American Society of Civil Engineers

Air Stripping of Refinery Effluent for TC Compliance

by Ray E. Freasier, (OHM Remediation Services Corp, Findlay, United States), John Fulton, Jr., (OHM Remediation Services Corp, Findlay, United States), and Jeff T. Spoon, (OHM Remediation Services Corp, Findlay, United States)

pp. 346-351

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Environmental Engineering
Abstract: In order to manage the risk that the water effluent may at times exceed the limits of the USEPA final Toxicity Characteristics (TC) rule which came into effect on September 25, 1990, a major oil company found it necessary to install a treatment system for the water effluent from a refinery. OHM Remediation Services Corp. was retained to provide the equipment and operating expertise to attain compliance prior to the deadline. Counter-current packed column air stripping was selected as the most economical method to render the water non-hazardous. Both operational and analytical data were obtained and compiled during operation of the system. This effort is presented with an emphasis on the design, instrumentation and controls, and performance of the air stripping process.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Water treatment
Petroleum refining
Wastewater management

Author Keywords:
Petroleum Refineries
Air Pollution - Toxicity - Wastewater Treatment - Water Pollution - Toxicity
Air Stripping - Counter Current Stripping