American Society of Civil Engineers

Structural Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Tanks

by Charles Anthony Wilby, (Research Student, Kemble College, Oxford Univ., Oxford, England)

Journal of the Structural Division
, Vol. 103, No. 5, May 1977, pp. 989-1004

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Document type: Journal Paper
Discussion: by Robert E. Melchers    (See full record)
Abstract: The paper attempts to review the total available knowledge of significance in the structural analysis of reinforced concrete tanks. The tanks considered are of monolithic construction and are cylindrical or composed of inter-connected plates. In the case of the latter, elastic theories are reviewed in the categories of analytical, analogy and numerical methods. Then plastic theories are considered in the categories of methods based on firstly Johansen’s yield-line theory and secondly Hillerborg’s strip method. In the case of cylindrical tanks elastic and then plastic theories are reviewed. A bibliography is presented in chronological order so that the historical development can be visually appreciated. It attempts to list all papers giving knowledge of some significance in this field for the use of practical designers or researchers.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Plastic analysis
Reinforced concrete
Structural analysis