American Society of Civil Engineers

Using Condition Indexes to Evaluate Local Railroad Track Networks

by D. R. Uzarski, (USACERL, Champaign, United States)

pp. 122-126

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Infrastructure: Planning and Management
Abstract: The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Laboratories (USACERL) have developed condition indexes for assessing track condition that apply to local railroads. Indexes were developed for the component group of rail, joints, and fastenings (RJCI); ties (TCI); and ballast subgrade, and roadway (BSCI). A composite track structure are computed from predominantly visual routine condition survey inspections. Sampling techniques may be used and the overall network. This paper outlines the condition survey process and the computing of the indexes. Their use in planning M&R is also briefly introduced.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Railroad tracks
Structural reliability

Author Keywords:
Railroad tracks
Calculations - Maintenance - Sampling - Structural analysis - Surveys
Condition indexes - Condition survey - Railroad track networks