American Society of Civil Engineers

Long Term Performance of High Rise Mat Foundation

by Charles E. Williams, (McBride-Ratcliff & Associates, Inc, United States)

pp. 1432-1444

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Foundation Engineering: Current Principles and Practices
Abstract: The vertical movement of the foundation soils for a multi-story high rise office tower was monitored during foundation excavation, tower construction and the 25-year in-service period to date. The structure is supported at a depth of 46.5 ft on a 203.5-ft square monolithic mat underlain by Pleistocene cohesive soils interlayered with silts and fine sands. This study in 1988 expands on the earlier study by considering monitoring data developed in the last ten years and uses the results of the analysis to quantify undrained modulus profiles and consolidation characteristics for the site.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Cohesive soils
High-rise buildings
Mat foundations
Overconsolidated soils
Soil consolidation
Soil modulus

Author Keywords:
Foundations--Piles - Soils--Silt
Foundation Movement - Stiff Clay - Subsidence Analysis