American Society of Civil Engineers

International Conference on Transportation Engineering 2009

by Qiyuan Peng, (editor), Kelvin C. P. Wang, (editor), Yanjun Qiu, (editor), Yun Pu, (editor), Xia Luo, (editor), and Bin Shuai, (editor)
Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI)
Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers, 978-0-7844-1039-4 (print), 2009, li, 4470 pp., 5 vol., (doi:, 22 cm., Includes references and index.     (Barcode: 585806898)

Conference information: Second International Conference on Transportation Engineering; July 25-27, 2009, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China

ASCE sponsor: Transportation and Development Institute (TDI)

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Document type: Books - Conference Proceedings
Abstract: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Transportation Engineering, held in Chengdu, China, July 25-27, 2009. Sponsored by China Communications and Transportation Association; the Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE; Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Fund. This collection of 735 peer-reviewed papers covers all forms of transportation: rail, highway, waterway, and air. China has embarked on the construction of an expansive high-speed rail network that will not only revolutionize passenger transportation throughout China, but will influence global changes in rapid and long distance commuter and freight transportation. Topics include: transportation planning and system optimization; ITS theory and applications; traffic control and information technology; transportation and socioeconomic development; transportation security, environmental protection, and sustainable development; urban public transportation planning and management; high-speed railway planning, construction, and operation.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Air transportation
Freight transportation
Highways and roads
Information technology (IT)
Public transportation
Rail transportation
Traffic management
Transportation management
Water transportation

Library of Congress Call Number:  TA1005.I527 2009
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Transportation engineering--Congresses.