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A 2D Model of Waves and Undertow in the Surf Zone (by Brian A. O’Connor, ...)

2DH Morphological Modelling of Submerged Breakwaters (by S. C. van der Biezen, ...)

2DH Non-Linear Dispersive Wave Modelling and Sediment Transport in the Nearshore Zone (by Theofanis V. Karambas)

A 2-DV Numerical Solution for the Turbulent Wave Boundary Layer under Breaking Waves (by Nguyen The Duy, ...)

3D Wave-Current Interactions in Wave-Current Channels (by Jacco Groeneweg, ...)

ADCP Observation of Nearshore Current Structure in the Surf Zone (by Takao Yamashita, ...)

ALES Shallow-Water Flow Solver with Non-Hydrostatic Pressure: Wave Applications (by J. G. Zhou, ...)

Accuracy in Spill Monitoring—Turbidity Distribution and Conversion Factors (by Klavs Høgh, ...)

Advanced Assessing of the Stability of Existing Placed Block Revetments (by Adam Bezuijen, ...)

Alderney Breakwater—Scheme Evolution (by Paul B. Sayers, ...)

Analysis of Wave Data at Sines (by Carlos Pita, ...)

Analytical Model for Wave-Related Transport (by Judith Bosboom, ...)

Applicability of a Quasi-Three Dimensional Numerical Model to Nearshore Currents (by Masamitsu Kuroiwa, ...)

Application of Computer Modeling for Harbor Resonance Studies of Long Beach & Los Angeles Harbor Basins (by Jiin-Jen Lee, M.ASCE, ...)

Application of Mathematical Modeling in Optimizing Layout of a Large Industrial Fishery Harbour (by P. P. Gunaratna, M.ASCE, ...)

Application of Overtopping Models to Vertical Walls against Storm Surges (by Holger Schüttrumpf, ...)

Application of Physical Model in Long Wave Studies for The Port of Long Beach (by Ying-Keung Poon, ...)

Application of Shore Protection Schemes in Hornbæk (by Mads Peder Jørgensen, ...)

Application of a Long-Term Evolution Model of Tidal Inlets to the Design of a Navigation Channel, the Navia Inlet Case (by R. Medina, ...)

Application of an Undertow Model to Irregular Waves on Barred Beaches (by Douglas L. Kennedy, ...)

The Art of Coastal Engineering (by Torben Sorensen)

Assessment of Depth of Closure on a Nourished Beach: Terschelling, The Netherlands (by S. W. Marsh, ...)

Attenuation of Very Long Waves by a Large Resonator as a Outer Harbor (by Takayuki Nakamura, M.ASCE, ...)

Bayesian Estimation of Quantiles for the Purpose of Flood Prevention (by J. M. van Noortwijk, ...)

Beach Evolution on the Southern North Sea Coast (by Daniel J. Leggett, ...)

Beach Fills in Europe—Projects, Practices, and Objectives (by L. Hamm, ...)

Beach Nourishment: A Limited Review and Some Recent Results (by Robert G. Dean, M.ASCE)

Beach Recharge Design and Bi-Modal Wave Spectra (by T. T. Coates, ...)

Berm Breakwaters, Fifteen Years Experience (by Sigurdur Sigurdarson, ...)

Berm Breakwaters—Influence of Stone Graduation, Permeability and Armouring (by Jørgen Juhl, ...)

A Boussinesq Model for Breaking Waves: Comparisons with Experiments (by Jayaram Veeramony, ...)

Breach Erosion in Sand-Dikes (by Paul J. Visser)

The Breaching of Sand Investigated in Large-Scale Model Tests (by Cees van Rhee, ...)

Breaker Bar Formation and Migration (by Bart T. Grasmeijer, ...)

Breaking Waves and Induced Currents on Coastal Structures (by Entin A. Karjadi, ...)

Breakwater Repair: Monitoring, Modelling, and Construction (by S. Pillay, ...)

Calculation of Velocity Field in 3-D Random Waves (by Yu-xiu Yu, ...)

Change of Mean Tidal Peaks and Range Due to Estuarine Waterway Deepening (by Hanz D. Niemeyer)

Changing of Local Wave Climate due to Ebb Delta Migration (by Ralf Kaiser, ...)

Characteristics of Long-Period Flow Velocity Fluctuations around Tomakomai Harbor (by Hiroya Kinoshita, ...)

Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone of Irregular Waves and their Reproduction by a Cross-Shore Beach Deformation Model (by M. Ikeno, ...)

Classification of Wave Loading on Monolithic Coastal Structures (by Andreas Kortenhaus, ...)

Coastal Defence Structures in NSW, Australia (by S. J. Wyllie, ...)

Coastal Disaster Prevention Works in Japan (by Ichio Motono, ...)

Coastal Erosion Caused by Construction of an Artificial Island and Performance of Beach Nourishment (by Ryuichiro Nishi, ...)

Coastal Erosion at Keta Lagoon, Ghana—Large Scale Solution to a Large Scale Problem (by R. B. Nairn, ...)

Coastal Morphologic Variability of High Energy Dissipative Beaches (by Peter Ruggiero, ...)

Coastal Restoration Considerations (by Karsten Mangor)

Coastal Sediment Transport: The COAST3D Project (by R. L. Soulsby)

Coastline Evolution in Response to a Major Mine Sediment Discharge on the Namibian Coastline (by G. G. Smith, ...)

Coherent Doppler Sonar: Sediment Flux and Turbulent Velocities in a Wave Flume (by Len Zedel, ...)

Coherent Motions in the Bottom Boundary Layer under Shoaling and Breaking Waves (by Daniel T. Cox, ...)

Comparing 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-Generation Coastal Wave Modelling (by L. H. Holthuijsen, ...)

A Comparison of Higher Order Bousinesq and Local Polynomial Approximation Models (by Maurício F. Gobbi, ...)

Comparison of Storm Longshore Transport Rates to Predictions (by Herman C. Miller, M.ASCE)

Cost Comparison of Breakwater Types (by W. H. Tutuarima, ...)

Cross-Shore Graded Sediment Transport: Grain Size and Density Effects (by R. L. Koomans, ...)

Cross-Shore Sediment Transport: A Field Test of the Bailard Energetics Model (by Troels Aagaard, ...)

Cross-Shore Sediment Transports on a Cut Profile for Large Scale Land Reclamations (by Martijn Onderwater, ...)

Damage Progression on Breakwaters (by J. A. Melby, M.ASCE, ...)

Data Assimilation and Nested Hydrodynamic Modelling in Storm Surge Forecasting (by Rafael Cañizares, ...)

Defining an Unusual Littoral Regime to Optimize Dredging at East London (by A. K. Theron, ...)

Depth Inversion for Nonlinear Waves Shoaling over a Barred-Beach (by Stéphan T. Grilli, M.ASCE, ...)

Depth of Closure: Improving Understanding and Prediction (by Robert J. Nicholls, ...)

Depth of Closure and Seabed Variability Patterns (by Grzegorz Rózyn´ski, ...)

Depth of Erosion under Storm Conditions (by John F. A. Sleath)

Design and Construction of Seawater Exchange Breakwaters (by Sadamitsu Akeda, ...)

Design of Alternative Revetments (by M. Klein Breteler, ...)

Design of Revetments in the Øjresund Link. Reclaimed Artificial Island and Peninsula (by Jeppe Blak-Nielsen, ...)

Design of Rock Armoured Single Layer Rubble Mound Breakwaters (by T. Hald, ...)

Design of Scour Protection for the Bridge Piers of the Øresund Link (by Lars Kirkegaard, ...)

Design of Vertical Wall Caisson Breakwaters Using Partial Safety Factors (by Hans F. Burcharth, ...)

Determining Depth from Remotely-Sensed Images (by Robert A. Dalrymple, F.ASCE, ...)

The Development of Sand Waves and the Maintenance of Navigation Channels in the Bisanseto Sea (by Kazumasa Katoh, ...)

Development of Two-Dimensional Numerical Wave Flume for Wave Interaction with Rubble Mound Breakwaters (by Peter Troch, ...)

Development of a New Type of Reef Breakwater, Theoretical and Experimental Study (by Shohachi Kakuno, ...)

Digital Imaging Processing Techniques for the Aerial Field Monitoring of Harbour Breakwaters (by Gavin Hough, ...)

A Dimensionless Parameter Describing Sea Cliff Erosion (by Akira Mano, ...)

Directional Wave Overtopping Estimation Model and Experimental Verification (by Tetsuya Hiraishi, ...)

Dispersion of Wave Action (by James M. Buick, ...)

Double Walled, Low Reflection Wave Barriers (by R. J. Cox, ...)

Duration of Wave Climate Analysis (by Rodney J. Sobey, ...)

The Economic Analysis of “Soft” Versus “Hard” Solutions for Shore Protection: An Example (by David R. Basco, P.E., M.ASCE)

Economic Optimal Design of Vertical Breakwaters (by H. G. Voortman, ...)

Eddy Viscosity Models for Wave Boundary Layers (by Ole Secher Madsen, M.ASCE, ...)

Effect Resonance on Morphology of Tidal Channels (by Willem T. Bakker)

The Effect of Sediment Composition on Cross-Shore Bed Profiles (by Leo C. van Rijn)

Effects of Wave Reflection and Dissipation on Wave-Induced Second Order Magnitudes (by Fernando J. Méndez, ...)

Encounter Probability of Individual Wave Height (by Zhou Liu, ...)

Energy Dissipation Model for Irregular Breaking Waves (by Winyu Rattanapitikon, ...)

Environmentally Friendly Coastal Protection—The ECOPRO Project (by Brendan Dollard)

Equilibrium Terraced and Barred Beaches (by Mark D. Orzech, ...)

The European Research Programmes in Coastal Engineering (by Hans-Werner Partenscky)

Evaluation of Longshore Sediment Transport Models on Coarse Grained Beaches Using Field Data: A Preliminary Investigation (by Erik Van Wellen, ...)

Evaluation of the Effect of 20 Years of Nourishment (by Christian Laustrup, ...)

Evolution Equations for Edge Waves and Shear Waves on Longshore Uniform Beaches (by James T. Kirby, M.ASCE, ...)

Experimental Analysis of Wave-Induced Liquefaction in a Fine Sandbed (by Kojiro Suzuki, ...)

Experimental Study of Wave Breaking and Blocking on Opposing Currents (by Arun Chawla, ...)

Experimental Study on Non-Linear Wave Boundary Layers (by Hitoshi Tanaka, ...)

Experimental and FEM Simulation of the Dynamic Response of a Caisson Wall Against Breaking Wave Impulsive Pressures (by Shigeo Takahashi, ...)

Experiments on Nonlinear Wave Groups Shoaling in a Tank (by L. Shemer, ...)

Extracting Morphologic Information from Field Data (by Nathaniel G. Plant, ...)

Extreme Multi-Directional Waves (by T. B. Johannessen, ...)

Field Investigation on Sediment Transport into the Submarine Canyon in the Fuji Coast with the New Type Tracers (by Shigenobu Tanaka, ...)

Field Measurements of Swash Induced Pressures within a Sandy Beach (by D. P. Horn, ...)

Field Measurements of Undertow on Longshore Bars (by Yoshiaki Kuriyama)

Field Observatgions of Small Scale Sedimentation Processes (by Daniel M. Hanes, M.ASCE, ...)

Field Observation of Erosion and Accretion Waves on Shizuoka and Shimizu Coasts in Suruga Bay in Japan (by Naoki Itabashi, ...)

The First Berm Breakwater in Hong Kong (by K. C. Ander Chow, ...)

The First CORE-LOC Breakwater (by Anton H. Holtzhausen)

Flood Protection in the Danish Wadden Sea Area (by Jens Otto Andersen)

Flow Structures in Swash Zone (by H. H. Hwung, ...)

The Form of the Mound of Rubble Dumped by a Barge (by J. K. Vrijling, ...)

Front Matter (by Billy L. Edge, (editor))

Generation of Double Peak Directional Wave by Dual Mode Snake-Type Wave Maker (by Tetsuya Hiraishi, ...)

Geomorphological Modelling in Coastal Waters (by Morteza Kolahdoozan, ...)

Green-Function Analysis of a Wave Field over Arbitrary Bathymetry (by Hitoshi Nishimura, ...)

Homogeneity Aspects in Statistical Analysis of Coastal Engineering Data (by P. H. A. J. M. van Gelder, ...)

The Horizontal Eddies in the Offshore Zone (by Li Li, ...)

Hydraulic Model Test of Stability of Amenity-Oriented Breakwater (by Shoji Kunitomi, ...)

Hydraulic Performance of a High Mound Composite Breakwater (by M. Muttray, ...)

Impact Loadings on Vertical Walls in Directional Seas (by N. W. H. Allsop, ...)

Impact Structural Response of CORE-LOC (by George F. Turk, M.ASCE, ...)

Increase of Wave Height in the North Pacific Ocean (by Kozo Okada, ...)

Influence of False Waves on Wave Records Statistics (by Marcos H. Giménez, ...)

The Influence of Marina Construction in Beach Stability: El Milagro Case Study (by J. Galofré, ...)

The Influence of Pressure Fluctuations on the Flow Between Armour Elements (by Robert Booij, ...)

Influence of Steep Seabed Slopes on Breaking Waves for Structure Design (by N. W. H. Allsop, ...)

Inlet Cross-Sectional Area Calculated by Process-Based Model (by Nicholas C. Kraus)

Inlet Dynamics from Semi-Annual Surveys (by Owen W. Callard, ...)

Inlet Impacts on Local Coastal Processes (by Rajesh Srinivas, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Integrated Approach on the Safety of Dikes along the Great Dutch Lakes (by Jentsje W. van der Meer, M.ASCE, ...)

Integrated Design Optimization for a Tropical Land Reclamation: Bali Turtle Island Development (by Andrew M. Driscoll, ...)

Inventory of the Stability of Existing Placed Block Revetments in The Netherlands (by Theo Stoutjesdijk, ...)

Laboratory Evaluation of Instrumentation Used in Field Studies of Wave-Sediment Interactions (by J. J. Williams, ...)

Lagrangian Measurements of Accelerations in the Crests of Breaking and Broken Waves (by Søren Peter Kjeldsen, ...)

Lateral Versus Longitudinal Artificial Reef Systems (by Yoshimi Goda, ...)

Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Long Waves Propagating around Channel Bends (by Aimin Shi, ...)

Littoral Processes in a Prograding Coast: The Case Study of the Atlantic Ocean Coast of Uruguay (by Luis Teixeira, ...)

Littoral Transport Under Complex Wave Fields: Pecém, North East Brazil (by Berry Elfrink, ...)

A Long Term Wave Hindcast System Using ECMWF Winds (by Yoshio Hatada, ...)

Long Waves in Flume Experiments (by J. William Kamphuis, M.ASCE)

Long-Period Oscillations in a Harbour with Fluid Mud Bottom (by Wataru Kioka, ...)

Long-Period Wave Responses in a Harbor with Narrow Mouth (by Weon Mu Jeong, ...)

Long-Term Morphological Development of the Accumer Ee Tidal Inlet and Its Impact on Island Beaches and Engineering Responses (by U. Abels, ...)

Longshore Patterns of the Sea Bottom Morphology (by Giovanna Vittori, ...)

Low Frequency Surf Zone Response to Wave Groups (by Merrick C. Haller, ...)

Maintenance Dredging Required after Port Extensions at Walvis Bay (by R. C. Coppoolse, ...)

Man Made Beaches Balancing Nature and Recreation (by Ulf Anderskouv, ...)

Management of Beach Nourishment in an Open Sand System (by Hans H. Dette)

Mass Transport of Progressive Edge Wave: A Comparison between the Full and Shallow-Water Wave Theories (by K. M. Mok, ...)

Measurement of Shear Stress on a Moveable Bed (by Kelly L. Rankin, ...)

A Method for Estimating the Bed Velocities Produced by a Ship’s Propeller Wash Influenced by a Rudder (by G. A. Hamill, ...)

Model Tests for Evaluating Beach Nourishment Performance (by Massimo Tondello, ...)

Modeling the Dynamics of a Bar System at Duck, NC, USA (by B. Boczar-Karakiewicz, ...)

Modelling Large-Scale Dynamics of Hel Peninsula, PL (by Marek Szmytkiewicz, ...)

The Modelling of a Spilling Breaker: Strong Turbulence at a Free Surface (by M. Brocchini, ...)

Modelling of a Three-Layer Sediment Transport System in Oscillatory Flow (by Leszek M. Kaczmarek, ...)

Modelling the Morphological Sensitivity of Large Nontidal Coastal Areas to Climatological Changes (by H. Weilbeer, ...)

Modulation of Bichromatic Wave Train in a Wave Tank (by Motohiko Umeyama)

A Morphodynamic Model for River and Estuary Management (by Volker Barthel, ...)

Morphodynamics of Shoreface-Connected Ridges (by A. Falques, ...)

The Morphological Changes along the Northern Coast of the Nile Delta (by John B. Herbich, F.ASCE, ...)

Morphological Modelling using a Modified Multi-Layer Approach (by Henk J. Steetzel, ...)

Morphological Vulnerability Index: A Simple Way of Determining Beach Behaviour (by Óscar Ferreira, ...)

Motions of Pebbles on Pebble Beach (by Ichiro Deguchi, ...)

A Multi-Level Model for Nonlinear Dispersive Water Waves (by Susumu Kanayama, ...)

Nautical Design Studies Haifa Port Extensions (by J. A. Zwamborn, ...)

Nearshore Coastal Processes Adjacent to a Tidal Inlet (by Thomas O. Herrington, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Nearshore Wave Dynamics Simulated by Boussinesq Type Models (by Ole R. Sørensen, ...)

Neural Network Modelling of Forces on Vertical Structures (by Marcel R. A. van Gent, ...)

A New Formulation of Deterministic and Stochastic Evolution Equations for Three-Wave Interactions Involving Fully Dispersive Waves (by Per A. Madsen, ...)

Non-Uniformity in the Wind Generated Gravity Waves Phase Distribution (by Germán Rodríguez, ...)

Nonlinear Distribution of Nearshore Free Surface and Velocity (by Nobuhito Mori, ...)

Nonlinear Time-Averaged Model in Surf and Swash Zones (by Bradley D. Johnson, ...)

Nonlinear Wave Forces on a Rubble Covered Pipeline (by William G. McDougal, ...)

North-Coast of Texel: A Comparison between Reality and Prediction (by Rob Steijn, ...)

Numerical Analysis of Wave Breaking due to Submerged Breakwater in Three-Dimensional Wave Field (by Koji Kawasaki, ...)

Numerical Investigation of Sediment Transport for Combined Waves and Currents (by Juan Savioli)

Numerical Model of Fully-Nonlinear Wave Refraction and Diffraction (by Masahiko Isobe, ...)

Numerical Modeling of Long Wave Ship Motions (by John R. Headland, P.E., ...)

Numerical Modeling of Nearshore Circulation on a Barred Beach with Rip Channels (by K. A. Haas, ...)

Numerical Simulation of Breaking Waves by Large Eddy Simulation and VOF Method (by Qun Zhao, ...)

Numerical Simulation of Wave Fields around the Submerged Breakwater with SOLA-SURF Method (by Norio Hayakawa, M.ASCE, ...)

Numerical Simulations of Directionally Spread Shoaling Surface Gravity Waves (by Françoise Becq, ...)

Observation and Simulation of Low-Frequency Waves on Two Natural Beaches (by Satoshi Nakamura, ...)

On the Accuracy of Parabolic Wave Models (by Hakeem K. Johnson, ...)

On the Design of Shore-Parallel Breakwaters (by J. A. Zyserman, ...)

On the Effect of 2-Layer Thickness by High-Specific Gravity Armor Blocks on Wave Reflection (by Masahiro Ito, ...)

On the Predictability of Nearshore Bar Behaviour (by Stefan Aarninkhof, ...)

On the Reflection of Short-Crested Waves in Numerical Models (by Michael Brorsen, ...)

On the Stability of Berm Breakwaters in Shallow and Deep Water (by Alf Tørum)

On the Statistical Variability of Wave Height and Period Parameters (by Carlos R. Sánchez-Carratalá, ...)

On the Viscous Destabilization of Longhore Currents (by Uday Putrevu, A.M.ASCE, ...)

Oneline, A Numerical Model for Shoreline Change (by Mohamed Dabees, ...)

Optimum Size of Distorted Ripple Train for the Control of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport (by Satoshi Takewaka, ...)

Parameterizing Beach Erosion/Accretion Conditions (by John P. Ahrens, Aff.M.ASCE, ...)

Performance of Submerged Active Breakwaters in a Hydraulic Model (by K. R. Hall, ...)

Phase-Lag Effects in Oscillatory Sheet Flow (by C. Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen, ...)

Phenomena in Standing Wave Impact on a Horizontal Plate (by Piotr Wilde, ...)

Pore Pressures in Vertical Breakwater Foundations (by C. Zwanenburg, ...)

Post-Stabilization Morphology of Oregon Inlet, NC (by Brian P. Joyner, ...)

Predicting and Evaluating Turbidity Caused by Dredging in the Environmentally Sensitive Saldanha Bay (by S. A. Luger, ...)

Predictive Model of Three-Dimensional Development and Deformation of a River Mouth Delta by Applying Contour Line Change Model (by Takaaki Uda, ...)

Preventing Natural Breaching of the Major Sand Spit Protecting the Port of Walvis Bay (by J. S. Schoonees, ...)

Probabilistic Model for Tsunami-Wave Elevation Along the Alborán Seacoast (by M. González, ...)

Probability Distribution of Wave Height in Finite Water Depth (by Michel K. Ochi)

Prototype Measurements of the Dynamic Response of Caisson Breakwaters (by Alberto Lamberti, ...)

Quasi 3-D Effects in Infragravity Waves (by A. R. van Dongeren, ...)

Random Wave Modelling Approach Included in a Beach Deformation Model (by Ioan Nistor, ...)

Random Waves on a Vertically-Sheared Current (by C. Swan, ...)

Recent Extensions to Local Polynomial Approximation Models (by Andrew B. Kennedy)

A Refraction–Diffraction Model for Irregular Waves (by Q. Gao, ...)

Response of Moored Vessels in Buffington Harbour (by E. P. D. Mansard, ...)

Results of Field Monitoring of the New CORE-LOC Breakwater at Port St. Frances—South Africa (by D. Phelp, ...)

The Sand Trapping Trench as a Countermeasure to Control Wind-Blown Sand on Beaches (by Shintaro Hotta, ...)

Sea Breeze Climatology and Nearshore Processes along the Perth Metropolitan Coastline, Western Australia (by G. Masselink, ...)

Sea Level Set-Up Behind Detached Breakwaters (by J. H. Loveless, ...)

Seasonal Shoreline Variations by Cross-Shore Transport in a One-Line Model under Random Waves (by Hans Hanson, ...)

Second Order Wave Interaction with a Large Structure (by Bjarne Büchmann, ...)

Sediment Resuspension under Non-Breaking Waves. Predicting Sediment “Pulses” as a Function of Groupiness (by José A. Jiménez, ...)

Sediment Transport Around a Mound Breakwater: The Toe Erosion Problem (by Asunción Baquerizo, ...)

Seepage Effects on Sediment Transport by Waves and Currents (by T. E. Baldock, ...)

Sensitivity of Wind Wave Simulation to Coupling with a Tide/Surge Model with Application to the Southern North Sea (by J. Monbaliu, ...)

The Settlement, Hardness and Liquefaction of Sand Beds due to Fluctuating Water Pressure (by Takaaki Minamimura, ...)

Shear Waves over Longshore Nonuniform Barred Beaches (by F. E. Sancho, ...)

Shore Parallel Breakwaters & Beach Nourishments (by Jan van de Graaff, ...)

Short-Term Relatively Deep Sedimentation on the Ebro Delta Coast. Opening the Closure Depth (by Vicente Gracia, ...)

A Simple Method to Predict Long-Term Morphological Changes (by Dano Roelvink, ...)

Simple Models for Equilibrium Profiles under Breaking and Non-Breaking Waves (by Magnus Larson, ...)

Simulation of Nonlinear Wave Deformation by a Shoal in 3D (by Paul de Haas, ...)

Simulation of the Behavior of Oxygen-Deficit Water in Tokyo Bay by Three-Dimensional Water Quality Model (by Nobuo Mimura, M.ASCE, ...)

Size Gradation Effects in Sediment Transport (by Y. Chatelus, ...)

Some Design Aspects of an Absorbing 3D Wavemaker (by Hemming A. Schäffer)

The Spatial Variability of Large Scale Sand Bars (by C. R. Worley, ...)

Spatial and Temporal Behaviour of Depth of Closure along the Holland Coast (by Claire Hinton, ...)

Stabilisation of the Tidal Entrance at Hornafjordur, Iceland (by Gisli Viggosson, ...)

Stability of Mound Breakwaters: Dependence on Wave Relfection (by Cristina López, ...)

Stability of Near-Bed Rubble-Mound Structures (by César Vidal, ...)

Statistical Distribution of Horizontal Wave Forces on Vertical Breakwaters (by Janice McKenna, ...)

A Statistical Tool for Breakwater Design (by Rodolfo Silva, ...)

Statistical Wave Forecasting through Kalman Filtering Combined with Principal Component Analysis (by Noriaki Hashimoto, ...)

Stochastic Modelling of Nonlinear Waves in Shallow Water (by Henrik Kofoed-Hansen, ...)

The Studies for the Resonance of Hwa-Lian Harbour Agitated by Typhoon Waves (by Chien-Kee Chang, ...)

Swash Zone Morphodynamics and Sediment Transport Processes (by K. Todd Holland, ...)

Three-Dimensional Nearshore Currents Model Based on Vertical Distribution of Radiation Stress (by Hisamichi Nobuoka, ...)

Thyborøn Barriers—A Mastercase of Coastal Engineering (by Per Roed Jakobsen, ...)

Tidal Ellipses in the Near-Shore Zone (-3 to -10 m); Modelling and Observations (by Klaas T. Houwman, ...)

Time-Dependent Depth-Integrated Turbulence Modeling of Breaking Waves (by Kazuo Nadaoka, ...)

Transformation of Wave Groups and Accompanying Long Waves in Shallow Water (by M. Mizuguchi, ...)

Trapped and Free-Wave Propagation in Channels and Harbours (by João A. Santos, ...)

Turbidimetric Measuring of the Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Coastal Zone (by Ruben D. Kos’yan, ...)

Two and Three-Dimensional Pressure-Impulse Models of Wave Impact on Structures (by Deborah J. Wood, ...)

Uncertainty Analysis of Coastal Projects (by Jim W. Hall, ...)

Variations in Nonlinearly Evolved Nearshore Spectra and Their Significance in the Estimation of Wave Foreces (by Serdar Beji, ...)

Vertical Circulation Induced by a Submerged Breakwater (by A. Sánchez-Arcilla, ...)

Vertical Length Scales of Nearshore Suspension Events (by D. L. Foster, ...)

Vorticity and Surf Zone Currents (by D. H. Peregrine, ...)

Wake Wash of High-Speed Craft in Coastal Areas (by Jens Kirkegaard, ...)

Watertable Fluctuations in a Sandy Ocean Beach (by B. Raubenheimer, ...)

Wave Crest Interaction in Water of Intermediate Depth (by C. C. Bird, ...)

Wave Dynamics and Revetment Design on a Natural Reef (by Thomas Jensen, ...)

Wave Force and Stability of Armor Units for Composite Breakwaters (by Katsutoshi Kimura, ...)

Wave Forces on Solid and Perforated Caisson Breakwaters: Comparison of Field and Laboratory Measurements (by L. Franco, ...)

Wave Forces on a Vertical Wave Barrier (by David Kriebel, ...)

Wave Impacts on Caisson Breakwaters Situated in Multidirectionally Breaking Seas (by P. Frigaard, ...)

Wave Kinematics on Breakwater Heads and Stability of Armour Layers under Multidirectional Waves (by Yoshiharu Matsumi, ...)

Wave Modelling in the WISE Group (by L. Cavaleri, ...)

Wave Overtopping of Rubble Mound Breakwaters (by Mogens Hebsgaard, ...)

Wave Pressure Distribution on Permeable Vertical Walls (by Hendrik Bergmann, ...)

Wave Propagation Directions Under Real Sea State Conditions (by Joachim Grüne)

Wave Propagation Modeling for Pusan New Harbor (by Jang-Won Chae, ...)

Wave Propagation over a Bar and Wave Induced Bed Pressure Gradients (by Ølivind A. Arntsen)

Wave Refraction across a Current with Strong Horizontal Shearing (by Richard R. Simons, ...)

Wave Run-Up and Overtopping: Prototype Versus Scale Models (by Julien de Rouck, ...)

Wave Runup and Reflection on Coastal Structures in Depth-Limited Conditions (by Joel R. Rathbun, ...)

Wave Setup and Other Tidal Anomalies in Coastal Rivers (by Eko Santoso, ...)

Wave Transformation Near a Quasi-1D Coast (by J. H. Andorka Gal, ...)

Wave Transmission at Submerged Rubblemound Breakwaters (by Stuart R. Seabrook, ...)

Wind Effects on Runup and Breakwater Crest Design (by Josep R. Medina)

Zurriola Beach Evolution Two Years after Nourishment (by José C. Santas, ...)