American Society of Civil Engineers

Volcano-Tectonic Interpretations: An Example from the Northern Basin & Range

by Charles C. Ferrell

pp. 74-80

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: High Level Radioactive Waste Management 1990
Abstract: Study of volcano-tectonic relationships in the Northern Basin and Range suggests a temporal relationship between basin propagation and the inception of volvanism. The age relationships along the Yellowstone Hotspot limit reasonable tectonic models to explain ages of rhyolite domes across the High Lava Plains. Along-strike, west stepping tectonism and volcanism adequately models the observed data. In the southern Basin and Range, in the vicinity of Yucca Mountain, similar relationships are implied both with respect to the Death Valley-Owens Valley deformation and the Death Valley-Pancake Range Volcanic Belt.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Waste disposal
Volcanic ash
Radioactive wastes
Waste management

Author Keywords:
Geology--Tectonics - Radioactive Wastes--Geological Repositories
High Lava Plains Rhyolite Domes - Pancake Range Volcanic Belt - Volcano-Tectonic Interpretations - Yucca Mountain Geological Repository