American Society of Civil Engineers

Bed Topography and Sorting in Alluvial Channel Bends

by Yifan Zheng, (Univ of Minnesota, United States) and Charles C. S. Song, (Univ of Minnesota, United States)

pp. 771-776

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Sediment Transport Modeling
Abstract: A quasi-three-dimensional model has been developed for the purpose of calculating the velocity distribution, the bed topography and sediment sorting along channel bends. The depth-averaged equations of continuity and motion are solved first by the fractional step method. Next, the local secondary flow is calculated by solving the nonhomogeneous biharmonic equation of stream formation for the two-dimensional flow on a number of cross-sections. Finally, the two-dimensional bed material continuity equation is solved for various sediment size fractions to obtain bed topography and sediment size distribution. The computational results are compared with K.W. Olesen’s experimental data.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Alluvial fans
Bed materials
Hydraulic bend
Sediment transport
Two-dimensional flow
Velocity distribution

Author Keywords:
Flow of Water--Sediment Transport - Inland Waterways--Bank Erosion - Mathematical Models - Surfaces
Alluvial Channels - Bed Topography - Channel Bends - Sorting - Three Dimensional Models - Velocity Distribution