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Collapse Behavior of Double-Layer Space Truss Grids with Member Buckling

by Toshitsugu Saka, (Osaka City Univ, Osaka, Japan) and Yoshiya Taniguchi, (Osaka City Univ, Osaka, Japan)

pp. 529-538

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Spatial, Lattice and Tension Structures
Abstract: The results of collapse tests of over twenty space truss grids with elastic buckling of members are reviewed. The space truss grids include three types, that is, square-on-square, square-on-diagonal and diagonal-on-square double-layer grids which have a 1320 × 1320 mm square plan. Brass tubular members, ball joints and a bolted jointing system are used. The individual collapse behavior of each type is described, so that designers grasp the differences and the structural characteristics of these grids.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Grid systems
Space structures

Author Keywords:
Failure analysis
Bearing capacity - Buckling - Elasticity - Joints (structural components) - Load limits - Loads (forces) - Mathematical models - Mechanical testing - Numerical analysis - Structural analysis - Structural members - Trusses
Ball joints - Bolted jointing system - Brass tubular members - Collapse behavior - Collapse modes - Double layer space truss grids - Elastic buckling loads - Member buckling