American Society of Civil Engineers

Vibration of Penstocks in Hydroelectric Installations

by Frederick O. Ruud

pp. 2214-2223

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Waterpower ’91: A New View of Hydro Resources
Abstract: In many penstocks and pump discharge lines of turbines and pumps, pipe vibrations have been observed. Many of these installations have blade and vane arrangements other than the classic case presented by J. P. Den Hartog, where the number of blades and number of vanes differ by one. Curves are presented to show the envelope of lowest natural frequencies of pipeline vibration for various diameter, thickness, and stress level ratios. A large centrifugal pump is discussed, with seven impeller blades and thirteen guide vanes, rotating at 514 rpm, where a serious problem arises with 120 Hz pulsations.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Hydro power

Author Keywords:
Hydraulic Turbines--Blades - Hydroelectric Power Plants - Mathematical Techniques--Frequency Domain Analysis - Pumps, Centrifugal
Guide Vanes - Natural Frequencies - Stress Level Ratios