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The Protection of the Wadden Sea in an International Perspective: Planning, Protection, and Management of the Wadden Sea

by J. A. Enemark, (Common Wadden Sea Secretarial, Wihelmshaven, Germany)

pp. 202-213

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Coastlines of the Southern North Sea
Abstract: This paper describes the state of the protection, conservation and management of the Wadden Sea by the three countries, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands in the framework of their joint cooperation to protect the Wadden Sea as a coherent nature area. It will encompass an analysis of the international cooperation on the protection of the Wadden Sea based upon the "wise use" principle as an example of international cooperation in the field of environmental and nature protection. It will further include an overall analysis and comparison of the coastal planning system with respect to the protection of the Wadden sea., the application of nature protection instruments and the management of the area.

ASCE Subject Headings:
International development
North Sea
Coastal management
Shore protection

Author Keywords:
Coastal zones
Coastal planning system - Dutch-German-Danish Wadden sea - Wadden sea protection