American Society of Civil Engineers

Upper Bound Limit Analysis of Deep Skirt Structures’ Foundations

by Andrew V. Maller, (Exxon Production Research Co, Houston, United States) and James D. Murff, (Exxon Production Research Co, Houston, United States)

pp. 571-584

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Civil Engineering in the Oceans V
Abstract: A solution to the problem of determining the bearing capacity of an embedded footing (foundation) subjected to arbitrary loading is being presented herein. It is primarily intended for application to offshore gravity base structures with deep skirts sited on non-homogeneous soils. The solution methodology is developed within the context of Upper Bound Plasticity Theory, with two simple, albeit realistic, collapse mechanisms being proposed. Compared to previous analyses (Murff and Miller 1977) these mechanisms produce more realistic deformation fields by enforcing compatibility between the skirt and adjacent soil. This results in a less conservative calculation of the foundation collapse load.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Failure loads
Load bearing capacity
Load tests
Offshore structures

Author Keywords:
Underwater foundations
Bearing capacity - Failure (mechanical) - Mathematical models - Offshore structures - Plasticity - Soil structure interactions - Structural analysis - Structural loads
Arbitrary loading - Deep skirt structures - Foundation collapse load - Upper bound plasticity theory