American Society of Civil Engineers

Sediment Transport in Hyperconcentrated Flows in Sand-Bed Streams

by Bobby J. Brown, (US Army Corps of Engineers, United States)

pp. 417-421

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Sediment Transport Modeling
Abstract: This study advances the understanding of sediment transport of bed material discharge in sand bed streams through application of recently developed theoretical concepts related to the effects of high concentrations of suspended sediment on rheological properties of the water-sediment mixture. The study demonstrates the utility of developing empirical adjustment coefficients for fine material concentration (d50 < 0.0625 mm) that can be used in the Colby method for predicting total bed material discharge from gaging and sediment sampling data commonly available to the engineer.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Bed materials
Sand (hydraulic)
Sediment transport
Suspended sediment

Author Keywords:
Flow of Water
Rheology - Sand and Gravel - Stream Flow--Sedimentation - Suspensions--Concentration
Bed Forms - Fall Velocity - Hyperconcentrated Flows - Sand-Bed Streams - Water-Sediment Mixtures