American Society of Civil Engineers

GLFSVIEW - GLFS Product Viewing Application

by Yi-Fei P. Chu, (Ohio State Univ, Columbus, United States), Chieh-Cheng J. Yen, (Ohio State Univ, Columbus, United States), and Keith W. Bedford, M.ASCE, (Ohio State Univ, Columbus, United States)

pp. 207-211

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Hydraulic Engineering
Abstract: GLFSVIEW is a menu-driven Visual Basic application running under MicroSoft Windows. This application allows quick downloading, browsing, printing and display of two-dimensional data maps predicted by the Great Lakes Forecasting System (GLFS) in a user-friendly, graphical environment. The maps include lake bathymetry, water surface elevation, water surface temperature, vertically integrated velocity, wind speed and direction, three-stations of water elevation time series, wave height and direction, and AVHRR satellite-derived water surface temperature and visible band reflectance distribution. GLFSVIEW users download updated or historical files by dialing to the GLFS Database at OSU via a modem or telneting via the Internet, thus permitting display of the two dimensional lake maps on their own PCs.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Great Lakes
Data processing
Water surface profiles
Wave height

Author Keywords:
Water resources
Bathymetry - Computer aided analysis - Data acquisition - Database systems - Flow of water - Lakes - Natural sciences computing - Radiometers - Temperature measurement - Velocity measurement - Water levels - Weather satellites
Advanced very high resolution radiometer (AVHRR) - Great Lakes Forecasting System (GLFS) - MicroSoft Windows - Vertically integrated velocity - Visible band reflectance distribution - Water surface elevation