American Society of Civil Engineers

Planning and Operation of Hydropower Development on a Navigation System, a Case Study

by Melvin L. Koleber, Jr., (Benham-Holway Power Group, United States)

pp. 1554-1563

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Waterpower ’89
Abstract: This paper examines the steps taken to optimally develop the hydropower plant at Lock and Dam No. 13 on the Arkansas River as part of an existing multiple use system. The specific items discussed will include the sizing of the turbines and other equipment, the methods utilized for the determination of energy production and dependable capacity, comparison of operating schemes for the plant (run-of-river and ponding operation), and the planning and operational interface requirements of the existing system.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Hydro power
Low head (fluid mechanics)
Multiple purpose projects

Author Keywords:
Hydroelectric Power Plants
Hydraulic Turbines - Navigation--Arkansas River - Power Generation--Analysis - Power Plants--Management - Reservoirs--Management
Case Studies - Hydropower Development - Lock and Dam No.13 - Multiple Use Systems