American Society of Civil Engineers

The Systems Integration Modeling System

by William J. Danker, (U.S. Dep of Energy, United States) and Jeffrey R. Williams, (U.S. Dep of Energy, United States)

pp. 1351-1356

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: High Level Radioactive Waste Management 1990
Abstract: The Systems Integration Modeling System (SIMS) is an analysis tool for the detailed evaluation of the structure and related performance of the Federal Waste Management System (FWMS) and its interface with waste generators. It is used for evaluations in support of system-level decisions as to FWMS configurations, the allocation, sizing, balancing and integration of functions among elements, and the establishment of system-preferred waste selection and sequencing methods and other operating strategies. SIMS includes major analysis submodels which (i) quantify the detailed characteristics of individual waste items, loaded casks and waste packages, (ii) simulate the detailed logistics of handling and processing discrete waste items and packages, and (iii) perform detailed cost evaluations.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Federal agencies
Integrated systems
Radioactive wastes
Systems engineering
Waste disposal
Waste management
Waste treatment

Author Keywords:
Radioactive Wastes
Cost Accounting - Database Systems
Federal Waste Management System (FWMS) - Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management - Operational Scenario and Assumptions Module (OSA) - Systems Engineering Cost Analysis Model (SECAM) - Systems Integration Modeling System (SIMS) - Waste Stream Analysis Model (WSA)