American Society of Civil Engineers

Fluctuating Pressure Measurements on a Large Hydro Turbine

by James B. Nystrom, (Alden Research Lab Inc, United States), Jack C. Howe, (Alden Research Lab Inc, United States), and Robert J. Knowlton, (Alden Research Lab Inc, United States)

pp. 1835-1836

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Waterpower ’89
Abstract: The New York Power Authority is investigating the feasibility of upgrading the thirteen 150,000 kW turbines-generators at the Robert Moses Niagara Power Station to improve efficiency and capacity. As part of the evaluation, a study of the time varying pressures in the penstock and draft tube and their effect on the output of the units was undertaken. The purpose of the investigation was to determine whether the fluctuations in the output noted on the power meters could be quantified and correlated to the pressures in the penstock such that remedial measures on the proposed units could be devised for smoother operation. This paper describes the methods used by the Alden research Laboratory to obtain the data, indicates techniques, and summarizes some typical results.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Economic factors
Finite element method
Water intakes

Author Keywords:
Hydraulic Turbines
Hydroelectric Power Plants--Hydraulic Equipment - Penstocks--Pressure Effects - Power Generation - Power Plants--New York
Draft Tubes - Fluctuating Pressures - Instrumentation - Robert Moses Niagara Power Stations