American Society of Civil Engineers

Public/Private Partnerships: Recent Trends in France

by Chantal Duchene, (Cent for the Study of Urban, Transport, France), Yves Geffrin, (Cent for the Study of Urban, Transport, France), and Alain Meyere, (Cent for the Study of Urban, Transport, France)

pp. 93-103

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Major Development and Transportation Projects: Public/Private Partnerships
Abstract: The revival of liberal ideas provided rich soil in France for the growth of private/public partnerships in financing urban mobility services. This partnership is based on one of the following three logical principles: Make direct beneficiaries pay, make indirect beneficiaries pay and delegate work to take optimum advantage of available skills. Some major problems remain unresolved for the moment: Management of mixed networks, the conflict between financial profitability and socioeconomic profitability and, lastly, a clear understanding of the way risks should be shared between partners.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Joint ventures
Private sector
Urban areas
Risk management

Author Keywords:
Mass Transportation
Economics--Analysis - Transportation--France - Urban Planning--Transportation
Mixed Networks - Profitability - Project Financing - Public/Private Partnerships