rajbhandari)

Modeling Circulation and Mixing in Tidal Wetlands of the Santa Ana River (by Feleke Arega, ...)

Modeling Coastal Sediment Transport at the Mouth of the Colorado River, Texas (by Lihwa Lin, ...)

Modeling Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Processes in a Reservoir (by Zhen-Gang Ji, ...)

Modeling Study of Saltwater Intrusion in Loxahatchee River, Florida (by Guangdou Gordon Hu, Ph.D., P.E.)

Modeling a Three-dimensional River Plume over Continental Shelf Using a 3D Unstructured Grid Model (by Ralph T. Cheng, ...)

Modeling of Tidal Circulation and Pollutant Transport in Port Angeles Harbor and Strait of Juan de Fuca (by Zhaoqing Yang, ...)

Modeling of Tidal Flow and Sediment Transport at Mitchell’s Cut, Texas (by Detong Sun, ...)

Modeling the Effects of Bed Drag Coefficient Variability under Wind Waves in South San Francisco Bay (by Jeremy D. Bricker, ...)

Modeling the Rio de la Plata Circulation (by Ismael Piedra Cueva, ...)

Modeling the Transport of Larval Yellow Perch in Lake Michigan (by Dmitry Beletsky, ...)

Nested Hydrodynamic Modeling Using the MIKE 3 Model (by E. B. Rasmussen, ...)

A New Two-Way Nested-Grid Ocean Modeling Technique Applied to the Scotian Shelf and Slope (by Xiaoming Zhai, ...)

Numerical Modeling Study of Cooling Water Recirculation (by Jianhua Jiang, ...)

Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Generation, Propagation, and Runup (by Roy A. Walters)

A Parallel Strategy Applied in Projection Method to Simulate Free Surface Flow (by Zhiyu Shao, ...)

Physical Versus Anthropogenic Control of Nutrient Concentrations in the Irish Sea (by E. F. Young, ...)

The Pol Coastal Observatory-Methodology and Some First Results (by Roger Proctor, ...)

The Prediction of Dunes and Their Related Roughness in Estuarine Morphological Models (by Andreas Malcherek, ...)

A Progress Report on the Control of the Free Surface in a 3D Navier Stokes Solver for Coastal Applications (by Igor Gejadze, ...)

Random-Walk Suspended Sediment Transport and Settling Model (by Richard Argall, ...)

Recent Applications of 3D Wind-Driven Circulation Modeling to a Semi-Enclosed Sea: Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand (by Robert G. Bell, ...)

Regional Circulation Model for Coast of Long Island, New York (by Adele Militello, ...)

Regional Circulation Modeling of the Texas Coast and Inland Coastal Waters (by Mitchell E. Brown, ...)

SST Assimilation and Assessment of the Predicted Temperature from the GoMOOS Nowcast/Forecast System (by Huijie Xue, ...)

Seasonal Changes of Baroclinic Circulation and Water Exchange in the Bohai Sea (by Keiji Nakatsuji, ...)

Sediment Transport Associated with the Baroclinic Term in the 3D-Hydrodynamic Circulation Model: Study Case for Idealized Estuary (by Wahyu W. Pandoe, ...)

Storm Impacts on Sediment Deposition at a River-Coastal Confluence (by Yong Guo, ...)

Summer Ekman Pumping and its Implications to the Deep Water Renewal in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays (by Mingshun Jiang, ...)

Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tomales Bay, California (by Edward S. Gross, ...)

Three-dimensional Modeling of Hydro-Thermal Structures in Lake Washington (by Sung-Chan Kim, ...)

Towards An All Weather Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay (by Richard A. Schmalz, Jr., M.ASCE)

Toxic Modeling in an Industrial Harbor - A Case Study for Baltimore Harbor (by Jing Lin, ...)

Variability on Flow and Density Structure Near the Mouth of Mutsu Bay Forced by Passage of Migratory Cyclone (by Ryoichi Yamanaka, ...)

Volume Analysis for Attainability of Water Quality Criteria for Three Loading Constituents (by Ping Wang, ...)

Wind-driven Transport in the Labrador Current (by Guoqi Han)