American Society of Civil Engineers

Roller Compacted Concrete Tailing Retention Dam

by Daniel L. Johnson, Nigel A. Skermer, and Frank Bergstrom

pp. 181-197

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Roller Compacted Concrete III
Abstract: A roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam has been designed for gold tailing impoundment in southeast Alaska. To minimize up front capital costs, the curved gravity dam with multiple outlet works and an overflow spillway for each stage, will be built in three stages. Various combinations of severe loading conditions were analyzed for the overall dam, interstage behavior, and foundation stresses. The design criteria required minimal total seepage and allowed for no seepage on the downstream face of any stage. Stepped spillways, which are becoming typical on many RCC dams, will be used to assist in flood flow energy dissipation. Design considerations included the speed of construction using RCC and the effects of the coastal wet weather conditions on construction in this area of the world. This paper presents an overview of the project and the analyses performed for designs.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Roller-compacted concrete
Stress analysis

Author Keywords:
Dams, Concrete
Coastal Zones - Concrete Construction - Dams--Alaska - Gold Ore Treatment--Tailings Disposal - Spillways
RCC Dams - Roller Compacted Concrete - Tailing Retention Dams