American Society of Civil Engineers

Building Product Model, A First Brick in Computer Integrated Construction

by Michael J. Riley, (Univ of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom) and Hamid H. R. Sabet, (Univ of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom)

pp. 767-777

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Computing in Civil Engineering
Abstract: This paper describes the development of a product model as a basis for an information system. This new approach is based on modelling functions of building units rather than physical entities such as floors, beams or columns. The work is related to building projects and specifically focuses on the early design phase of a hospital building. This approach represents a new strategy to Building Product Modelling. The current approach to the interchange of information in a project is outlined and some problems regarding the integration of different disciplines in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry are illustrated. The problem is defined and a proposed solution described.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Computer applications
Information systems
Health care facilities
Computer models

Author Keywords:
Computer aided analysis - Hospitals - Information retrieval systems - Information use - Mathematical models - Models - Project management - Structural design
Building product model - Computer integrated construction