American Society of Civil Engineers

The Construction of the Sidney A. Murray, Jr. Hydroelectric Power Plant

by J. B. Lancaster, Jr., (Forte and Tablada, Inc, United States)

pp. 1091-1100

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Waterpower ’89
Abstract: The project, consisting of eight 8.2m bulb turbines rated at 192MW, is located in the State of Louisiana and will use a portion of the water diverted from the Mississippi River to the Red/Atchfalaya Rivers at the U.S. Corps of Engineers’ Old River Control Project. This paper describes the construction of this 500 million dollar project, started in December 1985, now 80% complete, and scheduled for completion in July 1990. Special features of the project that are presented include the description of the fabrication of the power plant structure in a New Orleans shipyard, the delivery of the structure via the Mississippi River and construction of the on-site foundations and appurtenances.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Concrete construction
Hydro power
Steel construction

Author Keywords:
Hydroelectric Power Plants
Concrete Construction - Power Plants--Louisiana - Steel Structures--Fabrication
Power Plant Structure - Prefabricated Structures - Sidney A. Murray Jr. Hydroelectric Power Plant