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ICPTT 2011: Sustainable Solutions For Water, Sewer, Gas, And Oil Pipelines

by Baosong Ma, Ph.D., (editor), (Professor, Director, CTRD, CUG), Mohammad Najafi, Ph.D., P.E., (editor), (Director, CUIRE, UTA), Guosheng Jiang, Ph.D., (editor), (Professor, Dean, CUG), and Larry Slavin, Ph.D., P.E., (editor), (President, OPCS)
Co-Pipeline Division
Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers, 978-0-7844-1202-2 (CD-Rom)/(DVD), 2011, 2405 pp., (doi:     (Barcode: 579212838)

Conference information: International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology 2011; October 26-29, 2011, Beijing, China

ASCE sponsor: Pipelines Division

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Document type: Books - Conference Proceedings - CD-ROM
Abstract: Proceedings of the International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology (ICPTT), held in Beijing,China, October 26-29, 2011. Sponsored by the Pipeline Division of ASCE; China-U.S. Joint Center for Trenchless R and D of China University of Geosciences; Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education of the University of Texas at Arlington; School of Engineering of China University of Geosciences, Beijing; Soil and Rock Drilling and Protecting Engineering Research Center of China Ministry of Education; China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau; and Wuhan Deawon Trenchless Technology Co. Ltd. This collection contains 253 papers exploring all aspects of pipelines and trenchless technology with a global perspective. Papers examine piplines from many angles, including design, failures, inspection, installation, planning, rehabilitation, and risk management. Other topics include: condition assessment; corrosion control and monitoring; gas/oil and water quality regulations; geographic information systems; hazard and risk assessments; integrated asset management; leak detection and monitoring; research and development; seismic pipeline design; subsurface utility engineering; tunnel boring machines.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Trenchless technology
Geographic information systems