American Society of Civil Engineers

The Utah Climate Center Weather Data Network

by Donald T. Jensen, (Utah State Univ, Logan, United States)

pp. 1000-1004

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Management of Irrigation and Drainage Systems: Integrated Perspectives
Abstract: The Utah Climate Center weather data network includes 52 sophisticated, automated weather stations. Weather parameters are monitored in real-time and hourly summarized data are gathered, quality controlled and archived. In addition, data from Bureau of Land Management, Soil Conservation Service, Forest Service, Air Force, Army, Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Department of Air Quality and other networks are collected. Maps are available noting Utah weather station locations, topography and significant landmarks.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Data analysis
Data collection
Weather conditions

Author Keywords:
Weather information services
Climatology - Maps - Real time systems - Weather forecasting
Automated weather station - Utah Climate Center - Weather data network