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Forces Acting on a Vortex-Excited Vibrating Cylinder in Planar Oscillatory Flow

by Kenjirou Hayashi, (Natl Defense Acad, Yokosuka, Japan), Yousou Ogihara, (Natl Defense Acad, Yokosuka, Japan), Koji Fujima, (Natl Defense Acad, Yokosuka, Japan), and Toshiyuki Sigemura, (Natl Defense Acad, Yokosuka, Japan)

pp. 91-96

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Hydraulic Engineering
Abstract: An experimental investigation into the vortex-excited vibration of a circular cylinder in planar oscillatory flow has been made with emphasis being placed on the amplification of the forces acting on a cylinder caused by the fluid-structure interaction. The range of Keulegan Carpenter number covered is from 4 to 19. It is found that the amplifications of the in-line force and transverse force acting on a vortex-excited vibrating cylinder being resonant with the second harmonic component of the transverse force are large in the range of Keulegan-Carpenter number about 6 to 8.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Fluid-structure interactions
Offshore structures
Oscillatory flow

Author Keywords:
Flow of Water
Cylinders--Vibrations - Flow of Fluids--Vortex Flow - Hydrodynamics--Fluid Structure Interaction - Mechanical Variables Measurement--Forces
Force Amplification - Keulegan-Carpenter Number - Oscillatory Flow - Plane Flow - Vortex Excitation