American Society of Civil Engineers

Everybody Wins

by Lance Larsen, (Supervising Consultant and Small-Business Development Mgr., Montgomery Watson Americas, Walnut Creek, CA) and Russell Hamilton, P.E., (Part-Time Employee at Montgomery-Watson and MBA Student, Montgomery Watson Americas, Walnut Creek, CA)

Civil Engineering—ASCE
, Vol. 69, No. 9, September 1999, pp. 62-63

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Document type: Feature Article
Abstract: A program sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD) allows small firms to team up with larger ones in a mentoring-protégé relationship that helps both gain more defense contracts. Mentors help protégé companies assess their strengths and weakness, develop marketing plans, analyze opportunities and threats to their businesses, create business plans for the future and strengthen a wide array of business skills. The mentor benefits by helping the DOD award contracts to small, minority-owned and/or woman-owned businesses, which helps it win more contracts. Both gain important and lasting business relationships.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Engineering firms
Minority groups
Small business